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Sat 11:11 PM PTJackson and Holly celebrate being a showmance in the F2. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 11:10 PM PTJackson asks Holly to promise to take him to F2. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 11:09 PM PTJackson: "We have 50% chance of winning half a million." NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 11:08 PM PTFeeds return to Jackson and Holly on the kitchen couch before fish as Holly talks about the comp. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 10:38 PM PTFish as feeds are not being shown of Nicole and Jackson in the RV and Holly joined them. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 10:36 PM PTFeeds cut when Holly goes to talk to Jackson and Nicole in the RV. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 10:34 PM PTJackson comes to talk to Nicole and they hug. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 10:33 PM PTJackson whispers F2 to Holly. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 10:31 PM PTHolly won part 2. Holly and Jackson are celebrating in the bathroom. Nicole is crying in the RV. NT - katstoy
Sat 9:02 PM PTBBAD "The BB Houseguests are wrapping up a competition." NT - gimaal
Sat 6:45 PM PTAdoptable puppies @ 6:45 BB time. NT - SoLo_23
Sat 6:24 PM PTHolly asks Nicole if the shoes fit her and she said yes these are sis she left them outside NT - onegal
Sat 6:22 PM PTNicole is holding a pair of white sneakers to dye NT - onegal
Sat 6:21 PM PTHolly asks Nicole if she wants help, Nicole said yes NT - onegal
Sat 6:18 PM PTJackson said that he had a lot of fun tie dying, Holly asked Nicole if she made the rainbow shirt on the tube. Nicole said she did NT - onegal
Sat 6:17 PM PTHolly hopes she likes the shirt that she made NT - onegal
Sat 6:17 PM PTHolly comes into the kitchen and says cute to Nicole after seeing the shirt she is dying NT - onegal
Sat 6:16 PM PTHolly in bathroom trying to get her ponytail just right NT - onegal
Sat 6:14 PM PTJackson goes to Storage Rm to get a watermelon and heads back to the Kitchen NT - onegal
Sat 6:11 PM PTJackson leaves to get the owl blanket & then go lay on the living room couch NT - onegal
Sat 6:10 PM PTHolly cleans the cushion as Nicole is ready to dye another shirt for Cliff NT - onegal
Sat 6:09 PM PTJackson comes into the kitchen and Nicole said dont sit there because of some dye on the cushion NT - onegal
Sat 6:08 PM PTHolly wiping the powder from the gloves off her pants. Nicole said I thought they were powder free NT - onegal
Sat 6:05 PM PTNicole finishes wrapping her bandana as Holly works on hers NT - onegal
Sat 6:04 PM PTNicole tells Holly she has a few drops of dye on the cushions NT - onegal
Sat 6:03 PM PTHolly is out of DR and says she has so many bandanas NT - onegal
Sat 6:02 PM PTNicole begins tie dying her bandana,Nicole apologizes to big brother for accidentally dropping dye on the cushions NT - onegal
Sat 6:01 PM PTNicole says it looks so dark over there NT - onegal
Sat 6:00 PM PTNicole finishes her shirt and starts wrapping it up in saran wrap NT - onegal
Sat 5:58 PM PTJackson asks Nicole if today was saturday, she replied yes sir NT - onegal
Sat 5:56 PM PTJackson slowly shuffling the cards NT - onegal
Sat 5:55 PM PTJackson goes to the living room to play solitaire as Nicole returns to work on tie dying her shirt NT - onegal
Sat 5:54 PM PTJackson found it in the chest after Nicole gave him hints NT - onegal
Sat 5:54 PM PTNicole has Jackson searching for the ace of spades NT - onegal
Sat 5:53 PM PTIf someone asks Nicole what is you favorite memory, she said jackson picking up all the cards NT - onegal
Sat 5:52 PM PTJackson starts picking up the cards that Nicole placed on the floors earlier Nicole sings pick up the cards, pick up the cards NT - onegal
Sat 5:48 PM PTHolly now in bathroom applying her make up. Jackson hopes he can be there to watch the comp; as she leaves Jackson says "have fun" NT - onegal
Sat 5:47 PM PTNicole returns to the Kitchen and starts wrapping a shirt around the paper towel roll NT - onegal
Sat 5:46 PM PTNicole goes to storage rm to search for the rolls NT - onegal
Sat 5:46 PM PTNicole asks Holly if they have anymore paper towel rolls NT - onegal
Sat 5:45 PM PTHolly is called to the DR just when she is about to do her bandana NT - onegal
Sat 5:44 PM PTNicole comes into the kitchen and asks Holly how did she do her shirt NT - onegal
Sat 5:43 PM PTJackson in the shower, holly in kitchen tie dying another shirt NT - onegal
Sat 5:41 PM PT{5:33 PM} Holly: either way I am SOL NT - onegal
Sat 5:40 PM PT{5:32 PM} Holly tells Jackson that she thinks he will change his mind. Jackson says he is considering it NT - onegal
Sat 5:39 PM PT{5:31 PM}Holly is nervous about their campaign, awkward campaign when only 3 of them left NT - onegal
Sat 4:54 PM PTNicole lays out the shirts and begins working on them. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 4:51 PM PTNicole having popcorn. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 4:48 PM PTNicole reading the instructions on how to tie dye. NT - HumanFrailty
Sat 4:44 PM PTJackson joking about the sex stool. NT - HumanFrailty

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