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Fri 2:32 AM PTHolly laughs talking about telling her roommate that they don't share a room but rather a home so they are homies. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:31 AM PTHolly says twins are called womb mates and Nicole says she loves it. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:31 AM PTNicole: "This room is like being in the womb." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:30 AM PTNicole: "Green vaginas yeah, they are everywhere." (about the drawings on the walls) NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:30 AM PTNicole and Jackson having another staring contest before she finally succumbs. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:28 AM PTNicole struggles to not laugh as she has a staring contest with both Jackson and Holly. She wins against Jackson and Holly at first. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:28 AM PTHolly says David beat 3 to 4 people in the BA in a staring contest before facing off against Christie. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:26 AM PTHolly says she realized both David and Christie were sociopaths after seeing their staring contest. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:25 AM PTNicole says she's curious what they will recap because that's what they will show on the episodes. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:24 AM PTNicole: "Its snack time in the RV." She tells Holly to have more of her candy. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:22 AM PTHolly says they should go to Mexico for Jackon's birthday. Nicole says she wouldn't know what to do there because she doesn't even have a passport. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:20 AM PTNicole says Ghiradelli is her favorite chocolate. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 2:19 AM PTHolly and Jackson joining Nicole in the RV. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:14 AM PTHolly and Jackson talk about the comp today. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:10 AM PTHolly and Jackson as they eat discuss how to talk to Nicole going forward. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:06 AM PTHolly noticing something on Jackson's ankles. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:05 AM PTJackson thinks in Nicole's mind she's already lost. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:04 AM PTHolly says she's curious about Nicole saying she hasn't given Holly enough credit. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:03 AM PTJackson tells Holly that Nicole said she was impressed by his game. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:02 AM PTHolly says it was cool to compare notes with someone she hasn't really played the game with. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 1:01 AM PTHolly sharing what Nicole said about Tommy to Jackson as he cooks. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:36 AM PTJackson whispering things to Holly. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:35 AM PTNicole is called to the DR just as Michie wants to start playing backgammon. Holly: "Good luck Nicole." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:34 AM PTHolly is out of the DR and meets Michie in the living room as he brings out the backgammon board. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:34 AM PTJackson says the chocolate milk expires on the last day they are in the house. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:33 AM PTJackson is moving around Nicole's soda and Nicole questions why he has to do it. He says its just his OCD and he doesn't know why - it just makes him feel better. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:32 AM PTNicole: "You ever see Sleeping with the Enemy?" She compares Jackson to the villain in the movie who has OCD. Nicole: "But you are learning... from me... because you love me. Is that beautiful? Is that beautiful music?" NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:31 AM PTJackson recommends a slice of mango to help to help with the spice. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:31 AM PTJackson tries to get Nicole to taste his food. She consents after some back and forth when he says please but then immediately regrets it spitting it out and drinking a lot of water. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:30 AM PTJackson hits his funny bone while going down the stairs and Nicole asks what he was thinking for God to punish him. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:29 AM PTJackson says let's go down and play backgammon in the living room. Nicole advises him to ask first. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:28 AM PTJackson: "That's checkmate." Nicole: "Not if I take my own mushroom." She says she was better when she played Tommy but then realizes he was just not good. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:27 AM PTNicole loses her bunny to much complaining. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:26 AM PTNicole notes her bunny Knight is in a really bad spot. Nicole: "Run little bunny, run little bunny, run little bunny, run." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:23 AM PTNicole: "F*cking bunnies. I"m taking out the bunny. It doesn't matter as long as its gone." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:22 AM PTNicole: "Wow all my pieces are exposed but so are yours." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:22 AM PTNicole: "Its all the mushrooms but that's my plan." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:22 AM PTNicole sings about killing the Bunny Knight if it comes out of nowhere. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:21 AM PTNicole: "I like to take the mushrooms [pawns] apparently. Not the important pieces. Just the mushrooms." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:20 AM PTNicole gestures with sound effects to indicate she saw Jackson setting her up with moves. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:19 AM PTNicole: "I need to focus on future moves. I think I'm ADD.. I just get easily distracted by things." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:18 AM PTNicole: "What are you looking at?" He says he was thinking of earlier. Nicole: "That was really funny." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:18 AM PTNicole: "Retreat, bee-yach." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:17 AM PTNicole: "Motherf*cker its the bunny. You have no idea how much I hate the bunny." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:16 AM PTJackson says something is tickling his nose. Nicole: "Yeah, all that jalapeno. Who uses that much jalapeno?" NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:15 AM PTNicole holds back after almost pineappling Jackson. She gets ready for him to sneeze again. Nicole: "I feel like I'm going to sneeze to. Like a double pineapple." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:13 AM PTNicole: "I think I've gotten worse each time I played. Is that possible? I don't know." NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:13 AM PTNicole: "No, no, no, that was not though out at all." (as she loses a piece) NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:12 AM PTNicole and Jackson start playing chess. NT - HumanFrailty
Fri 12:11 AM PTNicole says her sisters will be proud to know she's learning to lose because she's not used to that as a perfectionist. NT - HumanFrailty

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