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Thu 7:06 PM PT(TV) Julie closes the Big Brother 25 Finale show. The House Guests and family members celebrate. NT - Scott3325
Thu 7:04 PM PT(TV) Julie announces Big Brother - Reindeer Games. NT - Scott3325
Thu 7:02 PM PT(TV) Julie announces Cameron as America's Favorite House Guest. NT - Scott3325
Thu 7:01 PM PT(TV) Show closes. As always, from all of us who write the updates to all of you who read them, thanks for being apart of the update feeds. We will see ya back December 11! NT - ATC
Thu 6:59 PM PT(TV) Julie confirms "Big Brother - Reindeer Games" with new rules and Big Brother legends returning for a 6-episode event. She said one of the BB25 cast will also be invited back to compete. December 11th premier at 8pm ET. NT - ATC
Thu 6:57 PM PT(TV) They reset the house from all the verse's and holiday decor comes in, along with a memory wall with 9 face boxes on it. NT - ATC
Thu 6:56 PM PT(TV) Julie said something is going on in the BB House -- Screens change to Frankie & Brittany back in the house coming out of the laundry bins in the SR. They take out the laser again and wheel it into the LR. NT - ATC
Thu 6:54 PM PT(TV) Cameron has won America's Favorite HG. He thanks America and said he's speechless. NT - ATC
Thu 6:54 PM PT(TV) Julie confirms the top 3 vote getters for America's Favorite HG was -- Cirie, Matt & Cameron. NT - ATC
Thu 6:54 PM PT(TV) Order in which the keys were pulled (and the vote attached) -- - ATC
1. Bowie Jane - Jag
2. Felicia - Matt
3. Cirie - Matt
4. America - Jag
5. Blue - Jag
6. Cory - Jag
7. Cameron - Jag
Thu 6:53 PM PT(TV) Julie confirms Cameron's vote was also for Jag. 5-2 was the final vote count for Jag. NT - ATC
Thu 6:52 PM PT(TV) Jag gets the news. Jag & Matt exit the Big Brother 25 House and greet the other House Guests. NT - Scott3325
Thu 6:50 PM PT(TV) Matt and Jag stand and embrace and head out to confetti and cheers. Jag & Matt stop on the top step and do their minutemen motion and proceed to give hugs to everyone. NT - ATC
Thu 6:49 PM PT(TV) Cory votes for Jag. Jag is the winner of Big Brother 25. NT - ATC
Thu 6:48 PM PT(TV) Blue votes for Jag. NT - ATC
Thu 6:48 PM PT(TV) America votes for Jag. NT - ATC
Thu 6:48 PM PT(TV) Cirie votes for Matt. NT - ATC
Thu 6:48 PM PT(TV) Felicia voted for Matt. NT - ATC
Thu 6:48 PM PT(TV) Bowie Jane voted for Jag. NT - ATC
Thu 6:47 PM PT(TV) Julie beginning the key draw. NT - ATC
Thu 6:45 PM PT(TV) Reilly got a moment to speak to Matt. She said she is proud of how far he has come after it was looking not so good week 2, but shes excited to have a conversation with him about their future. She also brought a Q-tip. NT - ATC
Thu 6:43 PM PT(TV) HGs watched the pre-jurors getting the news about Jared/Cirie. NT - ATC
Thu 6:42 PM PT(TV) Cory said he's surprised that he voted out Jared and thought he could work with Cirie. NT - ATC
Thu 6:41 PM PT(TV) Felicia comments that it is no wonder why she couldn't break through them. NT - ATC
Thu 6:40 PM PT(TV) Jared said he knows who it was. He was playing with his mother. Cirie raises her hand and everyone is surprised. NT - ATC
Thu 6:39 PM PT(TV) Julie leads into the related HG's. She asks Matt who's related and he says Cory & America, but he said he didn't think that one through. NT - ATC
Thu 6:38 PM PT(TV) Felicia gives Julie the official word that she not related to Denzel Washington. NT - ATC
Thu 6:37 PM PT(TV) Felicia asked Bowie her real age - Bowie sets the record of being 45. NT - ATC
Thu 6:37 PM PT(TV) Bowie lets everyone know she was she was an attorney. Cameron guessed it the other day. NT - ATC
Thu 6:36 PM PT(TV) Hisam said he was surprised to learn Mecole was a political consultant and had he known that and survived his eviction, they would have made it to F2 together. NT - ATC
Thu 6:35 PM PT(TV) The pre-Jurors join the show. NT - Scott3325
Thu 6:35 PM PT(TV) Mecole said watching from home she learned Cameron was the hero of the season. Cameron is blown away by the news and said he didn't think he was on either side of the ball. NT - ATC
Thu 6:34 PM PT(TV) Pre-jury evictees also joining Julie and the jurors on stage NT - ATC
Thu 6:28 PM PT(TV) Order in which they voted. - ATC
1. Cameron
2. Cory
3. Blue
4. America
5. Cirie
6. Felicia
7. Bowie Jane
Thu 6:27 PM PT(TV) Bowie Jane with the final vote. She said she will keep to her word and when she said she will vote for them, she will vote for them. NT - ATC
Thu 6:27 PM PT(TV) Felicia up next. She said neither of them were loyal to her. NT - ATC
Thu 6:26 PM PT(TV) Cirie said next. Cirie said she is loyal to a fault and will vote for the person who was most loyal to her. NT - ATC
Thu 6:26 PM PT(TV) America said she's voting for the slimmest snake of them all. NT - ATC
Thu 6:26 PM PT(TV) Blue next. She said team brunette and team blonde and she said it best in her speech. NT - ATC
Thu 6:25 PM PT(TV) Cory next. He said its close but he's voting for the person he thinks he could beat in a fight. NT - ATC
Thu 6:25 PM PT(TV) Cameron first to vote. Said he will vote for the person he told he would vote for a month ago. NT - ATC
Thu 6:24 PM PT(TV) In Matts final speech, he harped on his disability and having to have a great social game and winning when he had to. He didn't need to win all the time. NT - ATC
Thu 6:13 PM PT(TV) America asks Jag about not owning up to any moves until his goodbye messages. Jag said nothing in certain until the job is done and until someone was evicted he did not need to out his game. His goodbye messages were the way to explain himself. NT - ATC
Thu 6:11 PM PT(TV) Cory asks a similar question to Jag about dragging Matt to the end. Jag goes with a direct answer saying that all plans and actions were him and he was the leader. NT - ATC
Thu 6:10 PM PT(TV) Cirie asks Matt what move he made that was big in the game. Matt points out saving Jag's game, but defers to them both doing things together. NT - ATC
Thu 6:09 PM PT(TV) The Jury less Bowie Jane. Bowie Jane joins the Jury. NT - Scott3325
Thu 6:08 PM PT(TV) Julie tells the jury that Jag won the final HOH by a tie-breaker question and then took Matt to the F2. NT - ATC
Thu 6:08 PM PT(TV) Felicia thinks its Jag coming out. Bowie Jane comes out and joins them. NT - ATC
Thu 6:07 PM PT(TV) Jury joining Julie on the main stage NT - ATC
Thu 6:05 PM PT(TV) Bowie Jane gets the news. Bowie Jane exits the BB House & talks to Julie. NT - Scott3325

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