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Mon 7:43 PM PT7:39 PM HGs chatting in BY. NT - Scott3325
Mon 7:29 PM PTThe houseguests were told that the veto meeting will take place live on Thursday's show. They were also informed that the backyard is closing tonight for good. NT - katstoy
Mon 7:18 PM PT7:13 HGs in BY having supper. NT - Scott3325
Mon 7:01 PM PTCliff finds a deck of cards in the storage room. He walks up to the HOH room and asks Nicole to pick a card. Nicole obliges. Cliff: "Do you remember your card, from this deck of cards I'm holding in the BB house?" Nicole: "Oh my God, we got cards!" NT - katstoy
Mon 6:23 PM PTNicole and Cliff turn to what to say to Michie to campaign to keep Cliff. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:19 PM PTNicole thinks the jury is probably sitting around and expecting her "Nugget" to come in. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:18 PM PTCliff says he never wanted to be a bitter juror. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:14 PM PTNicole imagines seeing the worst ratings for Big Brother ever for this season. Cliff imagines Love Island doing really well and then people turning it off before Big Brother comes on. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:12 PM PTNicole says she's more a guy's gal than a girl's gal. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:09 PM PTNicole says one of her sisters is shy and wouldn't want to do the show but her other sister will. She says her mom wouldn't like to do the show but her dad would. She says her dad is almost like an Evel Dick. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:07 PM PTNicole says she had a friend text her even before she got a call back saying "I can't wait for you to get your moment and I'll be looking out for you." NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:06 PM PTNicole says she should have changed her name because she's not the first Nicole. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:06 PM PTNicole says she has Frank and Paul on such pedestals she would feel like a fan reaching out. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:06 PM PTNicole thinks she would get along with Frank well. She also thinks she would get along with Paul. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:05 PM PTNicole says they had to come up with different stories with 6 words in school and she came up with: "Great show. Frank Evicted. I'm mad." NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:05 PM PTNicole wonders if Nicole Franzel likes her. She says she likes Victor. She says she has 3 photos of Paul, Victor and Frank on her kitchen bulletin board and they've been there for years. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:03 PM PTNicole says she loves going on youtube and typing in a Big Brother season to see what show up. She jokes about nothing coming up when she searches Big Brother Nicole 21. She wonders if there's 10 second clips of her falling. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:02 PM PTNicole says her dad was recording all the episodes on her DVR. She wants to get the show on DVDs. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 6:01 PM PTCliff says Nicole has such petite arms. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:58 PM PTMichie and Holly are sleeping in the hallway bedroom. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:57 PM PTNicole says it says a lot about Jessica's character that she wouldn't drop Nicole's name while going ballistic about the F6 alliance she wasn't included in. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:56 PM PTNicole says she knows of Lord of the Rings but has never watched it. Cliff explains further. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:55 PM PTCliff: "Carry on Frodo. Ignore Gollum. Get that ring into the fires of Mordor." (telling Nicole to carry the ring as Frodo while Cliff is Samwise to win the game) NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:54 PM PTNicole discussing Kat running to Tommy about Nicole telling her that she could go up. She is discussing how Jess and Kat have both been less reliable for her than Cliff. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:50 PM PTNicole discussing the F6 alliance that was formed which she shared with Jess only for her to go ballistic. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:46 PM PTNicole says as a educator it was nice to hear people say she taught them a lot. She can deal with it if her role was to help people cope through this season. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:44 PM PTNicole asks Cliff to put in a good word for her in case she makes it to F2. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:44 PM PTCliff says they had already decided before the blowup to evict Tommy and it only made them reconsider that decision. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:43 PM PTNicole says the jurors will be sitting at the jury round table with Dr. Will and then Cliff will walk in. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:42 PM PTCliff says they'll hear him saying "damn" or "pretty sh*tty" if Nicole comes out 3rd. Nicole considers how she should come out - maybe excited saying "hurray." NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:41 PM PTNicole says Cliff is the kind of person her family loves. Cliff: "I want people to like me, Nicole." She says Sam is also the kind of a person her family loves. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:40 PM PTNicole tells Cliff to point out her family to the jury. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:40 PM PTCliff says he'll recognize Nicole's parents and maybe Michie's and Hollie's. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:39 PM PTNicole and Cliff talk about how they will see their families on finale night. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:33 PM PTNicole says Christie always talked about seeing her as part of Christie's dream alliance but never followed through on it. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:32 PM PTCliff says he wanted to initially leave Christie and Tommy in to potentially work with them but then Tommy got word of him coming after Tommy. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:32 PM PTNicole talks about Christie saving herself as part of the season's story. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:31 PM PTCliff says there's highlights like Jack getting booted. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:31 PM PTNicole wonders if people will look back on this season as the fun season. Cliff says they could view it as the boring season where one group dominated and nobody took them out. Cliff says whatever this season is basically done. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:30 PM PTCliff hopes people like this season and don't hate it. Nicole says there's a lot of different opinions. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:29 PM PTNicole: "I absolutely love Derrick and I thought that was a great season." Nicole says she was doing research before coming on and people were saying Derrick didn't deserve to win. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:28 PM PTNicole says her and Cliff would very much appreciate a care package falling from the sky. Nicole wishes they could get a reset for this week. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:28 PM PTHolly comes out to get her water cup before she goes inside. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:24 PM PTNicole imagines people remembering them as a duo in future seasons. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:24 PM PTCliff says he never wanted to force his way with Nicole. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:23 PM PTNicole says she thinks of Cliff being the same age as her and so when he talks about his kids she thinks of them as young but they are her age. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:23 PM PTCliff says he's not moving to LA and making this a career. Nicole says he should write the book about his travels. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:22 PM PTNicole says she will pose with any fans who want to but she can't see people wanting to. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:20 PM PTNicole says Cliff never did anything against Michie while Michie banished him and Cliff still wanted to work with him. NT - HumanFrailty
Mon 5:19 PM PTNicole says she's going to sit on every chair and narrate before they lock down the backyard for the last time. NT - HumanFrailty

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