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Sun 11:00 AM PTNicole: "Why? Because that's what's happening right now." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:59 AM PTNicole decides to play a game of pool against herself in her linty pants. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:58 AM PTNicole says she loved the comp yesterday although she lost. She says its okay its what is meant to be. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:52 AM PTHolly and Jackson chatting in the dark HOH. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:51 AM PTNicole: "I had a dream last night and now I can't remember what it was." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:50 AM PTNicole: "Isn't it weird that yogurt says active cultures? I get it I know what that means but so freaky." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:48 AM PTNicole says she's OCD and used the same brush throughout the season. Nicole: "Sorry for being gross. Sorry not sorry." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:48 AM PTNicole says she has to brush her teeth and didn't brush her teeth last night because she didn't want to bust in to Holly and Michie doing whatever they are doing upstairs to get her toothbrush. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:48 AM PTNicole tells America she lied getting a strawberry yogurt and water instead of a banana. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:47 AM PTNicole: "Let's do.. good old water." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:46 AM PTNicole: "Taking it all in. Been very reflective the last few days. Maybe I'll get a banana. Bananas are good. Bananas are healthy. Potassium. POTASSIUM!" NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:46 AM PTNicole says she's not hungry and has been stress starving the last few days but she'll get a beverage. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:43 AM PTNicole says she can't believe she's going to be at finale night. Nicole: "I walked in on day 1 and I'll walk out on day 99 with confetti on my shoulders. My own confetti for me as the winner." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:43 AM PTNicole: "And my absolute favorite saying is 'here comes the sun.' Just a reminder that as much as it rains and it downpours the sun will come out. It may not seem like it but it will. It may be hiding behind clouds but it will." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:42 AM PTNicole says she has one last sappy message. She says you'll get there no matter how insurmountable the mountain you face is. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:41 AM PTNicole says she lost sight of who she was because of the losses and sicknesses she endured and bullying she faced. She says she's been holding herself back in all respects of the word. Nicole: "This journey I knew was going to be a reflective one and I was - HumanFrailty
going to go off and learn about my strengths and my weaknesses and prove to myself I could do it and to other people I could do it and yeah I'm back to Nicole and that's a great place to be."
Sun 10:40 AM PTNicole: "The last person I haven't spoken about this season is me. All I'll say is this BB season is more than a game to me. Its just a learning experience and a journey of self discovery and I've learned so much about myself and my quirks and my abilities and - HumanFrailty
my hangups and my issues and my life - past and present - and also the future and yeah this game has put a lot into perspective for me. I've always had my life in perspective... I've felt I had my life in perspective preaching wise but no I have my life in perspective acting wise... And I feel like I'm back to the Nicole who would flit around the backyard barefoot..."
Sun 10:38 AM PTNicole: "Cliff is a comeback kid not once but twice and he survived the block a couple of times. Incredible. He's my favorite. I don't like to talk about favorites but its true. He's been my sensei through this process and my surrogate dad and I love him." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:37 AM PTNicole says Cliff has taught her a lot about perseverance. She says they've been through a lot and have a been a duo but not seen by the others as such. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:36 AM PTNicole: "And then there's Cliff. My best buddy, my ride or die, my final 2. I don't know honestly what words to use to best describe Cliff. He is so fricking funny. He is so fricking smart. He's a warrior.... " NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:35 AM PTNicole: "I keep him in check, America." Nicole says she respects Michie's game and applauds what he's done in these competitions. She says she was right there with him in the last veto and says its so fun to play the game with him because it forces her to - HumanFrailty
compete and give her 100% and push. She says he may appear aggressive at times but there's so much more to Michie. She says he's a Southern gentleman and a gentle soul.
Sun 10:34 AM PTNicole says she's seen both sides of Michie's personalities and she's seen more and more of his softer side that misses his momma and wants this so bad and is just genuine in letting the emotions through. She says he is literally the brother she never had. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:33 AM PTNicole says Holly may stay quiet and to herself but she's such a woman of character. Nicole says she's very humble but also very hilarious but that's not necessarily seen because she isn't the loudest in the room. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:32 AM PTNicole: "La la la... And America I've spoken about the prejury people and the jury people but I haven't spoken about the three people still in the house with me." She says she doesn't know how the season will unfold but asks America not to judge any of them. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:31 AM PTNicole hopes her family is coming out to see her and get on a plane. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:30 AM PTNicole: "I'm literally the definition of your average girl. I'm just literally a girl who lives in a house with her family and goes to work everyday. And sometimes feels stuck and sometimes stresses out what she's going to do in the future in regards to her - HumanFrailty
masters degree and her career... one thing I was sure about was that I was going to be on this show.. I have seen it and here I am."
Sun 10:29 AM PTNicole: "So I have a random little message to anyone who is listening or reading... I promise you you will be considered. I cannot say enough that I am just Nicole from Long Island who sent in a video last year and didn't get a call back. And sent in a video - HumanFrailty
this year and did. And its funny because I felt it. I would sit with my sisters.... lo and behold it happened... if you dream it do it as long as you are not hurt yourself or anyone else. My dear friend Ovi said 'why not me?" and that's so true."
Sun 10:27 AM PTNicole: "Look at the fuzzballs on these pants. This is a disgrace. My mother would be ashamed." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:25 AM PTNicole says she's going to do tie dye today and says she's looking forward to it. Nicole: "Whenever my friends are up we are tie dying." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:24 AM PTNicole says she doesn't know if her friends are up and about yet and says she's the only one who changed the batteries. Nicole: "... amazed that there's only 11 days left. And I said it this whole I've never once seen myself in jury. I didn't see myself - HumanFrailty
walking into jury and living with those guys and sleeping multiple times."
Sun 10:22 AM PT10:15 AM Feeds return to Nicole walking in BY & Jackson & Holly in bed in a dark HOH BR. Nicole: Wow! Wow wow wow! Increablay(?). Nicole to SR for batt exchange. Nicole: Thank you. BB: You're welcome! Nicole: Ahh! You're (Indecipherable) me! NT - Scott3325
Sun 10:22 AM PTJackson and Holly up in the HOH bedroom. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:21 AM PTNicole: "Its scary to think how many times I'm going to see the BB backyard you know.. I love the hammock. Its my favorite part of the house. And I don't know what the future holds but I'm sure glad and fricking excited to be in this finale. Who knows what's - HumanFrailty
going to happen but even still."
Sun 10:20 AM PTNicole: "America, today is day 89. 89 out of 99, 11 days because I count the current day cuz I haven't got through it yet. Absolutely incredible..." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:19 AM PTNicole: "I shall sit in the hammock... before I eat anything." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:19 AM PTNicole is surprised finding some dryer lint and then tosses it. Nicole: "I like these socks." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:18 AM PTNicole: "Something tells me some of this stuff is clean and I washed it again but that's okay." (as she moves clothes and blankets from the washing machine to the dryer) NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:17 AM PTNicole changes her batteries in storage and heads out to the backyard. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 10:05 AM PT10:02 AM From sleepy HGs to Fish..... NT - Scott3325
Sun 9:56 AM PT9:52 AM It is very quiet in the BB House with the Live Feeds showing Jackson & Holly in a dark HOH BR and Cliff in a dark Target BR. NT - Scott3325
Sun 7:05 AM PT6:59 AM Jackson out of HOH bed & into BA off cam. Audio of water running. Jackson from off cam back to HOH bed next to Holly. NT - Scott3325
Sun 4:11 AM PTAll BR lights are out. Cliff is now awake and talking to us about such things as praying for happiness & joy for everyone as they finish this game. Then silence again. NT - BBTalking
Sun 4:09 AM PTA little while ago, Jackson called down from the balcony to Nicole insisting she stop washing dishes and finish them tomorrow. She wants to continue while the water's warm and she can't sleep anyway. He pushes hard, finally bribing her with "bonding time." NT - BBTalking
Sun 3:29 AM PTShe hopes what Micky says is true, she respects straight shooters more, and hope its not Thursday during the live show if the vote out Cliff. NT - angelboo
Sun 3:26 AM PTShe is frustrated she will be in the final 3 with a showmance. She worried about being next to a comp beast like Jackson. NT - angelboo
Sun 3:24 AM PTNicoles plan was to take Holly and Cliff to the final 3. However since Jackson won that didnt pan out, She is worried that Jackson is not taking Cliff over his showmance. If Cliff goes home she will feel guilty. NT - angelboo
Sun 2:57 AM PTHolly in the HOH shower. Jackson asks her about body washes from outside. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:56 AM PTJackson/Holly were talking about places they can go vacation after the show , and decide in January for Holly’s birthday. **** I’m a few minutes behind **NT - ILuvMySteelers
Sun 2:55 AM PTJackson and Holly have made their way to the HOH room. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:53 AM PTJackson telling holly he thinks he will get Jack,Nick,Christi,Nicole & possibly Jess because he thinks she’ll vote for game. He also thinks maybe Tommy too (they’re trying to count votes between Holly/Jackson F2)**’a few minutes behind watching/updating* NT - ILuvMySteelers

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