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Sun 7:31 PM PTNicole to Cliff: "I don't think Tommy was targeting you." Cliff: "Yeah, I think we got played." NT - katstoy
Sun 7:05 PM PTNicole and Cliff are lamenting Michie's impending decision to evict Cliff in the living room. Michie and Holly are asleep in the hammock. Both duos are keeping their distance from each other. NT - katstoy
Sun 5:09 PM PTNicole sleeping in the HOH. Jackson on the hammock. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 4:45 PM PTNicole: "Michie said that Tommy wanted to take out Cliff at final 4. Sounds like that was his plan, not Tommy's. After all, he plays chess, not checkers." NT - katstoy
Sun 4:08 PM PTCliff asks Nicole how she's doing. Nicole: "Bad." Cliff: "Why? Are they thinking of flipping?" Nicole shakes her head and fills him in. Cliff says it's OK. NT - katstoy
Sun 4:07 PM PTNicole: "If Jackson wants to drop a bomb at the veto meeting and act like a martyr, then I'm gonna have a chat with my friend." Nicole heads up to the HOH room where Cliff is listening to music. NT - katstoy
Sun 4:02 PM PT4:00 PM Nicole on BY hammock talking to camera. NT - Scott3325
Sun 3:55 PM PTNicole says that if America hates her for nearly breaking her word to Michie and Holly, then so be it. NT - katstoy
Sun 3:53 PM PTJackson continuously reminds Nicole that she almost broke their final 4 deal last week. Nicole sarcastically tells Jackson and Holly that they're martyrs and she hopes the audience throws tomatoes at her, prompting Jackson and Holly to walk away. NT - katstoy
Sun 3:36 PM PTNicole laying on the hammock. Cliff standing and Michie and Holly sitting nearby. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:54 PM PTCliff goes upstairs to the HOH bathroom. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:53 PM PTCliff has come out of the upstairs DR and is in the kitchen. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:41 PM PT2:37 PM Jackson moves on to cleaning out the KT refrigerator. He is amazed to find an egg carton with just one egg. NT - Scott3325
Sun 2:32 PM PT2:29 PM Holly & Jackson retrieve the large trash can from the SR & begin filling it with the food that is contaminated by the ants. NT - Scott3325
Sun 2:30 PM PTJackson and Holly tackling the ant infestation. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:27 PM PTHolly to Jackson: "Are you gonna tell Cliff that you were lying about Tommy?" Jackson: "Absolutely not." NT - katstoy
Sun 2:23 PM PTHolly and Jackson say Cliff will be taking the bullet for Nicole. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:22 PM PTJackson says she's not wrong. Holly says she knew Nicole was pushing to get rid of her. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:21 PM PTNicole is called to the DR downstairs as she comes down. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:21 PM PTNicole has gotten to get up and stands in the doorway. They wrap up their talk. Nicole: "I'm not mad. I'm upset. I'm upset with myself." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:19 PM PTJackson says he's going to be giving a speech. Nicole says that'll be a great episode. He says its not going to be harsh. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:16 PM PTNicole insists it was Cliff who pushed to keep Holly and not her. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:15 PM PTNicole says it kills her that she'll be in the F3 over Cliff who she thinks deserves to be in the F3 over her. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:13 PM PTJackson says he and Holly never had a F2. Nicole says you don't have to say it. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:12 PM PTNicole: "You don't need to justify it to me. I get it." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:11 PM PTHolly says Nicole was still going to keep Tommy after she offered to throw the HOH telling her in the bathroom that she was leaning towards keeping Tommy. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:11 PM PTNicole says she didn't shake Holly's hand when she offered to throw the HOH. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:10 PM PTNicole: "Is it an excuse to keep Holly? uhh, but rightfully so." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:09 PM PTJackson tells Nicole to keep this between them for Cliff's health reasons. Nicole says she wishes she didn't know because ignorance is bliss. Jackson says he can tell Cliff if she wants to but they should let him rest today. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:06 PM PTNicole insists she didn't make the deal for Holly to throw the HOH. Holly says she wouldn't have even been there if she hadn't made the deal. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:06 PM PTNicole questions how separate Jackson and Holly were even before he says they became unbreakable after being betrayed. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:05 PM PTJackson says Cliff is like FDR making deals all over the place. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:04 PM PTJackson says everything changed with BB Comics and the gloves were off after that. He insists there was no master plan. He says the way Cliff has handled the game the last week has been disheartening. He says he took offense at two comments Cliff said: 1) - HumanFrailty
these will be your last days; and 2) allowing Holly to compete in the veto.
Sun 2:03 PM PTNicole says she understands Jackson and Holly not going against each other and she was saying that. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:02 PM PTHolly comes up to the HOH. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:02 PM PTJackson talks about how insulting it was for Cliff to say he'd allow Holly to compete. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:01 PM PTCliff is called to the DR upstairs. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 2:00 PM PTNicole: "I'm the dodo who's going to the final 3 with a showmance." NT - katstoy
Sun 1:59 PM PTNicole: "Don't go down the southern gentleman route again. Please." Jackson continues talking about how good she's been in competitions lately. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 1:58 PM PTNicole says what Jackson said Tommy said last week about taking her to the end because she's easier to beat is probably what he thinks. He says that's not the case at all. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 1:56 PM PTJackson says when Nicole and Cliff contemplated breaking their word he didn't have to keep his word to them anymore. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 1:54 PM PTJackson says he wasn't going to just hand Cliff a F2 after he tried to strong arm him after going back on their F4 deal. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 1:52 PM PTJackson says he was strong armed into agreeing to a deal to evict Holly and also to get Holly to throw the veto and if she does win take Cliff to F3. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 1:51 PM PTNicole: "So I'm a third wheel to a bicycle... I'm such a f*cking dumbass." NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 1:50 PM PTNicole says she's upset about not giving the HOH to Cliff. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 1:50 PM PTNicole says she was the one questioning voting to keep Holly and not Cliff. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 1:49 PM PTNicole says don't use last week as an excuse for this week. Jackson says he's not. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 1:48 PM PTNicole tells Jackson that she's upset because Cliff deserves to be in the final 3 and she doesn't. Jackson takes her up to the HOH room to finish their conversation. NT - katstoy
Sun 1:48 PM PTNicole goes inside saying: "I knew it." Jackson comes up and says he wants to talk. He says he wants to explain. Nicole insists that that she understands and is upset because she thinks Cliff deserves to be in the F3 over her. NT - HumanFrailty
Sun 1:47 PM PTNicole walks inside: "I knew it. I knew it. I know this game better than anyone." NT - katstoy

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