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Games Greek pizza ... Wired or wireless headphones/earbuds? NT StarfishTwo 05/26/19 06:53 AM
Games U - Ugly... ugly... All of us just feel like that some days NT StarfishTwo 05/26/19 06:51 AM
Games The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour NT StarfishTwo 05/26/19 06:48 AM
Games Q - Quit NT StarfishTwo 05/26/19 06:46 AM
Games P - Playing volleyball NT StarfishTwo 05/26/19 06:45 AM
Games The Sun Also Rises NT StarfishTwo 05/26/19 06:44 AM
Games Changes - Jack Albertson NT StarfishTwo 05/26/19 06:41 AM
Games yelp NT StarfishTwo 05/26/19 06:38 AM
BBCA Discussion Both are just trying to stay relevant. Won't last long. NT northwellguy 05/26/19 06:34 AM
The Score Toronto also, just hope itís close and not a sweep by the Warriors NT wyndycty 05/26/19 06:09 AM
Y & R Although I like both of them, I'm also finding it pretty boring right now. We need Summer to get pregnant to throw them a huge curve lol. NT CatsRock 05/26/19 06:00 AM
Animal House Topic: This adorable and cute little kitten rescue is wonderful (from Love Meow): CatsRock 05/26/19 05:41 AM
BB Discussion Might be another over night reveal again..i wake up and find out cast list drop overnight..ha! NT uvp 05/26/19 04:51 AM
News Stand Topic: Sunday's Justice Story: 10 Facts About Robert Maudsley AKA The Real-Life Hannibal Lecter. MyBestBud 05/26/19 04:43 AM
BB Discussion Cast reveal 23 days or so. NT MagnumForce 05/26/19 04:43 AM
News Stand This is so fantastic! NT MyBestBud 05/26/19 04:39 AM
News Stand Wow! NT MyBestBud 05/26/19 04:36 AM
BB Discussion Yep..survive test of time NT uvp 05/26/19 04:19 AM
The Score Want raptors..but warriors should win in 6 if that NT uvp 05/26/19 04:15 AM
BB Discussion Getting real now! NT uvp 05/26/19 04:14 AM
BB Discussion Topic: BB21 30 Days away.. 6/25 start! NT uvp 05/26/19 04:02 AM
BB Discussion I was incredibly happy and grateful. NT kmjm 05/26/19 01:57 AM
BB Discussion I was looking forward to seeing Jeff stand up to him, because he would have, NT kmjm 05/26/19 01:56 AM
BB Discussion He's nothing but filth. NT MagnumForce 05/26/19 01:31 AM
This Is Us Topic: Justin Hartley crashes Paramountpics tour Rio 05/26/19 12:54 AM
Y & R Topic: 20 Things to know about Chelsea Newmanís history: Rio 05/26/19 12:44 AM
BB Discussion He surprisingly still has a big following. NT RatFloater 05/26/19 12:41 AM
Y & R Topic: Weekly Spoilers Rio 05/26/19 12:39 AM
Days of Our Lives Topic: Weekly Spoilers: Rio 05/26/19 12:35 AM
BB Discussion Why would anyone pay to see his podcast? NT MagnumForce 05/26/19 12:30 AM
Days of Our Lives Topic: Spoilers for the week of May 27: Rio 05/26/19 12:27 AM
Y & R Topic: Spoilers for the week of May 27: Rio 05/26/19 12:21 AM
BB Fans Topic: "Saturday night is lit." LOL! kmjm 05/25/19 11:44 PM
BB Discussion Oh I figured that right away. For Dick it's the more the merrier. NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/19 11:21 PM
BB Discussion It's just that--nobody does that! He's in contestants' row, he should be into the game and his game partner from the audience, but instead he's looking into the camera for attention. NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/19 11:19 PM
BBCA Discussion I didn't know he was dating Jackie Redmond now. Good for him. She and Peter Brown both tried out for the same show before BBCan. She won, Peter lost. NT RatFloater 05/25/19 11:13 PM

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