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Games Good Vibrations NT AZ_Cards_11 04/20/21 03:54 PM
BBCA Discussion I would be. I think that ship has sailed. But we are talking about the waffle crew, so who knows? NT aliroo 04/20/21 03:54 PM
BBCA Discussion It's easy messing with her head. NT vortexfugue 04/20/21 03:54 PM
BBCA Discussion He's good at being confusing...haha NT decafjnr 04/20/21 03:53 PM
BBCA Discussion I like that he is confusing Beth. She thought for sure he was voting Jed out, opened her big mouth, and now he said if he was to vote right now, he would keep him. I know he is also messing with decafjnr 04/20/21 03:52 PM
BBCA Discussion Ty is not very good at this at all. NT dillybean 04/20/21 03:51 PM
BBCA Discussion I think if Jed confronts him he will crumble like he did when they told Kiefer. However, he's shown more fortitude than I thought he would, to this point anyway. NT Blockhead 04/20/21 03:50 PM
BBCA Discussion I really hope not NT BigBroWatcher 04/20/21 03:48 PM
BBCA Discussion I wouldn't be surprised if TY does end up voting to keep him by the end of the week...haha. Probably not, but I wouldn't be surprised either way. NT decafjnr 04/20/21 03:48 PM
BBCA Discussion It really doesn't matter, he will most likely be the one to come back. NT decafjnr 04/20/21 03:47 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Ty: "We didn't put him in this position." Exactly. NT Blockhead 04/20/21 03:46 PM
BBCA Discussion I do want Jed gone this week but he should have used the veto on himself and sent Beth to the jury house NT BigBroWatcher 04/20/21 03:45 PM
BBCA Discussion TY is really making her mad, she told Jed that TY is voting him out, TY is telling her that he hasn't made up his mind NT decafjnr 04/20/21 03:43 PM
Games 13. Total Eclipse of the Heart NT FearlessDiva 04/20/21 03:42 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Beth is totally evil..I don't care who wins as long as it's not Beth NT BigBroWatcher 04/20/21 03:42 PM
BBCA Discussion Ty's a pos and I'm done with him. Jed saved ty twice. Jed put his life on the line to save beth and ty cuz the trio had the numbers. NT Omayra1107 04/20/21 03:35 PM
Games 4. Beat Bobby Flay NT FearlessDiva 04/20/21 03:34 PM
BBCA Discussion BB needs to call her to DR NT BigBroWatcher 04/20/21 03:33 PM
BBCA Discussion I agree, he doesn't need to be so nasty about it! NT decafjnr 04/20/21 03:30 PM
BBCA Discussion TY has always been a few steps behind.. NT decafjnr 04/20/21 03:28 PM
BBCA Discussion Ty knows that if Jed took himself down, he (Ty) was going up. Jed was fine with Beth going. Ty (with Kief) talked Jed into taking Beth down so that the trio controlled the votes. There is no way Ty ScienceGirl 04/20/21 03:27 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: If Ty were a master chess player he would pick up on how odd Jed is acting. He's terse, not jovial, the lack of eye contact. NT Blockhead 04/20/21 03:27 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: TY is a good actor! Jed and Beth look confused by the fact that he doesn't seem like he is lying to them. NT decafjnr 04/20/21 03:27 PM
BBCA Discussion She's probably afraid to due to risk of Beth exposed party. NT aliroo 04/20/21 03:26 PM
Games I was thinking of "garden" as a noun, not a verb. Sorry :) NT ChasingCowboys 04/20/21 03:25 PM
BBCA Discussion Beth had the crazy scheme to have Jed backdoored by having Brey/Ty up, but that was not Jed. NT ScienceGirl 04/20/21 03:23 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Tera just called Beth paranoid. Lol. NT aliroo 04/20/21 03:21 PM
Games (I Wanna Be a) Billionaire ... How will you make all that money? NT ChasingCowboys 04/20/21 03:21 PM
BBCA Discussion I want to see how Jed is alone with Ty. NT Blockhead 04/20/21 03:21 PM
BBCA Discussion i think their plan is to talk to Keif first and not Ty NT HES 04/20/21 03:20 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Beth, could you kindly leave the room. NT Blockhead 04/20/21 03:19 PM
BBCA Discussion It's really frustrating when we just saw that they aren't saying or doing anything that we shouldn't be able to hear!!! NT decafjnr 04/20/21 03:17 PM
BBCA Discussion ok..Jed-Ty convo happening....maybe NT HES 04/20/21 03:16 PM
Games 12. She Blinded Me with Science NT ChasingCowboys 04/20/21 03:15 PM
BBCA Updates Topic: Jed finishes talking to Beth in the Expedia room and goes looking for other HGs to talk to. He looks in several rooms (except the HOH - where the four are). Jed is eventually called to the DR. NT Scott3325 * 04/20/21 03:14 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: ughh they just tease us per usual. c'mon, BB....we can't miss the Beth-Keif convo or Jed-Kief convo.. NT HES 04/20/21 03:13 PM
BBCA Discussion My opinion, he thought it was him and Jed to the end, then Jed "fell in love" with Beth, TY started doubting him. When he saved her, he thought it proved that she was his #1, not him. Plus decafjnr 04/20/21 03:12 PM
BBCA Discussion Maybe Ty believes in punishing failure as a deterrent. NT Blockhead 04/20/21 03:11 PM
BBCA Discussion They tried to pawn him on the block keeping both Jed/Beth off, THAT is what changed it. NT vortexfugue 04/20/21 03:10 PM
BBCA Discussion too late NT HES 04/20/21 03:10 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Kiefer wants to twist that knife in revenge waiting until 25 minutes before eviction to tell Jed he's going to Jury. NT LillyBell 04/20/21 03:09 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Why has Ty become so nasty? He does not have to bash Jed personally? Jed saved him from the block. I must be missing something that happened. Tera is being nicer than Ty about it. NT ScienceGirl 04/20/21 03:09 PM
Games karma NT lilyann 04/20/21 03:08 PM
Games Indiana NT lilyann 04/20/21 03:03 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: feeds up! NT ChiliBean 04/20/21 03:03 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Ty: "If she knows in advance what we're doing she'll tell him" --how does he not see she already knows and that his convo w her solidified it? lol these people.. NT HES 04/20/21 03:02 PM
BBCA Discussion Jed alone whispers to himself: "Why did I do that. I can't believe I did that." NT Blockhead 04/20/21 03:01 PM
BBCA Discussion I am anti-twist but I am thinking the shock value of this one will be fun as long as the person who returns is not Brey. Brey would just say "whatever" & carry on. NT ScienceGirl 04/20/21 03:00 PM
Games racy NT lilyann 04/20/21 03:00 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Kief tells Ty that Beth is saying the Jed suspects something. NT Blockhead 04/20/21 02:58 PM

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