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BB Discussion Pic #3 which is from Lori. Corndogger 03/20/19 04:12 PM
BB Discussion Does Maverick have her own instragram? I like Jess and Cody but not a big fan of giving babies their own SM. NT silverspoons 03/20/19 04:11 PM
BB Discussion Pic #2 from Cody. Corndogger 03/20/19 04:11 PM
BB Discussion Pic #1 from Jess. Corndogger 03/20/19 04:10 PM
BB Discussion Was she named after the Dallas Basketball team? or for another reason? NT silverspoons 03/20/19 04:09 PM
BBCA Discussion Is "this" a non-gender pronoun for Adam? NT remdeprived 03/20/19 04:04 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Show's on. NT WillRulz 03/20/19 04:01 PM
BB Discussion Maybe corndogger can help..! NT uvp 03/20/19 04:01 PM
Married at First Sight Topic: Dr, Jessica is not going to be on the next season. Dr. Viviana Coles from Houston will be the new expert. They are filming the weddings today in NC NT silverspoons 03/20/19 03:58 PM
BB Discussion Jess said in the bb house she loved boys names for girls! My female cousin is Drew. Itís very trendy! NT jammin_jen 03/20/19 03:57 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Baby Nickson pics! jammin_jen 03/20/19 03:55 PM
Current Affairs So, he believes in vaccination, he just doesn't believe in science or in spending the money for the shots. Agree to disagree. NT Beard 03/20/19 03:53 PM
BBCA Discussion I've been wondering the same. NT vortexfugue 03/20/19 03:52 PM
BBCA Discussion I have a feeling there is more to the story and shenanigans involved, yes. NT WillRulz 03/20/19 03:51 PM
Current Affairs And I wonder, what extraordinary measures has the Trump Administration taken to fight the fentanyl crisis? NT Beard 03/20/19 03:50 PM
BBCA Discussion Hmmmmmmm. :) NT WillRulz 03/20/19 03:50 PM
BBCA Discussion The implosion from these two morons will be glorious. NT WillRulz 03/20/19 03:50 PM
BBCA Discussion If you are using BB Viewer it's bookmarked. NT dillybean 03/20/19 03:49 PM
BBCA Discussion He is so paranoid anyhow this will send him running to the boys and Anthony will go NT dillybean 03/20/19 03:48 PM
Games My Favorite Martian NT FurnitureAlliance 03/20/19 03:44 PM
News Stand Release the records!!! Stop this nonsense!!! NT petite6 03/20/19 03:41 PM
News Stand Topic: NEW: Release of Epstein sex trafficking documents may hinge on Two mystery parties -- one of them a "John Doe.'' petite6 03/20/19 03:40 PM
BB Discussion No way is that true. CBS can give them permission to do whatever they want. If what you said is true then how did Brenchel and Cody/Jess get to do TAR right away? I'm pretty sure Jesse Tannenbaum Corndogger 03/20/19 03:36 PM
BB Discussion Too bad they don't reserve those accusations for actual racists. NT FurnitureAlliance 03/20/19 03:35 PM
BB Discussion That wouldn't be a different race, though. NT FurnitureAlliance 03/20/19 03:33 PM
News Stand Topic: A YouTuber earned between $106,800 to $1.7 MILLION from her YouTube videos of her seven kids aged 3-15 in scripted films. She's been charged with child abuse, neglect and molest after her kids petite6 03/20/19 03:33 PM
BBCA Discussion Any chance Sam got voted the surveillance by Canada? NT Animalpunkz 03/20/19 03:32 PM
Games 9. flavored NT FurnitureAlliance 03/20/19 03:28 PM
Current Affairs what's the point of embracing modern medicine? May as well cut off our limbs like they used to NT petite6 03/20/19 03:26 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Sam is going to blow this she just said to Adam no matter what happens in here it is here can we still hang out at home? NT Emma1 03/20/19 03:25 PM
BBCA Discussion Yeah. It is all very, very odd, as well as other things that happened, which is why I don't buy Sam's story. NT WillRulz 03/20/19 03:24 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin says he deliberately exposed his children to chickenpox so they would catch the highly contagious disease and become immune. petite6 03/20/19 03:23 PM
BBCA Discussion That was fantastic feeds. And just like BB20, Kyra would use it on their crush. NT remdeprived 03/20/19 03:22 PM
BBCA Discussion Which makes sense because tonight's episode will end with Mom being slapped up on the block and this happened the day after. NT vortexfugue 03/20/19 03:20 PM
News Stand Topic: LifeWay to Close All 170 Christian Stores petite6 03/20/19 03:20 PM
BBCA Discussion Damn NT shadow123 03/20/19 03:18 PM
BBCA Discussion Please not another repeat of BB20 where Faisal said heíd use the veto on both Hayley and Kaitlin NT shadow123 03/20/19 03:17 PM
BBCA Discussion The info said it'll be on tomorrow's show. NT vortexfugue 03/20/19 03:17 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Got a feeling we wonít see who won the power till tomorrow. Hope Iím wrong though and itís part of tonightís episode NT shadow123 03/20/19 03:16 PM
BBCA Discussion The convo with Adam/Dane was on cam2 and it pretty much matches what all Sam said. NT vortexfugue 03/20/19 03:15 PM
BBCA Discussion If you actually listen back it wasn't alliance stuff it was just Dane calming Adam about the Mom talk, but hey.. lol. NT vortexfugue 03/20/19 03:13 PM
BBCA Discussion oops. must have been 11 54 NT PVRlover 03/20/19 03:13 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Kyra to Chelsea: "If you're up and I win the veto I'll take you down." Kyra to Sam: "If you're up and I win the veto I'll take you down." Hmm, that'll be a neat trick if they're both up. NT vortexfugue 03/20/19 03:11 PM
BBCA Discussion I did not actually see Sam overhear what she is claiming to have heard. Yes, she told Chelsea and Kyra. NT ScienceGirl 03/20/19 03:11 PM
BBCA Discussion 1:54 PST is the boys talking. She goes & tells Chelsea shortly after. They haven't figured out that Mark is in it yet NT PVRlover 03/20/19 03:10 PM
Games T - Tina Traded Tracy Two Toys. NT Rio 03/20/19 03:09 PM
BBCA Discussion That was weird. BB should have given them a ,"Canada is watching". NT remdeprived 03/20/19 03:09 PM
Games Late Night Talk .... The Price Is Right or Family Feud ? NT Rio 03/20/19 03:08 PM
BBCA Discussion OMG..I am an idiot. Thank you. She has talks about her students all the time. NT ScienceGirl 03/20/19 03:07 PM
BBCA Discussion About 2:00 pm and only Dane, Adam not the entire alliance. She *claims* she overheard them talking, only heard names being mentioned, vague stuff. She told Chelsea and Kyra. NT WillRulz 03/20/19 03:07 PM

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