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BB Discussion lol NT FurnitureAlliance 11/18/18 06:27 PM
BB Discussion Very pretty but her feet are distorted--too bad NT FurnitureAlliance 11/18/18 06:25 PM
Games Life Stinks NT FurnitureAlliance 11/18/18 06:23 PM
The Score unusual score in CHI/MIN game...11-0 NT colleenag 11/18/18 06:23 PM
Games On the Road Again NT FurnitureAlliance 11/18/18 06:23 PM
BB Discussion I agree 10000% NT Gamecock 11/18/18 06:22 PM
The Score Hi FurlessBat. Have a great weekend and also have a Happy Thanksgiving. NT Blockhead 11/18/18 06:21 PM
BB Discussion While promoting her make-up tutorial video. NT kmjm 11/18/18 06:12 PM
BB Discussion Not a good color at all. Looks like the color of that flower that comes up from weeds. NT Gamecock 11/18/18 06:05 PM
BB Discussion umm yuk NT Gamecock 11/18/18 06:03 PM
The Score hi, Blockhead. Hope you had a nice weekend. NT FurlessBat 11/18/18 05:57 PM
BB Discussion That really is impressive. NT BabyWrists 11/18/18 05:57 PM
The Score The New England Patriots have won at least 10 games every season starting with the 2003 season. They are the last back to back Super Bowl Champions (03-04). The only time in the last 15 seasons they Blockhead 11/18/18 05:51 PM
The Score He wasn't terrible in the 2 starts this season, just not very effective. 1 TD, 1 INT. NT JAF 11/18/18 05:51 PM
The Score good to know. I vaguely remember he did start this season but will take the time to look over the stats. I couldn't remember if he did not do well or Wentz was ready to come back from injury. NT colleenag 11/18/18 05:44 PM
Games Take Me Home, Country Roads NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:43 PM
Games Dan in Real Life NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:42 PM
Games Topic: Movie Chairs Continued - StarfishTwo wrote, "Lars and the Real Girl" NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:40 PM
The Score It actually applies even more to Foles. He got hot in those playoffs games. But you look at the rest of his career (including the few starts early this season), and they're nowhere close. NT JAF 11/18/18 05:39 PM
Games *~*END*~* NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:39 PM
Games Both... Silver or Gold? NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:39 PM
Games True... You'll go to more than one Thanksgiving dinner. NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:37 PM
The Score Sigh...yes he did. NT colleenag 11/18/18 05:37 PM
The Score Foles got hot hot on SB. Wentz was actually more competent and I remember fans not trusting Foles that much. He just had a very good game when it counted I guess. NT FurlessBat 11/18/18 05:34 PM
Games 9. Esmerelda NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:34 PM
The Score We got receivers subbing as running backs and trick plays that are putting our 41 yo qb in precarious situations...I'd say we both need the luck! NT colleenag 11/18/18 05:34 PM
Games R- Reykjavik NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:33 PM
Games grew NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:32 PM
Games P- Patricia Arquette NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:31 PM
The Score That kinda makes sense and I've heard that said by others but it doesn't take into account that Foles was the qb that got hot with them not Wentz (even though he is a good qb). idk just wonderin' NT colleenag 11/18/18 05:31 PM
The Score That really cost them the game. Otherwise we'd have only had like 25 seconds or something, instead of a full minute to drive the whole field. NT JAF 11/18/18 05:30 PM
The Score yup, but we need more luck :p NT FurlessBat 11/18/18 05:30 PM
Games L- Last Man Standing NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:29 PM
Games leaves NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:28 PM
Games E- Everybody needs a little time away... I heard her say... from each other NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:27 PM
The Score And it's looking more like they just overplayed themselves last year, and aren't really that great. Just got hot at the right time. NT JAF 11/18/18 05:26 PM
Games G- Greater Than NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:23 PM
Games 8. Owl NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:22 PM
Games Two Tickets To Paradise... What would you name your boat? NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:21 PM
Games F - Fractions NT CatsRock 11/18/18 05:20 PM
The Score any given Sunday right (what a great movie that is)? Good luck to both teams may they both, at the least, stay healthy. NT colleenag 11/18/18 05:20 PM
The Score I dont follow the Eagles but I've read that they have had numerous key injuries on both sides of the ball. NT Bobbo2 11/18/18 05:18 PM
BB Discussion Ugly on the inside though. NT diggler 11/18/18 05:18 PM
The Score hi! yes, it was a bye week for me too lol I only watched last few minutes of NO vs PHI game. Get ready to lose next week tho ;) NT FurlessBat 11/18/18 05:17 PM
Games 1. Raucous NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:17 PM
Games Topic: Name 10: Adjectives that Start with an "R" NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:16 PM
Games *~*END*~* NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:16 PM
The Score i agree hes not the real problem. im not thinking Foles should have taken over but i would be lying if i said i didnt think about it here & there. we wouldnt know if they would be worse anyways. i KlausHeissler 11/18/18 05:15 PM
Games 10. Macaroni and Cheese Bites NT fearlessdiva 11/18/18 05:15 PM
The Score hi FB...enjoying the bye week? Looks like our teams play each other next week! NT colleenag 11/18/18 05:14 PM

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