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Current Affairs Anderson went OFF tonight. He's still trending for dragging Trump. NT kidfresh512 06/01/20 06:48 PM
BB Discussion Yeah Rachel is a fame mugger. She’ll stab you in the ribs and take your 15 minutes. I can’t imagine she won’t steal every ounce of attention she can. NT utty14 06/01/20 06:46 PM
BB Discussion I'm pretty sure JC can't stand Scottie and I don't think Angela's a fan either. NT Corndogger 06/01/20 06:45 PM
BB Discussion The sex stool last season seemed to be a big deal. I think even Nicole at the very end regretted not getting a chance to make use of it. NT Corndogger 06/01/20 06:43 PM
BB Discussion Its only one rachel on that season..i figure she would want to host their reunion NT uvp 06/01/20 06:43 PM
BB Discussion Not sure which Rachel u mean but I’d bet anything Swindler & Kaitlyn hijack this thing. NT utty14 06/01/20 06:42 PM
BB Discussion You are right..this season has been most in our face one..we know everything..agree do older ones.. NT uvp 06/01/20 06:42 PM
BB Discussion I really don’t see the point in having “reunions”¯ of ppl who have never gone away & been in constant with us and each other. Who from this cast has no one heard from? Sam? Does anyone want that? utty14 06/01/20 06:39 PM
BB Discussion Kinda was big deal for some reason back its oh they are banging.. NT uvp 06/01/20 06:36 PM
BB Discussion Any reason why no scottie? Cant think he is going to be missed right..i understand swaggy n bayleigh NT uvp 06/01/20 06:34 PM
BB Discussion Rachel allowed that uvp 06/01/20 06:32 PM
BB Discussion Topic: BB20 is having a Reunion for Hearts of Reality, Hosted by Tommy...should be annoyingly “fun” Dani 06/01/20 06:31 PM
Games C- Chair NT Rio 06/01/20 06:26 PM
Games 2. Pour Some Sugar On Me NT Rio 06/01/20 06:26 PM
Current Affairs LOL Well, the church has condemned his remarks and said the bible was upside down...he even took a minute and FAILED to get that right. petite6 06/01/20 06:26 PM
Games slip NT beachbum7 06/01/20 06:24 PM
Games 7. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) NT beachbum7 06/01/20 06:23 PM
Games 1. A Spoonful of Sugar NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 06:22 PM
Games Topic: Name 10: Songs with Sugar in the Title NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 06:22 PM
Games 2. Tag NT beachbum7 06/01/20 06:21 PM
Games 2. Designing Women NT beachbum7 06/01/20 06:21 PM
Games B - Basil Plant NT beachbum7 06/01/20 06:21 PM
Current Affairs LMAO! NT Rio 06/01/20 06:20 PM
Current Affairs You spelled porn stars and hooker wrong NT beachbum7 06/01/20 06:19 PM
Games Dancing in the Sheets... When do you like to work? NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 06:15 PM
BB Discussion You remember correctly! IIRC that was the first time there was sex in the BB house--at least that was acknowledged. NT Corndogger 06/01/20 06:13 PM
Games Some Like It Hot NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 06:08 PM
Games X- Xia NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 06:04 PM
Games sheets NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 06:02 PM
Games Unhappily Ever After NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 06:01 PM
Games A- Advertisement NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:57 PM
Games Topic: ABC Theme: Anything you can see from where you're sitting-- even if it's on a computer NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:55 PM
Games *~*END*~* NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:54 PM
Games Z- Zodiac NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:53 PM
Games True... You have fresh flowers in your home. NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:51 PM
Games Don't Tell Me You Love Me NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:49 PM
BB Discussion I've seen every BB show since season 2,but i have not sat down and re-watched more than a episode or two during a comp..Wasn't Michelle's ex David who ended up shagging Amanda? that seemed weird! NT deadman 06/01/20 05:47 PM
Games winner circle NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:47 PM
Games 6. Seven Year Ache NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:46 PM
Games self-confidence NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:44 PM
Games G- Give me just one more night... oh just one more night... NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:43 PM
Games 1. A Different World NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:41 PM
Games Topic: Name 10: TV Shows that Start with D NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:41 PM
Games *~*END*~* NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:39 PM
Games 10. Little Women NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:38 PM
Games K- The King's Speech NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:37 PM
Games 1. Dropper NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:28 PM
Games Topic: Name 10: Fill in the Blank: Name __________ NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:27 PM
BB Discussion I feel for the networks because there is so much unknown about what could happen in the fall that is has to be hard to plan ahead, especially with sports. NT OUALUMinTX 06/01/20 05:26 PM
Games *~*END*~* NT fearlessdiva 06/01/20 05:25 PM

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