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BB Discussion Topic: Heath: "I just allocated way to much time to this thread but wow, the BB fandom never ceases to amaze." >>> Corndogger 05/27/22 09:11 PM
Current Affairs Says the man who has cheated on every wife he’s had. This many shouldn’t be allowed to utter anything about family values. NT amandajaye 05/27/22 08:19 PM
Games 21. Margarita ____ Salt NT beachbum7 05/27/22 08:09 PM
Games 18. Peace Be With You (Let's see how many Catholics are out there) NT beachbum7 05/27/22 08:08 PM
Games 11. Prince __ Tides NT beachbum7 05/27/22 08:07 PM
Games 10. Pencils NT beachbum7 05/27/22 08:07 PM
BB Discussion Is it true that Mafia Pastor was part of the cast? I know from Twitter losing it that Ben and Sarah played. If Ben won I'm calling rigged right now. NT Corndogger 05/27/22 08:00 PM
Married at First Sight Topic: Does anyone here know the new ex-MAFS woman Chris is dating/seeing? She was on screen in the preview at the very end of Wednesday's Reunion Part 2. I can't remember her name & it's bugging me lol. NT CatsRock 05/27/22 07:47 PM
Streamed Shows Topic: What can we expect from season 2 of ‘Only Murders in the Building'? (Season 1 Spoilers Inside) Rio 05/27/22 07:36 PM
Blue Bloods Topic: CBS Boss Sizes Up Friday Night's New S.W.A.T./Fire Country/Blue Bloods Slate Rio 05/27/22 07:26 PM
Games 9. Elopes NT Rio 05/27/22 07:18 PM
BB Discussion Derek is his name. lol NT OUALUMinTX 05/27/22 07:18 PM
BB Discussion Yes. NT OUALUMinTX 05/27/22 07:17 PM
BB Discussion Plus Azah, Angela, David and Enzo. NT OUALUMinTX 05/27/22 07:15 PM
BB Discussion Somewhere out there tonight our new cast is going to sleep with visions of shiny confetti and winning Big Brother. Good night, house guests! lol NT heartnhome 05/27/22 07:13 PM
The Theatre One of the best sequels I’ve seen in a long time… *clap*clap*clap…Enjoy! NT wyndycty 05/27/22 07:12 PM
BB Discussion He's a character, all right. I might have to watch his season since Drew and Tully are also on it. NT heartnhome 05/27/22 07:09 PM
BB Discussion Since I used watched BB UK after they went no feeds, I'm used to it. I don't know about the ratings nor do I really care. If it's there, I'll watch and if/when it's not, I won't. lol With or without heartnhome 05/27/22 07:08 PM
BB Australia I found a pretty reliable site that doesn't require a VPN for most Australian shows. Just google shvideos NT CClovesBB 05/27/22 06:06 PM
Games HAMMOCK!! (I wish) ... Wish you could fly, or Wish you could be invisible? NT moeopoly 05/27/22 06:03 PM
Games 25. End NT moeopoly 05/27/22 06:01 PM
Games 20. Apple Cider Vinegar _____ the 'Mother' NT moeopoly 05/27/22 06:01 PM
BB Discussion me too.. last thing we need production going out of their way even more to keep most recent hg in the game via twist.. NT uvp 05/27/22 06:01 PM
Games All For You NT moeopoly 05/27/22 06:00 PM
Games room spray NT moeopoly 05/27/22 06:00 PM
Games checkmark NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:59 PM
Games sets NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:59 PM
Games upset NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:59 PM
Games Tour Guide NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:58 PM
Games 17. the road rise up to meet you NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:58 PM
Games 8. Said NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:56 PM
Games A - Already Alice Asserts Asinine Allegiances NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:55 PM
Games wind NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:52 PM
Games Follow me and everything is alright NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:52 PM
Current Affairs But, is there a substantive-due-process reason to limit the stimulation of one’s genitals? NT Beard 05/27/22 05:43 PM
Current Affairs What about assault-style dildos, are they OK? NT Beard 05/27/22 05:39 PM
Current Affairs So, these two would be fine with keeping guns out of the hands of people from broken homes or who don't go to church? Beard 05/27/22 05:36 PM
Current Affairs Topic: there is no limit to the number of guns you can own in texas but there IS a limit to the number of dildos you can own (5)....Ted Cruz did this? petite6 05/27/22 05:33 PM
Current Affairs That's a terrific question. NT Beard 05/27/22 05:27 PM
Current Affairs If only someone had said something before now. NT Beard 05/27/22 05:24 PM
Sitcoms It was, but I kinda like it that way. Almost a parody of itself. NT JAF 05/27/22 05:17 PM
News Stand I wouldn't imagine the townsfolk will be thinking they got their moneys worth. NT Beard 05/27/22 05:04 PM
News Stand Well they're complicated NT beachbum7 05/27/22 05:04 PM
Current Affairs Well look at all the crime that Junior, Eric and Ivanka have done. Oh wait, that's white-collar crime, so that doesn't count right? NT beachbum7 05/27/22 05:02 PM
News Stand I don't know, he can't even seem to handle a bullhorn. NT Beard 05/27/22 05:01 PM
TLC Reality Shows I think it was a single life's reunion last Sunday. NT MegsMom316 05/27/22 04:53 PM
Current Affairs In his NRA speech, Donald Trump cites "broken families" as a cause of mass shootings, "because no law can cure the effects of a broken home," he says. ROFLMAO NT petite6 05/27/22 04:47 PM
News Stand These tweets below have been attributed to Daniel Defense, maker of the AR-15 that slaughtered students and teachers in Uvalde, Texas. The Twitter account is now private. petite6 05/27/22 04:29 PM
News Stand Topic: SF Giants Manager Gabe Kapler will now refuse to take field for the National Anthem. He says he is done “participating in the glorification of the only country where mass shootings take place.” petite6 05/27/22 04:20 PM
News Stand Beach, we can't assume this was political........... NT petite6 05/27/22 04:17 PM

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