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The Score I have less trust in pitt especially if they have to play ne home or road.. NT uvp 11/18/18 10:24 AM
BB Discussion Oh, wow. He's a cutie. NT Vixter 11/18/18 10:19 AM
The Score I guess the glaring years stands out ..9-7 or 8-8 team hosting a home playoffs game..ha! NT uvp 11/18/18 10:18 AM
The Score I always liked it that way. Gives real meaning to the fight to win the division, something some other sports (especially the NBA) make almost meaningless. NT JAF 11/18/18 10:13 AM
The Score And PIT. KC has been the best reg season AFC team so far but playoffs are a different matter. Especially for teams that are all-offense and no-defense. Plus, no matter how good JAF 11/18/18 10:11 AM
BB Discussion Topic: He looks so different. Gamecock 11/18/18 10:09 AM
BB Discussion I kind of believe she or (her brother who ran her account) set up a like bot...she even said she had never seen that post she liked before. RealityCK 11/18/18 10:02 AM
This Is Us Topic: Happy National Adoption Day from This Is Us Rio 11/18/18 09:59 AM
The Score 1pm..watching cowboys vs falcons...pass on steelers vs jags..sorry wyndy..might tune back in if game is close or better NT uvp 11/18/18 09:58 AM
BB Discussion Not that add in particular... just random posts that she would set in parameters. not sure what parameters she sets... could be any post NT RealityCK 11/18/18 09:57 AM
The Score Lol.. The entire afc east have a bye this week..havent been paying attention is this normal..? NT uvp 11/18/18 09:54 AM
BB Discussion I would not read too much into when it's released... interviews like this are not released right away after they are done NT RealityCK 11/18/18 09:54 AM
Modern Family Topic: ‘Modern Family’ Star Eric Stonestreet Shares Shower Shot of His Co-Star: ‘We All Finally Saw’ His ‘Junk’ (Video) Rio 11/18/18 09:38 AM
The Score Bookmark.. I never count out ne..if they get homefield throughout teams will have hard time beating them in ne in playoffs.. NT uvp 11/18/18 09:34 AM
Streamed Shows We really like it too. Can't wait for second season. NT DebbieO 11/18/18 09:32 AM
The Score Rams vs Chiefs calling it now lol NT Axelsen 11/18/18 09:32 AM
The Score What i hate with division winner takes all...them or chiefs will be on road in wildcard game and might have better record than team they play.. NT uvp 11/18/18 09:28 AM
Gotham Topic: Gotham Finale Set Photos Tease an Aged Jim Gordon Rio 11/18/18 09:25 AM
The Score PIT seems to have hit their stride too. Looks like they missed Bell early and took them some time to adjust. But not anymore. NT JAF 11/18/18 09:21 AM
The Score So very quietly, the LA Chargers are 7-2, the 2nd best record in the AFC. Wouldn't it be funny if it ended being an All-LA Super Bowl, after they didn't have ANY teams for 2 decades? NT JAF 11/18/18 09:18 AM
The Score Plus they traveled this week anyway, going to Colorado Springs to practice in high altitude for the week in anticipation of playing in Mexico City. NT JAF 11/18/18 09:15 AM
Chicago Fire/P.D./Med Topic: One Chicago Fall Finale Dates and Previews Rio 11/18/18 09:13 AM
Current Affairs Of course the GOP are pissed Canada wants LGBT protections for workers and wants it out. And Democrats on the other hand want more protections for climate change, and better labor standards NT kidfresh512 11/18/18 08:56 AM
BB Discussion Someone posted that here when the news was announced. NT jammin_jen 11/18/18 08:55 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Trump's Mexico-Canada deal hits trouble in Congress kidfresh512 11/18/18 08:53 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Topic: jblig jostles in and sings Happy Birthday to LimeAndCuervo, DrunkenStorm and IslandBatty NT jblig 11/18/18 08:36 AM
P/X Topic: Good morning Jokers! I ear you on Push-button Phone Day! jblig 11/18/18 08:35 AM
Blue Bloods Topic: Weekly Episodes Rio 11/18/18 08:28 AM
The Score Since it was a last minute venue change, I assume they had to scramble to sell tickets in a week. Opens it up to being a lot of Chiefs fans being able to get them. JAF 11/18/18 08:23 AM
The Score I think they should be good to go.. NT uvp 11/18/18 08:12 AM
BB Discussion apparently, it’s sarcasm, which, in my opinion, is more effective in smaller doses NT janie8 11/18/18 08:12 AM
The Big Bang Theory Topic: Young Sheldon to defy space and time to appear in the Big Bang Theory Rio 11/18/18 08:11 AM
The Score Jags really fell off..i be shock if steelers lose that one.. NT uvp 11/18/18 08:06 AM
The Score Cant lose this week..sweet! Some nice match ups..big one on monday..if chiefs can take that one i feel confident they uvp 11/18/18 08:04 AM
The Score This is EXACTLY what I was thinking too. He was lucky to even get offered that much. Who's gonna wanna throw huge money at him now, after he did this? NT JAF 11/18/18 08:04 AM
The Score Topic: Le'Veon Bell's free-agent market value may not be as strong as many people expect JAF 11/18/18 08:02 AM
BB Discussion Is she dead or did she drink too much Namaste? NT outsidedahouse 11/18/18 07:45 AM
Y & R Topic: Spoilers for the week of November 19 Rio 11/18/18 07:32 AM
Days of Our Lives Topic: Spoilers for the week of November 19: Rio 11/18/18 07:28 AM
BB Discussion Topic: I'll let you come to your own conclusions on this one. #NotTangela #NotNic Corndogger 11/18/18 07:20 AM
BB Discussion Angela does not need any help. NT BBFanJ 11/18/18 07:14 AM
BB Discussion Um who the ***** thought that it meant SI Swimsuit? Makes no sense! NT BBFanJ 11/18/18 07:11 AM
The Score A must win for both teams today...Cowboys vs Falcons NT wyndycty 11/18/18 07:11 AM
The Score Heading off to the bar shortly...Steelers have their revenge game against the Jaguars at noon ct. NT wyndycty 11/18/18 07:10 AM
The Score Topic: NFL Sunday.... NT wyndycty 11/18/18 07:06 AM
The Score Texas wins 24-10...needs to beat Kansas next week for a chance to play in the Big 12 Tournament NT wyndycty 11/18/18 07:06 AM
BB Discussion And bigfoot just landed in a flying saucer, cause I saw it on twitter NT js4343 11/18/18 06:56 AM
BB Discussion Maybe they’re selling Granola bars? Or a Gucci ad campaign? Or traveling to Greece? Or learning to play Guitar? NT jammin_jen 11/18/18 06:54 AM
The Jukebox Bobby Vee - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes JAF 11/18/18 06:24 AM
The Jukebox The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There JAF 11/18/18 06:18 AM

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