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Current Affairs You don't die waiting, but you do die not getting treatment at all because you can't afford it, and die somewhat more often from getting that treatment. Beard 02/24/20 06:47 PM
Current Affairs Well, then, that says it all. If the Canadian program is working so well then their populations tax dollars would not be paying the doctors "next door". NT colleenag 02/24/20 06:40 PM
BB Fans The Vlog from the vacation should be good, lots of good material. NT bigbrother99 02/24/20 06:36 PM
Current Affairs That conclusion seems to be supported by the opinion of one doctor (and the very conservative National Review), but it's mostly BS. Beard 02/24/20 06:33 PM
Current Affairs Out of the best of care out there Canada was 10 and America 11. In other words pretty darn even. You pay for the care in taxes; we pay in premiums. And most important; we don't die waiting. NT colleenag 02/24/20 06:31 PM
Current Affairs Thanks for answering. I think the best part of the report is that Canada can come off as this leader in social medicine when it secretly has it "parachute" next door in America. Where the really colleenag 02/24/20 06:25 PM
The Bachelor Topic: This season has been such a disaster.....seems like it is never going to end! Ivory_mist 02/24/20 06:20 PM
Current Affairs I think the most important point is that you get it and don't have to be denied care because you can't afford it. That, and the fact that the US pays considerably more for poorer results. NT Beard 02/24/20 06:18 PM
Current Affairs You said, “Ask Canada” and I answered for it. Your own article makes exactly the same point, that at least 94% of Canadians support its healthcare system. Beard 02/24/20 06:14 PM
BB Discussion I think Tommy said it more than once. NT Scott3325 02/24/20 06:11 PM
Games warming center NT fearlessdiva 02/24/20 06:10 PM
BB Discussion Topic: WTF?! Fessy and Haleigh. Corndogger 02/24/20 06:09 PM
Games When Calls the Heart NT fearlessdiva 02/24/20 06:09 PM
Games kilt NT fearlessdiva 02/24/20 06:07 PM
Current Affairs what good is it being 10 instead of 11 if you have to wait 3 times as long to get it? NT colleenag 02/24/20 06:07 PM
Games Sharp Dressed Man NT fearlessdiva 02/24/20 06:06 PM
Games Love Is All You Need NT fearlessdiva 02/24/20 06:04 PM
Current Affairs "ahead of only the United States" -- hmmm NT Blockhead 02/24/20 06:01 PM
Games I like Joker's #1 rule: "Welcome to the Joker's Updates Games Forum! The number one rule is to have fun!!!" NT fearlessdiva 02/24/20 06:00 PM
Games L- The Lady Eve NT fearlessdiva 02/24/20 05:55 PM
BB Discussion At one point during the season didn't Tommy basically say that they would be good together? NT Corndogger 02/24/20 05:55 PM
BB Discussion If people are willing to buy them they would be crazy not to sell them. NT Corndogger 02/24/20 05:53 PM
BB Discussion This must be very recent. I see comments from Jess and Chris and they both seem surprised and very happy for them. NT Corndogger 02/24/20 05:49 PM
BB Discussion Nicole just confirmed it on Twitter: "Philip and I are dating!" NT Scott3325 02/24/20 05:49 PM
BB Discussion Now Nicole's parents just have to get her to move out so they can rent out her room. NT Corndogger 02/24/20 05:46 PM
Current Affairs The Pitfalls of Single-Payer Health Care: Canada’s Cautionary Tale colleenag 02/24/20 05:45 PM
BB Discussion Looks like you're right. Here's a ton of pics Philip just posted of them together. Note his hashtag #MyGirl Corndogger 02/24/20 05:45 PM
Games A Bigger Splash - Tilda Swinton NT beachbum7 02/24/20 05:42 PM
Current Affairs I'm reluctant to speak for the entire country, but I have great confidence that the Canadian consensus would be that single payer healthcare works just fine, Beard 02/24/20 05:38 PM
Survivor Discussion And we will see where he places NT beachbum7 02/24/20 05:37 PM
Games 13. national NT FurnitureAlliance 02/24/20 05:34 PM
Survivor Discussion It's not the Yul Kwon show NT FurnitureAlliance 02/24/20 05:31 PM
Survivor Discussion I've always figured he wouldn't last long because of all the early attention he's been getting NT FurnitureAlliance 02/24/20 05:30 PM
BB Discussion Seems like Nicole is dating Tommy's brother, we can finally double date #furlesstommy NT FurlessBat 02/24/20 05:28 PM
BB Discussion I bet these photos end up being for sale somehow NT FurnitureAlliance 02/24/20 05:26 PM
BB Discussion And they know everything; there's no suspense because they know what's coming next. They're def not worth bringing back imo NT FurnitureAlliance 02/24/20 05:24 PM
BB Discussion Really? NT FurnitureAlliance 02/24/20 05:22 PM
Games K - Kissing Jessica Stein NT FurnitureAlliance 02/24/20 05:22 PM
Games Lover Man NT FurnitureAlliance 02/24/20 05:20 PM
Current Affairs LOL Even he doesn't know! Just that it will cost TRILLONS just having the government run health care. Let's ask Canada how single payer is working out...let's ask Venezuela how socialism is working colleenag 02/24/20 05:18 PM
Current Affairs No, just because. NT Beard 02/24/20 05:16 PM
Current Affairs Is that because he will impose tariffs on certain businesses from certain countries; give socialist bailouts to bankrupt farmers; publicly attack corporations on a whim causing their stock price to Blockhead 02/24/20 05:11 PM
BB Discussion Topic: This is a cool photo of Tangela in the desert. Corndogger 02/24/20 05:06 PM
Y & R Me too and she can take a couple others w/her. NT bluedevilsfan71 02/24/20 04:57 PM
Games K- Keep feeling fascination... Passion burning... Love so strong NT fearlessdiva 02/24/20 04:57 PM
Survivor Discussion But Rob has had a ton of screen time. NT Hidef1080 02/24/20 04:55 PM
Y & R I;m assuming Phyllis told the customer to sue Abby so she could get the hotel? I'm assuming Abby would rather burn the hotel down lol than give it to Phyllis. I hope Abby and/or Chance figure out bluedevilsfan71 02/24/20 04:55 PM
BB Discussion not much of the old blood is worth bringing back again. Those days have passed. NT Poz 02/24/20 04:53 PM
Current Affairs You're not giving him any credit for all the money he has saved, so that he can spend it on something else. NT Beard 02/24/20 04:52 PM
Current Affairs Ya, but it won't cost the government much, because, in the end, he wants to do away with all government involvement in healthcare and just call it Beautiful, Wonderful, Terrific. NT Beard 02/24/20 04:49 PM

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