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BB Discussion LOL! So many men... so many seasons... NT stlgirlie 10/20/20 07:27 AM
BB Discussion Idon't think he wanted to piss fellow Wise Guys Memphis off either, He needs to ;earm "do what is best for Enzo's game" NT CougarSpy 10/20/20 07:25 AM
BB Discussion haha! :) NT shermeli 10/20/20 07:25 AM
BB Discussion FACT! I have a 9 year old daughter, she has a few friends that listen to Jojo Siwa, one of the moms compared her to Britney Spears I was like okay NOPE baby girl won't be listening to her then-way stlgirlie 10/20/20 07:24 AM
BB Discussion or give birth a couple of times lol before I had bladder sling surgery I was the queen of the sneeze/pee combo lol NT stlgirlie 10/20/20 07:21 AM
BB Updates Topic: 7:12 AM Cody up in Key BR & to WC, wash hands, hand lotion, Key BR for mic, SR for batt exchange, back to right bed in Key BR. Main House Lights remain off. NT Scott3325 * 10/20/20 07:20 AM
BB Discussion For real!!! If she took a deuce on the floor, that would have been another (far more amusing) story! lol NT stlgirlie 10/20/20 07:19 AM
BB Discussion but he's an All-Star Stage 3 Clinger :) NT stlgirlie 10/20/20 07:17 AM
BB Discussion I would love to be laughing so hard that I pee my pants... anything to make 2020 suck less :) NT stlgirlie 10/20/20 07:16 AM
BB Discussion See I think Cody would take her thinking there is no way anybody would vote for a previous winner to win-also Enzo had a much better social game than Nicole and Nicole wasn't exactly a comp beast NT stlgirlie 10/20/20 07:13 AM
Games 1. Golden NT branana 10/20/20 07:11 AM
Games Topic: Name 10 - Fill in the Blank: _________ Age NT branana 10/20/20 07:11 AM
Games --end-- NT branana 10/20/20 07:10 AM
Games 10. Ball NT branana 10/20/20 07:10 AM
Games rhubarb NT branana 10/20/20 07:10 AM
Games Johnny Bravo NT branana 10/20/20 07:09 AM
Games What Would You Do? NT branana 10/20/20 07:09 AM
Games Catch Me If You Can NT branana 10/20/20 07:08 AM
BB Discussion I messed up. It was his fault that he chose to chase Christmas out of the comp instead of trying to win himself. Cody's game is to have the game handed to him on a platter. Not a fan of his at all. NT RealitySuperfan 10/20/20 07:07 AM
Games E - European Renaissance NT branana 10/20/20 07:06 AM
Games 6. blimp NT branana 10/20/20 07:05 AM
Games girly NT branana 10/20/20 07:04 AM
Games 3. Jason and Maggie Seaver NT branana 10/20/20 07:04 AM
BB Discussion Yup. I feel like he has a good social game, if he just made any game move for himself in either of his seasons... NT ndroxs1 10/20/20 07:01 AM
BB Discussion If he just thought for I instead of team he could win game NT uvp 10/20/20 06:58 AM
BB Discussion So many now.. Dont have answer.. Podcast game just seems saturated NT uvp 10/20/20 06:53 AM
BB Discussion He's always playing for 3rd. Very loyal but makes for one of the most uninteresting HGs, to watch, ever. NT ndroxs1 10/20/20 06:49 AM
BB Discussion ikr fell into same trap.. NT uvp 10/20/20 06:48 AM
BB Discussion Dani and Ian will vote for Cody. Dani still wants Cody to win. Ian votes solely on game play. NT jmb803 10/20/20 06:44 AM
BB Discussion Christmas would try to bench press it, Enzo is probably allergic, Nicole would kiss it on the mouth and Cody would think that it's a "Texan" lol NT stlgirlie 10/20/20 06:42 AM
BB Discussion I'm still stunned Johnny Mac wasn't brought back. He seems like obvious All-Star material to me NT cinecism 10/20/20 06:41 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Enzo is a complete idiot. He is giving Cody the win. It is not like he hasn't played this way before and lost. He is repeating his same stupid game play. Not too much going on upstairs. NT tinytunes 10/20/20 06:40 AM
BB Discussion I think Johnny Mac would have been a good alternate. NT Mumsy 10/20/20 06:18 AM
BB Discussion I am an addict; it never matters how bad the season. I have watched about an hour total of feeds in the last week. I have to check to see what the Jokers are up to at least 3 times a day. NT Mumsy 10/20/20 06:17 AM
BB Discussion Topic: BB Podcast - Is there a list somewhere of all the BB Podcast channels - specifically the past/current houseguest? (Sorry if this is a repeat question) NT unc4mee 10/20/20 06:11 AM
BB Discussion Frankly Frankie would have changed that. NT IceColdBeer 10/20/20 06:08 AM
BB Discussion She's used to there being peanut shells and straw around to soak it up. NT Flaurnch 10/20/20 06:08 AM
BB Discussion He kept saying he didn't want to pizz off Cody by voting Nicole out. Too bad it will most likely only get him to F3 once again. Plus he would have had to win more and that could've gotten him a win NT kymama 10/20/20 05:53 AM
BB Discussion could have guess he won :p..he wins everything NT uvp 10/20/20 05:42 AM
BB Discussion Topic: WOW! For the first time ever I forgot about BB... haven't been here since last week... I used to be a BB addict and I had no idea that Cody won VETO and didn't use it... indictment of this season? NT northwellguy 10/20/20 05:40 AM
BB Discussion someone else would have took his spot in cody behind! NT uvp 10/20/20 05:33 AM
BB Discussion She said she peed during the wall comp. She pissed that opportunity away weeks ago NT Whirligig 10/20/20 05:32 AM
BB Discussion I have it on dvr to watch.... I gotta watch this garbage as it floats along, ha NT wyndycty 10/20/20 05:29 AM
Games Here's Johnny NT AZ_Cards_11 10/20/20 05:27 AM
BB Discussion Topic: THINK ABOUT how different the game would have been if Enzo wasn't cast!!! NT Jordan393 10/20/20 05:26 AM
Games What We Do In The Shadows NT AZ_Cards_11 10/20/20 05:24 AM
Games pink NT AZ_Cards_11 10/20/20 05:19 AM
BB Game This should be scored up to POV not used. NT M3gabyt3 10/20/20 05:13 AM
Games vive NT lilyann 10/20/20 05:04 AM
BB Discussion Why so cruel? Wait a few years. NT wxgirl 10/20/20 05:01 AM

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