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The Score Yes, I watched that game yesterday? I think (a rerun on NFLN) and let me say that although that is impressive and CIN ended up winning and going to SB I thought the main reason they were able to pull colleenag 01/29/23 05:27 PM
The Score Just for comparison, CIN was down 21-10 at half last year. 21-3 before scoring a TD just before half. NT JAF 01/29/23 05:21 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Is this true? That Tyler is from the future and is actually Hank and Angela's son? And that past Angela mistook him for hank, and Tyler Marty Mcflyled his mom (angela)? NT Gorf 01/29/23 05:20 PM
The Score FG Bengals 6-13 Chiefs Halftime…. NT wyndycty 01/29/23 05:07 PM
The Score 3rd down and 2, had plenty of time left and no one can run 2 yards for first down? Ugh. NT colleenag 01/29/23 04:49 PM
The Score Burrow lofted that too high….Intercepted NT wyndycty 01/29/23 04:47 PM
The Score Why are people never jumping in front of Travis Kelce… TD Chiefs 13-3 Bengals NT wyndycty 01/29/23 04:42 PM
The Score FG Bengals 3-6 KC NT wyndycty 01/29/23 04:31 PM
BB Discussion I didn't leave a comment. If I do it'll be "Angela, you're phucking perfect!" NT Corndogger 01/29/23 04:29 PM
The Score FG Chiefs 6-0 Bengals NT wyndycty 01/29/23 04:19 PM
BB Discussion Which one of these commenters is you lol? I'll put a couple shekels on yung_tekken... Jurnio 01/29/23 04:17 PM
The Score TD Chiefs coming back for Holding NT wyndycty 01/29/23 04:12 PM
The Score Uh oh, those 3 starting OL that are out for CIN are killing them. Was afraid of that last week but it's happening this week. I thought the snow probably masked it last week. NT JAF 01/29/23 04:04 PM
The Score Looks like Bengal's OL issues are finally catching up with the team. 3 sacks already! NT colleenag 01/29/23 04:04 PM
The Score FG Chiefs 3-0 Bengals NT wyndycty 01/29/23 03:58 PM
The Score Same play (ball rolled out), but they got this one right. No catch. NT JAF 01/29/23 03:57 PM
The Score Eerily similar to PHI's first drive where they got away with a TD that wasn't. NT JAF 01/29/23 03:55 PM
The Score Penalty wipes out a first down. :-/ NT JAF 01/29/23 03:49 PM
The Score Samaje is really solid…. That Chiefs player went down when he hit him. NT wyndycty 01/29/23 03:46 PM
The Score I turned over too, just before the end of the game. Didn't feel like watching PHI celebrate. NT JAF 01/29/23 03:18 PM
The Score Forgot there was a Kelce on the Eagles & now Jumped over to the other channel showing Kelce NT wyndycty 01/29/23 03:11 PM
BB Discussion Yes. Hank cares about her popularity, make no mistake. A 5% crossover of her followers equals 17K more followers for him. If they become official, it could rise to a 10% or much more crossover. NT fulford 01/29/23 03:09 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Proof that Angela's likeable. >>> Corndogger 01/29/23 03:08 PM
The Score halftime. NT JAF 01/29/23 03:04 PM
The Score 49rs fumble Eagles recover…Game. Set. Match NT wyndycty 01/29/23 03:00 PM
The Score Yep…there he goes. He could have broken that guys back! Ouch NT wyndycty 01/29/23 03:00 PM
The Score he is probably expelled. NT FurlessBat 01/29/23 02:58 PM
The Score flags flying all over lol NT FurlessBat 01/29/23 02:57 PM
The Score Oh nooooooo…. 49r guy body slammed that guy. Damn….. NT wyndycty 01/29/23 02:57 PM
BB Discussion of course, but you would have to be likeable to some people to have a lot of followers to begin with. NT FurlessBat 01/29/23 02:55 PM
The Score Steve Young got jokes……. wyndycty 01/29/23 02:54 PM
The Score FG…. Eagles 31-7 49rs. NT wyndycty 01/29/23 02:50 PM
BB Discussion I didn't say followers. I said anyone could have +more+ followers if they were more likeable. Whether a reality personality, actor, or politician. NT fulford 01/29/23 02:47 PM
The Score Yep….a bit much on the celebrating NT wyndycty 01/29/23 02:43 PM
The Score Closest thing I can remember to a team winning a conference championship game by default. NT JAF 01/29/23 02:43 PM
BB Discussion LMBO most followers love that actor. NT FurlessBat 01/29/23 02:41 PM
The Score And PHI showing off like it's some big accomplishment to stop a team that can't throw the ball. NT JAF 01/29/23 02:40 PM
The Score McCaffrey is going to be sore tomorrow :( NT wyndycty 01/29/23 02:39 PM
BB Discussion Yeah, about 93% of Americans don't follow an unlikeable actor, not to mention an unlikeble former President. LMAO. NT fulford 01/29/23 02:38 PM
The Score They might as well just call the game here, if all you can do is hand the ball off and the other team knows it. NT JAF 01/29/23 02:36 PM
The Score Why don’t they try a flea flicker and have someone else throw a trick play. What do you have to lose? NT wyndycty 01/29/23 02:35 PM
BB Discussion Hahaha! Okie dokie cokie. NT LillyBell 01/29/23 02:34 PM
The Score So the only drama left is whether DeMeco Ryans goes to the Broncos or the Texans this week as the new head coach. NT JAF 01/29/23 02:32 PM
The Score QB Josh Johnson ruled out for Concussion!! I missed that? NT wyndycty 01/29/23 02:31 PM
The Score #10 Penalty… NT wyndycty 01/29/23 02:30 PM
The Score I'd have shoved him harder. It's over anyway. LOL NT JAF 01/29/23 02:26 PM
The Score Eagles 28-7 49rs… NT wyndycty 01/29/23 02:26 PM
The Score Penalties... no QB... missed calls... gifted points... such a shame to see a game of this importance be ruined like this. Could have been a really good game. NT JAF 01/29/23 02:26 PM
BB Discussion She is there but I don't think she was with them this morning. Happy to see that Ameerah is posting photos like a normal person now. Explaining why she's in a photo with Joseph is not necessary. NT peachesb 01/29/23 02:26 PM
BB Discussion I have my Hank moments NT FurlessBat 01/29/23 02:25 PM

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