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BB Discussion He is not dating Kyland. He is just hanging out with him. Are Kyland and Taylor still in love & living together at Toddrick's? NT ScienceGirl 11/28/23 11:38 AM
BB Discussion Time is money ;) NT remdeprived 11/28/23 11:23 AM
BB Discussion I wouldn’t spend one cent on a game show contestant. NT Debbi1956 11/28/23 11:17 AM
BB Discussion She quit her job (which was not min wage) to play BB. How many people who are 27 have a degree from Brown in biochemistry/biology with top grades? NT ScienceGirl 11/28/23 11:16 AM
BB Discussion You are so right. It is just like that. Maybe one of the reasons I can’t stand them. Never liked Tangela either, but I like Tyler without her. I’ll never like Americory. NT Debbi1956 11/28/23 11:14 AM
BB Discussion America quit her job to play BB...because it is her dream. She has a BSc in biochemistry...gratuated with top academic accolades from Brown. She worked in a medical office...not for min. wage. NT ScienceGirl 11/28/23 11:13 AM
BB Discussion Have no idea. They disappeared early in the season NT PierreBourne 11/28/23 11:13 AM
BB Discussion Better than being suffocated with vapid social media posts from Angela for years. Where did Corndogger go anyway? NT ScienceGirl 11/28/23 11:11 AM
BB News & Rumors Topic: [Screen Rant] 8 Big Brother 25 Houseguests Who’d Be Perfect For Reindeer Games BBSuperfanLori 11/28/23 11:05 AM
BB Discussion But if they said terrible things & we post that we don't like what they said...that is not an unwarrented personal attack. NT ScienceGirl 11/28/23 11:05 AM
BB Discussion I thought that at first too but couldn't figure out how someone's 28th birthday would be considered golden. NT remdeprived 11/28/23 11:05 AM
BB Discussion Matt did bad things & deserved to be called out for them. If people were slamming Matt for being ugly, I would post in his defence. NT ScienceGirl 11/28/23 11:04 AM
BB Discussion Exactly. Just say her personality is not for you. There is nothing to insult about her looks since she is a very pretty woman & she is not a slut. I don't even really like America...Cory fan here ScienceGirl 11/28/23 11:02 AM
BB Discussion It sounds like a term for turning 50...not anything kinky to me. NT ScienceGirl 11/28/23 10:59 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Can’t wait for this next show to start so the names America, Matt, Cory, Reilly become distant memories. Bring on Paindeer games NT PierreBourne 11/28/23 10:58 AM
BB Discussion I don’t know but Reilly has a new guy on her instagram every 2 seconds. Again, Matt dodged a bullet. Glad he saw the light NT PierreBourne 11/28/23 10:56 AM
BB Discussion I had to look it up because of all the references to it on Twitter. My mind kept going to a kinky place so I was happy to find out that's not what it was. NT remdeprived 11/28/23 10:55 AM
BB Discussion I was duped. When I celebrated, my family just peed on me and said it was because its my Golden Birthday. Worst 6th birthday ever. NT Gorf 11/28/23 10:48 AM
BB UK Nice to see Chanelle living happily ever after. :) NT heartnhome 11/28/23 10:45 AM
BB Discussion So that's what a Golden Birthday is NT BBFanJ 11/28/23 10:43 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Cameo fees. Personalities on Cameo get to set their own price, with the service taking a 25% cut of all transactions. For Cameo requests via the iPhone, Apple takes 30% before Cameo takes its cut! NT remdeprived 11/28/23 10:23 AM
BB Discussion Someone in the comments said to just flip your phone over. That worked. Beautiful ceilings though. Oh, what a feeling, when we're dancing on the ceiling... lol NT heartnhome 11/28/23 10:22 AM
BB Discussion My problem isnt that people dislike her, that's fine. Its that they never give a reason beyond attacking her physicals appearance or calling her a slut. Gorf 11/28/23 10:20 AM
BB Discussion This whole thing reminds me of the Tangela frenzy we endured for almost 4 years until they broke up. That was way over the top. NT dillybean 11/28/23 10:12 AM
BB Discussion Reilly came across as a genuinely nice person. Matt not so much behind the facade. Plus, his views on women are outdated and he has a lot of growing up to do. Reilly can find better BF material. NT NoSoupForYou 11/28/23 10:02 AM
BB Discussion There were much bigger red flags with Reilly. He dodged a bullet NT PierreBourne 11/28/23 09:50 AM
Survivor Discussion I hope we're done with the twisting and reshuffling designed to make someone different go home than otherwise would. NT JAF 11/28/23 09:41 AM
BB Discussion for reilly it was all for the show. NT sliver 11/28/23 09:40 AM
BB Discussion Perfectly represents her BB playstyle lol NT Gorf 11/28/23 09:29 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Felicia upside down BB box opening lol. See inside. jackbitter 11/28/23 09:27 AM
BB Discussion Especially when leaving the house 100 pounds heavier NT Gorf 11/28/23 09:26 AM
BB Discussion Matt was punching above his weight with Reilly. She fancied him for a bit when she was out of the house (when she wrote the letter), but I can't imagine she liked the boyfriend material red flags he NoSoupForYou 11/28/23 09:23 AM
BB Discussion What a very thoughtful and genuine answer. NT Jamsie 11/28/23 08:35 AM
BB Discussion Irrelevant to this. This thread wasn’t about Matt, obviously. NT Braden1122 11/28/23 08:30 AM
BB Discussion A bunch NT PierreBourne 11/28/23 08:10 AM
BB Discussion Yes. I was not one of them, unfortunately, so appreciate it when I see it in someone else. NT colleenag 11/28/23 08:08 AM
BB Discussion She isn't 7. There are plenty of mature people her age. NT third 11/28/23 07:55 AM
BB Discussion Nice. I like how she addressed it, very matter-of-factly, and no hard feelings and continues to be a supportive friend. Pretty mature for her age. NT colleenag 11/28/23 07:47 AM
BB Discussion She looks like a bobble head and has the body of a 12-year-old. NT WillRulz 11/28/23 07:33 AM
BB Discussion It was all for the show and he has to start training. That takes up all your time when you are a professional athelte. NT WillRulz 11/28/23 07:32 AM
BB UK Topic: Queer Big Brother UK Stars Officially Confirm That They're Dating WillRulz 11/28/23 07:30 AM
BB News & Rumors Topic: [Cinema Blend] Big Brother Season 25's Reilly Smedley Explains Why Showmance With Matt Klotz Fell Apart WillRulz 11/28/23 07:29 AM
BB UK Topic: Big Brother star Chanelle returns to ‘normal’ day job as a dentist’s assistant just two weeks after show WillRulz 11/28/23 07:28 AM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Survivor Preview and Gallery: “How Am I the Mobster?” – "Castaways must navigate through a maze where they are inches away from disaster or victory to win the reward challenge and earn a night in... WillRulz 11/28/23 07:26 AM
BB Discussion Topic: I came across a TikTok which investigated why Bowie Jane was not at the party at Todrick's house with the rest of the cast the night of the finale. third 11/28/23 07:21 AM
BB Discussion Video inside for those who haven’t seen it. jackbitter 11/28/23 07:19 AM
Other UnReality Shows I am up to 15. One episode copied a scene one of the Lethal Weapon movies. Another had her speak at a press conference... and speak her mind. (Shocker!) NT Rio 11/28/23 06:48 AM
The Bold and the Beautiful Thank you for the heads up because I forgot to watch The Talk yesterday. Found it on my PVR On Demand this morning. Great interview with the 5 BB guys! NT CatsRock 11/28/23 06:47 AM
BB Discussion Reilly has no fame value, he can get more followers with Kyland NT FurlessBat 11/28/23 06:31 AM
BB Discussion Girls probably throw themselves at him wherever he goes now. Reilly was never the end all be all PierreBourne 11/28/23 06:31 AM

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