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BB Discussion Kittens. NT Blockhead 09/18/21 12:46 PM
BB Discussion Derek's season. He would lay on the bed and just move his wrist back and forth and he was always ahead in steps. NT Frito_Veto 09/18/21 12:45 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Puppies. NT skint 09/18/21 12:43 PM
BB Discussion She's lies on Zav while DF drools over Ky - FLOATING thru BB by literally hanging onto HG of choice. Revolting. NT ShrewLou 09/18/21 12:42 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Xavier was called to DR a little bit ago and now Pets. Is this POV already? NT heartnhome 09/18/21 12:42 PM
Games O- Ornithology NT FearlessDiva 09/18/21 12:42 PM
BB Discussion Awesome! NT KCJayhawk123 09/18/21 12:42 PM
BB Discussion Was she the one with glasses? NT ScottS 09/18/21 12:42 PM
BB Discussion Yes. If he goes to jury he gets the jury bonus (flat $13,000 for the full season), plus the $7500 he won in a comp, plus either $7500 or $10,000 bonus for 4th or 3rd place. NT grammypampam 09/18/21 12:41 PM
BB Discussion I think so NT Singaling 09/18/21 12:41 PM
BB Discussion He said at least one other thing that made me think he had mommy issues. I'm only remembering that now. It was all early. NT Singaling 09/18/21 12:41 PM
Games 12. Fleetwood Mac NT FearlessDiva 09/18/21 12:40 PM
Days of Our Lives Topic: Spoilers for the week of September 20: Rio 09/18/21 12:40 PM
BB Discussion Dressing like a little girl and making videos. NT snakey 09/18/21 12:39 PM
BB Discussion Didnt he win money like 7k? NT snakey 09/18/21 12:38 PM
BB Discussion Baby voice and hanging wih Ky NT ShrewLou 09/18/21 12:38 PM
BB Discussion the reason he dislikes women?? perhaps. NT snakey 09/18/21 12:37 PM
Games Fear NT JanJan 09/18/21 12:36 PM
Games 2. broth NT JanJan 09/18/21 12:35 PM
BB Discussion Her brother posting here. NT colleenag 09/18/21 12:33 PM
Games N - Natural science NT JanJan 09/18/21 12:32 PM
BB Discussion Tiff saying F Sarah Beth lol NT taemin8 09/18/21 12:32 PM
Games 1. Graft NT FearlessDiva 09/18/21 12:30 PM
Games Topic: Fill in the Blank: Bone _______ NT FearlessDiva 09/18/21 12:29 PM
BB Discussion My mom raised me as a single mother. She always said , “I’d rather you be a b*tch than a doormat.” I still live by that. Azah’s actions are crushing my soul. NT KCJayhawk123 09/18/21 12:29 PM
BB Updates Topic: Derek telling Ky his first dream - Swaggy and Bayleigh came back into house with their phones and told everyone how old everyone was and everyone's real occupation NT scoobydoo * 09/18/21 12:27 PM
Games *~*END*~* NT FearlessDiva 09/18/21 12:27 PM
Games 15. Wreath NT FearlessDiva 09/18/21 12:26 PM
BB Discussion She embarrassing herself, she’s ridiculous. I just hope when she gets out, she has someone who can help her stop being a damn doormat and to read a room. If the dude is literally salivating over LSUprincess 09/18/21 12:26 PM
Games Born To Be Wild NT FearlessDiva 09/18/21 12:25 PM
BB Discussion Yes, it’s on 1 Chen-Moonves 13:1 NT FurlessBat 09/18/21 12:25 PM
BB Flashbacks Topic: BB23 September 18, 12:11:25 to 12:22:15 PM (Cam 3/4) Saturday - Big D talks to the camera about the game.(Intermittent) NT Scott3325 * 09/18/21 12:24 PM
Games 11. The Pointer Sisters NT JanJan 09/18/21 12:24 PM
Games She's All That NT FearlessDiva 09/18/21 12:24 PM
BB Discussion OMG Didn't they do that one season? Was it BBOTT? NT JillyBean 09/18/21 12:23 PM
BB Discussion Ohhhhh my, do you have feeds? Ky is most def NOT nice……. Far from it! Yikes NT LSUprincess 09/18/21 12:23 PM
Games T - Toys NT Rio 09/18/21 12:22 PM
BB Discussion without faith you can't seek God? I must be thick, I don't get that. Is that really scripture? NT JillyBean 09/18/21 12:22 PM
BB Updates Topic: Says he thinks days comp will be one of the last ones and says other three people are quick with their days but he's not as fast NT scoobydoo * 09/18/21 12:22 PM
BB Updates Topic: Derek says he's been on a losing streak and he's faced with three strong competitors NT scoobydoo * 09/18/21 12:21 PM
Games Red Vines... Dolly Parton or Madonna? NT FearlessDiva 09/18/21 12:20 PM
Games 14.____plate NT JanJan 09/18/21 12:20 PM
BB Discussion He is making me remember in the first few days of feeds I heard him say how upset his mother was about him going on BB, said she told him he couldn't win, wouldn't play well, etc. NT Singaling 09/18/21 12:19 PM
BB Updates Topic: Derek says he knows alot of people want to get on the show so he appreciates his opportunity. Hope he is making his family proud NT scoobydoo * 09/18/21 12:19 PM
BB Updates Topic: Derek says it's been emotionally hard. Says even though he's not on the block, he knows everything depends on the veto comp NT scoobydoo * 09/18/21 12:18 PM
BB Discussion I'm thinking AFP NT Singaling 09/18/21 12:18 PM
BB Discussion IMO, it her way to shame and call out, if you will, others who turned their backs on her after all that, I know her departure from her other show was ugly… just my opinion,.but she sure is awfully LSUprincess 09/18/21 12:18 PM
BB Discussion Kyland. Nothing more. NT WillRulz 09/18/21 12:18 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Has DF done a lot of camera talk or is this for AFP? NT JillyBean 09/18/21 12:18 PM
Games charger NT FearlessDiva 09/18/21 12:18 PM

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