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Celebrity Buzz Topic: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Home Attacked by Knife-Wielding Chef Rio 05/29/23 06:06 PM
HBO Shows Series Finale…..(spoilers).. wyndycty 05/29/23 05:52 PM
Current Affairs And yet, somehow, Biden's approval rating remains in the toilet and millions upon millions of Americans think that the Republicans should fix all that. NT Beard 05/29/23 05:22 PM
Current Affairs As long as there is a Right, there will be a Left, and vice versa; that's just how things work. What a dumbass. NT Beard 05/29/23 05:09 PM
BB Discussion It'll be interesting to see who is and who isn't invited to the wedding from The Challenge and BB. NT Corndogger 05/29/23 04:51 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Frannie: "We’ve cleaned up a bit since Fiji. ..." >>> Corndogger 05/29/23 04:47 PM
The Score Game 7 tonight in Eastern both teams are in a win or go home position. This one is for all the marbles and a chance to advance to the NBA Finals where the Denver Nuggets await. colleenag 05/29/23 04:09 PM
BB Discussion Yeah, his "cause" was "cause I wanna win". NT grammypampam 05/29/23 04:07 PM
BB Discussion Totally get that. But production has also "helped" their chosen newbie get to the end. Production interference is a given whether newbie or vet. NT grammypampam 05/29/23 04:05 PM
Current Affairs Conservatives fighting for white power..... petite6 05/29/23 04:00 PM
Current Affairs The Young Conservative Federation....embarrassing really petite6 05/29/23 03:58 PM
Current Affairs Topic: These people are insane petite6 05/29/23 03:57 PM
Current Affairs Topic: @FareedZakaria : “The facts cannot be disputed. The United States has recovered from the coronavirus pandemic faster than any major economy in the world.“ petite6 05/29/23 03:53 PM
Current Affairs If a liberal Democrat had said this.... NT petite6 05/29/23 03:48 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Ron DeSantis promises to "destroy leftism" in America. petite6 05/29/23 03:46 PM
BB Discussion cookout finest lol NT uvp 05/29/23 03:38 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Xavier got engaged! peachesb 05/29/23 02:11 PM
Other Reality Shows Topic: 50 Reality TV Stars You Didn’t Know Were on Other Shows First Camlawnman 05/29/23 01:57 PM
BB Discussion Angela who? He doesn't know she exists anymore. NT fulford 05/29/23 01:22 PM
BB Discussion They have both moved on. It's been about a year since they were together. NT bigbrother99 05/29/23 01:19 PM
BB Discussion The picture of Alyssa wearing an Angela mask is shocking NT Gorf 05/29/23 01:11 PM
BB Discussion Did you scroll through everything in that post? There's a lot more than just that first photo. NT Corndogger 05/29/23 01:02 PM
BB Discussion I don't get that vibe at all. It's summer time and he is where he loves being most, the beach! NT luvs2chat 05/29/23 12:52 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Tyler: "Happy days." Feels like he's taking a shot at Angela at times with this post. >>> Corndogger 05/29/23 12:39 PM
Games Jump Then Fall NT StarfishTwo 05/29/23 08:53 AM
Games swag NT StarfishTwo 05/29/23 08:51 AM
Games solar NT StarfishTwo 05/29/23 08:50 AM
Games ghost NT StarfishTwo 05/29/23 08:50 AM
Games there were NT StarfishTwo 05/29/23 08:48 AM
Games foul up NT StarfishTwo 05/29/23 08:47 AM
Games do not NT StarfishTwo 05/29/23 08:46 AM
Games white paper NT StarfishTwo 05/29/23 08:46 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Fox Poll Backfires When Over Half The Country Calls Trump Corrupt & Unfit For White House Rio 05/29/23 06:15 AM
The P/X Topic: Memorial Day….. wyndycty 05/29/23 05:54 AM
Games Summer… be able to speak all languages or play all instruments? NT branana 05/29/23 05:54 AM
Games Can Lenny Eat Any Nuts? … CRUSH NT branana 05/29/23 05:53 AM
Games Cat … cardinal or blue jay? NT branana 05/29/23 05:52 AM
Games Night Court NT branana 05/29/23 05:51 AM
Games Glow NT branana 05/29/23 05:51 AM
Games The Other Sister NT branana 05/29/23 05:50 AM
Games Jumpin Jumpin NT branana 05/29/23 05:50 AM
Games swig NT branana 05/29/23 05:49 AM
Games sun NT branana 05/29/23 05:49 AM
Games shadow NT branana 05/29/23 05:49 AM
Games Q - questionable food NT branana 05/29/23 05:48 AM
Games there there NT branana 05/29/23 05:48 AM
Games party foul NT branana 05/29/23 05:47 AM
Games did not NT branana 05/29/23 05:47 AM
Games Paper plate NT branana 05/29/23 05:47 AM
Games Nepal NT branana 05/29/23 05:46 AM

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