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The Score East wins 31-27. NFLPA Collegiate Bowl on NFL Network also, National leading American 30-14 in the 3rd. NT Bobbo2 01/18/20 06:06 PM
Games G - George Michael NT FurnitureAlliance 01/18/20 04:48 PM
Games S - Sweet Loretta Martin thought she was a woman But she was another man NT FurnitureAlliance 01/18/20 04:47 PM
Games Stranger Things NT FurnitureAlliance 01/18/20 04:45 PM
Other UnReality Shows Mine too, happy to read this. NT terlu 01/18/20 04:44 PM
BB Fans I don't think so- you can see Tyler's wrist tattoo which is on his right arm. NT kmjm 01/18/20 04:40 PM
Other UnReality Shows Topic: New Amsterdam has been renewed for 3 more seasons! It's one of my favorite shows. NT MegsMom316 01/18/20 04:29 PM
BB Fans Could it be reverse image NT utty14 01/18/20 03:35 PM
BB Discussion His mommy. Neither of them is poor though. Their families are well off. NT utty14 01/18/20 03:32 PM
Games Better When I'm Dancin'... What were you like when you were little? NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 03:30 PM
The Score Enjoy! I will be hibernating! NT colleenag 01/18/20 03:02 PM
Games R- Reunited... and it feels so good... NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:55 PM
The Score Ack! Heading to dinner, hope to sit on the Patio -:) NT wyndycty 01/18/20 02:53 PM
Games Bail NT Rio 01/18/20 02:32 PM
Games F - Frankie Say, Relax! NT Rio 01/18/20 02:32 PM
BB Discussion True dat. But it seems to be working out for Jess as well. NT FurnitureAlliance 01/18/20 02:31 PM
BB Discussion And didn't the article say Holly's going to start a podcast? I don't think there's big money in that unless you have an empire like Rob does or a large base of devoted fans like Victor and Nic do. NT Corndogger 01/18/20 02:28 PM
Games W - Witches NT FurnitureAlliance 01/18/20 02:26 PM
The Circle don't know --just saw on the Instagram link --see below post where we voted NT HES 01/18/20 02:24 PM
Games 1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:23 PM
Games Topic: Name 10: Comfort Foods NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:23 PM
This Is Us Topic: This Is Us cast talks season 4 shockers, dramas and more. Rio 01/18/20 02:22 PM
Games M- Magic NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:20 PM
Games O- Oatmeal NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:20 PM
Games 1. Doc NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:17 PM
Games Topic: Name 10: Fill in the Blank: Post ___________ NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:17 PM
The Circle Aww, good for her! NT colleenag 01/18/20 02:17 PM
Games *~*END*~* NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:15 PM
Games 10. Let Me Down NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:14 PM
The Score PS. We have just begun a winter storm to dump about 6" by morning! NT colleenag 01/18/20 02:12 PM
BB Discussion I read about this. First they said he's a server, then they said he plans to continue being a personal trainer. Wine safari guide would be a fun job especially if it pays well NT FurnitureAlliance 01/18/20 02:11 PM
The Score Yep. I m watching it right now. It's helping a little! NT colleenag 01/18/20 02:11 PM
Games E - Engage NT FurnitureAlliance 01/18/20 02:09 PM
BB Fans Topic: Tyler taking questions to answer in their next video. kmjm 01/18/20 02:08 PM
Games D- Dare NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:06 PM
Games draw NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:05 PM
Games E- Electric Avenue NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:04 PM
The Circle Yay! NT MegsMom316 01/18/20 02:04 PM
BB Discussion Topic: According to the Us article about Holly and Michie they have moved in together in Playa Vista. That's where Tangela lived. Where are they getting the money to afford the rent? Link to article >>> Corndogger 01/18/20 02:03 PM
Games (^^^ That happened on my birthday. :() NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:02 PM
Games 3. North Carolina NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:01 PM
Games 3. Tacos NT fearlessdiva 01/18/20 02:00 PM
Games bait NT StarfishTwo 01/18/20 01:42 PM
Games 8. Marcie and Al (OLTL) :( NT Rio 01/18/20 01:12 PM
The Score We were flipping channels in between yard work ((65 here)) and the East West Shrine game is on! NFL Channel NT wyndycty 01/18/20 01:11 PM
Games Wait NT Rio 01/18/20 01:10 PM
Games 2. West Indies NT Rio 01/18/20 01:09 PM
Games 2. Pizza NT Rio 01/18/20 01:08 PM
Games D - Duran Duran NT Rio 01/18/20 01:08 PM
Games False ... You think it would be fun to be able to turn invisible. NT StarfishTwo 01/18/20 01:05 PM

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