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COVID-19 There are pictures all over the internet of packed Florida beaches. NT Blockhead 03/29/20 11:05 AM
COVID-19 Topic: It makes me so angry seeing people live like it's a normal day. What happened to staying home? Those people not staying home may not get sick but they are spreading the damn virus NT PinkVelvet 03/29/20 11:02 AM
COVID-19 Topic: He caught COVID-19 on a cruise ship. His family had to say goodbye over speakerphone Blockhead 03/29/20 11:01 AM
COVID-19 Topic: U.S. May Reach 200,000 Deaths; Italy’s Toll Slows: Virus Update Blockhead 03/29/20 10:54 AM
Current Affairs and after doing more research, it turns out I was wrong Blockhead 03/29/20 10:51 AM
Current Affairs Trump wobbles as a wartime President petite6 03/29/20 10:50 AM
News Stand Topic: Pennsylvania coughing 'prank' suspect arrested, charged after $35G in groceries tossed Blockhead 03/29/20 10:48 AM
Current Affairs I see what you're saying, about Florida in particular, and given the Gov's history on the matter, it is entirely possible that FL asked for less than it actually needed. In that case, Beard 03/29/20 10:45 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Seriously, This country is unstable not recognizing this isn't normal behavior and no one needs pressers with bad info, lies running amuck petite6 03/29/20 10:41 AM
BB Discussion Agree completely. That pact was the game-changer. I don't believe for a minute that any of them would have voted for Victoria to win, but all he had to do is put that doubt in their mind. NT grammypampam 03/29/20 10:31 AM
Current Affairs @GretchenCarlson Will another one bite the dust? Let’s just say she’s not one to support other women petite6 03/29/20 10:21 AM
BBCA Discussion Ooh, wow, Sue's game got blown up when she tried to flip the vote.. dang, would've loved to have seen those feeds. NT vortexfugue 03/29/20 10:18 AM
Current Affairs "t’s amazing when you remember that in 2009, Republicans who had just lost a landslide election simply decided not to help the new Democratic president fix the mess he had just inherited. petite6 03/29/20 10:13 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Here’s a thread about what Washington is doing with $2T of your money and what it reveals about Washington. If you prefer the storified version, I wrote about it petite6 03/29/20 10:12 AM
COVID-19 Topic: Coronavirus: 150 Tunisians self-isolate in factory to make masks petite6 03/29/20 10:02 AM
BBCA Discussion Whatever... it's twitter... I have no respect for that platform NT northwellguy 03/29/20 10:01 AM
Current Affairs "The governor who left the beaches and almost all commerce open as the virus spread like wildfire across the country is now blaming his state's outbreak on New York and New Yorkers fleeing to petite6 03/29/20 09:59 AM
Celebrity Buzz Topic: Designer Christian Soriano has sewing team sew 1,000 face masks in 2 days.All were shipped to New York healthcare workers. Rio 03/29/20 09:58 AM
BB Discussion I think one of his biggest advantages, other than being an undercover cop/detective IRL, was the pact the F5 made about any of them taking Victoria to the F2. Cody sticking to it was fatal! NT colleenag 03/29/20 09:57 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Ron DeSantis Previews the Trumpist Line on Who’s to Blame for COVID-19 petite6 03/29/20 09:56 AM
BBCA Discussion This one cracked me up: Question: Do you still have the Expedia board memorized? HES 03/29/20 09:55 AM
BBCA Discussion Does not work anymore. Most likely deleted due to hate messages. NT calderyon 03/29/20 09:52 AM
Current Affairs "Abe’s government is going directly against the WHO’s firm recommendation to “test, test, test,” leading many to conclude that the coronavirus may be far more widespread " what was he thinking? NT petite6 03/29/20 09:49 AM
Y & R Rio, thank you! NT CatsRock 03/29/20 09:48 AM
Current Affairs Topic: “This may be the tip of the iceberg”: Why Japan’s coronavirus crisis may be just beginning petite6 03/29/20 09:44 AM
The Score For me it would be jets NT uvp 03/29/20 09:44 AM
Other UnReality Shows Good job doodles!! You are right...beginning at the 1st season would be great OR read recaps online to get caught up,Petite ;) Great show!!! NT Mazita 03/29/20 09:40 AM
Current Affairs "We in Korea were thinking, 'Are these people in their right mind?'" on the herd immunity strategy NT petite6 03/29/20 09:37 AM
Current Affairs ""The United States is very late to this, And the president and the officials working on it seem to think they aren't late. This has both national and global repercussions." NT petite6 03/29/20 09:36 AM
Current Affairs Topic: A leading South Korean doctor says Trump's 'pride' and 'ego' are putting the world's health at risk petite6 03/29/20 09:34 AM
The Score Fixed it... wyndycty 03/29/20 09:21 AM
The Score Oops. Gotta fix it NT wyndycty 03/29/20 09:20 AM
The Score Gardner Minshew channels the Tiger King... wyndycty 03/29/20 09:19 AM
The Score There ya go!....Thx JAF NT wyndycty 03/29/20 09:18 AM
BB Discussion He wasn't my initial pick to win. I saw how he was playing & thought he'd be targeted early. I was astonished that the hgs didn't see what he was doing. About midway I knew they were going to give it grammypampam 03/29/20 09:12 AM
Games Seatbelt NT Rio 03/29/20 09:09 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: FYI for fellow Taran fans: not sure when this will become reality BUT he'd mentioned in one podcast that Kevin Martin is finally going to watch his own Season 5, and the two of them will do some kind HES 03/29/20 09:08 AM
Y & R Cats suggested I cross post this. NT Rio 03/29/20 09:07 AM
Y & R Topic: When the soaps are expected to run out of new episodes. Rio 03/29/20 09:07 AM
The Score Ahh, that makes sense now. I'd forgotten he'd played for another team! Thanks for clearing that up! NT colleenag 03/29/20 09:01 AM
The Score The 2 biggest surprised that stand out to me... Cutler for Bears and Carr for Raiders. The Bears have been around forever. Figured they'd have someone with more yards than that. Same with Raiders. NT JAF 03/29/20 08:55 AM
The Score I double checked Wilson' (thought the same thing) but it appears to be correct" 29,734 colleenag 03/29/20 08:54 AM
The Score Brees played for San Diego for 5 years. That chart is only yards while playing for that team. NT JAF 03/29/20 08:53 AM
BBCA Discussion Even JL thinks it was evil that Kyle pushed to have Jams removed..... LillyBell 03/29/20 08:53 AM
The Score Thanks Wyndy. Brees should be at the top. He is his team's leader in passing yards and the league's too. Most probably a typo...or is someone trying to shortchange his stat!? NT colleenag 03/29/20 08:49 AM
Survivor Discussion Sandra was a liability in comps even in her first season. But I am surprised Survivor didn't weaken the difficulty some for this season. I figured they would since most of them are so much older. NT JAF 03/29/20 08:47 AM
Survivor Discussion I think this is the last time we will see many of them play Survivor. I'm just glad it is a great season. NT Hidef1080 03/29/20 08:39 AM
BBCA Discussion Link to his Ask Me Anything. He answered some very interesting questions.... LillyBell 03/29/20 08:39 AM
Survivor Discussion He is right. NT Hidef1080 03/29/20 08:35 AM
BBCA Discussion She knew what she was doing. I don't feel sorry for her. She gloated & laughed on the feeds as to why she went on the show. She doesn't care for the game, knew she'd never win. NT LillyBell 03/29/20 08:35 AM

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