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BB Discussion Topic: Tweet from Haleigh. Is she talking about JC? Corndogger 11/20/19 09:08 PM
Survivor Discussion Perhaps they are just whiny snowpeople, who would rather wallow in their ignorance than learn different points of view NT beachbum7 11/20/19 09:03 PM
Survivor Discussion It would depend on who she would be up against. She definitely wouldn't beat Janet or Elaine but I don't think any of them would. NT Corndogger 11/20/19 08:24 PM
Survivor Discussion I don't see her as trash but someone who will do anything to win, including crossing certain lines. She was too publicly aggressive in her gameplay, not discrete at all. NT WillRulz 11/20/19 07:57 PM
Survivor Discussion Probably because they are tired of all the virtue signaling, people, companies patting themselves on the back for thinking they're more sensitive than others, more noble than others? People in... WillRulz 11/20/19 07:53 PM
Survivor Discussion And this was after lying to Tommy that she wasn't targeting him NT BBFanJ 11/20/19 07:50 PM
Survivor Discussion I really don't see what you're seeing. I see a horrid woman who was Missy and Aaron's lapdog. Tommy and probably Elaine are probably the most dangerous BBFanJ 11/20/19 07:49 PM
BB Discussion I noticed a couple of comments last night someone made about Nicole's outfit that I'm surprised she hasn't deleted yet. >>> Corndogger 11/20/19 07:49 PM
Survivor Discussion Don't see it. She's been a lapdog for missy and Aaron. Don't see a vote coming from Kellee Jamal and Jack. And frankly I don't want that horrid woman BBFanJ 11/20/19 07:48 PM
Games lank NT StarfishTwo 11/20/19 07:44 PM
Games lack NT CatsRock 11/20/19 07:29 PM
Games 2. Danny Devito CatsRock 11/20/19 07:27 PM
Games T - Travel plans NT CatsRock 11/20/19 07:26 PM
Games V - Victor NT CatsRock 11/20/19 07:25 PM
Games Real Housewives of Beverly Hills NT CatsRock 11/20/19 07:24 PM
Games B - Baseball NT CatsRock 11/20/19 07:23 PM
Survivor Discussion But she isn't arrogant or a bully. She's a good person. uh huh What happened to it's a game? NT kymama 11/20/19 07:23 PM
Survivor Discussion She's in a horrible spot right now but if she can make it to the end the jury makeup might be in her favor. NT Corndogger 11/20/19 07:19 PM
Survivor Discussion I keep saying that Liz is the most dangerous player. NT LillyBell 11/20/19 07:15 PM
Chicago Fire/P.D./Med Off topic, could they not find a better wig for Seager from OFI to wear? NT beachbum7 11/20/19 06:44 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Other than for a few words between Dan and Janet it's like everything that happened last week has been forgotten about. Was it edited it out or did everyone feel to awkward too bring it up? NT Corndogger 11/20/19 06:38 PM
Survivor Discussion Gotta wonder why it triggers some people so much? NT beachbum7 11/20/19 06:36 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Kellee Kim of Survivor speaks out on inappropriate touching incidents ~ The contestant shares her story of what happened on the island, and reacts to watching it all play back on TV. Dreamer 11/20/19 06:34 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Jamal Shipman reveals what we didn't see on Survivor: Island of the Idols The contestant also weighs in on the producer intervention Dreamer 11/20/19 06:27 PM
Survivor Discussion So HAPPY Missy is gone she is trash in my opinion NT taemin8 11/20/19 06:25 PM
Survivor Discussion LoL Elisabeth needs to play for herself not Missy. NT BBFanJ 11/20/19 06:24 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: A few screen caps from the end when Missy told Elizabeth that she needs to kill Elaine. Corndogger 11/20/19 06:22 PM
Survivor Discussion Dean resembles a young Richard Gere NT beachbum7 11/20/19 06:11 PM
Survivor Discussion Probst would not dare to say anything after that comment she made earlier. NT WillRulz 11/20/19 06:10 PM
Survivor Discussion Again, it is curious how there was none of this on the 2019 seasons of Australian Survivor and South African Survivor but American entertainment is rife with this. You gotta wonder why. NT WillRulz 11/20/19 06:07 PM
Survivor Discussion So how afar ahead of Karishma on that trail was the intern that planted that idol? 1 minute? 5 minutes? I mean they left that note for her last week and Jamal took it. NT beachbum7 11/20/19 06:06 PM
Survivor Discussion Elizabeth and Elaine are pretty close. I don't see that happening. We'll see, though! NT TampaFLMom 11/20/19 06:05 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Loved seeing Disgusting Liz lose her ---- at her two masters getting booted. And ---- gag me with that "love you" to that arrogant ass NT BBFanJ 11/20/19 06:05 PM
Survivor Discussion It’s ridiculous how much time they let missy stay there after she was voted off. NT Marceline 11/20/19 06:04 PM
Survivor Discussion the person people call a bully is not a threat to win lol NT nicholaspuppy 11/20/19 06:04 PM
Survivor Discussion who do you think is getting a better winner's edit? NT nicholaspuppy 11/20/19 06:03 PM
Survivor Discussion They way Liz sat with Missy talking to Karisnma was wrong. She didn't need to be there...the beef didn't include her. NT dillybean 11/20/19 06:03 PM
Survivor Discussion I definitely needed an episode like that after last week's NT Kayla08 11/20/19 06:03 PM
Survivor Discussion LOL what an idiot! Bigger threats to win in the game NT BBFanJ 11/20/19 06:03 PM
Survivor Discussion Not going to happen. NT primadayna 11/20/19 06:02 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Survivor: Island of the Idols recap: What happens next? by Dalton Ross Dreamer 11/20/19 06:02 PM
Survivor Discussion She will probably tell someone she has an idol and become the target. NT ArgosFan 11/20/19 06:02 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: My jaw dropped when Missy hugged Liz and whispered that Liz needs to kill Elaine slowly and methodically now. WOW NT dillybean 11/20/19 06:01 PM
Survivor Discussion Relieved we don't have to hear "dope" any longer. NT LillyBell 11/20/19 06:01 PM
Survivor Discussion She knows she's the goat. Missy confirmed it by telling her she was going to take her to the end. lol NT LillyBell 11/20/19 06:00 PM
Survivor Discussion Missy was a big threat to win. Not stupid at all. Couldn't personally stand that overbearing way aggresive witch especially after last weekn NT BBFanJ 11/20/19 06:00 PM
Survivor Discussion Tommy's getting a winner's edit for sure. Which I'm fine with tbh NT Kayla08 11/20/19 06:00 PM
Survivor Discussion I'm good with either of them winning NT beachbum7 11/20/19 05:59 PM
Survivor Discussion The Season of PSA’s NT wyndycty 11/20/19 05:59 PM
Current Affairs I know why, I was asking how. They must have presented some rationale for this very significant snub, or do they not even bother trying to sound rational anymore? NT Beard 11/20/19 05:59 PM

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