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Current Affairs Interesting. My evening news just announced the trial would start on the 8th. Maybe there's some kind of time warp at the border. NT Beard 01/22/21 08:20 PM
BB Discussion yep, I bet they realized he needed to be babied otherwise they'd have a real problem on their hands. They tried to pacify a serious addiction with watermelon. NT nicholaspuppy 01/22/21 08:19 PM
Games Flight of the Navigator NT StarfishTwo 01/22/21 08:14 PM
Games pal around NT StarfishTwo 01/22/21 08:13 PM
Games houseguest NT StarfishTwo 01/22/21 08:12 PM
Games Electric Dreams NT StarfishTwo 01/22/21 08:11 PM
Games rink NT StarfishTwo 01/22/21 08:10 PM
Games whats NT robinpet 01/22/21 08:09 PM
Games She Talks To Angels NT StarfishTwo 01/22/21 08:08 PM
Games 1. Pop NT StarfishTwo 01/22/21 08:07 PM
Games Topic: Fill in the Blank: _________ Up NT StarfishTwo 01/22/21 08:06 PM
Games **end** NT StarfishTwo 01/22/21 08:05 PM
Games 15. Put NT StarfishTwo 01/22/21 08:05 PM
Games fresh NT StarfishTwo 01/22/21 08:03 PM
BB Discussion Awww <3 NT VelvetWind 01/22/21 07:48 PM
BB Discussion Prob why he needed watermelon. It was an addiction thin.. I hope he's clean btw!! NT VelvetWind 01/22/21 07:47 PM
BB Discussion Lol @ fan NT VelvetWind 01/22/21 07:46 PM
Games E - Eye wall NT CatsRock 01/22/21 07:44 PM
Games She Loves You NT CatsRock 01/22/21 07:41 PM
Games 12. 99 Bottles of Beer NT CatsRock 01/22/21 07:41 PM
Games climb NT CatsRock 01/22/21 07:39 PM
Games doghouse NT CatsRock 01/22/21 07:39 PM
Games rank NT CatsRock 01/22/21 07:39 PM
Games Tank NT robinpet 01/22/21 07:26 PM
Games Bulldog NT robinpet 01/22/21 07:24 PM
BB Discussion CBS is starting to get it, hence the changes being made. The onus shouldn't be on the minorities every season to make things better. Stop casting deplorable ppl NT sockruhtese 01/22/21 07:23 PM
BB Discussion LOL you think the black players WANT to be in a house with racist people and have to tell them why the things they say are wrong? You can't "just play" when the racists walk in the door w/ numbers NT sockruhtese 01/22/21 07:22 PM
BB Discussion watermelon. NT HES 01/22/21 07:21 PM
Games Pitbull NT mellon 01/22/21 07:11 PM
Games bank NT mellon 01/22/21 07:09 PM
Games beaver NT mellon 01/22/21 07:08 PM
Games False.....You love to cook/bake. NT mellon 01/22/21 07:05 PM
Games 14. Going NT mellon 01/22/21 07:03 PM
Games BBQ pit NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/21 06:59 PM
Games You Send Me NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/21 06:56 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Senate ends standoff, agrees to start Trump’s impeachment trial Feb. 9 kidfresh512 01/22/21 06:54 PM
Games fruit NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/21 06:54 PM
Games 11. 8 Days a Week NT mellon 01/22/21 06:54 PM
Games 4. Thursday's Child NT mellon 01/22/21 06:50 PM
Games dehydrator NT mellon 01/22/21 06:48 PM
Games D. Drizzle NT mellon 01/22/21 06:47 PM
Games No.......How do you feel about dogs? NT mellon 01/22/21 06:45 PM
Games C - Cyclone NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/21 06:18 PM
Games B - Barometer NT CatsRock 01/22/21 06:09 PM
BB Discussion They should just play anyway; it's for a lot of money. If they wanna clue someone in along the way it should be their choice. NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/21 06:07 PM
BB Discussion Hard to believe he went cold turkey on Xanax without much crazy suffering NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/21 06:03 PM
BB Discussion It has but I blame sm and cancel culture NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/21 06:01 PM
BB Discussion Will was awesome NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/21 06:00 PM
Games room NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/21 05:59 PM
Current Affairs Ya, the whole thing was a huge overreaction. They could have solved the whole problem with a couple of socially distanced machine gun nests and a sealed tank or two. NT Beard 01/22/21 05:48 PM

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