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Games Shakespeare NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/20 01:28 PM
Games 9. surfing NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/20 01:23 PM
BB Discussion Live right now FurnitureAlliance 05/25/20 01:18 PM
BB Discussion But its true like others have mentioned they are known for apples.. Pretty much like corndogger say they sell it..i know i have seen it.. NT uvp 05/25/20 12:52 PM
BB Discussion Then I guess Oregon is in a Civil War cause that's what their game is NT Hawkman 05/25/20 12:43 PM
BB Discussion They were wrong. Washington is the Evergreen state. NT Hawkman 05/25/20 12:41 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Angela: "Happy Memorial Day!" BBFanJ, you'll enjoy these pics for sure even though the purpose of them is to show off the last of their new Naut and Chain items for summer 2020. Corndogger 05/25/20 12:13 PM
BB Discussion They market themselves as the apple state so Jee and Ally weren't wrong. NT Corndogger 05/25/20 12:00 PM
Survivor Discussion He had an interesting background IIRC. I believe he was used cars salesman and had done softcore porn. NT Corndogger 05/25/20 11:58 AM
BB Discussion I still haven't watched it yet because there's so much post Survivor content to watch right now. Still plan to, though! Link to Taran talking to the players: FurnitureAlliance 05/25/20 11:33 AM
The Score Professional sport teams only? Way to leave the Jets out of it... NT FurlessBat 05/25/20 11:31 AM
Games The Dirty Dozen NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/20 11:26 AM
Games Here There and Everywhere ~ Who received the letter? NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/20 11:22 AM
P/X Didn't know they made those! NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/20 11:18 AM
P/X Very nice, our local American Legion were selling Poppy T-Shirts... I bought one -:) wyndycty 05/25/20 11:16 AM
The Score *heart* NT wyndycty 05/25/20 11:14 AM
The Score Baby steps... NT wyndycty 05/25/20 11:13 AM
Survivor Discussion Thanks! NT Hidef1080 05/25/20 11:12 AM
P/X My sister and I would sell poppies made by injured vets when I was a kid. We'd stand by the entrance to the grocery store and ask each person "Buy a buddy poppy Sir?" Money would go to vets who FurnitureAlliance 05/25/20 11:09 AM
The Score Topic: NFL Misc .... Cuomo says New York professional sports leagues can begin training! wyndycty 05/25/20 11:08 AM
Survivor Discussion Cool! NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/20 10:47 AM
BB Discussion Also have apple cup for their college football teams.. NT uvp 05/25/20 10:41 AM
Games Married to Medicine NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/20 10:40 AM
BB Discussion Bet he’s glad he isn’t a lifeguard this summer. NT OUALUMinTX 05/25/20 10:32 AM
BB Discussion Isn’t it? It produces more apples than any other state. I remember that from the ads they used to run on tv. lol NT OUALUMinTX 05/25/20 10:28 AM
The Score Topic: Steelers Alejandro Villanueva on what Memorial Day means..... wyndycty 05/25/20 10:27 AM
The Score Yes, it was on all the Turner stations, TNT, TBS...etc Most people have them -:) NT wyndycty 05/25/20 10:22 AM
News Stand Topic: Nevada aims to reopen casinos June 4. Rio 05/25/20 10:00 AM
Survivor Discussion Brian Heidik shot a puppy with a bow and arrow, I don't think the dog died. No way Survivor would have him back nicholaspuppy 05/25/20 08:56 AM
Real World/The Challenge Topic: Madness Mama: Challenge Competitor Melissa Reeves Welcomes Baby Girl Camlawnman 05/25/20 08:36 AM
Survivor Discussion Who the hell killed a puppy? NT Hidef1080 05/25/20 07:47 AM
BB Discussion Me too..but it did sound like fun reading post here when it was bbusa vs bbcan on.. NT uvp 05/25/20 07:46 AM
The Score wait...maybe not national tv? Cable? anyway, lots of people watched LOL NT colleenag 05/25/20 07:45 AM
Survivor Discussion Castaways in training. NT Hidef1080 05/25/20 07:45 AM
BB Discussion What i would have thought NT uvp 05/25/20 07:43 AM
The Score Lmao! Can you imagine! On national TV no less! NT colleenag 05/25/20 07:43 AM
The Score Tom got in on the fun too.... wyndycty 05/25/20 07:10 AM
P/X The poppy flower was first worn as a symbol of remembrance in 1918 by Miss Moina Belle Michael, an American teacher. Inspired by Lt. Col. John McCrae's 1915 poem "In Flanders Fields," Moina vowed in colleenag 05/25/20 07:05 AM
BB Discussion I wondered that too. I never watched it. NT LillyBell 05/25/20 06:57 AM
BB Discussion I believe she was thinking that because it's the state known for its apples and not evergreens as much. NT LillyBell 05/25/20 06:56 AM
Gotham Topic: Ruby Rose’s exit is a ‘creative opportunity’ according to Marc Guggenheim Rio 05/25/20 06:51 AM
News Stand And that right there should tell his supporters what he cares about more. He doesn't care about the people who vote for him. He cares about his photo ops and being able to brag about crowd size. NT amandajaye 05/25/20 06:41 AM
News Stand Topic: Trump threatens to to pull convention from North Carolina if capacity is reduced. Rio 05/25/20 06:27 AM
The Score Ha... people got jokes NT wyndycty 05/25/20 06:04 AM
P/X Topic: This Memorial Day, check out click down the website and learn how the Poppy came to honor the Fallen... wyndycty 05/25/20 06:02 AM
The Score Some fun "ripping" on Brady after the loss to Tiger and Manning...these jokes mainly centered around Bill Belichick :D colleenag 05/25/20 04:30 AM
Survivor Discussion Did production “pamper” the castaways more in WaW than in a regular newbie season? Noticed that most players had multiple pieces of clothing, and fishing gear was provided. Did they make surviving Corndogger 05/25/20 02:50 AM
Games 51 Tales NT StarfishTwo 05/25/20 01:53 AM
Games Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman NT StarfishTwo 05/25/20 01:51 AM
Games Three Times A Lady NT StarfishTwo 05/25/20 01:49 AM

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