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BB Discussion I don't care as long as it's somebody who has never shown up as a vet before. No more Paul or James, especially. NT grammypampam 01/22/19 02:57 PM
BB Discussion Happens quite often. Itís not a racist site, but I definitely get harassed for being a Jets fan NT FurlessBat 01/22/19 02:57 PM
BB Discussion Agreed. Only a couple of these people are even familiar to me so they pretty much came into the house with a clean slate as far as I am concerned. NT grammypampam 01/22/19 02:54 PM
BB Discussion There are people on Twitter that say everyone that is Caucasian must be racist, might as well get used to it, this is nothing new NT bbcanDDW 01/22/19 02:54 PM
Y & R Topic: Spoiler for Wed. Jan. 23, 2019: CatsRock 01/22/19 02:53 PM
BB Discussion Oh, I just realized the comment came from Twitter. Not the first time negative posts have come from THERE. NT grammypampam 01/22/19 02:52 PM
BB Discussion As of 5:50 EST there are only 131 votes TOTAL. Once things get going & the live feeds start there will be well over 1000 voting every day. 131 is HARDLY a definitive ranking. NT grammypampam 01/22/19 02:51 PM
BB Discussion Of course! NT ThriveInChaos 01/22/19 02:47 PM
BB Discussion Happens everywhere on social media. I've never heard it about Jokers so much though NT dillybean 01/22/19 02:45 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Some BB folks on Twitter are saying this site is racist because of the houseguests rankings.Three of the bottom four are white. Does this name calling happen often? NT smoothborders 01/22/19 02:39 PM
BB Discussion I bought American Express Vanilla gift card then paid via Paypal. it worked. Bought at Walmart NT angel 01/22/19 02:37 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Don't think this was posted yet. Angela's big announcement/surprise that starts with an "R" has nothing to do with her. See inside. Corndogger 01/22/19 02:29 PM
BB Discussion I looked all over the All Access FAQ a few minutes ago & saw no mention of this. They do warn not to try using the card too many times in a short amount of time as that will trigger a fraud alert. NT Corndogger 01/22/19 02:27 PM
BB Fans Topic: Random pics while we're waiting for the Big Announcement. kmjm 01/22/19 02:15 PM
BB Discussion there are rumors about this every year on twitter, reddit, jokers, etc. Returning vets or an All star season. But since they did all newb season last year, we'll probably be graced with a vet(s) NT JamieBBfan213 01/22/19 02:13 PM
BB Fans Topic: Fan appreciation for Angela- hope this is ok to post. kmjm 01/22/19 02:08 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Video of the endless pool. Looks like it takes up about half of that backyard area. No room for washer/dryer. ringo9 01/22/19 02:08 PM
BB Discussion my AMEX gift card purchased last year at this time with a balance still on it worked. I didn't get any notification when I subscribed little over a week ago. NT susanr342 01/22/19 02:05 PM
News Stand Topic: A new video shows a different side of the encounter between a Native American elder and teens in MAGA hats Bobbo2 01/22/19 02:04 PM
BB Discussion Only one who seems to really know the game is Eva NT Pockey333 01/22/19 01:58 PM
BB Discussion He's really boring. NT MagumForce 01/22/19 01:58 PM
BB Discussion Topic: I'm so far "iffy" with the cast GDfriends 01/22/19 01:57 PM
BB Discussion Mass false rumors here every year. NT MagumForce 01/22/19 01:55 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful Thank you for posting this. She's from my city of Toronto! NT CatsRock 01/22/19 01:53 PM
BB Discussion thank you both. NT Shielagurlz 01/22/19 01:50 PM
BB Discussion Is it? Iíve never been to this site before this week. My friend in the know Jay said itís looking like there will be past players this year. ***** Iím not afraid to play em but i wanted some babies NT Pockey333 01/22/19 01:50 PM
BB Discussion Donít you think that was scripted? NT LouSmith 01/22/19 01:47 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful Topic: Fiji Water Girl Kelleth Cuthbert Snags ĎBold And The Beautifulí Appearance Camlawnman 01/22/19 01:46 PM
BB Discussion This is 100% why I watch BB though! I don't watch it for the hand holding and kumbaya! Give me the drama honey!! NT JamieBBfan213 01/22/19 01:45 PM
BB Discussion Isn't this a rumor every year? NT JamieBBfan213 01/22/19 01:43 PM
BB Discussion LMAOOOO NT Pockey333 01/22/19 01:35 PM
BB Discussion 9 PM BBT tonight. NT Scott3325 * 01/22/19 01:34 PM
BB Discussion Do the CBS gift cards work from Canada? Also, where is this FAQ that mentions the detection ability? NT Corndogger 01/22/19 01:33 PM
BB Discussion Tonight! NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/19 01:33 PM
BB Discussion Who broke wind? NT moeopoly 01/22/19 01:30 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Do feeds start tonight or tommorow night? NT Shielagurlz 01/22/19 01:29 PM
BB News & Rumors Topic: ĎCelebrity Big Brotherí season 2 opening recap: does Kandi Burruss stand a chance of winning? Dreamer 01/22/19 01:29 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Noooooooo. Just got wind of vets being on this upcoming season. I DONT WANT TO PLAY WIT NO VETS NT Pockey333 01/22/19 01:29 PM
BB Discussion It makes her look like something's wrong with her. I wouldn't be announcing that on national tv as my intro. NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/19 01:27 PM
BB Discussion Fine with me. NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/19 01:26 PM
BB Discussion Yeah 3 nondescript names. Go with one name! NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/19 01:24 PM
BB Discussion He doesn't need a script but no doubt they are using the stuff they want to hear in the edit. NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/19 01:24 PM
BB Discussion Lolo wanted to lose the comp so she picked Tom cause she didnt think he'd be any good NT spanner 01/22/19 01:23 PM
BB Discussion It is the elephant in the room NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/19 01:22 PM
BB Discussion that would be boring.. they'd sleep all day NT spanner 01/22/19 01:19 PM
BB Discussion We have to have an OJ cameo this season.. maybe they can get him to host a comp. NT spanner 01/22/19 01:17 PM
BB Discussion I'm sure that CBS is playing that up for the show. NT spanner 01/22/19 01:16 PM
BB Discussion They had not had the POV comp yet when we had the last feeds leak NT spanner 01/22/19 01:15 PM
BB Discussion I don't know why they don't want the extra money they'd get from canadians paying for it NT spanner 01/22/19 01:14 PM
BB Discussion I thought Tamar and Kandi were the worst.. watching them in that comp with all their cattiness was awful.. NT spanner 01/22/19 01:12 PM

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