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BBCA Discussion Topic: Breaking up a strong duo....regarding T&T. Jed is a joke NT dillybean 04/14/21 04:03 PM
Games alive NT FurnitureAlliance 04/14/21 04:03 PM
BBCA Discussion Thatís true NT godfreyfan 04/14/21 04:03 PM
Games Topic: Name 15 four word song titles NT FurnitureAlliance 04/14/21 04:03 PM
Games ***end*** NT FurnitureAlliance 04/14/21 04:02 PM
Games 15. Vaya Con Dios NT FurnitureAlliance 04/14/21 04:02 PM
BBCA Discussion I canít enjoy it knowing what I know now. What couldíve been though. NT kimberino 04/14/21 04:02 PM
BBCA Discussion Effing Tina's final pitch sucked, she was close to outing Kief but just wouldn't do it, so damned dumb. NT vortexfugue 04/14/21 04:00 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: 2 mins till episode... should be a good one. Keifer getting backdoored and crying NT godfreyfan 04/14/21 03:58 PM
Tough as Nails Topic: Nails News FurnitureAlliance 04/14/21 03:57 PM
Other UnReality Shows Topic: Big Sky.....the creepiness NT Qsmiff 04/14/21 03:54 PM
The Score Topic: Couple of signings, former Steelers RB James Connor signs 1 yr deal with the Cardinals. Cleveland Browns sign Jadeveon Clowney for 1 yr at 10million NT wyndycty 04/14/21 03:54 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Dumb trio. Sick of them... Tera for the win NT godfreyfan 04/14/21 03:53 PM
Tough as Nails He was bullied in school because of the huge thing he had to wear to fix his teeth--cute kid NT FurnitureAlliance 04/14/21 03:51 PM
BBCA Discussion i missed on feeds where Tera was told about Sunsetters --was it by KEif or Tina? I will look on YT for it too NT HES 04/14/21 03:51 PM
BB Discussion Right? He looks like he's up to no good NT FurnitureAlliance 04/14/21 03:49 PM
BB Discussion She is on the delusional side. NT FurnitureAlliance 04/14/21 03:48 PM
Tough as Nails dont remember his to be honest :p..what is it again? NT uvp 04/14/21 03:48 PM
Tough as Nails And a good back story NT FurnitureAlliance 04/14/21 03:45 PM
Grey's Anatomy Exactly...we certainly know these shows are just for entertainment, I would never have Surgery at Seattle Grace, I canít hear what they are saying! Ha. NT wyndycty 04/14/21 03:44 PM
Games Naples NT FurnitureAlliance 04/14/21 03:43 PM
Grey's Anatomy Good point..the old, letís get married to stay in the country storyline, ha. NT wyndycty 04/14/21 03:41 PM
BBCA Discussion Beth FTW lol M3gabyt3 04/14/21 03:38 PM
BBCA Discussion She's going to regret her decision to float. she will get nor respect at all, even from the Newfoundlanders. NT LillyBell 04/14/21 03:15 PM
BBCA Discussion Tera told Ty she is sitting on some information but will wait until she sees who's hoh. what? speak now and kief might get evicted this week! NT LillyBell 04/14/21 03:14 PM
BBCA Discussion And for the millionth time sits and takes it when Kiefer says he will win the game. I'd tell him to fk off. NT LillyBell 04/14/21 03:13 PM
BBCA Discussion just roll over and die ..."ok" NT sunnyside99 04/14/21 03:08 PM
BBCA Discussion Nicole franzel NT godfreyfan 04/14/21 03:08 PM
BBCA Discussion Lol.. sheís said that like a hundred times today NT godfreyfan 04/14/21 03:07 PM
BBCA Discussion "It is what it is" NT decafjnr 04/14/21 03:02 PM
Grey's Anatomy Iím so tired of them, too. We have too many up close and personal COVID stories and tragedies, itís the last thing I want to watch in the evening. NT BigGirlPanties 04/14/21 02:59 PM
BBCA Discussion It's insane to me that they are not thinking to use this info NT HES 04/14/21 02:46 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Tina says "its all good." NT Singaling 04/14/21 02:40 PM
Games Topic: Four Letter Words continued: rack NT ChasingCowboys 04/14/21 02:38 PM
Games ~~END~~ NT ChasingCowboys 04/14/21 02:36 PM
Games rack NT ChasingCowboys 04/14/21 02:36 PM
Games Games People Play (in the Middle of the Night) ... What pisses you off? NT ChasingCowboys 04/14/21 02:35 PM
BBCA Discussion No. Talking about The Nicole who won the game season 18 NT BBFanJ 04/14/21 02:34 PM
Games wanted NT ChasingCowboys 04/14/21 02:32 PM
Tough as Nails Topic: Tough as Nails || S2 E10 || Finale Show Discussion Thread! NT uvp 04/14/21 02:32 PM
BBCA Discussion Nicole A? Tommy shouldíve won afp NT FurlessBat 04/14/21 02:28 PM
BBCA Discussion Yup. The new Greatest Alliance ever is in for a big surprise when they get NT dillybean 04/14/21 02:23 PM
BB Discussion all good things come to an end... uvp 04/14/21 02:15 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: This is as stupid as no one targeting Cody and Nicole A known winner and 2nd place finisher that would've won his season if BBFanJ 04/14/21 02:10 PM
BBCA Discussion Production influenced. They want the slob around to win HOH and make the trio look like fools. Too bad in USA The Showrunner loves an alliance coasting to the end NT BBFanJ 04/14/21 02:06 PM
Y & R Amelia, Joshua, Melissa, Mark and Hunter NT Rio 04/14/21 02:05 PM
Games Todd Tried To Trip Terry. NT Rio 04/14/21 02:02 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Looks like there's problems in Tangelaland! Corndogger 04/14/21 02:01 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: I must say my position in the Grab Game here is rapidly falling. When only 9 people were playing I consistently placed in the top 10!!! NT Singaling 04/14/21 02:01 PM
Games Topic: Free Association continued - Rio wrote ďNeededĒ. NT Rio 04/14/21 02:00 PM

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