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BB Discussion Rip to everyone.. Both so young kobe n daughter.. NT uvp 01/26/20 04:03 PM
News Stand Kobe + 8 others were killed. Rio 01/26/20 03:39 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Roger Stone found guilty on all 7 counts. Rio 01/26/20 03:32 PM
BB Discussion She was an up and coming star in her own right, having inherited her Dad's skills. NT LillyBell 01/26/20 03:21 PM
The Score Just flipped it on.... NT wyndycty 01/26/20 03:21 PM
The Score Does that but greatly increase the chance of comeback.. Kc and many of great offense can get 15 yards in their sleep NT uvp 01/26/20 03:19 PM
The Score Not a fan of this..seems wayyyy more likely to convert this than typical onside kick..15 yards too easy..need to add on another 15! NT uvp 01/26/20 03:18 PM
The Score AFC 38-33 Final NT wyndycty 01/26/20 03:13 PM
The Score I just heard the Sheriff say that too -:( NT wyndycty 01/26/20 03:12 PM
BB Fans Topic: Posting this here as an FYI. Post from Jenn from three days ago. Scroll through the comments to see an exchange between her and Angela. Corndogger 01/26/20 02:51 PM
The Score More conflicting reports...8 people on board? And with pilot that makes 9? Wow... NT colleenag 01/26/20 02:41 PM
The Score One positive about this potential new rule or option: reduction of potential injuries on kick offs, onside kicks NT colleenag 01/26/20 02:31 PM
The Score LOL They tried that new onside kick but 4th and 15 at the 25! Kirk threw an interception. NT colleenag 01/26/20 02:25 PM
The Score Marc Leishman of Australia with a 4 shot lead after 14 at the Farmers Open. NT Bobbo2 01/26/20 02:20 PM
News Stand Per an article I read, some mountain bikers observed the helicopter struggling to fly then go down. Those killed were Kobe, his daughter, another parent and daughter plus the pilot. Kobe’s pregnant... Rio 01/26/20 02:10 PM
Joker's Water Cooler Happy Birthday to David Strathairn! NT Rio 01/26/20 02:06 PM
The Score They should make the Pro Bowl a flag football game. Way more competitive and exciting Imo, at least the D could play. NT Bobbo2 01/26/20 02:06 PM
BB Discussion His 13 year old daughter was also on the helicopter. such a sad story. RIP to them and the others who lost their lives today and to their loved ones. NT Dani 01/26/20 02:01 PM
Joker's Water Cooler Topic: On This Day in History - January 26, 2020 amandajaye 01/26/20 01:50 PM
The Score Had to giggle at that last interception/double pass/TD by linebacker(?) for NFC. NT colleenag 01/26/20 01:47 PM
The Score 24-14 AFC Halftime... NT wyndycty 01/26/20 01:16 PM
News Stand Topic: Kobe Bryant and oldest daughter among multiple fatalities in a helicopter crash. Rio 01/26/20 01:03 PM
The Score Just saw a confirming tweet, on their way to his daughters game with another player and parent, not confirmed yet... wyndycty 01/26/20 01:01 PM
The Score This is what I have read ~ Kobe's daughter Gianna Maria Onore -- aka GiGi -- was also on board the helicopter and died in the crash ... reps for Kobe tell TMZ Sports. She was 13. :( NT AprilSky 01/26/20 12:51 PM
BB Discussion I am a Celtics fan and hate the Lakers but knew talent when I saw it and he was a legend and am STUNNED by this news very sad NT taemin8 01/26/20 12:50 PM
News Stand Interesting article on the challenges that face smaller rural communities and getting access to higher education anywhere near them in commuting range. If you are already poor and have to work kidfresh512 01/26/20 12:38 PM
News Stand Topic: 60 miles from college: Lack of education, a way out of poverty, could 'kill rural America' kidfresh512 01/26/20 12:35 PM
The Score A friend in Ca said Rick Fox may have been with him? Edit, he was not NT wyndycty 01/26/20 12:34 PM
The Score Saw the NFC is leading 7-0 after 1 NT wyndycty 01/26/20 12:30 PM
The Score Yep. Pitchers pitch, hitters hit, and the defense makes plays. Glad they did away with the WS home field advantage thing. NT Bobbo2 01/26/20 12:29 PM
The Score not far from me! I know the area very well! a friend heard the impact! NT Axelsen 01/26/20 12:27 PM
The Score I can’t find any confirming info yet, -:( NT wyndycty 01/26/20 12:27 PM
BB Discussion Topic: For you Laker fans Kobe Bryant died today. Tragic. NT Hawkman 01/26/20 12:21 PM
The Score ABC reported his 4 daughters were on board! idk if true NT Axelsen 01/26/20 12:20 PM
The Score Jesus..crazy! of best ever! NT uvp 01/26/20 12:19 PM
The Score I had to look up where Calabasas Ca was... NT wyndycty 01/26/20 12:19 PM
The Score yes, I heard that too. And the youngest child is an newborn so I'm skeptical that the reports of his daughters being on board are true! NT colleenag 01/26/20 12:18 PM
The Score I heard someone say his wife was Not on the flight, one daughter was just born this summer NT wyndycty 01/26/20 12:17 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: "Sarah Lacina pitches a new version of Survivor (and Jeff Probst responds)." With some modifications and if done only occasionally, Sarah's idea has some merit. Link inside. Corndogger 01/26/20 12:14 PM
BBCA Discussion S6 feeds were gold. (not the show edit) NT HES 01/26/20 12:13 PM
The Score Omg they are reporting it may be his 4 daughters were in the helicopter too! NT colleenag 01/26/20 12:09 PM
The Score oh wow! so sad! crashed near Malibu Canyon! NT Axelsen 01/26/20 12:07 PM
The Score Wow, just a few minutes ago I was on his wiki page going over his career and stats. So sad. NT Bobbo2 01/26/20 12:00 PM
The Score Yes. Lived at Newport Beach and used his helicopter to go back and forth between Staples Center. NT colleenag 01/26/20 11:57 AM
The Score Just saw it trending on Twitter. NT Corndogger 01/26/20 11:57 AM
The Score Wow, kudos to Tori Kelly who sang Star Spangled Banner! What great "pipes"! NT colleenag 01/26/20 11:56 AM
The Score Sounds like he used a helicopter regularly to get around the LA area. NT JAF 01/26/20 11:53 AM
The Score Holy crap! My son just text me and I flipped on the news! Fox has it on live NT wyndycty 01/26/20 11:52 AM
The Score At least with baseball you can play a real game. Since there's so little contact and risk of injury to begin with. NT JAF 01/26/20 11:51 AM
The Score I watched a few minutes of the NHL all-star games(s) last night. It was a joke too. Zero defense or hitting. Looked like a pee-wee game, with everyone skating slowly and gingerly. NT JAF 01/26/20 11:50 AM

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