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The Score What? You’re not counting down till the Texans /Lions or Cowboys/Wash game? -:) NT wyndycty 11/25/20 11:10 AM
BB Fans Wrong!! I said the pictures were too perfect, not the people. What's wrong with getting a buzz on? Absolutely nothing! NT FurnitureAlliance 11/25/20 10:56 AM
BB Discussion That's what I was thinking! NT FurnitureAlliance 11/25/20 10:54 AM
BB Discussion They sure do look happy NT FurnitureAlliance 11/25/20 10:52 AM
Game Shows Having been a fan of the show since childhood, I went and took the test for the reboot. Alex was there just observing. I did not pass the test! NT FurnitureAlliance 11/25/20 10:50 AM
The Score The only interesting game tomorrow. NT AZ_Cards_11 11/25/20 10:40 AM
The Score Steelers vs Ravens moved from Thanksgiving night to Sunday afternoon, time to be announced...darn NT wyndycty 11/25/20 10:16 AM
Game Shows I really liked Classic Concentration. I live in Cincinnati. Back when the show was still airing, I could only watch it on the Dayton Ohio NBC channel. NT Rio 11/25/20 09:49 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Topic: Five Things You Need To Know - November 25: Rio 11/25/20 08:58 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Corndogger shared some IG pics from NicF's shower (thanks for sharing, I don't have IG) Glad to see they are moving on & focusing on their real lives. She said her maid of honor was not able to attend JillyBean 11/25/20 08:29 AM
BB Discussion I am a Vic fan, but not a Nicole fan. (Game wise) They both look so happy. Happy for them. NT MyBestBud 11/25/20 07:07 AM
BB Discussion hopefully :p NT uvp 11/25/20 05:20 AM
Below Deck Topic: Below Deck's Hannah Ferrier Announces Engagement 4 Weeks After Welcoming Daughter Ava NT Camlawnman 11/25/20 04:56 AM
BB Discussion But let's remember...some gals take after (and/or look like) their Dad! (my granddaughter for one!) NT colleenag 11/25/20 04:25 AM
Celebrity Buzz The Losses We Share kidfresh512 11/25/20 04:22 AM
Celebrity Buzz Topic: Duchess Meghan describes 'pain and grief' after suffering miscarriage in July kidfresh512 11/25/20 04:19 AM
BB Discussion Awwww... that's sweet!! NT luvs2chat 11/25/20 04:06 AM
BB Discussion That would tickle S000 much!! NT luvs2chat 11/25/20 04:04 AM
BB Fans I love Tangela and I love what you post about them!! I Love this fan page!! NT luvs2chat 11/25/20 04:02 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Big Brother: The Game Anybody playing this? Is there a reddit? Butterbean13 11/25/20 01:38 AM

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