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The Circle Oh they did? ugh. I prefered the daily UK format, as annoying as cliffhangers get. NT M3gabyt3 05/12/21 07:45 PM
Talk Shows Sounds like Stephen Fishbach had a bad experience with her? FurnitureAlliance 05/12/21 07:40 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Ty, Jed, Kiefer and Latoya doing live together on Friday night aj401 05/12/21 07:14 PM
BBCA Discussion Not Alberta? NT LillyBell 05/12/21 06:43 PM
News Stand What could possibly go wrong with this plan? Who doesn't want more feral cats on their streets. NT Beard 05/12/21 06:32 PM
BBCA Discussion last pic resembles Jessica Chastain NT mebe 05/12/21 06:26 PM
American Idol Wow! I wonder if they will still cut someone on Sunday. NT chris4266 05/12/21 06:26 PM
News Stand Topic: Chicago found a solution to its rat problem - 1,000 feral cats. Rio 05/12/21 06:24 PM
BBCA Discussion It's a shame that Vic's biggest fan won't be able to watch, since she'll be on the show. NT theotherguy 05/12/21 06:23 PM
The Circle Wow. I'm surprised. But hopefully Netflix will just pick it up anyway. I'm surprised Netflix canned France and Brazil. NT Frito_Veto 05/12/21 06:23 PM
The Score Right, we know how it looks but backup Tim Boyle did go to the Lions. NT Bobbo2 05/12/21 06:20 PM
The Score Yikes is right!!! Lol. NT Bobbo2 05/12/21 06:12 PM
The Score How many times can you think of where it has gotten to a player saying they're done with team and stayed? If he really said he's done with the Packers I think he's gone. He's still under contract so Bobbo2 05/12/21 06:11 PM
News Stand Palestinians are posting their videos on Twitter to show the occupation taking place...that poor little girl and her family petite6 05/12/21 06:03 PM
Current Affairs Topic: German priests are blessing same-sex unions in direct defiance of a Vatican order Beard 05/12/21 05:48 PM
Current Affairs Another ancient white man trying to debase a woman of color, I hope she put him on blast right then and there. Racists need to be called out right away. NT beachbum7 05/12/21 05:44 PM
Current Affairs ďNobodyĒ? Nobody? NT Beard 05/12/21 05:42 PM
Current Affairs Not all creative solutions are good solutions. NT Beard 05/12/21 05:39 PM
Current Affairs There does need to be a more balanced and open-minded approach to the Israel/Palestine conflict, particularly on the part of US politicians who seem to be held hostage Beard 05/12/21 05:34 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Update: Fiji Flight Situation, Survivor Season 42 Survivor looks to be going ahead as planned. FurnitureAlliance 05/12/21 05:22 PM
BB Discussion Probably there are a lot of them NT FurnitureAlliance 05/12/21 05:20 PM
American Idol wow...yikes!! this season twist n turns more interesting than actual season lol NT uvp 05/12/21 05:12 PM
BB Discussion I mean the spoilers so far arenít far fetched. NT PierreBourne 05/12/21 05:02 PM
The Score Right! Iirc they just drafted that kid Love and now Bortles? Hmmm. It's not unusual to have that many qbs...especially if AR12 gets hurt and Love isn't ready yet But we all know there's tension NT colleenag 05/12/21 04:56 PM
The Score Schedules are out! NT wyndycty 05/12/21 04:56 PM
The Score IDK..but thatís not going to make Aaron happy! NT wyndycty 05/12/21 04:47 PM
NCIS Me too...Gibbs, Pfinius and Lucy! NT wyndycty 05/12/21 04:44 PM
The Score Uh oh...AR12 leaving...for real? NT colleenag 05/12/21 04:35 PM
American Idol Yikes! Nothing ever dies on the internet...Hmmm, he and his mom sounded sincere, but how stupid was that. Ugh... NT wyndycty 05/12/21 04:31 PM
BB Fans Topic: Pretty Angela on a Charleston rooftop. More modelling jobs? kmjm 05/12/21 04:29 PM
The Score The schedulers are trying to create some drama storylines.. They have Sam Darnold w/ Carolina playing against the Jets his first game NT wyndycty 05/12/21 04:22 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Alex on spoiler accounts. Is she saying they're wrong or is she trying to make us think that they are? Corndogger 05/12/21 04:18 PM
The Score Steelers travel to the Bills for the 1st game....yay, at least itís not in Blizzard weather -:) NT wyndycty 05/12/21 04:17 PM
The Score Must see TV for sure! NT wyndycty 05/12/21 04:15 PM
The Score Packers signing QB Blake Bortles (via Tom Pelissero)....Yikes! NT wyndycty 05/12/21 04:15 PM
Chicago Fire/P.D./Med From Twitter: Rio 05/12/21 04:14 PM
BB Discussion Oh! That's true NT FurnitureAlliance 05/12/21 04:08 PM
BB Discussion Could be a 2 week sequester in the house before the game starts? NT FurnitureAlliance 05/12/21 04:07 PM
Current Affairs Topic: This really happened: Republican Jim Inhofe told a female EPA nominee that if she did not "behave," then "I'm going to talk to your daddy." petite6 05/12/21 04:04 PM
BBCA Discussion nice backflips too aj401 05/12/21 04:00 PM
BB Australia BB's setting it up for Daniels Big Fall! (no way he wins imo) NT Axelsen 05/12/21 03:56 PM
BB Discussion Hope this isn't true b/c it implies no Day 1 feeds. NT Corndogger 05/12/21 03:44 PM
BB Alumni Topic: Big Brotherís Danielle Reyes changed the gameóliterally aj401 05/12/21 03:42 PM
BB Discussion Probably all vets. Doubt we get night 1 feeds with newbies (itís not ott) NT FurlessBat 05/12/21 03:41 PM
BB Discussion LOL at Julie's response to that guy's smart ass comment! Corndogger 05/12/21 03:39 PM
BB Discussion Must be so she doesn't have to go anywhere (Covid) NT FurnitureAlliance 05/12/21 03:39 PM
BB Discussion I like the sound of that. NT Hidef1080 05/12/21 03:39 PM
BB Discussion Julie's backyard is so nice, if that is hers NT aj401 05/12/21 03:37 PM
BB Discussion fingers crossed. with our luck Paulie Calafiore will be on the cast NT aj401 05/12/21 03:37 PM
BB Discussion Ooooooo sounds good! NT FurnitureAlliance 05/12/21 03:35 PM

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