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BBCA Discussion Topic: A Brentless RHAP panel is doing their BBCAN9 pre-season cast preview and draft right here tonight at 7:10 pm CST --> vortexfugue 02/25/21 02:12 PM
BB Discussion FurlessBat/Angela 1, Blockhead Brent 0. Love wins. NT FurlessBat 02/25/21 02:08 PM
BB Discussion Cancel culture wins again. NT Blockhead 02/25/21 01:56 PM
The Bachelor Yep, this show has gone downhill with the coming of SM. Many of them leave perfectly good jobs for the lure of SM money. True of all reality shows though. NT havaDrPepper 02/25/21 01:54 PM
BB Discussion He said he was let go. NT M3gabyt3 02/25/21 01:51 PM
The Score Russell Wilson wants to stay with the Seattle Seahawks, but listed four teams he would accept a trade to if it were to be considered, per Adam Schefter..... wyndycty 02/25/21 01:51 PM
News Stand Too little, too late. NT Beard 02/25/21 01:50 PM
BB Discussion he didn't quit, he was fired. he tweeted that taran fought for him. NT jackbitter 02/25/21 01:49 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Brent quit RHAP. Just posted it on Twitter NT dillybean 02/25/21 01:48 PM
Current Affairs I agree. That seems a very cynical and Republican approach to politics, and I don't think we should judge Biden by those poor standards. NT Beard 02/25/21 01:47 PM
Streamed Shows ROFL Did you say third???? I'll try to start it soon. NT petite6 02/25/21 01:41 PM
News Stand okay, dude just killed himself. NT petite6 02/25/21 01:40 PM
Current Affairs Good point. I wonder if it's because progressive meetings aren't an existential threat to the nation and most of its inhabitants. NT Beard 02/25/21 01:38 PM
Current Affairs Well, sure. All they have to do is exactly what they're told, and there you have it: Unity! NT Beard 02/25/21 01:32 PM
BB Discussion Day will be one of the first to take advantage of that feature. Any HG who doesn't want to do OnlyFans will seriously consider making use of this feature. NT Corndogger 02/25/21 01:30 PM
BB Discussion I thought they got engaged over a year ago? I'm positive I posted pics and videos of Mike proposing to her. NT Corndogger 02/25/21 01:27 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: So excited to see the houseguest's pics in the banner above! NT LillyBell 02/25/21 01:25 PM
Streamed Shows O M G, puhlease watch it! It's one of my fav new series. I just finished my 3rd watching. The lead male is soooo hot. NT MegsMom316 02/25/21 01:24 PM
BBCA Discussion The patronizing Mom in Tera may rub them the wrong way. She won't be able to help herself. They just can't help it. NT LillyBell 02/25/21 01:23 PM
Streamed Shows You need to watch this, in it's entirety. NT MegsMom316 02/25/21 01:23 PM
Current Affairs We're all in this together, unless there's money involved. Then, you're on your own and even the Feds can pound sand. Maybe especially the Feds. NT Beard 02/25/21 01:22 PM
Current Affairs Topic: “You used god to segregate me in schools. You used god to put me in the back of the bus...” wow!!! petite6 02/25/21 01:08 PM
Tough as Nails Phil said they just happened to have lots of nicknames by chance this time NT FurnitureAlliance 02/25/21 12:57 PM
BB Discussion Yep they're comparing it to Patreon NT FurnitureAlliance 02/25/21 12:52 PM
BB Discussion Basically that his game play and personality were the best of any player to have ever played, but he couldn't showcase his true self due to all the evil players on his season NT aj401 02/25/21 12:48 PM
Streamed Shows I still haven't seen Bridgerton and I have yet to go through my Prime video...soooo many stories to tell. NT petite6 02/25/21 12:46 PM
Streamed Shows I'll just be honest, I would have had an affair with David when he said Hello NT petite6 02/25/21 12:42 PM
Celebrity Buzz Well he was on the scene at the time the cops came so I guess that's why NT FurnitureAlliance 02/25/21 12:41 PM
Streamed Shows Is anyone still hoping (SPOILER) petite6 02/25/21 12:40 PM
Streamed Shows She was great!!! The characters were all perfect for their roles. NT petite6 02/25/21 12:37 PM
BB Discussion BB players that call twitter too toxic are going to run back to twitter ASAP if that happens NT nicholaspuppy 02/25/21 12:36 PM
Streamed Shows It was daring..... petite6 02/25/21 12:35 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Meg engaged to Survivor winner Mike Holloway FurnitureAlliance 02/25/21 12:34 PM
BB Discussion Am guessing they do keep it. Not sure it would make sense for them to make it available tho. NT aliroo 02/25/21 12:30 PM
Current Affairs I wouldn't say talking to governors whose states just had a natural disaster as "courting" or "seeking favor", it what he is supposed to do. Just because Trump didn't doesn't make that the norm NT beachbum7 02/25/21 12:28 PM
BB Discussion It seems to me that we would both have the same percentages as far as ancestry goes. Same parents, same grandparents, and so on. NT FurnitureAlliance 02/25/21 12:27 PM
Current Affairs Why does the media give sooooo much attention to CPAC? They don't give any coverage to Progressive meetings. (Can't really hear what was asked on that video or the responses, all I heard was Trum beachbum7 02/25/21 12:26 PM
BB Discussion That part sounds like Patreon. Safety Mode will be really interesting. I can see a lot of BB HGs using that mode. NT Corndogger 02/25/21 12:22 PM
BB Discussion idk She did say Dani & Nicole are next NT FurnitureAlliance 02/25/21 12:22 PM
Current Affairs But remember, the media is demanding that the Democrats are responsible for unity. SMDH! NT beachbum7 02/25/21 12:22 PM
BB Discussion Thin skins! NT FurnitureAlliance 02/25/21 12:21 PM
Celebrity Buzz "The victim, identified by his hairdresser", is this how we're ID'ing victims now? Strange. NT beachbum7 02/25/21 12:20 PM
BB Discussion People will get to charge for bonus material NT FurnitureAlliance 02/25/21 12:19 PM
Current Affairs Topic: This is sad and I’m sorry this happened. Rep. Newmans daughter is transgender, and this video and tweet represents the hate and fame driven politics of self-promotion at all evil costs. petite6 02/25/21 12:16 PM
BB Discussion I doubt it. Do they even keep all of that footage? NT Corndogger 02/25/21 12:11 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Twitter is proposing new features that could have a huge impact on the BB Twitter community. "Twitter shows possible updates, including Super Follow subscriptions." >>> Corndogger 02/25/21 12:10 PM
News Stand Topic: Former U.S. Olympic gymnastics coach faces 24 charges, including human trafficking petite6 02/25/21 12:07 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Houston judges are evicting renters despite CDC moratorium and in the aftermath of devastating winter storm. petite6 02/25/21 12:05 PM
Streamed Shows She was great...I googled her because she was soooo found out there!! NT Mazita 02/25/21 12:01 PM
Streamed Shows I went on Reddit to see reactions there...what a HOOT!!!Still counting my fingers!! NT Mazita 02/25/21 11:58 AM

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