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BB Alumni Replay Link: moeopoly 06/07/23 06:48 PM
The Score Tell me about it. Celtics had the 2nd best regular season record this season (in their conference)... and they at home sitting on their couch watching an 8th seed at finals! NT colleenag 06/07/23 06:25 PM
The Score Frustrating when MIA was poor in 3pt shooting during the season (20th) while DEN was one of the best (3rd). NT JAF 06/07/23 06:17 PM
BB Discussion Topic: TURNER @turnur Me trying climb into the Big Brother House after being left out of the next all stars season AprilSky 06/07/23 05:48 PM
BBCA Discussion Lame NT Taylorschips 06/07/23 05:19 PM
BB Discussion Ditto :) NT wyndycty 06/07/23 04:42 PM
Games comb NT CatsRock 06/07/23 04:41 PM
BB Discussion I Venmo my kids Birthday money…they live out of state, Happy Birthday in the memo line, ha. NT wyndycty 06/07/23 04:40 PM
Games rulebook NT CatsRock 06/07/23 04:39 PM
Games cough NT CatsRock 06/07/23 04:39 PM
Games Alberta NT CatsRock 06/07/23 04:38 PM
Games shot NT CatsRock 06/07/23 04:36 PM
BBCA Discussion I was surprised at this announcement. I assume there won't be feeds again. NT CatsRock 06/07/23 04:36 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful How do you know it's a wig? I thought it was her own hair, just a different style. NT CatsRock 06/07/23 04:34 PM
BB Alumni Topic: For Dan Gheesling fans, he's competing in a cooking comp. on Twitch... kenisgod1 06/07/23 04:17 PM
BB Discussion I stopped watching long before the end. Showmance cam wasn't entertaining to me. NT nicholaspuppy 06/07/23 03:53 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Claire: "POV: your unemployed friend on a Tuesday." This is pretty funny. >>> Corndogger 06/07/23 03:36 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Holy crap! Arisa says BBBCAN will be back. >>> Corndogger 06/07/23 03:22 PM
BB Discussion 19 has to be the worst ever. NT OUALUMinTX 06/07/23 03:22 PM
BB Discussion Giving cash can feel tacky sometimes. But $750 of panda express gift cards is really weird. NT peachesb 06/07/23 03:19 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful Topic: Steffys hair this week looks like Darth Vaders Helmet lol NT Camlawnman 06/07/23 03:19 PM
BB Discussion BB20 had a very strong F4. NT Corndogger 06/07/23 03:09 PM
BBCA Discussion Kevin just tweeted. It's renewed! NT jackbitter 06/07/23 03:06 PM
BBCA News & Rumours Topic: BB CANADA renewed jackbitter 06/07/23 03:05 PM
BB Discussion It's affecting scripted shows, in which reality shows will have to replace. NT moeopoly 06/07/23 03:03 PM
BB Discussion Weird that they refunded you $3.90? LOL and the card is still on hold? Wow. Things that make me crazy. NT colleenag 06/07/23 02:51 PM
Games shoo NT StarfishTwo 06/07/23 02:32 PM
Games excitement NT StarfishTwo 06/07/23 02:30 PM
Games lungs NT StarfishTwo 06/07/23 02:29 PM
Games map collection NT StarfishTwo 06/07/23 02:28 PM
Games house rule NT StarfishTwo 06/07/23 02:27 PM
Games distant land NT StarfishTwo 06/07/23 02:26 PM
Games cut down NT StarfishTwo 06/07/23 02:25 PM
Games Sexy and I Know It NT StarfishTwo 06/07/23 02:24 PM
Current Affairs Topic: DOJ charges ‘Bob’s Burgers,’ ‘Arrested Development’ actor in Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Jay Johnston, an actor who appeared in many comedies, was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony obstruction of beachbum7 06/07/23 01:43 PM
Current Affairs Topic: For Trump, the sh*t is about to hit the fan, Meadows to plead guilty to lesser crimes in exchange for limited immunity, Trump may be charged under the Espionage Act beachbum7 06/07/23 01:35 PM
News Stand Ya, but he was employed. NT Beard 06/07/23 01:26 PM
Games The Greatest American Hero NT AZ_Cards_11 06/07/23 01:02 PM
BB Discussion Not to mention theft. I was given a $300 gift card for a dogsitting job in December. Spent about $100 of it in March. On 5/31 $147.00 of it was stolen from my card & paid to Paypal & a "hold" was put grammypampam 06/07/23 12:06 PM
Y & R I found this update on Twitter. Rio 06/07/23 12:01 PM
BB Discussion Well, yes, it would seem silly since BB is "supposed" to be unscripted. But I think it's more to cover their fall schedule when no scripted shows are going to be ready, Networks are already beginning grammypampam 06/07/23 11:56 AM
Young Sheldon You are correct. I just checked my cable guide. That episode first aired in September. NT Rio 06/07/23 11:54 AM
Young Sheldon I take it that it's a rerun. IIRC, they've already been models on The Price is Right. NT Corndogger 06/07/23 11:36 AM
BB Discussion Kaaaaaaaaysar! NT MegsMom316 06/07/23 11:35 AM
BB Discussion Best is a tough call between 2,3,4 and 5 NT nicholaspuppy 06/07/23 11:35 AM
BB Discussion BB15 was real bad. Andy is a strong winner but the others? ----- NT nicholaspuppy 06/07/23 11:34 AM
News Stand It all started with a detective in the 1970s, who lived in a trailer at a beachside parking lot in Malibu and drove a gold Firebird NT beachbum7 06/07/23 11:27 AM
Y & R Topic: Does anyone here know if the Daytime Emmys are going to go ahead on Fri. June 16 at 8pm EST or not? I can't find it on my TV Program Guide and there is a writers' strike so maybe it's postponed? NT CatsRock 06/07/23 11:09 AM
BB Discussion at the end of the day i find it hilarious the "writers strike" is effecting a so called reality show NT cutgr 06/07/23 11:00 AM
BB Discussion BB2 best final 4: Hardy, Monica, Nicole, Dr. Will. NT third 06/07/23 10:50 AM

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