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Current Affairs What I love is that it violates their own official government rules. Perhaps we need a Sesame Street episode on hypocrisy to explain things to them. NT Beard 07/09/20 01:32 PM
Current Affairs I hate that they keep making safety calls political. It just entrenches resistance to following any safety calls made. They think they are being "targeted because its GOP" instead of it being kidfresh512 07/09/20 01:27 PM
Other Reality Shows Topic: Really enjoyed the premier of Tough as Nails. Much better than I expected. It was a bit cheesy at times though. NT Hermit 07/09/20 01:27 PM
The Score Big Ten Conference presidents and athletics directors prefer playing a conference-only schedule for college football..... wyndycty 07/09/20 01:23 PM
Games 9. Fiery NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 01:12 PM
Games Welcome to the Jungle NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 01:10 PM
BB Discussion Oh! Now I get it NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 01:06 PM
Games 8. Fantasy NT beachbum7 07/09/20 12:54 PM
BB Discussion That's them NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:51 PM
BB Discussion I watched just because it's something to watch. Some good lookin people to look at if nothing else NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:50 PM
The Amazing Race Missed it. Maybe next week. NT Hidef1080 07/09/20 12:46 PM
BB Discussion Think way they asked for question on jeopardy..not sure if that is way exactly but in ballpark hopefully :p NT uvp 07/09/20 12:44 PM
BB Discussion I want a cat so bad but not bad enough to smell the litter box all day! NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:43 PM
BB News & Rumors Noooo!! I was praying this wasnt true. Rather have nothing instead tbh. NT datboi 07/09/20 12:41 PM
BB Discussion 100 alex? NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:41 PM
BB Discussion Yeah but who cares? Time they learned who the greats are and were NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:35 PM
BB Discussion I've been watching them; it should play NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:32 PM
Games 7. what? NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:22 PM
Days of Our Lives Topic: Jay Kenneth Johnsonís first airdate revealed. Rio 07/09/20 12:20 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful Topic: Two roles recast. Rio 07/09/20 12:14 PM
BB Discussion underrated winner. NT BruteForce 07/09/20 11:48 AM
BB Discussion Happy he is doing something positive n productive NT uvp 07/09/20 11:34 AM
BB Discussion It was nice to read that he had written a book for parents with kids on Drugs and has started some outreach programs.. NT wyndycty 07/09/20 11:30 AM
Games King Of The Hill NT AZ_Cards_11 07/09/20 11:29 AM
Games Yes, but do you need DJ Khaled to tell you how to do it? NT beachbum7 07/09/20 11:24 AM
Games 7. Eat NT beachbum7 07/09/20 11:24 AM
Animal House Topic: Rarest gorilla subspecies appears on camera with a group of babies for the first time. Rio 07/09/20 11:22 AM
Games King of Queens NT Rio 07/09/20 11:12 AM
Games Backdraft - Rebecca De Mornay NT Rio 07/09/20 11:11 AM
BB Discussion Dan update uvp 07/09/20 11:05 AM
Games what happened NT StarfishTwo 07/09/20 10:49 AM
Games last time NT StarfishTwo 07/09/20 10:48 AM
Games Some Counties Are Reviewing Emergency Declarations ... THREAT NT StarfishTwo 07/09/20 10:47 AM
News Stand I have mixed emotions about his response. I can understand him wanting to avoid further publicity and inconvenience, and I admire his apparent sense of forgiveness, but, Beard 07/09/20 10:38 AM
BB Discussion Eddie update uvp 07/09/20 10:32 AM
BB Discussion Kc update uvp 07/09/20 10:24 AM
Games now what NT AZ_Cards_11 07/09/20 10:22 AM
Games outlast NT AZ_Cards_11 07/09/20 10:22 AM
Current Affairs Better late than never, I guess. Maybe this could lead to Trump getting new government housing after his term is up, but he'll probably manage to wiggle out of that, too. NT Beard 07/09/20 10:21 AM
BB Discussion Rachel update uvp 07/09/20 10:20 AM
BB Discussion Hayden update uvp 07/09/20 10:19 AM
Games Somethings Up, Robert Got Evicted......SCARED NT AZ_Cards_11 07/09/20 10:19 AM
BB Discussion Boogie update uvp 07/09/20 10:16 AM
Games Go on a trip ... Cardigan sweater or hoodie? NT StarfishTwo 07/09/20 10:15 AM
BB Discussion Ian update uvp 07/09/20 10:14 AM
BB Discussion I may have been too late or donít have the right app, I could not get it to play -:( NT wyndycty 07/09/20 10:13 AM
Current Affairs On the other hand, it would be 6,000 Republicans infecting themselves and each other, then taking that infection back home to their supporters. NT Beard 07/09/20 10:12 AM
BB Discussion Steve update uvp 07/09/20 10:10 AM
BB Discussion Josh update uvp 07/09/20 10:09 AM
Current Affairs We totally discounted the last crazy celebrity to run for President, and look where that got us. This wack-a-doodle belongs in an institution, but not in the institution of government. Beard 07/09/20 10:09 AM

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