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Survivor Discussion It should be but my DirectTV is listing it as one Episode. I just wanna say it's two episodes lol NT BBFanJ 03/20/19 04:49 PM
BBCA Discussion OMG. Can't even.... Just ignorant. NT LettucePray 03/20/19 04:43 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Yup, Damien. Another reason Canada is different. He used the word "reconcile" not "divide" or "attack". NT WillRulz 03/20/19 04:41 PM
BB Discussion No problem. NT Corndogger 03/20/19 04:41 PM
Current Affairs In 2018, President Trumpís unveiled his Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse. AskMedia 03/20/19 04:40 PM
BB Discussion Thanks! Ive been here forever yet never learned this trick! NT jammin_jen 03/20/19 04:40 PM
BBCA Discussion Error. Error. Reboot. Reboot. NT WillRulz 03/20/19 04:35 PM
BBCA Discussion Which 'morons'? We have so many ... Esti and Kiki, Dane/Esti, Sam/Adam, etc. lol NT LettucePray 03/20/19 04:34 PM
BBCA Discussion Just Kyra, that I saw. NT LettucePray 03/20/19 04:34 PM
Current Affairs In October 2017, President Trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. NT AskMedia 03/20/19 04:32 PM
Current Affairs In May 2016, a group of national health experts issued an urgent plea in a private letter to high-level officials in the Obama administration. The administration considered the request but did not act AskMedia 03/20/19 04:32 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Twice.. lol. NT vortexfugue 03/20/19 04:31 PM
BBCA Discussion She stalled for 15 minutes. Kiera 2.0 had a malfunction. :) NT WillRulz 03/20/19 04:31 PM
BBCA Discussion lol Sam trying so hard to throw it NT no1home 03/20/19 04:30 PM
BBCA Discussion I buy it since the conversation was on the feeds. It just didnít show Sam. NT DaisyChain 03/20/19 04:29 PM
BBCA Discussion It's triggering my gambling addiction NT teetee 03/20/19 04:29 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Kiera blew a microchip. Bah. Ha. Ha. Sam couldn't even throw it to her. NT WillRulz 03/20/19 04:28 PM
BBCA Discussion They showed Kyra pointing out a ball to Sam, one she needed to win part one. NT WillRulz 03/20/19 04:26 PM
BBCA Discussion They did! NT canadaluvsjoker 03/20/19 04:25 PM
BB Discussion Smart move on Cody and Jess's part as far as I'm concerned. Now they'll have a model to hawk baby items. If they play it right the kid will earn her keep. NT Corndogger 03/20/19 04:25 PM
BB Discussion Yes. Attention seeking starts early now I guess. NT FurlessBat 03/20/19 04:23 PM
BBCA Discussion She was Ikaís pick so Iím sure that gave her a few votes. NT jntenzil 03/20/19 04:22 PM
BBCA Discussion I wonder if they'll show Kyra and Adam helping Sam. Knowing BBCAN they'll probably cut it out. NT no1home 03/20/19 04:22 PM
Survivor Discussion You're super early this week. I do believe that tonight is actually Episodes 5 and 6 even though they're being packaged under one title. NT Corndogger 03/20/19 04:22 PM
BB Discussion Maybe after Maverick from Top Gun? NT BBFanJ 03/20/19 04:20 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Survivor EOE Episode 5(and 6?) Discussion thread.... NT BBFanJ 03/20/19 04:18 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: This is a good comp! NT canadaluvsjoker 03/20/19 04:18 PM
BBCA Discussion Maaayyybbeee? Maybe some fans wanted her to wake the hell up about Adam? NT BBFanJ 03/20/19 04:16 PM
BB Discussion Pic #5 from the dog. Corndogger 03/20/19 04:15 PM
BBCA Discussion You mean Kelsey? Who's now dating one of the moron bros? NT BBFanJ 03/20/19 04:15 PM
BB Discussion Pic #4 from the kid herself. Corndogger 03/20/19 04:14 PM
BB Discussion Pic #3 which is from Lori. Corndogger 03/20/19 04:12 PM
BB Discussion Does Maverick have her own instragram? I like Jess and Cody but not a big fan of giving babies their own SM. NT silverspoons 03/20/19 04:11 PM
BB Discussion Pic #2 from Cody. Corndogger 03/20/19 04:11 PM
BB Discussion Pic #1 from Jess. Corndogger 03/20/19 04:10 PM
BB Discussion Was she named after the Dallas Basketball team? or for another reason? NT silverspoons 03/20/19 04:09 PM
BBCA Discussion Is "this" a non-gender pronoun for Adam? NT remdeprived 03/20/19 04:04 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Show's on. NT WillRulz 03/20/19 04:01 PM
BB Discussion Maybe corndogger can help..! NT uvp 03/20/19 04:01 PM
Married at First Sight Topic: Dr, Jessica is not going to be on the next season. Dr. Viviana Coles from Houston will be the new expert. They are filming the weddings today in NC NT silverspoons 03/20/19 03:58 PM
BB Discussion Jess said in the bb house she loved boys names for girls! My female cousin is Drew. Itís very trendy! NT jammin_jen 03/20/19 03:57 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Baby Nickson pics! jammin_jen 03/20/19 03:55 PM
Current Affairs So, he believes in vaccination, he just doesn't believe in science or in spending the money for the shots. Agree to disagree. NT Beard 03/20/19 03:53 PM
BBCA Discussion I've been wondering the same. NT vortexfugue 03/20/19 03:52 PM
BBCA Discussion I have a feeling there is more to the story and shenanigans involved, yes. NT WillRulz 03/20/19 03:51 PM
Current Affairs And I wonder, what extraordinary measures has the Trump Administration taken to fight the fentanyl crisis? NT Beard 03/20/19 03:50 PM
BBCA Discussion Hmmmmmmm. :) NT WillRulz 03/20/19 03:50 PM
BBCA Discussion The implosion from these two morons will be glorious. NT WillRulz 03/20/19 03:50 PM
BBCA Discussion If you are using BB Viewer it's bookmarked. NT dillybean 03/20/19 03:49 PM
BBCA Discussion He is so paranoid anyhow this will send him running to the boys and Anthony will go NT dillybean 03/20/19 03:48 PM

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