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Current Affairs I like Grape and Orange best and of course Bombpops. NT Blockhead 11/22/19 07:20 AM
Current Affairs what MM said NT petite6 11/22/19 07:19 AM
Streamed Shows Thx! NT wyndycty 11/22/19 07:19 AM
Current Affairs No, an FBI lawyer told DOJ officials he had a factual basis for a claim in a warrant but then altered an email to support that claim. The action should be punished but the IG said it did not affect Blockhead 11/22/19 07:19 AM
Current Affairs Andrew Napolitano: Gordon Sondland "is not a Never Trumper. He is not a Democrat. ... This is a guy who's given $1 million to the Republican Party, and is the most important Trump-nominated petite6 11/22/19 07:18 AM
Current Affairs Depends on the flavor. NT MegsMom316 11/22/19 07:18 AM
Current Affairs Who doesn't like popsicles? NT Blockhead 11/22/19 07:17 AM
Current Affairs Andrew Napolitano: "One would expect the president in September, after the whistleblower's allegations came out, after the president was accused of a quid pro quo, to say 'no quid pro quo.' petite6 11/22/19 07:17 AM
Current Affairs It's ok :) NT Blockhead 11/22/19 07:16 AM
Current Affairs You suck...popsicles? NT petite6 11/22/19 07:16 AM
News Stand Topic: Wat Misaka, first person of color to play in the NBA, dead at age 95 petite6 11/22/19 07:15 AM
Streamed Shows Topic: Amazons... The Man in the High Castle. Just dropped its Final S#4. Absolutely loved this Series, sad to see it end. Rufus Sewel deserves an Emmy... wyndycty 11/22/19 07:13 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Peggy Noonan: Trumpís Defenders Have No Defense petite6 11/22/19 07:11 AM
Current Affairs I was reading via L50 and there were comments before and after your post so I totally missed it since it wasn't the same wording as the CNN article, I scan and miss chit ALL the time. sowwy. NT MegsMom316 11/22/19 07:11 AM
Streamed Shows Cant wait! Loved S#1..... NT wyndycty 11/22/19 07:05 AM
News Stand Topic: YOO Elon Musk was talking about how durable the new Tesla truck is and they decided to do a test petite6 11/22/19 07:05 AM
Current Affairs No one ever sees my posts. :( NT Blockhead 11/22/19 07:02 AM
The Score Late fumble by Texans should have triggered a formal replay review... wyndycty 11/22/19 07:02 AM
Current Affairs Trump just said that if he hadn't fired FBI Director Comey, he'd be in "big trouble" now, because Comey was coming after him. That description will give ammunition to those arguing an obstruction petite6 11/22/19 07:01 AM
Current Affairs He made an error in paper work? Like a double space instead of single? NT petite6 11/22/19 07:00 AM
The Score Topic: Thurs Night Football... Texans 20-17 Colts NT wyndycty 11/22/19 06:59 AM
Current Affairs Link from CNN ( I didn't see that this subject was posted before I posted it so I deleted and moved it to here) MegsMom316 11/22/19 06:48 AM
Current Affairs So much for the claim that Obama illegally spied on the Trump campaign. NT Blockhead 11/22/19 06:40 AM
Current Affairs "That conduct did not alter Horowitzís finding that the surveillance application of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had a proper legal and factual basis, the officials said." NT Blockhead 11/22/19 06:39 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Justice Dept. inspector generalís draft Russia report finds FBI lawyer may have altered document Blockhead 11/22/19 06:39 AM
Current Affairs Oh and Trump just said that Rudy would make a great Attorney General. Yes, that Rudy who is being investigated by the SDNY...Y'all NT petite6 11/22/19 06:30 AM
Current Affairs Yovanovitch has over two decades of experience working as a public servant...y'alls president is going off about his picture in an embassy....mmmhmmm NT petite6 11/22/19 06:24 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Trump on Yovanovitch: "She wouldn't hang my picture in the embassy. She is in charge of the embassy. She wouldn't hang it. It look a year-and-a-half, two years to get the picture up. She said petite6 11/22/19 06:16 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Wow!!! This video of Lindsey Graham talking about Joe Biden is extraordinary!! petite6 11/22/19 05:59 AM
News Stand With trillion dollar value, you would think all of these companies would have higher wages in the U.S. and abroad. NT petite6 11/22/19 05:56 AM
News Stand Topic: Tony Robbins Has Been Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A High Schooler At A Summer Camp petite6 11/22/19 05:54 AM
Streamed Shows Topic: What To Watch After The Crown WillRulz 11/22/19 05:44 AM
Games Q- Quilts for sale or as a prize NT Rio 11/22/19 05:36 AM
Games X - taXes NT Rio 11/22/19 05:33 AM
Games Dusk NT Rio 11/22/19 05:31 AM
Games P- pumpkins NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:30 AM
Games Sharp NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:27 AM
Games 9. Your nose would grow if you told a lie NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:19 AM
Games duck NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:16 AM
Games 7. George Clooney NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:13 AM
Games I- interception NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:06 AM
Games 4. Nights On Broadway NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:03 AM
Games 3. Hold the pickles. Hold the lettuce. Special orders don't upset us. Have it your way. NT lilyann 11/22/19 03:58 AM
BB Fans Love those curls!! NT luvs2chat 11/22/19 03:52 AM
Games 6. We've Only Just Begun NT lilyann 11/22/19 03:47 AM
Games 9. Corer NT lilyann 11/22/19 03:44 AM
Games 2' onions NT lilyann 11/22/19 03:42 AM
Dancing With The Stars Topic: Ally Brooke Begged Judges to Give James Van Der Beek Her Place in the 'DWTS' Final Dreamer 11/22/19 03:40 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Report on Justice Dept and FBI conduct regarding FISA warrants during 2016 election to be released by watchdog in December Dreamer 11/22/19 03:37 AM
News Stand With all that money you'd think that NIKE would pay their Vietnamese workers more. NT Dreamer 11/22/19 03:25 AM

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