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Current Affairs Topic: OAN calls for the execution of “tens of thousands” of Americans who “stole” the 2020 election from Trump. petite6 06/24/21 08:30 AM
BB Discussion Ballsmashers even had a defector (Whitney). And what was the cause of that? Whitney started flirting and talking to Justin. NT PierreBourne 06/24/21 08:15 AM
BB Discussion Sadly, girls are generally jealous of each other. NT punknpie40 06/24/21 08:12 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner reportedly distancing themselves from former president’s election claims. Rio 06/24/21 08:09 AM
BB Discussion You say that like it's a bad thing. Who doesn't love a good showmance? NT Blockhead 06/24/21 07:45 AM
News Stand Topic: Newsmax's Dick Morris suggests Critical Race Theory may "reinforce the Oedipal notion all kids have of wanting to kill their father and marry their mother" petite6 06/24/21 07:43 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Brian Williams stuffed @mattgaetz in a locker petite6 06/24/21 07:37 AM
News Stand This straight up happened after they made an announcement on the infrastructure bill and the discussion on how much to include on climate stress on buildings NT petite6 06/24/21 07:29 AM
News Stand Topic: Biden extends eviction moratorium for 30 days. Rio 06/24/21 07:28 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Texas Gov. Abbott Blasted For Vetoing Bill Punishing Dog Abuse petite6 06/24/21 07:24 AM
News Stand WATCH: 12-story residential building collapses in Surfside, Florida; at least 1 dead, dozens more feared missing (VIDEO) petite6 06/24/21 07:21 AM
News Stand Topic: Wing of Miami-area condo collapses; many feared dead. Rio 06/24/21 07:18 AM
BB Discussion they cast women that want showmances and instagram followers more than they want to play the game. they have no interest in casting smart, strong women. NT nicholaspuppy 06/24/21 07:10 AM
BB Discussion It could be either.. 1) With religion, most women have been conditioned from birth to worship a man. 2) They think men are more "powerful" and want to be protected. 3) single girl wants a showmance NT Powerman818 06/24/21 07:02 AM
Games Topic: ABC Song Lyrics Continued continued - Rio wrote “Zero, Saved by Zero.” NT Rio 06/24/21 06:59 AM
Games ***END *** NT Rio 06/24/21 06:58 AM
Games Z- Zero, Saved by Zero. NT Rio 06/24/21 06:58 AM
Games Topic: ABC 5-word Sentences Continued - Rio wrote “ Z- Zany Ziggy Zigzagged Zanesville’s Zoo.” NT Rio 06/24/21 06:56 AM
Games *** END *** NT Rio 06/24/21 06:54 AM
Games Z- Zany Ziggy Zigzagged Zanesville’s Zoo. NT Rio 06/24/21 06:54 AM
Games Y - Yellow Submarine, We all live in a yellow submarine. NT Rio 06/24/21 06:52 AM
Games Don’t You Forget About Me NT Rio 06/24/21 06:49 AM
Games True ... You were a Girl / Boy Scout NT Rio 06/24/21 06:47 AM
BB Discussion Brining in the gay guy in for camouflage and intel usually helps. NT IceColdBeer 06/24/21 06:47 AM
Games 10. Lightning Bug NT Rio 06/24/21 06:46 AM
Games Dusk NT Rio 06/24/21 06:44 AM
Games Disk NT Rio 06/24/21 06:44 AM
Games Elephant NT Rio 06/24/21 06:39 AM
Games Flew NT Rio 06/24/21 06:38 AM
Games Eddie and the Cruisers NT Rio 06/24/21 06:37 AM
Games 2. Cheerfully NT Rio 06/24/21 06:35 AM
BB Discussion The potential deal with ViacomCBS would be a tie-up not an acquisition. They are considering becoming partners for some venture. Unlikely so far that Comcast would or could control CBS. NT Kings_Fan 06/24/21 06:08 AM
Games 1. Calorie NT branana 06/24/21 05:29 AM
Games Topic: Name 15: Three-syllable 'C' words NT branana 06/24/21 05:28 AM
Games --end-- NT branana 06/24/21 05:28 AM
Games You Yoked Your Young Yak. NT branana 06/24/21 05:25 AM
Games Xylla was an archetype, the voodoo queen the queen of rath. NT branana 06/24/21 05:23 AM
Games Frogs Eat Little Leaves...STUCK NT branana 06/24/21 05:22 AM
Games coursework NT branana 06/24/21 05:22 AM
Games Don't Forget Where You Belong NT branana 06/24/21 05:21 AM
Games Brett Ate Iced Ladyfingers. NT branana 06/24/21 05:20 AM
Games Ahmedabad NT branana 06/24/21 05:19 AM
Games Party Down NT branana 06/24/21 05:18 AM
Games Iced Coffee...Caramel or cheese popcorn? NT branana 06/24/21 05:17 AM
Games Y - Yard Party NT branana 06/24/21 05:16 AM
Games Everything Has Changed...what makes you feel young? NT branana 06/24/21 05:16 AM
Games False...You have held a snake. NT branana 06/24/21 05:15 AM
BB Discussion She is Morgan's sister, winner of BBOTT season. She also played. iirc. NT colleenag 06/24/21 05:15 AM
Games 15. Elect NT branana 06/24/21 05:15 AM
Games 8. Sabrina NT branana 06/24/21 05:14 AM

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