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Games side saddle NT StarfishTwo 03/07/21 04:24 AM
Games Boy Scout NT StarfishTwo 03/07/21 04:23 AM
Games Topic: Compound Words #1, cont'd: lilyann wrote "inside" NT StarfishTwo 03/07/21 04:22 AM
Games **end** NT StarfishTwo 03/07/21 04:21 AM
Games Topic: Compound Words #2, cont'd: lilyann wrote "doughboy" NT StarfishTwo 03/07/21 04:21 AM
Games **end** NT StarfishTwo 03/07/21 04:21 AM
Games nuts NT StarfishTwo 03/07/21 04:19 AM
Games Salk NT StarfishTwo 03/07/21 04:18 AM
Games Log NT lilyann 03/07/21 03:41 AM
Games Oslo NT lilyann 03/07/21 03:37 AM
Games inside NT lilyann 03/07/21 03:17 AM
Games doughboy NT lilyann 03/07/21 03:16 AM
Games nutty NT lilyann 03/07/21 03:13 AM
Games 9. Next Friday NT lilyann 03/07/21 03:09 AM
Games 6. Young Girl NT lilyann 03/07/21 03:05 AM
Games B - Bolivia NT lilyann 03/07/21 03:03 AM
The Jukebox Journey - You can do (Kerri Strug) curt37 03/07/21 03:02 AM
Games salt NT lilyann 03/07/21 03:01 AM
Games 5. Bad Girls NT beachbum7 03/07/21 12:15 AM
BB Discussion Zach being first is something I never would have predicted. NT Corndogger 03/06/21 10:48 PM
BBCA Discussion I want to like Latoya, but she's stopping everything interesting from happening. She's a good player, don't get me wrong, but it's people like her that make for a Paul lining up the sheep season NT Shoreline74 * 03/06/21 10:45 PM
BBCA Discussion Thank you for being open. Appreciate you NT Shoreline74 * 03/06/21 10:41 PM
Current Affairs Ya, but deplorables sound kinda cute, like they should be Disney characters, or at least Pixar. NT Beard 03/06/21 10:21 PM
Current Affairs and the deplorables. She was right when she said it. She still is. NT Hostus 03/06/21 10:18 PM
Current Affairs well, they're both after the white nationalist, racist vote. The Orange Trash should sue the GOP! :) NT Hostus 03/06/21 10:15 PM
BBCA Discussion He and Ro are a 2. They've approached Tina/Tera and are (unfortunately for them) Latoya curious. Latoya blew them up today after they approached her. NT aliroo 03/06/21 10:05 PM
BBCA Discussion Oh I'm so glad to hear that! I really don't want another bro season. Who's he with right now? NT Shoreline74 * 03/06/21 09:54 PM
BBCA Discussion Thank you for explaining this to me. NT LillyBell 03/06/21 09:49 PM
BB Discussion NFT stands for Non-fungible token. Basically means it's a unique digital work of art. It's part of blockchain technology. Link to an article inside. Corndogger 03/06/21 09:49 PM
BBCA Discussion The point of it is to create a safe space for people in those communities by blantantly showing that you will not tolerate that around you. This company is amazing and donates lot of money to Shoreline74 * 03/06/21 09:47 PM
BBCA Discussion It's a way of taking the term back. Like how Black people have taken the N word back even though it was an insult, but that it is only okay for people in that community to use. For example, as a qu Shoreline74 * 03/06/21 09:45 PM
BBCA Discussion But if Jed and Ty wanted it so, couldn't they get it done with their cross team relationships? Maybe they don't want to push this early. Just seems weird to me. NT aliroo 03/06/21 09:37 PM
Games sale NT StarfishTwo 03/06/21 09:30 PM
BBCA Discussion Team Destiny should target Rohan for that reason, but I guess it might be hard to convince Kyle et al NT FurlessBat 03/06/21 09:28 PM
BBCA Discussion Rohan(strong player) can help her team win, josh is weak and useless so latoya wants him out and that’s what she will get lol NT godfreyfan 03/06/21 09:20 PM
Games Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? NT StarfishTwo 03/06/21 09:17 PM
BB Discussion Yes! Sorry, did not see that. NT Corndogger 03/06/21 09:16 PM
BBCA Discussion They will likely be the first BBCAN wedding, so that is true. NT ScienceGirl 03/06/21 09:16 PM
BBCA Discussion I think so? NT godfreyfan 03/06/21 09:12 PM
Games Don't Accept Neil's Goofy Excuses, Remember? ... LATE NT StarfishTwo 03/06/21 09:12 PM
BBCA Discussion the whole house? NT LillyBell 03/06/21 09:12 PM
Games Topic: Movie Chairs, cont'd: StarfishTwo wrote "FernGully: The Last Rainforest" NT StarfishTwo 03/06/21 09:08 PM
Games **end** NT StarfishTwo 03/06/21 09:08 PM
Games FernGully: The Last Rainforest NT StarfishTwo 03/06/21 09:08 PM
Games Nobody Knows ... What did they say on their way out the door? NT StarfishTwo 03/06/21 09:07 PM
Games V - Vampires Will Never Hurt You NT StarfishTwo 03/06/21 09:04 PM
Games Breaking Up Is Hard To Do NT StarfishTwo 03/06/21 09:00 PM
BBCA Discussion Not great, for sure. But even after that, they are still targeting Josh, yes? Very strange. If it was me, and I got that info from Latoya, I would be pushing to get Ro out this week. Still time. NT aliroo 03/06/21 08:59 PM
Games 10. ChasingCowboys Leaped Over Very Expensive Rugs NT StarfishTwo 03/06/21 08:59 PM
BBCA Discussion But he’s playing a bad game. Whatever he told Latoya earlier today, she ran back to jedson with all that NT godfreyfan 03/06/21 08:58 PM

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