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The Score Mack "truck" is a force! NT colleenag 11/18/18 07:18 PM
The Score Vikings NEEDED that int badly! NT uvp 11/18/18 07:14 PM
The Score Go with your head..! :p NT uvp 11/18/18 07:11 PM
The Jukebox That was great, thanks NT AprilSky 11/18/18 07:10 PM
BB Discussion Cool story. Eloquent description. NT robin86 11/18/18 07:09 PM
The Score Thank you for asking for a sticky. It references other sports also. NT Bobbo2 11/18/18 07:08 PM
The Score Da Bears! NT colleenag 11/18/18 07:08 PM
The Score And the other 16 are from me lol. NT Bobbo2 11/18/18 07:06 PM
The Score yeah. probably! Bobbo posted it last season sometime and I asked dreamer to sticky it. comes in handy! *thanks Bobbo* NT Axelsen 11/18/18 07:03 PM
The Score ok, got it! NT colleenag 11/18/18 07:03 PM
The Score starts there.. NT uvp 11/18/18 07:02 PM
The Score Wow!ha! NT uvp 11/18/18 07:01 PM
The Score Tough game for me as a Packer Backer. My head says I want the Vikings to win but my gut is saying Bears. NT Bobbo2 11/18/18 07:00 PM
The Score are you guys referring to division or conference? I was referring to conference. NT colleenag 11/18/18 06:59 PM
The Score yes, I asked for it last year. 200 of those views are from me lol NT Axelsen 11/18/18 06:58 PM
Celebrity Buzz Topic: Bob Barker Hospitalized for the Second Time in a Month For Severe Back Pain Dreamer 11/18/18 06:58 PM
Real World/The Challenge elimination update #5: RatFloater 11/18/18 06:53 PM
The Score lol..i am here every day n never knew we had that site sticky above..ha! NT uvp 11/18/18 06:52 PM
The Score Bears D dominated 1st half. 1st downs 15-5 Bears, total yds 202-77 Bears, time of possession 19:55-10:05 Bears. NT Bobbo2 11/18/18 06:51 PM
The Score yes uvp is correct. just checked football ref sticky NT Axelsen 11/18/18 06:50 PM
Other UnReality Shows Topic: The Good Doctor season 3: Air date, cast and everything you need to know Dreamer 11/18/18 06:50 PM
The Score they tare listed behind bears but bears at 3rd....Ram/Saints 1/2 NT colleenag 11/18/18 06:50 PM
The Score I dont think they are 4th..should be around second behind bears.. NT uvp 11/18/18 06:48 PM
The Score interesting...i didn't know cousins was paid so well...Vikings, right now, 5-3 record and 4th in their conference...haven't had a chance to lookat counsins stats... NT colleenag 11/18/18 06:47 PM
Below Deck Topic: Those hips don’t lie, Josiah! Spend Tuesdays in Tahiti with the crew of BelowDeck. Tune in every week @ 9/8c on Bravo! Dreamer 11/18/18 06:44 PM
The Score I am praying to Odin now! :) NT Axelsen 11/18/18 06:44 PM
The Score You have it right..much expensive cousins and worst record..granted d isnt as great this year.. NT uvp 11/18/18 06:43 PM
The Score TY! NT colleenag 11/18/18 06:43 PM
Shahs of Sunset Topic: MJ doesn't want Tommy in the delivery room. Here's why Dreamer 11/18/18 06:43 PM
Married at First Sight Topic: Will these two be able to work it out ? The tide is turning fast on Married At First Sight: Honeymoon Island ! Watch an all-new episode TUESDAY at 9/8c. Dreamer 11/18/18 06:43 PM
The Score Yep. NT Bobbo2 11/18/18 06:42 PM
The Score aha, so you think Vikings will turn it on in the 2 half and win the game in the last 2 minutes ??? :D NT colleenag 11/18/18 06:41 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Monica Lewinsky tells all; explains ‘talking points’ with Linda Tripp: Eva Pilgrim reports. Dreamer 11/18/18 06:41 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Women in Saudi Arabia are protesting the country’s strict clothing laws by wearing their abayas inside out. Dreamer 11/18/18 06:40 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Nancy Pelosi’s fight for speaker; will Democratic leader win position again? Martha Raddatz has the details. Dreamer 11/18/18 06:39 PM
The Score this is taking me back to pit vs jax game! NT Axelsen 11/18/18 06:39 PM
The Score ok, so was it Kennum that was with the Vikings last year? and now with the Broncos? And Kirk Cousins came in from Washington? lol please advise NT colleenag 11/18/18 06:38 PM
Games S - Saigon NT FurnitureAlliance 11/18/18 06:38 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Hundreds of Tijuana residents congregated in an affluent section of the city to protest the thousands of Central American migrants who have arrived via caravan. Dreamer 11/18/18 06:38 PM
BB Discussion LOL I don't think anyone's offended or outraged. I think they're making fun of Tangela for acting like there's something exciting coming soon. Acting cryptic instead of saying something like, FurnitureAlliance 11/18/18 06:36 PM
The Score Bears tack on 3 more points with a 41 yd FG...14-0. NT colleenag 11/18/18 06:34 PM
BB Discussion Please let me know how he has attacked Tyler? NT FurnitureAlliance 11/18/18 06:31 PM
BB Discussion Rob's not his boss. Brent is independently giving his opinions. He's good at it too. NT FurnitureAlliance 11/18/18 06:31 PM
BB Discussion lol NT FurnitureAlliance 11/18/18 06:27 PM
BB Discussion Very pretty but her feet are distorted--too bad NT FurnitureAlliance 11/18/18 06:25 PM
Games Life Stinks NT FurnitureAlliance 11/18/18 06:23 PM
The Score unusual score in CHI/MIN game...11-0 NT colleenag 11/18/18 06:23 PM
Games On the Road Again NT FurnitureAlliance 11/18/18 06:23 PM
BB Discussion I agree 10000% NT Gamecock 11/18/18 06:22 PM
The Score Hi FurlessBat. Have a great weekend and also have a Happy Thanksgiving. NT Blockhead 11/18/18 06:21 PM

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