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BB Discussion Topic: Does anyone remember about Enzo after BB12? I have a vague memory that he messed up his marriage afterward, am I wrong about that? NT kmjm 09/22/20 12:50 AM
BB Discussion F*n Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am with the T-Top was my dream car! lol NT N2BB 09/22/20 12:47 AM
Games Law and order: L.A. NT Rio 09/22/20 12:47 AM
BB Discussion LOL Knight Rider? Ok, but seriously Smokey and the Bandit is the ultimate Trans Am, T-top and all! NT N2BB 09/22/20 12:46 AM
BB Updates Topic: Dani says the ants on the floor, look like they live here. Day says they are the 17th House guest. NT silverspoons 09/22/20 12:43 AM
Games 9. Battle Creek NT Rio 09/22/20 12:42 AM
Games 7. Wearing my sweatshirts. NT Rio 09/22/20 12:42 AM
BB Updates Topic: Kevin says 6 is the devil's number and 7 is God's number. Day and Dani laughing. NT silverspoons 09/22/20 12:42 AM
BB Discussion Natalie- S9 NT Kapri 09/22/20 12:41 AM
BB Updates Topic: Enzo says the boys are awake talking about basketball. Enzo says Tyler says you are 17 years older then me, you could be my dad. Dani talking about Angela's book tour feeds switch to HN room NT silverspoons 09/22/20 12:40 AM
BB Updates Topic: Dani says it takes a lot to curl her hair. She thinks Dom will say you never dress up for me. Dani says 9 years,Kevin says that is crazy you have been together that long. Kevin says try & snatch him away.Sister husbands. Kevin says his husband said no jokes NT silverspoons 09/22/20 12:39 AM
BB Discussion Itís possible because he was first HOH. &that usually sets the tone for the game. People clamor around them. The HGs want to form alliances w/ those in power. But the pre game friendships most myopinion 09/22/20 12:37 AM
BB Discussion he does seem to get along with everyone thou. and has a charming personality. NT HeatherAnn21 09/22/20 12:36 AM
BB Discussion Eric Stein NT silverspoons 09/22/20 12:36 AM
BB Discussion Maybe not as good , that first HoH helped him a lot , getting all those talks and info and many "alliances". NT silverspoons 09/22/20 12:35 AM
BB Discussion No doubt! NT N2BB 09/22/20 12:34 AM
BB Updates Topic: Day does not think she has a shot at America's favorite. Kevin says Cody has an outsider promoting him. feed cut to HN room NT silverspoons 09/22/20 12:34 AM
BB Discussion Unpopular opinion, but I'd also like to see Angela play again. NT kmjm 09/22/20 12:33 AM
BB Discussion I loved Paul in season 18. NT Boosey02 09/22/20 12:32 AM
BB Discussion There's a weird hostility to veganism. I'm not nor ever will be vegan, but why do people care so much about that life choice? NT kmjm 09/22/20 12:32 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Would Cody be in the best position in the house if it weren't for pre-gaming or being friends with a handful of them prior to entering the house together? NT ReaRea 09/22/20 12:31 AM
BB Updates Topic: Christmas says she likes the HN room with Cody. They can be loud. Cody says it is nice to be back there, because no one comes back there. NT silverspoons 09/22/20 12:31 AM
BB Updates Topic: Cody says just Day and Kevin were up (Kitchen), reminds Christmas her stuff is in the washer. Christmas says a few weeks ago people took laundry out of her bag, her underwear was being thrown on the lawn. Enzo and Kaysar said there were ants in her bag. NT silverspoons 09/22/20 12:30 AM
BB Discussion Iím know Iím in the minority and probably get sh*# on for this but....Paul. He one of my favs along with Dan NT CBoy 09/22/20 12:28 AM
BB Updates Topic: Kevin Dani and Day in the kitchen. Kevin says his favorite two days were when Day used the veto. Kevin says people were so nice to him. Dani listening. NT silverspoons 09/22/20 12:27 AM
BB Discussion Indeed. They were sorta close from their early room days. That is why Bay and Day were feeling so blindsided. NT Dolffie * 09/22/20 12:24 AM
BB Discussion I don't see a big difference either. The posts about malnutrition confuse me. NT N2BB 09/22/20 12:24 AM
BB Discussion So disappointing. NT kmjm 09/22/20 12:22 AM
BB Updates Topic: Christmas talking with Cody about game and personal moves. Again brings up Day and Bay. NT angelboo * 09/22/20 12:22 AM
BB Discussion Memphis for the win NT savjoz 09/22/20 12:21 AM
BB Discussion The weird thing is, when I saw this cast list, I thought the women were strong. I def wanted Reyes, Vanessa, and others. But I thought these ladies were pretty damn good. NT aliroo 09/22/20 12:20 AM
BB Discussion Topic: I donít recall Day having an issue w/ Xmas before she nommed her.. NT myopinion 09/22/20 12:20 AM
BB Discussion lol NT savjoz 09/22/20 12:20 AM
BB Discussion Renny for sure NT aj401 09/22/20 12:19 AM
BB Discussion lmao, he looks like a game show contestant in that pic. NT N2BB 09/22/20 12:17 AM
BB Discussion Libra NT aj401 09/22/20 12:17 AM
BB Discussion Winston NT aj401 09/22/20 12:16 AM
BB Discussion Oh, probably, that did bug him when Tyler told him Dani said that NT myopinion 09/22/20 12:16 AM
BB Discussion Yup, her. And Amanda. And Rachel. And Daniele. Having women powerhouses would have been nice. NT Dolffie * 09/22/20 12:14 AM
BB Discussion Hi, can I sit here? ... *passes a pair of glasses to NWA* NT N2BB 09/22/20 12:14 AM
BB Discussion Lane NT BruteForce 09/22/20 12:13 AM
BB Discussion Vanessa. NT kmjm 09/22/20 12:11 AM
BB Discussion Yeah, I just get tired of anything about female stuff being automatically "gross." NT kmjm 09/22/20 12:10 AM
BB Discussion Reyes. Hands down. Runner up, Renny. NT aliroo 09/22/20 12:10 AM
BB Discussion I heard him say Ty-think he told her Dani said Cody wanted Kevin to go NT hannah54 09/22/20 12:10 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Who, just for fun, would you have liked to see on this season? Doesnít have to be AS worthy, just someone youíd enjoy seeing again. NT branana * 09/22/20 12:08 AM
BB Discussion Enzo you goober. Iroc is Chevy and Trans Am is Pontiac. Totally different cars. NT BruteForce 09/22/20 12:07 AM
BB Discussion Naw Tyler, Nicole, Xmas, Dani, Cody,Kevin NT NWA 09/22/20 12:02 AM
BB Discussion And Natalie NT hannah54 09/21/20 11:58 PM
BB Discussion It's interesting that tonight he was talking about not trying in school and telling his teachers he didn't need to because he was going to be famous. Sounded like he regretted that. NT kmjm 09/21/20 11:58 PM

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