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The Score A couple of beautiful catches by Gronk ( and Godwin/AB) and then pass to Jones to set up a 37 yard TD run! Nice way to capitalize on a fumble recovery! 17-7 KC NT colleenag 11/29/20 02:36 PM
The Score And just like that they score..... NT wyndycty 11/29/20 02:34 PM
The Score Halftime. Saints 17-0 Broncos... Saints score on a Broncos fumble, otherwise closer game than it appears -:) NT wyndycty 11/29/20 02:30 PM
The Score Not any more. 17-0 at half. We needed to get turnovers, but we're giving them away instead. Oh well, nothing unexpected without a QB. NT JAF 11/29/20 02:26 PM
The Score The only one catching his passes is Gronk! Evans, Godwin, and AB all drops. NT colleenag 11/29/20 02:22 PM
Games 14 Come to My Window NT beachbum7 11/29/20 02:21 PM
Games 13. Cherish NT lilyann 11/29/20 02:21 PM
Games 11. pencils NT lilyann 11/29/20 02:19 PM
Games 5. Little Drummer Boy NT lilyann 11/29/20 02:17 PM
The Score Yeah..not looking good him trying to hook up with AB NT wyndycty 11/29/20 02:12 PM
The Score TB 3 and out/punt every possession so far. NT colleenag 11/29/20 02:11 PM
The Score and another! Mahomes looks left and then passes right to Tyrek for another long TD pass. Blanking TB so far, 17-0 Kansas City. NT colleenag 11/29/20 02:07 PM
The Score Exhibit #1: 75 yard TD pass to Tyrek Hill. NT colleenag 11/29/20 01:53 PM
The Score Yep. They needed him to run more; he managed to do some of that but not enough. NT colleenag 11/29/20 01:52 PM
The Score Falcons are a weird team! NT colleenag 11/29/20 01:50 PM
The Score 7-0 Saints in the 2nd... close game so far! NT wyndycty 11/29/20 01:47 PM
The Score Browns 27-25 Jags...who are also in the QB hunt NT wyndycty 11/29/20 01:44 PM
The Score Holy cow, Falcons rolled 43-6 over Raiders..what happened? NT wyndycty 11/29/20 01:42 PM
Games Some Like It Hot NT FurnitureAlliance 11/29/20 01:42 PM
The Score Dolphins 20-3 Jets... which keeps the Jets still with the #1 pick NT wyndycty 11/29/20 01:41 PM
The Score I was busy & flipping channels, so I missed most of your game, wondered if that would affect him NT wyndycty 11/29/20 01:40 PM
The Score Over to TB vs. KC. Tom Brady and receivers not on same page but can't put all the blame on Tom! Meanwhile we know Mahomes gonna be connecting all night long! NT colleenag 11/29/20 01:39 PM
The Score Our best hope is probably a 0-0 tie. lol NT JAF 11/29/20 01:37 PM
Celebrity Buzz Trump's been voted out so now we're back to being offended by bad jokes NT FurnitureAlliance 11/29/20 01:30 PM
The Score Yeah, I thought I was gonna see another game winning 50+ FG but wasn't meant to be. Folk made a 50 yard one look easy! NT colleenag 11/29/20 01:29 PM
The Score Freakin roller coaster! So many dumb penalties. I think Kyler murray's injury hampering his game play. NT colleenag 11/29/20 01:28 PM
The Score Broncos Defense stuffed Hill! NT wyndycty 11/29/20 01:26 PM
Games 11. Things Happen And Nobody Knows NT FurnitureAlliance 11/29/20 01:25 PM
The Score Congrats! NT wyndycty 11/29/20 01:23 PM
The Score I just flipped your game on! I see itís 0-0 so Saints arnt doing anything crazy NT wyndycty 11/29/20 01:23 PM
The Score Vikings 28-27 Carolina, who misses a 54yrd FG to win it...Final NT wyndycty 11/29/20 01:22 PM
The Score DEN ran wildcat (2 RBs, no QB) on first 4 plays. Got one 1st down. Only put in Hinton (the WR playing QB) on 3rd down. Incomplete, punt. NT JAF 11/29/20 01:11 PM
Celebrity Buzz Francia Raisa speaks out on Saved By the Bell reboot joke about Selena Gomezís kidney transplant. Rio 11/29/20 12:55 PM
Blue Bloods Topic: Blue Bloods 11.1 Triumph Over Trauma Rio 11/29/20 12:35 PM
The Score omg. Cam is the weakest link! He has wide open guys that could conceivably get YAC but he waits until they have 3 defenders on them and then throws it into that traffic! Unbelievable! NT colleenag 11/29/20 12:19 PM
The Score After being denied a TD on Kick off return (called for questionalbe blindside block) Pats intercept and finally punch in another TD! Pat 17-10 Cardinals. NT colleenag 11/29/20 12:09 PM
BB Discussion all i care about first is when the next BBCAN starts (usually march) NT HES 11/29/20 11:55 AM
BB Discussion James Zinkand M3gabyt3 11/29/20 11:54 AM
Games scoreboard NT FurnitureAlliance 11/29/20 11:27 AM
BB Discussion Christine NT FurnitureAlliance 11/29/20 11:12 AM
Games blue NT FurnitureAlliance 11/29/20 11:09 AM
Games Promise of A Fisherman NT FurnitureAlliance 11/29/20 11:08 AM
Games Airplane... Santa or Frosty? NT branana 11/29/20 10:54 AM
Games Sarah understand Nathan, not you... COACH NT branana 11/29/20 10:53 AM
Games Flaw NT branana 11/29/20 10:52 AM
Games False... You are finished with Thanksgiving leftovers. NT branana 11/29/20 10:52 AM
Games Freedom 90... What is your favorite cause to support? NT branana 11/29/20 10:51 AM
Games The Hens Are Never Kept. NT branana 11/29/20 10:51 AM
Games Young NT branana 11/29/20 10:50 AM
Games Pool NT branana 11/29/20 10:50 AM

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