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Other Reality Shows Topic: Really enjoyed the premier of Tough as Nails. Much better than I expected. It was a bit cheesy at times though. NT Hermit 07/09/20 01:27 PM
The Score Big Ten Conference presidents and athletics directors prefer playing a conference-only schedule for college football..... wyndycty 07/09/20 01:23 PM
Games 9. Fiery NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 01:12 PM
Games Welcome to the Jungle NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 01:10 PM
BB Discussion Oh! Now I get it NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 01:06 PM
Games 8. Fantasy NT beachbum7 07/09/20 12:54 PM
BB Discussion That's them NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:51 PM
BB Discussion I watched just because it's something to watch. Some good lookin people to look at if nothing else NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:50 PM
The Amazing Race Missed it. Maybe next week. NT Hidef1080 07/09/20 12:46 PM
BB Discussion Think way they asked for question on jeopardy..not sure if that is way exactly but in ballpark hopefully :p NT uvp 07/09/20 12:44 PM
BB Discussion I want a cat so bad but not bad enough to smell the litter box all day! NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:43 PM
BB News & Rumors Noooo!! I was praying this wasnt true. Rather have nothing instead tbh. NT datboi 07/09/20 12:41 PM
BB Discussion 100 alex? NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:41 PM
BB Discussion Yeah but who cares? Time they learned who the greats are and were NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:35 PM
BB Discussion I've been watching them; it should play NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:32 PM
Games 7. what? NT FurnitureAlliance 07/09/20 12:22 PM
Days of Our Lives Topic: Jay Kenneth Johnsonís first airdate revealed. Rio 07/09/20 12:20 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful Topic: Two roles recast. Rio 07/09/20 12:14 PM
BB Discussion underrated winner. NT BruteForce 07/09/20 11:48 AM
BB Discussion Happy he is doing something positive n productive NT uvp 07/09/20 11:34 AM
BB Discussion It was nice to read that he had written a book for parents with kids on Drugs and has started some outreach programs.. NT wyndycty 07/09/20 11:30 AM
Games King Of The Hill NT AZ_Cards_11 07/09/20 11:29 AM
Games Yes, but do you need DJ Khaled to tell you how to do it? NT beachbum7 07/09/20 11:24 AM
Games 7. Eat NT beachbum7 07/09/20 11:24 AM
Animal House Topic: Rarest gorilla subspecies appears on camera with a group of babies for the first time. Rio 07/09/20 11:22 AM
Games King of Queens NT Rio 07/09/20 11:12 AM
Games Backdraft - Rebecca De Mornay NT Rio 07/09/20 11:11 AM
BB Discussion Dan update uvp 07/09/20 11:05 AM
Games what happened NT StarfishTwo 07/09/20 10:49 AM
Games last time NT StarfishTwo 07/09/20 10:48 AM
Games Some Counties Are Reviewing Emergency Declarations ... THREAT NT StarfishTwo 07/09/20 10:47 AM
BB Discussion Eddie update uvp 07/09/20 10:32 AM
BB Discussion Kc update uvp 07/09/20 10:24 AM
Games now what NT AZ_Cards_11 07/09/20 10:22 AM
Games outlast NT AZ_Cards_11 07/09/20 10:22 AM
BB Discussion Rachel update uvp 07/09/20 10:20 AM
BB Discussion Hayden update uvp 07/09/20 10:19 AM
Games Somethings Up, Robert Got Evicted......SCARED NT AZ_Cards_11 07/09/20 10:19 AM
BB Discussion Boogie update uvp 07/09/20 10:16 AM
Games Go on a trip ... Cardigan sweater or hoodie? NT StarfishTwo 07/09/20 10:15 AM
BB Discussion Ian update uvp 07/09/20 10:14 AM
BB Discussion I may have been too late or donít have the right app, I could not get it to play -:( NT wyndycty 07/09/20 10:13 AM
BB Discussion Steve update uvp 07/09/20 10:10 AM
BB Discussion Josh update uvp 07/09/20 10:09 AM
BB Discussion Dr. Will update uvp 07/09/20 10:08 AM
BB Discussion Nicole update uvp 07/09/20 10:07 AM
BB Discussion Jackson update uvp 07/09/20 10:06 AM
BB Discussion Jordan update uvp 07/09/20 10:05 AM
BB Discussion Dick update uvp 07/09/20 10:04 AM
BB Discussion Adam update uvp 07/09/20 10:04 AM

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