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BB Discussion I think when you have someone like a do no wrong America's sweetheart in Nicole and someone is standing in her way to the prize it just adds to it. NT Teeeeebone 09/22/19 07:21 AM
BB Discussion Only if jackson or holly take her. So the answer is no NT cluelesshouse 09/22/19 07:21 AM
BB Discussion Topic: No feeds...question Is there any way Nicole can move forward? NT LolaNY 09/22/19 07:19 AM
BB Discussion They always think they would learn. I would love one year of back to basics' BB. NT dillybean 09/22/19 07:19 AM
BB Discussion Absolutely agree, the over the top hate is rather disturbing. NT missie 09/22/19 07:19 AM
BB Discussion Yeah, we would have that Nasty ! Fake Tommy in final 3 and possible win. No thank you. NT thorn 09/22/19 07:19 AM
BB Discussion I just read it on google No cause of death yet :-( NT Annie2017 09/22/19 07:18 AM
BB Discussion I don’t know if fans just forget how bad some men/women were on the feeds. They went personal, I mean I’m going to bash you on every level, your family, your kids, I hope you get raped, I mean the Marceline 09/22/19 07:18 AM
BB Discussion It’s Better than seeing Tommy or Christie anywhere near the final 3. NT thorn 09/22/19 07:16 AM
BB Discussion I am not even talking the crazy destroy his life fans. I just mean the countless fans who makes him out to be such a horrible person the likes of we have never seen on this show before. NT Teeeeebone 09/22/19 07:15 AM
BB Discussion Exactly. There have been people on the show who spend every moment saying vile things about other HGs and pretty much get a pass. He said a few things but not close to people who get zero heat. NT Teeeeebone 09/22/19 07:13 AM
BB Discussion Good BB leading players are usually attacked by viewers. Whether we talk about Jax, Holly, or Nicole, all 3 played well. BB has to remain a strategic mind/power game. Nice/sweet is overrated. NT wrinky 09/22/19 07:13 AM
BB Discussion I agree. To many fans go way overboard. Those fans are way worse than Jackson. Makes we wonder what is so terrible in there lives to want to alhiggs 09/22/19 07:13 AM
The Score It sounds like from the reporting I've heard they won't be cancelling game due to weather. NT colleenag 09/22/19 07:13 AM
BB Discussion Topic: OT - This is off topic, but I know I have talked to some fellow Food Network fans on here. I just read that Carl Ruiz passed away. :( I really liked him on DDD and GGG. He was only 44. #rip NT TampaFLMom 09/22/19 07:12 AM
The Score Ravens vs Chiefs game should be a good one, it was pouring in Arrowhead this morning.. NT wyndycty 09/22/19 07:11 AM
The Score Topic: NFL Sunday....Today’s schedule... wyndycty 09/22/19 07:09 AM
BB Discussion Season 10 was not. Jerry was 75. Season 11 was not. NT colleenag 09/22/19 07:09 AM
BB Discussion I have seen so much worse players on the feeds. IMO, the hate he gets is so over the top, like crazy I want to see his life destroyed when leaves the show hate. Same goes with Holly and she is Marceline 09/22/19 07:08 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Jackson can be a real pompous douche at times but over the years I have seen so many so worse who did not get half the hate that he gets. Why is that? NT Teeeeebone 09/22/19 07:05 AM
BB Discussion Pretty sure there has always been a climbing element in the part 2 comp NT missie 09/22/19 07:02 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Re: the #2 Comp >>>. It Was about Days ........... however was ALSO Rock Climbing!! >>>> which Holly said she was hoping for all Season!!! NT BearRunner 09/22/19 06:59 AM
BB Discussion It Was about Days ........... however was ALSO Rock Climbing!! >>>> which Holly said she was hoping for all Season!!! NT BearRunner 09/22/19 06:58 AM
BB Discussion You could be right. I, however, don't see voting against Jax as "bitter". He played a nasty game & some people would just rather reward the cleaner, more honest game. Nobody left that house mad at grammypampam 09/22/19 06:55 AM
BB Discussion That's on Cliff. She was undecided which way to go at the DE & Cliff decided on Christie/Tommy because they were coming after HIM. And the Tommy/Holly fiasco is 100% on him. She wanted to keep Tommy grammypampam 09/22/19 06:44 AM
P/X Double Darn...Holly wins part 2 -:( NT wyndycty 09/22/19 06:41 AM
BB Discussion I disagree. I think Holly's only votes will be from Kat and Jess. It's possible that one or two others are still pissed enough at Jackson (though I doubt it), but ALL of the jury have voiced a lack TampaFLMom 09/22/19 06:41 AM
BB Discussion That would be fun, but for the women could we get to 8? We’d have Kaycee, Vanessa, Natalie, Tiffany, & Ivette. Who else? NT jntenzil 09/22/19 06:39 AM
BB Discussion That idiot will be begging the jury to vote for Jackson. NT grammypampam 09/22/19 06:38 AM
BB Discussion I think that's why they added Camp Comeback - so we would still get a chance to know the early evictees and they would have a legitimate chance to still play and possibly re-enter the house. NT TampaFLMom 09/22/19 06:35 AM
BB Polls I certainly HOPE it's #2. What perfect karma that would be considering how Jackson whined so much about Cliff wavering at F5 (which is all he did - waver - before ultimately honoring the deal) JAF 09/22/19 06:32 AM
BB Discussion Holly's only chance of winning is if she wins the F3 and takes Nicole. Since she won't take Nicole, she doesn't have to worry about an asterisk. Jackson's asterisk would be due to his preferential TampaFLMom 09/22/19 06:31 AM
BB Discussion This is not true and was not supported by anything on the feeds or even on the episode. I don't know why people continue to perpetuate this lie. Holly and Kat confirmed on the feeds multiple times TampaFLMom 09/22/19 06:29 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Wow, great news to wake up to! Congrats Holly and Jackson! Beast of a team, shunned, obvious targets, the brilliant lie, comp beast, bravo for Final2! Very impressed. Congrats Nic, F3 and AFP! NT missie 09/22/19 06:26 AM
BB News & Rumors True. While it's certainly "hold your nose and vote" territory, there's is a case for Jackson. However I do hope Cliff holds to the promise he made to Jackson about voting for Holly to win JAF 09/22/19 06:25 AM
BB Discussion Topic: The finale is not just not "worth" watching. I don't want my stomach turned by Pt 2 win or the confetti win. Why should the PD change? He'll be rewarded for his douchery. NT Buzz 09/22/19 06:24 AM
The Score Wow! Congrats UCLA ( my dads Alma Mater) -:) NT wyndycty 09/22/19 06:24 AM
BB Discussion This is a comp Nicole should have won.. she's been studying for the days comp all season NT spanner 09/22/19 06:23 AM
The Score Final... 36-30 Texas wins! Their first win in Austin over Ok St since 2008 NT wyndycty 09/22/19 06:22 AM
BB Discussion I'm not sure America is ready for a full on gaymance on the show. Feeds maybe.... NT Buzz 09/22/19 06:22 AM
BB Discussion Jackson likely still wins that F4 veto. NT spanner 09/22/19 06:21 AM
BB Discussion i think she has that on lockdown NT spanner 09/22/19 06:21 AM
BB Discussion A Disaster if you're all correct about his behaviour. Dont know his family structure. Dont know how he was raised .. NT Remnant0888 09/22/19 06:20 AM
BB Discussion I actually think it would be cute. They have more life in them then these zombie bachelor types. And I'm a straight, NT Remnant0888 09/22/19 06:16 AM
BB Discussion It's america's favorite house guest, keyword being favorite. It has nothing to do with how anyone played the game and it's strictly about who your favorite was no matter when they left. NT InParentheses 09/22/19 06:15 AM
BB Discussion JC.. he was compared to this year a highlight. He also was in every deal made. JC for the win. NT Remnant0888 09/22/19 06:15 AM
BB Discussion Survivor would try that before pretty much stick to same casting mixed.. NT uvp 09/22/19 06:14 AM
BB Discussion Topic: I have to give it to Jackson, he is a comp beast, but that doesn't make him a likable person at all. His true character comes through with lying on his application to get on the show, saying he dillybean 09/22/19 06:13 AM
BB Discussion well you can see him tonight apparently NT HES 09/22/19 06:13 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Want to bet they try something weird like a year of all gay players. Can u see, JC, Frankie, Tommy, Christie, Kaycee, Cody [jk].. Who else? It would be better then these bachelor showmance rejects! NT Remnant0888 09/22/19 06:13 AM

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