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Streamed Shows Topic: Amazons... The Man in the High Castle. Just dropped its Final S#4. Absolutely loved this Series, sad to see it end. Rufus Sewel deserves an Emmy... wyndycty 11/22/19 07:13 AM
Streamed Shows Cant wait! Loved S#1..... NT wyndycty 11/22/19 07:05 AM
The Score Late fumble by Texans should have triggered a formal replay review... wyndycty 11/22/19 07:02 AM
The Score Topic: Thurs Night Football... Texans 20-17 Colts NT wyndycty 11/22/19 06:59 AM
Streamed Shows Topic: What To Watch After The Crown WillRulz 11/22/19 05:44 AM
Games Q- Quilts for sale or as a prize NT Rio 11/22/19 05:36 AM
Games X - taXes NT Rio 11/22/19 05:33 AM
Games Dusk NT Rio 11/22/19 05:31 AM
Games P- pumpkins NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:30 AM
Games Sharp NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:27 AM
Games 9. Your nose would grow if you told a lie NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:19 AM
Games duck NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:16 AM
Games 7. George Clooney NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:13 AM
Games I- interception NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:06 AM
Games 4. Nights On Broadway NT lilyann 11/22/19 04:03 AM
Games 3. Hold the pickles. Hold the lettuce. Special orders don't upset us. Have it your way. NT lilyann 11/22/19 03:58 AM
BB Fans Love those curls!! NT luvs2chat 11/22/19 03:52 AM
Games 6. We've Only Just Begun NT lilyann 11/22/19 03:47 AM
Games 9. Corer NT lilyann 11/22/19 03:44 AM
Games 2' onions NT lilyann 11/22/19 03:42 AM
Dancing With The Stars Topic: Ally Brooke Begged Judges to Give James Van Der Beek Her Place in the 'DWTS' Final Dreamer 11/22/19 03:40 AM
BB Alumni Topic: Big Brother alum takes big bull to Iowa nursing home Dreamer 11/22/19 02:46 AM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Survivor Season 39 Episode 10 “Two for the Price of One” Dreamer 11/22/19 02:45 AM
Real World/The Challenge Topic: The Challenge Season 34 Episode 13 "Dee-Day" | AfterBuzz TV Dreamer 11/22/19 02:44 AM
Celebrity Buzz Topic: Jon Gosselin Reveals What Really Happened With Kate And Their 8 Kids Dreamer 11/22/19 02:43 AM
Other UnReality Shows Topic: Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19 to return with crossover January 23. Rio 11/22/19 01:25 AM
Games O - Orange (color) NT Rio 11/22/19 01:07 AM
Games Either ... Red grapes or green grapes? NT Rio 11/22/19 01:05 AM
Games S - Saturday night’s alright for fighting. NT Rio 11/22/19 12:57 AM
Games I’ll Be You NT Rio 11/22/19 12:49 AM
Games One Good Cop NT Rio 11/22/19 12:46 AM
Survivor Discussion Topic: ‘Survivor’ Mishandling Sexual Harassment Is Irresponsible and Infuriating (Column) Dreamer 11/22/19 12:45 AM
Games W- Wild West NT Rio 11/22/19 12:45 AM
Games Par NT Rio 11/22/19 12:44 AM
Games D- Dad Didn’t Desire Dry Doughnuts. NT Rio 11/22/19 12:44 AM
Games Outlaw NT Rio 11/22/19 12:42 AM
Games Puzzle Box NT Rio 11/22/19 12:42 AM
Games Deck NT Rio 11/22/19 12:38 AM
Games H - Home Run NT Rio 11/22/19 12:37 AM
Games 2. I’m a Pepper. You’re a Pepper. He’s a Pepper. She’s a Pepper. Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too? NT Rio 11/22/19 12:36 AM
Games 5. Wish you were here NT Rio 11/22/19 12:34 AM
Games 8. Cobbler NT Rio 11/22/19 12:34 AM
Survivor Discussion Karishma and BB21 Jessica could've very easily been swapped out for one another and no one would know any different. Both are pathetic, whiney, clueless do-nothings. NT Numbskull 11/22/19 12:20 AM
Celebrity Buzz Topic: SNL cowbell sketch 'ruined' Christopher Walken's life, says Will Ferrell Dreamer 11/22/19 12:12 AM
Survivor Discussion If all of this nonsense continues on the rest of the season, and I'm guessing it does, I'm officially DONE. Survivor's been pretty sad for awhile and with ultra-lib CBS shoving their ---- and virtue- Numbskull 11/22/19 12:09 AM
Survivor Discussion SO disappointed in Missy. NT JustNo 11/21/19 10:02 PM
BB Discussion I pretty much read everybodys' posts. For me they're not buried unless I have nothing to add. NT FurnitureAlliance 11/21/19 09:53 PM
BB Discussion Well, I don't see anybody posting about anything right now. Might be a good time to post what interests those of you who want something different. NT FurnitureAlliance 11/21/19 09:52 PM
BB Discussion Like Groundhog day over and over again. NT Hawkman 11/21/19 09:07 PM
Games 7. Menu NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 09:00 PM

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