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Games 3. Piece Of My Heart - Janis Joplin NT ChasingCowboys 02/26/21 10:52 AM
Games The Exorcist NT FurnitureAlliance 02/26/21 10:51 AM
Days of Our Lives Topic: ‘Who killed Carlie? : Here’s a suspect list.’ Rio 02/26/21 10:51 AM
Games 14. Lincoln Logs (again, the wooden ones...not plastic!) NT ChasingCowboys 02/26/21 10:50 AM
Games antiquated NT ChasingCowboys 02/26/21 10:47 AM
Games Chair member NT ChasingCowboys 02/26/21 10:46 AM
Games Medicine delivery NT ChasingCowboys 02/26/21 10:45 AM
Games Twisting the Night Away NT ChasingCowboys 02/26/21 10:44 AM
Games E - Escalator NT ChasingCowboys 02/26/21 10:42 AM
Games 3. Don't Change - INXS NT ChasingCowboys 02/26/21 10:41 AM
BBCA Discussion I loved him on Survivor and initially liked the podcast, but there was some time in there where he got a little bro-y for my taste. Seems to be correcting that, which helps a lot. NT aliroo 02/26/21 10:35 AM
Games hose NT AZ_Cards_11 02/26/21 10:12 AM
Games newspaper NT AZ_Cards_11 02/26/21 10:10 AM
Games topical medicine NT AZ_Cards_11 02/26/21 10:08 AM
Games D - Delta Airlines NT AZ_Cards_11 02/26/21 10:06 AM
Games hose NT lilyann 02/26/21 10:06 AM
Games The Six Million Dollar Man NT lilyann 02/26/21 10:04 AM
BBCA Discussion on the cast reveal Ethan stood out to me as classic Kass pick lol NT nicholaspuppy 02/26/21 10:02 AM
COVID-19 We got first vaccine yesterday. Easy at drive through. No problems after. Just tender to touch at shot site. Highly recommend. Let's all stay safe. Next dose 3/18 NT dustyma 02/26/21 09:58 AM
BB Discussion means a spot is open for someone worse :p NT uvp 02/26/21 09:57 AM
Games 13. Etch A Sketch NT lilyann 02/26/21 09:56 AM
BB Discussion After the last 2 ---- seasons I'm in no hurry for it to return NT BBFanJ 02/26/21 09:56 AM
Games magazine NT lilyann 02/26/21 09:54 AM
BBCA Discussion She cast Ethan, ha NT HES 02/26/21 09:52 AM
Games Peppermint Twist NT lilyann 02/26/21 09:51 AM
Games The Man from U.N.C.L.E. NT StarfishTwo 02/26/21 09:50 AM
Games The Ghost and Mrs. Muir NT lilyann 02/26/21 09:44 AM
Games 2. You Don't Own Me - Lesley Gore NT lilyann 02/26/21 09:38 AM
Games host NT StarfishTwo 02/26/21 09:36 AM
Games 11. and mortar NT StarfishTwo 02/26/21 09:36 AM
Games off topic NT StarfishTwo 02/26/21 09:35 AM
Games "Farming Is So Hard," Eric Remarked ... TOIL NT StarfishTwo 02/26/21 09:34 AM
Games C - Cab NT lilyann 02/26/21 09:32 AM
Games C - Cruise ship NT StarfishTwo 02/26/21 09:32 AM
Games 1. Don't Worry Baby - The Beach Boys NT StarfishTwo 02/26/21 09:30 AM
Games Topic: Name 15: "Don't" Songs NT StarfishTwo 02/26/21 09:30 AM
Games 12. Lite Brite NT branana 02/26/21 09:30 AM
BBCA Discussion To me he still looks like a dork. NT LillyBell 02/26/21 09:29 AM
Games mark off NT branana 02/26/21 09:29 AM
BBCA Discussion I think they picked him because he looks like Emmet and his personality is a little like Dane in a goofy way. NT LillyBell 02/26/21 09:28 AM
BBCA Discussion He's funny and cute! NT colleenag 02/26/21 09:27 AM
Games B - Bus NT branana 02/26/21 09:26 AM
Games Brett Ran Under Natalie's Chicken Hatch... FISHER NT branana 02/26/21 09:26 AM
BBCA Discussion They showed some stuff he posted using the N word. NT LillyBell 02/26/21 09:25 AM
BBCA Discussion Exactly for this drama? Maybe they really knew more about his past then they are letting on and used the resulting outrage and explusion as a way to receive attention? Am I being too cynical? NT colleenag 02/26/21 09:25 AM
BBCA Discussion yeah, but like all the other preview videos this is probably misleading and his real personality probably isn't anything like this. lol NT Blockhead 02/26/21 09:24 AM
BBCA Discussion Lots of great potential with this cast. The racial mix is good. Canadian Big Brother is a show that pays attention to the change of the times. NT LillyBell 02/26/21 09:23 AM
BB Discussion Some things don’t change. Day is still the worst! NT Marceline 02/26/21 09:15 AM
BB Discussion Glad he’s gone! NT Marceline 02/26/21 09:13 AM
BBCA Discussion Why did they pick Ethan over this Kyle? This one sounds like a lot of fun. Ethan is a dunce. NT LillyBell 02/26/21 09:13 AM

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