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BB Discussion Topic: Heath: "I just allocated way to much time to this thread but wow, the BB fandom never ceases to amaze." >>> Corndogger 05/27/22 09:11 PM
Games 21. Margarita ____ Salt NT beachbum7 05/27/22 08:09 PM
Games 18. Peace Be With You (Let's see how many Catholics are out there) NT beachbum7 05/27/22 08:08 PM
Games 11. Prince __ Tides NT beachbum7 05/27/22 08:07 PM
Games 10. Pencils NT beachbum7 05/27/22 08:07 PM
BB Discussion Is it true that Mafia Pastor was part of the cast? I know from Twitter losing it that Ben and Sarah played. If Ben won I'm calling rigged right now. NT Corndogger 05/27/22 08:00 PM
Married at First Sight Topic: Does anyone here know the new ex-MAFS woman Chris is dating/seeing? She was on screen in the preview at the very end of Wednesday's Reunion Part 2. I can't remember her name & it's bugging me lol. NT CatsRock 05/27/22 07:47 PM
Streamed Shows Topic: What can we expect from season 2 of ‘Only Murders in the Building'? (Season 1 Spoilers Inside) Rio 05/27/22 07:36 PM
Blue Bloods Topic: CBS Boss Sizes Up Friday Night's New S.W.A.T./Fire Country/Blue Bloods Slate Rio 05/27/22 07:26 PM
Games 9. Elopes NT Rio 05/27/22 07:18 PM
BB Discussion Derek is his name. lol NT OUALUMinTX 05/27/22 07:18 PM
BB Discussion Yes. NT OUALUMinTX 05/27/22 07:17 PM
BB Discussion Plus Azah, Angela, David and Enzo. NT OUALUMinTX 05/27/22 07:15 PM
BB Discussion Somewhere out there tonight our new cast is going to sleep with visions of shiny confetti and winning Big Brother. Good night, house guests! lol NT heartnhome 05/27/22 07:13 PM
The Theatre One of the best sequels I’ve seen in a long time… *clap*clap*clap…Enjoy! NT wyndycty 05/27/22 07:12 PM
BB Discussion He's a character, all right. I might have to watch his season since Drew and Tully are also on it. NT heartnhome 05/27/22 07:09 PM
BB Discussion Since I used watched BB UK after they went no feeds, I'm used to it. I don't know about the ratings nor do I really care. If it's there, I'll watch and if/when it's not, I won't. lol With or without heartnhome 05/27/22 07:08 PM
BB Australia I found a pretty reliable site that doesn't require a VPN for most Australian shows. Just google shvideos NT CClovesBB 05/27/22 06:06 PM
Games HAMMOCK!! (I wish) ... Wish you could fly, or Wish you could be invisible? NT moeopoly 05/27/22 06:03 PM
Games 25. End NT moeopoly 05/27/22 06:01 PM
Games 20. Apple Cider Vinegar _____ the 'Mother' NT moeopoly 05/27/22 06:01 PM
BB Discussion me too.. last thing we need production going out of their way even more to keep most recent hg in the game via twist.. NT uvp 05/27/22 06:01 PM
Games All For You NT moeopoly 05/27/22 06:00 PM
Games room spray NT moeopoly 05/27/22 06:00 PM
Games checkmark NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:59 PM
Games sets NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:59 PM
Games upset NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:59 PM
Games Tour Guide NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:58 PM
Games 17. the road rise up to meet you NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:58 PM
Games 8. Said NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:56 PM
Games A - Already Alice Asserts Asinine Allegiances NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:55 PM
Games wind NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:52 PM
Games Follow me and everything is alright NT moeopoly 05/27/22 05:52 PM
Sitcoms It was, but I kinda like it that way. Almost a parody of itself. NT JAF 05/27/22 05:17 PM
TLC Reality Shows I think it was a single life's reunion last Sunday. NT MegsMom316 05/27/22 04:53 PM
Other UnReality Shows Topic: Fans Of The Good Fight Just Got The News They've Been Dreading Rio 05/27/22 03:38 PM
This Is Us Topic: Deja and Malik as teens and adults Rio 05/27/22 03:30 PM
Games coat check NT Rio 05/27/22 03:10 PM
Games sees NT Rio 05/27/22 03:08 PM
Games Study Guide NT Rio 05/27/22 03:07 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Alex: "Anddddddd that’s a wrap on BB24 casting!! Out of office for 2 weeks then I start up on another very exciting show...." >>> Corndogger 05/27/22 03:04 PM
Sitcoms I thought the wedding double looked very fake. NT Rio 05/27/22 02:54 PM
BB Discussion Did they ever have a big wedding? I know they got married quietly on paper. I was surprised to never see any grand wedding pics? Did I miss something. NT silverspoons 05/27/22 02:54 PM
BB Discussion I've found it to be boring. No feeds just isn't BB. And the ratings have been terrible - they've lost 40% of their audience from last season. NT Blockhead 05/27/22 02:47 PM
Survivor Discussion Maybe extra content for Paramount Plus? NT Hidef1080 05/27/22 02:38 PM
BB Discussion Me too! It’s been pretty good, but mostly watching for Tim. He hasn’t changed one bit. NT Debbi1956 05/27/22 02:33 PM
90 Day Fiancé I wonder if Ari/Bini are banking on the TLC money to pay the parents back or start paying rent? NT silverspoons 05/27/22 01:58 PM
TLC Reality Shows Are you watching single life or diaries? NT silverspoons 05/27/22 01:56 PM
BB Discussion I would rather see 16/18 new houseguests. NT silverspoons 05/27/22 01:55 PM
Streamed Shows Topic: Let's go! Money Heist Korea petite6 05/27/22 01:52 PM

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