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BB Discussion I like him best so far. Donít wanna spoil for anyone, but if the twist happens, it might help him. I hope so. NT Debbi1956 10/28/21 07:34 AM
BB Discussion but the difference is that iron from animal foods has a higher absorption in the body than the iron from plant/vegetables sources... absorption makes a HUGE difference and is what matters NT stlgirlie 10/28/21 07:16 AM
Survivor Discussion Yeah they should keep in strong so they can lose to them! Be stupid and keep in people who can beat them in the end. NT BBFanJ 10/28/21 06:47 AM
Survivor Discussion I don't think it needed to be put in anyone's ear per se. CBS did that right up front with their casting announcement for their reality shows this season. JAF 10/28/21 06:45 AM
Survivor Discussion Tyler was more game strategy savvy though. Xander seems like a great guy, but he blew it by being too trusting of the girls and blabbing about all of his advantages. JAF 10/28/21 06:30 AM
Games You can always end iIt at 15 then start the game topic again as a Continued. This will keep from pushing the other games down so low. NT Rio 10/28/21 06:29 AM
Survivor Discussion I think itís better to see what happens. I disagree with the whole Bb, Survivor link. Letís not forget that Danny was already trying to protect the guys in the feast and there was little outrage about FurlessBat 10/28/21 06:24 AM
Survivor Discussion But Tyler had strategy. Xander hasnít showed that much strategy. NT FurlessBat 10/28/21 06:20 AM
Survivor Discussion Super nice kidÖprobably doomed by being so niceÖ.but it worked for Tyler, so who knows -:) NT wyndycty 10/28/21 06:12 AM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Survivor was Filmed beginning March 2021 and finished Before BB. So Iím leaning the Cookout was put in someoneís ear before they even entered the house. I was a Danny & Deshawn fan from the beginning, wyndycty 10/28/21 06:11 AM
Games 1. Step on crack, break your mother's back NT moeopoly 10/28/21 06:06 AM
Games Topic: Name 15: Superstitions NT moeopoly 10/28/21 06:06 AM
Games 1. Prepared NT moeopoly 10/28/21 06:05 AM
Games Topic: Name 15: Words that rhyme with SCARED NT moeopoly 10/28/21 06:05 AM
Games 1. Blood NT moeopoly 10/28/21 06:04 AM
Games Topic: Name 15: Things associated with Vampires NT moeopoly 10/28/21 06:04 AM
Games 13. Bequeath NT moeopoly 10/28/21 06:01 AM
Games tint NT moeopoly 10/28/21 05:59 AM
Games 4. Post NT moeopoly 10/28/21 05:59 AM
Games 4. Ned Is Grumbling His Tantrum. NT moeopoly 10/28/21 05:59 AM
Games F - Finland NT moeopoly 10/28/21 05:55 AM
Games oh i thought all #ed games ended in 15... if not, then keep going - nothing is set in stone lol NT moeopoly 10/28/21 05:52 AM
Games --- end --- NT moeopoly 10/28/21 05:51 AM
Games 15. Shroom NT moeopoly 10/28/21 05:51 AM
The Score We got us a SeriesÖ Whoohoo, Go Stros! NT wyndycty 10/28/21 05:50 AM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Anyone else getting a strong Tyler (BBUS20) vibe from Xander? He looks like his twin brother to me! NT colleenag 10/28/21 05:39 AM
BB Discussion Same. But with the girls alliance and the cookout 2.0, I don't think he has a chance. NT dopemelody 10/28/21 05:36 AM
Survivor Discussion Ugh, here we go again! NT colleenag 10/28/21 05:33 AM
BB Discussion Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurch northwellguy 10/28/21 05:31 AM
BB Discussion Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurch northwellguy 10/28/21 05:27 AM
BB Discussion Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurch northwellguy 10/28/21 05:27 AM
Games Hatless Harold Hopped Happily Home. NT lilyann 10/28/21 05:20 AM
Games 3. Ned Isn't Growing Heirloom Tomatoes. NT lilyann 10/28/21 05:15 AM
BB Alumni He still looks amazing!! He looks like he is chiseled out of Rock! NT luvs2chat 10/28/21 04:34 AM
BB Discussion I like Xander too! NT luvs2chat 10/28/21 04:29 AM
BB Discussion I can totally see that. NT luvs2chat 10/28/21 04:29 AM
Games Eyes Without A Face NT Rio 10/28/21 04:25 AM
Games Pair of Kings NT Rio 10/28/21 04:23 AM
Games **How sad the question was how many words and it ended at 15. NT lilyann 10/28/21 04:22 AM
Games 3. Spread NT Rio 10/28/21 04:17 AM
Games 2. Ned Isnít Giving Help Today. NT Rio 10/28/21 04:17 AM
Games hand NT lilyann 10/28/21 04:12 AM
Games Bonnie Raitt - Gymnastics or Track and Field L NT Rio 10/28/21 04:04 AM
Games Doylestown NT lilyann 10/28/21 04:04 AM
Games Private Benjamin NT Rio 10/28/21 04:02 AM
Games Pepť Le Pew NT Rio 10/28/21 04:00 AM
Games hands down NT lilyann 10/28/21 03:29 AM
Games untied laces NT lilyann 10/28/21 03:28 AM
Games E - Ecuador NT lilyann 10/28/21 03:27 AM
Games 2. mates NT lilyann 10/28/21 03:23 AM

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