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The P/X Topic: When archeologists uncover one of our land fills a couple thousand years from now I wonder what they will ascertain about our civilizations. NT jblig 05/15/21 07:34 AM
BBCA Discussion I finally watched it. I couldn't stand Kiefer slurping and exhaling loudly after each sip of pop. Such a noisy slob. Ty sure danced around the question about playing with Brey's feelings and using him LillyBell 05/15/21 07:33 AM
BBCA Discussion I think she misconstrued the mastermind edit in her head. She wanted to come off as a gamer who didn't fall into the showmance category. She failed miserably. NT LillyBell 05/15/21 07:29 AM
BBCA Discussion Bingo!!! Beth is branded a whore on social media and by his mother but Ty gets off. Ty even admitted on Live that he was using Brey for game but that he likes Brey but not in that way. Still used him LillyBell 05/15/21 07:28 AM
Games 14. Eat ____ vegetables NT ChasingCowboys 05/15/21 07:05 AM
Games ride NT StarfishTwo 05/15/21 06:39 AM
Games 1. Martin Van Buren NT StarfishTwo 05/15/21 06:39 AM
Games Topic: Name 15: Famous Martins (first or last name) NT StarfishTwo 05/15/21 06:39 AM
BBCA Discussion Ty used his relationship with Brey for game so that part would be the same for him. He slept with Brey and allowed him to pet or caress him. He encouraged Brey's feelings dillybean 05/15/21 06:30 AM
Games outside NT AZ_Cards_11 05/15/21 06:27 AM
Games Girl Scouts NT AZ_Cards_11 05/15/21 06:26 AM
Games 13. Watch_______Back NT AZ_Cards_11 05/15/21 06:25 AM
Games side NT lilyann 05/15/21 06:25 AM
Games gardenia NT lilyann 05/15/21 06:21 AM
Games worn out NT lilyann 05/15/21 06:09 AM
Games 14. Square Pegs NT lilyann 05/15/21 06:05 AM
Games 12. Share ____ thoughts NT lilyann 05/15/21 05:54 AM
Games Up, Up And Away NT lilyann 05/15/21 05:49 AM
Games Akron NT lilyann 05/15/21 05:47 AM
BB Media I love you, JC NT Paulsux 05/15/21 05:30 AM
BB Discussion What no Native First Nations? I love "Middle-Eastern or Asian"??? Like those are homogenous groups. My God. America still getting it wrong after 400 years. NT northwellguy 05/15/21 05:25 AM
BB Australia next week ==//>> mebe 05/15/21 05:24 AM
BB Discussion None NT northwellguy 05/15/21 05:22 AM
BB Discussion Hot dog without the mustard. Good at comps though. NT Bobbo2 05/15/21 04:55 AM
BB Discussion No vets but if I had to pick 1 Britney. NT Bobbo2 05/15/21 04:53 AM
BB Discussion Well, WE heard those goodbye messages, but Christmas didn't. Did Josh make the right decision for F2. Probably. Christmas had a better shot at beating him than Paul did. But Christmas didn't know that grammypampam 05/15/21 04:07 AM
Sitcoms We tried a couple of episodes of Home Economics. Got bored with it fast. NT JAF 05/15/21 02:45 AM
BB Discussion no doubt break the OF record NT uvp 05/15/21 02:14 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Countdown - BB23 53 days AWAY!!! | July 7 Premiere! NT uvp 05/15/21 01:58 AM
BBCA Discussion ^^^This. Combined with her using the relationship for game. It all gets swirled up together and very messy, so understandable he's upset. I think if it was just about game play/her vote... aliroo 05/15/21 01:26 AM
BB Discussion Cheeky isn't the word I would use when thoughts always go in a particular direction. NT WillRulz 05/14/21 10:54 PM
BB Australia Nick was a great character, sad he's gone. NT no1home 05/14/21 10:17 PM
Games receipts NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 09:49 PM
Games 10. Free ______ Mind NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 09:48 PM
BB Australia The episodes before these... M3gabyt3 05/14/21 08:43 PM
Games Topic: Movie Chairs, cont'd: StarfishTwo wrote "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 08:43 PM
Games **end** NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 08:42 PM
Games The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 08:42 PM
The Masked Singer Topic: I'm more convinced than ever that the "results" are scripted. Not that it matters a bunch since the winner doesn't actually get anything. It's all just for show. But at least half the time the JAF 05/14/21 08:42 PM
Games Up Around the Bend NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 08:40 PM
Games sire NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 08:39 PM
Games Bridesmaids .... Wendi McLendon- Covey NT Rio 05/14/21 08:08 PM
Games Best of Show NT Rio 05/14/21 08:06 PM
Games Q- Questions, Questions. Give me no answers. NT Rio 05/14/21 08:05 PM
Games X - oX NT Rio 05/14/21 08:03 PM
Games Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. NT Rio 05/14/21 08:01 PM
Games Can Heather Announce Ian’s News? ... MASKS NT Rio 05/14/21 08:00 PM
Games Hire NT Rio 05/14/21 07:59 PM
Games 9. Respect _____ elders. NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 07:40 PM
Games 9. In ____ face NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 07:39 PM

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