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BB Discussion Doesn't lying and backstabbing involve toying with someone's feelings? That's part of the game yet you have taken offense to it. Angela lied to Bayleigh, that's part of the game. NT rasuo 12/11/18 10:26 PM
BB Discussion Whoa! Look at what Angela caused on here.. VictorBBJodyFan 12/11/18 10:23 PM
BB Discussion Yes OK I see that now. That's my fault I lost that bit along the way. But I was not defending fans for getting Haleigh to leave twitter. I love Haleigh actually. I was simply trying to point out fans TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 10:22 PM
BB Discussion Bring James Maslow back! VictorBBJodyFan 12/11/18 10:21 PM
BB Discussion Are you even going to bother reading what I wrote? I never said you brought up Haleigh. Read it again, read it several times if you have to. The comment you responded to mentioned Haleigh. NT rasuo 12/11/18 10:19 PM
BB Discussion I've been watching for 8 years honey. I've been watching feeds for 8 years. I am all for lying and backstabbing in this game. However I just think there are some likes that are wrong to cross. NT TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 10:17 PM
BB Discussion Read the comment directly above your response. I'll even help you out a bit: rasuo 12/11/18 10:17 PM
BB Discussion Yes, I saw that and I explained there's a difference between Angela and Bayleigh doing it. I stated the difference. You however think it's the exact same scenario. NT TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 10:15 PM
BB Discussion I see why you never think you're wrong, you just continue to make things up to justify your stance. Lucky for you I find it humorous otherwise I would have stopped responding long ago. I figured based rasuo 12/11/18 10:12 PM
BB Discussion Why even bring Haleigh up? Hmm? That wasn't part of the conversation. It was Tangela and Swayleigh fans is what I was pointing out. I didn't once bring up Haleigh so you bringing that up doesn't TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 10:10 PM
BB Discussion Don't be sorry... things are more clear now NT PinkVelvet 12/11/18 10:07 PM
BB Discussion WOW sorry guys! I didn't mean for my comment to devolve into all this back and forth. NT DrWillfan 12/11/18 10:03 PM
BB Discussion "What did your made up scenario about Bayleigh have to do with Swayleigh fans attacking Haleigh?" NT TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 10:02 PM
BB Discussion You? I know it's a lot of effort but maybe you should try reading the comment you responded to before you make claims about me. I never said YOU said anything about Haleigh, once again you've made rasuo 12/11/18 09:59 PM
BB Discussion No sweetheart. I addressed it. I saw it. You see no difference between a white person telling a black person they want them to be the first to win the game when they're planning to get rid of them TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 09:56 PM
BB Discussion The difference between you and I is I already explained why I thought you were wrong and you are still clueless and haven't addressed it at all instead opting to discuss something else. You also seem rasuo 12/11/18 09:49 PM
BB Discussion Who is making crap up now? HMMM? I said nothing in regards to Haleigh. That's all on you sweetie. I was stating fans on both side are bad. It's not just Hive stans. There's nasty Level 6 ones. You TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 09:49 PM
BB Discussion *grabbin my popcorn* NT PinkVelvet 12/11/18 09:46 PM
BB Discussion What did your made up scenario about Bayleigh have to do with Swayleigh fans attacking Haleigh? Nothing. But you needed something to divert away from Swayleigh fans' nasty behavior. Unfortunately for rasuo 12/11/18 09:45 PM
BB Discussion Vanessa telling Jason she wouldn't put up an LGBT member. She lied. NT smoothborders 12/11/18 09:43 PM
BB Discussion if i was in this discussion i would say it NT madjellybean 12/11/18 09:42 PM
BB Discussion No one who has any chance of ever being on so what's the point. Hated last season's cast and I'm sure I'll hate this one. "Life on the D list" isn't my cup of tea. NT utty14 12/11/18 09:42 PM
BB Discussion Still --- bye! NT TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 09:42 PM
BB Discussion Trust me..i'm not leaving the forum..i'm leaving the conversation lol NT PinkVelvet 12/11/18 09:40 PM
BB Discussion Who cares? Lying is allowed in Big Brother. NT smoothborders 12/11/18 09:39 PM
Dancing With The Stars I actually enjoyed this. Liked the audience vote and most of the time they were spot on about who should go. The winning pro is fantastic, but is a lot older than most think by his behavior. NT cjj3 12/11/18 09:38 PM
BB Discussion Byee! NT TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 09:37 PM
BB Discussion She knew she wasn't going to keep her, and tried to butter her up/milk her the day before on wanting her to be the first black winner. Knowing she was just going to get rid of her. NT TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 09:36 PM
BB Discussion Do what i'm gonna do.. just walk away NT PinkVelvet 12/11/18 09:35 PM
BB Discussion You're telling me I'm wrong but I'm not. The difference between you and I is that I think it's wrong to use someone's race in the game, you clearly see no issue with it, and don't care. That's the TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 09:34 PM
BB Discussion OMG! I thought for some reason Bayleigh was on twitter, and left. I saw her IG post speaking of the racist attacks she was getting, and how it was causing her anxiety. I wasn't making that up. i TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 09:33 PM
BB Discussion I told you why you were wrong 5 times now. How many more times do you need to be told something to understand? You're trying to make this about racial representation when it isn't even the topic. NT rasuo 12/11/18 09:32 PM
BB Discussion you don't have to yell... it wasn't baiting and wasn't wrong lol.. It was a statement... It was how she felt whether you like or I like it. we can all have our own opinions also.. like them or not NT PinkVelvet 12/11/18 09:31 PM
BB Discussion And IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND that telling Bayleigh she wanted her to be the first black person to win the game when she had no qualms keeping her that week is baiting and W-R-O-N-G! NT TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 09:28 PM
BB Discussion I remember that. NT kmjm 12/11/18 09:27 PM
BB Discussion Your defense of Swayleigh fans being nasty was to make something up. You could have agreed or not responded but nope you had to defend nasty behavior and now you're trying to divert the subject rasuo 12/11/18 09:26 PM
BB Discussion You nailed it right there. They are the stars in their own drama NT FurnitureAlliance 12/11/18 09:26 PM
BB Discussion find the quote of what Angela said. Angela had said on more than one occasion it would have been nice to see bay win..same thing right before she got put up.. big PinkVelvet 12/11/18 09:26 PM
BB Discussion How am I wrong? I never said you said it was wrong for Bayleigh. I'm saying there's a difference between a black person wanting to represent their group and a white person who has their group TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 09:25 PM
BB Discussion No one said it was wrong for Bayleigh to want to represent her minority group. You are the one to make an issue out of nothing and instead of admitting you were wrong and ending the discussion you rasuo 12/11/18 09:20 PM
BB Discussion No ***** Sherlock! And all of it's wrong. And Bayleigh herself made an IG post talking about her racist attackers. I thought she was on twitter, and that's why she left. NT TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 09:15 PM
BB Discussion You made a very serious claim based on NOTHING. So why should anything else you claim be taken seriously? Should I just take your word for it? Also you should be more than aware that every minority rasuo 12/11/18 09:13 PM
BB Discussion Why is it so hard for you to grasp this! Being a minority and wanting to represent a face that's not really represented is far different than a white person who isn't a minority milking it up. NT TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 09:12 PM
BB Discussion Why is it so hard for you to understand that Bayleigh made her race an issue? She made it a topic of discussion, if she didn't want it to be discussed then she shouldn't have discussed it. So for you rasuo 12/11/18 09:09 PM
BB Discussion I thought she was on twitter. Sue me. The point is though that fans of Level 6 attacked Bayleigh with racist remarks calling her the-n word cause she dared to attack Precious Saint Tyler! NT TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 09:04 PM
BB Discussion Then here's an idea: If you plan to evict/backdoor somebody... Don't tell them the day before you are going to put them on the block/backdoor them that you want them to be the first black winner. TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 08:53 PM
BB Discussion I am completely aware of what Bayleigh's goal was and what she was trying to accomplish not just for herself but for others just like her watching the show BUT that isn't what I was addressing. I was rasuo 12/11/18 08:51 PM
BB Discussion Come back later! NT kmjm 12/11/18 08:43 PM
BB Discussion Thanks! Love seeing you here too! NT TwoHOHSKristen 12/11/18 08:41 PM
BB Discussion Bay sucked at bb, seems to happen to hg’s who’ve led privileged lives.. NT janie8 12/11/18 08:41 PM

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