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Y & R With the test being done through the police department, wouldn't that be kinda difficult? NT Caramel 04/25/17 11:52 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: The Ultimate Survivor Tournament: Heroes vs. Villains — Vote Now! Semi - Finals >>> Hidef1080 04/25/17 11:48 PM
BBCA Discussion Well you forgot somebody..... WillettDrizzle 04/25/17 11:31 PM
BB Discussion Paulie was right about Nat after all... Go figure. NT Hawkman 04/25/17 11:30 PM
BBCA Discussion seems like he picked up on it tonight NT Poz 04/25/17 11:14 PM
BB Discussion Natalie claimed throughout the game she was the victim from everyone. It shows that she does it in the real world as well. NT Hawkman 04/25/17 11:09 PM
BB Discussion And she used him (her words)... Just like everyone does with everyone in BB.. NT MzKRB 04/25/17 10:57 PM
BBCA Discussion LOL! I didn't think so either. Karen said it happened at 3am? So maybe she was just dreaming... NT Lollirot 04/25/17 10:55 PM
BB Discussion Topic: I know this is a late and stupid question, but why aren't Nicole and Corey together anymore? NT SailingTeam 04/25/17 10:54 PM
BBCA Discussion Dillon is just an idiot who sucks at this game NT BB_Fan_JJ_Dan 04/25/17 10:54 PM
BB Discussion That chick was crazy bitter and full of lies. The majority of her "proof" was horrible photoshop. He didn't cheat on Z with that girl. I think MzKRB 04/25/17 10:53 PM
BBCA Discussion Why would she keep Karen over Jackie, Karen is a goat that everyone will keep NT Dani 04/25/17 10:45 PM
BBCA Discussion lol she's such an annoying, condescending, know-it-all. Can't stand her. NT no1home 04/25/17 10:45 PM
BBCA Discussion Take out Karen and I'm with you, lol. NT ntua 04/25/17 10:44 PM
BBCA Discussion You would think. NT nammer 04/25/17 10:44 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: I said I was gonna leave....but I'm addicted to BB. I'm team Kevin/Karen/William NT SailingTeam 04/25/17 10:43 PM
BBCA Discussion Dillon is all about loyalty if he gives his word he sticks to it and seeing Dre act the way she is towards Ika has to eye opening for him NT Dani 04/25/17 10:43 PM
BBCA Discussion Same :( NT SailingTeam 04/25/17 10:42 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Dillon has to say to himself, if Dre is doing this to Ika who has her back, imagine what she wld do to me! NT Jleehop 04/25/17 10:42 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: What the heck? Sindy never told Ika that everyone including Karen pushed for Ika to be backdoored last week LOL NT nammer 04/25/17 10:39 PM
BB Discussion I am on #TeamNobody. I find it laughable that on his 2nd season he still couldn't realize when someone was using him. It's his own fault. NT eureca * 04/25/17 10:38 PM
BBCA Discussion She doesn't believe that sh*t. It's because Dre's all worried why Bruno is in sleeper mode. Ika knows how hard Bruno's been pushing. NT nammer 04/25/17 10:37 PM
BBCA Discussion Now Ika is afraid that there is a second secret veto also. Yikes! NT ntua 04/25/17 10:36 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: LOL Karen told Bruno she masterminded Sindy's eviction. NT nammer 04/25/17 10:35 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: LOL @ Karen taking credit for Sindy's eviction with Bruno. Sure, Karen. It was aaaaall you. Kudos. NT zolaesque 04/25/17 10:34 PM
BBCA Discussion was very mr. peepers of him NT javabean 04/25/17 10:33 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: I *wish* Bruno had a double veto and 50 extra votes. NT nammer 04/25/17 10:32 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Jesus. Now Ika saying she'd keep Karen over Jackie. C'mon Dre. This is all bad news for you! Time to man up and make a move. NT zolaesque 04/25/17 10:30 PM
BBCA Discussion For those who missed it: nammer 04/25/17 10:29 PM
BB Discussion The girl with pictures, snaps, and flight receipts says it was. That's why it's funny Paulie is yakking it up when his own father tried to threaten ScottySayz 04/25/17 10:24 PM
BBCA Discussion It's rare for my favourites to even get to F2, but if they get there and lose by an unjust vote it's devastating LOL. Quack quack. NT nammer 04/25/17 10:23 PM
BBCA Discussion He told the cameras it was because he was cold, lol. NT ntua 04/25/17 10:22 PM
BBCA Discussion I could be wrong, but I don't think Kev would target dem/ika this week if he won, that would make him #1 target again. As long as he has them in decafjnr 04/25/17 10:21 PM
BBCA Discussion They should target DemIcka. Would you rather compete against Dem & Icka's mouth or Dillon, Jackie & Dre? Not taking a shot when those 2 are ntua 04/25/17 10:18 PM
BBCA Discussion I'm willing to see and find out... NT Jan3 04/25/17 10:17 PM
BBCA Discussion You weren't wrong. Day was wrong. NT WillettDrizzle 04/25/17 10:17 PM
BBCA Discussion LOL It was strange NT nammer 04/25/17 10:17 PM
BBCA Discussion Why is he perched on the counter?!? NT Blackheart 04/25/17 10:17 PM
BBCA Discussion The newbie features for this season are Demetres, Dillon, Karen and William. I don't know who else got air time. Damn I hate BB, no one I root for nammer 04/25/17 10:15 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: What the hell William? LMAO Randomly snacking like a rodent NT nammer 04/25/17 10:13 PM
BBCA Discussion if William wins, Dre will convince him to target Demika and they will just blame Kevin for it. Dre's wet dream! NT Ivy 04/25/17 10:13 PM
BBCA Discussion If Kevin won HOH he'd probably just stupidly get Jackie evicted. NT krh5038 04/25/17 10:12 PM
BBCA Discussion Probably not. NT WillettDrizzle 04/25/17 10:12 PM
BBCA Discussion No, I'm being serious. You said Ika would be the best outcome for this season. If Dre were to win, would people even know who she was? NT nammer 04/25/17 10:12 PM
BBCA Discussion I hope so. I'm sick of Karen especially. Someone in their group needs to go. NT Jan3 04/25/17 10:11 PM
BBCA Discussion Same. And that Ika gets Tim'ed or Cass'ed. Getting Neda'ed would be ideal but Big Head doesn't have the balls for that NT utty14 04/25/17 10:11 PM
BBCA Discussion better hope William wins because I don't think anybody will feel the need to do that with Kevin, they all know his targets. NT krh5038 04/25/17 10:11 PM
BBCA Discussion Lol. I'm only rooting for Dre because I honestly think she will win. I am trying to embrace it now so I am not upset if it happens. NT WillettDrizzle 04/25/17 10:11 PM
BBCA Discussion i'd like to get eyes on that. I like Dre but that would be glorious to witness NT Poz 04/25/17 10:10 PM
BBCA Discussion The one scenario I see him taking a shot is if Kevin wins the veto and Demetres is wide open. He won't put them up straight up (nor will Dre) NT Spygirls * 04/25/17 10:09 PM

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