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The Bachelorette Same here. NT Molly 05/28/17 06:49 PM
The Score As long as the Patriots or Steelers don't win, I'm happy NT FurlessBat 05/28/17 06:48 PM
Games Gloria Oughtta Stop Shouting In Public....SMOTHER NT krh5038 05/28/17 06:43 PM
The Score Not a big race fan but I have a good friend that was there today. Welcome to the Score! NT wyndycty 05/28/17 06:41 PM
BBCA Discussion Why do I hate every showmance ever except this one? What is happening to me NT Poz 05/28/17 06:39 PM
The Bachelorette I've tried to stay away but I keep getting sucked in to these shows. Hope we have a great series this year. Rachel seems like a good catch :) NT ne14cookies 05/28/17 06:39 PM
The Bachelorette Miami guy seems weird. Firefighter is sorta hot. NT Molly 05/28/17 06:39 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Ika meeting Demetres’ sisters Dani 05/28/17 06:37 PM
The Bachelorette Hi cookies! Good to see you! I hope, I have not watched the last few seasons. NT Molly 05/28/17 06:34 PM
The Bachelorette Always some quirky ones, but I think there are some good guys there. NT ne14cookies 05/28/17 06:29 PM
Games Hilary Is Largely A Real Yenta........GOSSIP NT CatsRock 05/28/17 06:27 PM
The Bachelorette FL lawyer seems normal. Furkid Dad with deceased mom seems normal. NT Molly 05/28/17 06:19 PM
The Bachelorette so far only a few normal men. NT Molly 05/28/17 06:16 PM
Games Sexy Cane's On The Tape...HILARY NT Matzak 05/28/17 06:12 PM
The Bachelorette awwww.... she has a furkid! Wonder what happened to his leg? NT Molly 05/28/17 06:05 PM
The Bachelorette Topic: Show is on Now. I missed the first airing, Hope they find some real MEN for Rachel. NT Molly 05/28/17 06:03 PM
BB Discussion BB paradox...If the unexpected is expected, then it can't be unexpected. NT r151996 05/28/17 05:38 PM
Games Chloe Really Is Clearly Kooky, Extra Tiny .... SCOTT NT Rio 05/28/17 05:21 PM
Current Affairs there's always next time NT PointBeing 05/28/17 05:16 PM
BB News & Rumors Vote for me...??? She does realize what the show is, right? Not buying it. DesertDawg 05/28/17 05:06 PM
Current Affairs Yeah will not feel bad for those fools following Trump into his lies and craziness for a paycheck. They aren't slaves, they can stand up NT kidfresh512 05/28/17 05:02 PM
Games Christine Hates Lawful Order Evaders...CRICKET NT krh5038 05/28/17 04:31 PM
Games (I must say, everyone's making such funny acros and making me laugh!) NT CatsRock 05/28/17 04:27 PM
Games 9. Fish NT CatsRock 05/28/17 04:26 PM
Survivor Discussion Nice pic, they all look great! NT colleenag 05/28/17 04:24 PM
Games whiskey NT CatsRock 05/28/17 04:23 PM
Games LOL! Don't forget to add the next word.NT *DELETED* Rio 05/28/17 04:23 PM
Games Chelsea: Oh, Let's End Everything, Nick!......CHLOE (TY for reminding me) CatsRock 05/28/17 04:23 PM
Games 12. Troublesome Eileen Attacked Milton! NT CatsRock 05/28/17 04:21 PM
Games (We ARE nuts! LOL!) NT CatsRock 05/28/17 04:18 PM
Y & R I don't do Twitter. NT Rio 05/28/17 04:14 PM
Current Affairs I hate all of these Trump regret posts. Everyone tried to warn them, but they wouldn't listen. amandajaye 05/28/17 04:13 PM
Games Maybe Adam Didn't Get Exterminated. .... COLEEN NT Rio 05/28/17 04:12 PM
Y & R Topic: (Per a Facebook Y & R page) Doug Davidson's role has been cut back. He hasn't filmed anything since April. There is Twitter petition asking that a SL Rio 05/28/17 04:04 PM
The Amazing Race I want London and Logan to win over the other two. I would be ok with Tara and Joey, though he was an ass last episode. But Brooke and Scott will BBO 05/28/17 04:02 PM
BB Discussion the most ___ ever NT mebe 05/28/17 04:01 PM
Games 11. Torn, Eileen Abducted Milton NT Matzak 05/28/17 03:54 PM
BB Discussion You are expected to expect the unexpected NT utty14 05/28/17 03:50 PM
Games K - Kissler NT Matzak 05/28/17 03:44 PM
BB Discussion Expect returning evicted hg, 9 person jury etc... NT uvp 05/28/17 03:43 PM
Games Katherine Always Trusted In Esther....MADGE NT Matzak 05/28/17 03:35 PM
Games W - White Castle NT Rio 05/28/17 03:35 PM
Games U- Unopened at your feet NT fearlessdiva 05/28/17 03:33 PM
Games Irish NT Rio 05/28/17 03:29 PM
Games V- Village Inn NT fearlessdiva 05/28/17 03:27 PM
Games J - Johnson NT Rio 05/28/17 03:26 PM
Streamed Shows I've almost watched this a couple of times but I'm not sure I can. NT MegsMom316 05/28/17 03:25 PM
Games Fail NT Rio 05/28/17 03:25 PM
Games shamrocks NT fearlessdiva 05/28/17 03:25 PM
Games trap NT fearlessdiva 05/28/17 03:24 PM

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