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Games tablet computer NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:53 PM
Games report card NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:52 PM
BB Discussion No, Jonet Benet's brother. Apparently the miniseries accused him of killing her. See link inside to a story about the defamation lawsuit. Corndogger 01/18/17 07:52 PM
Games bite guard NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:51 PM
Joker's Water Cooler Thanks AprilSky! Very Thoughtful and Appreciated...:) NT Matzak 01/18/17 07:51 PM
Games Rock Me Amadeus NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:51 PM
Joker's Water Cooler Thanks LL...Have Another On Me!! :D NT Matzak 01/18/17 07:50 PM
Joker's Water Cooler Yes Thank You Rio!! and Back at You Birthday Buddy Cookies!! :) NT Matzak 01/18/17 07:49 PM
Games 1. Feels Like Home NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:49 PM
Games Topic: Name Thirteen: Wedding Songs NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:48 PM
Games ***END*** NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:47 PM
Games 13. Twice Baked NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:47 PM
Games Y- Yellow Wallpaper NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:45 PM
Games R- Richard Chase NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:42 PM
Games 12. Potato Soup NT debbiedu22 01/18/17 07:40 PM
Games ***END*** NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:40 PM
Games 13. Soft Scrub NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:39 PM
Games 11. Potato Salad NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:33 PM
Games Denmark NT CatsRock 01/18/17 07:32 PM
Games 10. Boiled NT CatsRock 01/18/17 07:31 PM
Games Crier Report NT debbiedu22 01/18/17 07:31 PM
Games 12. VIM works pretty good, too NT CatsRock 01/18/17 07:31 PM
Games 9. Pikes Peak NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:30 PM
Games (Yes! Baking soda really works great on coffee/tea cup/mug stains and teaspoons! Better than any dish detergent!) NT CatsRock 01/18/17 07:30 PM
Games 9. Potatoes au Gratin NT debbiedu22 01/18/17 07:29 PM
Odds N Ends One of my favorite movies! Great line from a great scene from a great movie! NT GazingEyes 01/18/17 07:28 PM
Odds N Ends If it is good for Popeye, it is good for me! NT GazingEyes 01/18/17 07:28 PM
Games 8. Rocky Mountain National Park NT debbiedu22 01/18/17 07:26 PM
Games 11. Easy-Off Oven Cleaner NT debbiedu22 01/18/17 07:25 PM
Games Q - Quinn, Jane NT debbiedu22 01/18/17 07:24 PM
Games 8. Grilled NT fearlessdiva 01/18/17 07:24 PM
Games Topic: Compound Words #3 (Continued): debbiedu22 wrote "overbite" NT debbiedu22 01/18/17 07:15 PM
Games ***END*** NT debbiedu22 01/18/17 07:14 PM
Games overbite NT debbiedu22 01/18/17 07:14 PM
Games hot NT debbiedu22 01/18/17 07:13 PM
The Real Housewives That is what I recalled. So I cant figure out what that exchange was about. NT Gamecock 01/18/17 06:57 PM
Current Affairs Reince Priebus was Chairman of the Republican National Comm &will now be Trump's Chief of Staff. It doesn't get much more establishment than that. NT Blockhead 01/18/17 06:47 PM
The Bachelor I think this time "villain" is the one that everyone loves to hate. I don't think she is mean spirited or anything like that either. NT ne14cookies 01/18/17 06:41 PM
The Bachelor Oh why not... :D NT ne14cookies 01/18/17 06:39 PM
Current Affairs He already is. The establishment GOP was for Hillary. They are now on the outs NT FurnitureAlliance 01/18/17 06:36 PM
Odds N Ends Topic: Movie Quote of the Day for Thursday: Rio 01/18/17 06:36 PM
Games chilies NT mellon 01/18/17 06:36 PM
Games game over NT mellon 01/18/17 06:35 PM
Joker's Water Cooler Thanks Wyndy, and I just love cookies with icing... They are beautiful! NT ne14cookies 01/18/17 06:34 PM
Odds N Ends Topic: 50 Food Facts (#8) Rio 01/18/17 06:34 PM
Joker's Water Cooler Wow! That's one big cookie :D TY TY TY NT ne14cookies 01/18/17 06:33 PM
BB Discussion lol NT FurnitureAlliance 01/18/17 06:33 PM
Joker's Water Cooler :D NT ne14cookies 01/18/17 06:32 PM
Joker's Water Cooler So charming.... TY so much GE :D NT ne14cookies 01/18/17 06:32 PM
BB Discussion Oh then people lied because I was told he was cheating NT FurnitureAlliance 01/18/17 06:31 PM

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