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BBCA Discussion I donít think he cares either way, of course he would prefer if Ali stays, sheís the weaker competitor and itíll better his odds in the TE veto but if she goes he wonít cry because sheís targeting Dani 04/23/18 07:16 AM
BBCA Discussion Good for her nonplaying floating butt. Along w/the may other float raft. Hope Karma bites her & few others. NT karendr1 04/23/18 07:15 AM
Games G - Greenville, Indiana NT Rio 04/23/18 07:14 AM
Games Plan NT Rio 04/23/18 07:12 AM
BBCA Discussion Not necessarily he has a few outs even without a veto. NT Dani 04/23/18 07:12 AM
Survivor Discussion Is it just me, or is she soooo much prettier without the layer of makeup? NT FrouFrou 04/23/18 07:12 AM
Games 7. The TV in Poltergeist NT a5thofbecca 04/23/18 07:11 AM
Games R - Redford, Robert NT a5thofbecca 04/23/18 07:10 AM
Games Kingston, LA NT a5thofbecca 04/23/18 07:09 AM
Games 7. Ratatouille NT a5thofbecca 04/23/18 07:08 AM
BBCA Discussion It was a very shortsighted decision NT dustysnemisis 04/23/18 07:08 AM
Games F - Farmerville, LA NT a5thofbecca 04/23/18 07:07 AM
Games D - Denver NT a5thofbecca 04/23/18 07:07 AM
Games 2. Tacos NT a5thofbecca 04/23/18 07:06 AM
Games stick figure NT a5thofbecca 04/23/18 07:06 AM
Games flan NT a5thofbecca 04/23/18 07:05 AM
BBCA Discussion At some point ... yes NT dustysnemisis 04/23/18 06:57 AM
BBCA Discussion I'm confused...does Liv want Ali gone? NT NSGirl 04/23/18 06:55 AM
BBCA Discussion not to my knowledgw, he is still in the dark about paras/maddy/daela plan to keep kaela NT colleenag 04/23/18 06:54 AM
BBCA Discussion Does Johnny know they plan to keep Kaela if he renoms Ali? NT dustysnemisis 04/23/18 06:46 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: I know Johnny tells Will he wants Kaela gone...but I think he feels if Ali goes, he now has Liv. Maybe he wants Ali gone? NT NSGirl 04/23/18 06:45 AM
BBCA Discussion And her talks with him afterwards. Letting him know, in so many words, that he wasn't part of her "endgame" (unlike Liv who included him right up till the end) NT colleenag 04/23/18 06:44 AM
BBCA Discussion I guess that is 1 consolation. I think Johnny is gone i TE if he doesn't win VETO...fingers crossed. NT NSGirl 04/23/18 06:43 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Thanks. NT LibraLady 04/23/18 06:43 AM
BBCA Discussion I knew she would regret keeping him. So dumb. Of course he was way more capable of winning HOH over Ryan. Why she ever thought keeping a player like Johnny in the game was a good idea? NT NSGirl 04/23/18 06:42 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Topic: On This Day in History - April 23, 2018 amandajaye 04/23/18 06:40 AM
BBCA Discussion Johnny wanted Derek out but he won veto so he didnít get what he truly wanted NT Dani 04/23/18 06:39 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Ali looks pissed knowing she is going up as a renom. The daggers flying from her eyes. NT LillyBell 04/23/18 06:39 AM
Games Free Speech, Fear Speech NT Rio 04/23/18 06:38 AM
BBCA Discussion I'm torn, I like Ali (probably a bit more than Kaela) BUT I don't want Johnny to get what he wants because he is my least fav HG. NT NSGirl 04/23/18 06:36 AM
BBCA Discussion Paras is all talk, so I say Ali is safe NT Dani 04/23/18 06:31 AM
News Stand yes NT xrayspex 04/23/18 06:26 AM
BBCA Discussion if Ali goes up as renom then yes...I give it 60/40 weight Ali goes NT colleenag 04/23/18 06:26 AM
The Real Housewives OMG-they look like trampolines-bizzare NT xrayspex 04/23/18 06:22 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Any chance that Kaela stays over Ali? I really think Paras and Maddy could take the chance to vote out Ali NT NSGirl 04/23/18 06:21 AM
American Idol Thanks zebe! Iím voting for Ada, Maddie & Gabby NT wyndycty 04/23/18 06:18 AM
American Idol She will be big name in Country, top 3 for me too...Luke will sign her to open for him -:) NT wyndycty 04/23/18 06:17 AM
American Idol I just saw it said he was a bowling alley attendant, maybe thatís his work outfit? I think he needs to stick to Gospel, Titanium not his forte NT wyndycty 04/23/18 06:14 AM
American Idol Oh my gosh...that was not good. Not even Cruise Ship good NT wyndycty 04/23/18 06:10 AM
American Idol I love her but not that performance...did not showcase her voice very much. NT wyndycty 04/23/18 06:09 AM
American Idol Sheís really good, a sleeper for sure. She will be picked up by somebody and do well NT wyndycty 04/23/18 06:04 AM
American Idol It was just ok...I like the song but it was off to me NT wyndycty 04/23/18 06:00 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Derek getting ready for the day with the ladies in the B/R...not a peep out of anyone except the sink. NT colleenag 04/23/18 05:59 AM
American Idol Good rocker, ok voice...wish it was a little stronger, but I like him, canít believe heís only 21! NT wyndycty 04/23/18 05:55 AM
American Idol I really like grown up Catie..sheís actually my 2nd favorite singer, good job.. NT wyndycty 04/23/18 05:51 AM
American Idol My Favorite....Ada for the win! -:) got my votes in! NT wyndycty 04/23/18 05:46 AM
The Big Bang Theory Per a Tweet included in this article, she also peed her pants. Rio 04/23/18 05:44 AM
American Idol I heard about 30secs worth, mini Jacob Jacobs....but not as strong NT wyndycty 04/23/18 05:42 AM
American Idol Strong voice but Her being 15 showed tonight...bad song choice too. NT wyndycty 04/23/18 05:40 AM
American Idol I like him personally, good opening act, Cruise Ship or Lounge act -:) NT wyndycty 04/23/18 05:37 AM

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