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BB Discussion For the type of club and location, it seems normal to me. (I am Canadian.) NT ScienceGirl 10/20/18 12:43 AM
BB Discussion Haha yeah I just call them that... NT TraJon 10/20/18 12:43 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Angela's getting pretty funny with some of the poses she's doing. lol NT Corndogger 10/20/18 12:42 AM
BB Discussion What I could see them getting in Atlantic City the casino Harrahs has a huge indoor pool they turn into a club at night. They would get a ton there. NT TraJon 10/20/18 12:42 AM
Other UnReality Shows Topic: ABC gives full season order to Station 19 Rio 10/20/18 12:42 AM
BB Discussion What is a vagina dress? Really short? NT ScienceGirl 10/20/18 12:42 AM
BB Discussion Rachel or JC would probably love to go with her. This kind of thing is hard to do without backup. NT BabyWrists 10/20/18 12:41 AM
BB Discussion And drinking age is 19 here in Ontario, so even more limiting than Alberta. Don't alot of US states have drinking age of 21? NT ScienceGirl 10/20/18 12:41 AM
BB Discussion But will her fans go to a place like this? This place and Cowboys are perfect for Tangela and probably the Bros as well. NT Corndogger 10/20/18 12:40 AM
BB Discussion The place is strange so I just don't know.. it was a restaurant that opened like a catering, reception site. But then it turns into a bar at times. My guess, crowd earlier will be bigger, under 18 NT TraJon 10/20/18 12:40 AM
Other UnReality Shows Topic: CBS Gives Full Season Orders to God Friended Me, Magnum P.I. And the Neighborhood Rio 10/20/18 12:39 AM
BB Discussion She will have her own fans I think. NT ScienceGirl 10/20/18 12:38 AM
BB Discussion Do you think they'll get the same kind of reaction from fans? Of the events I've seen streamed I can't recall any of them coming close to this one. NT Corndogger 10/20/18 12:35 AM
BB Discussion We need to send Rachel with her. NT TraJon 10/20/18 12:35 AM
BB Discussion Topic: For all those interested in the Revolve fashion discussion earlier, here is the jumpsuit Angela is wearing right now. It is a Revolve exclusive by Michael Costello. >> ScienceGirl 10/20/18 12:35 AM
BB Discussion I can say that, I live here (as Bon Jovi plays) big hair don't care NT TraJon 10/20/18 12:34 AM
BB Discussion Topic: How is KC going to compete with this if she goes by herself? NT Corndogger 10/20/18 12:32 AM
Modern Family Topic: ABC Reveals First Look At Season 10’s Halloween Episode Rio 10/20/18 12:32 AM
BB Discussion It will be interesting when they come to NJ. I am telling ya vagina dresses everywhere. lol NT TraJon 10/20/18 12:31 AM
BB Discussion Yup! lol hey it makes much more sense then the torture I put myself through. NT TraJon 10/20/18 12:30 AM
BB Discussion Look at Tyler's feet! I have a feeling a lot of the people there tonight never go there. They came just to Tangela. The girl on stage now is probably in that camp for sure. NT Corndogger 10/20/18 12:27 AM
BB Discussion Me too! NT kmjm 10/20/18 12:24 AM
BB Discussion I never saw so many sneakers in a club in my life. I am confused lol NT TraJon 10/20/18 12:23 AM
BB Discussion Thanks everyone who responded. I refreshed a couple of time and finally got the live stream back. I have slow Internet and keep procrastinating upgrading because I have to pay to have fiber run to ScienceGirl 10/20/18 12:19 AM
BB Discussion I'm not really seeing a difference. If he wants a clean slate, then he shouldn't hold grudges abt the RHAP people. Hey I disagree w/them alot, but I'd love to hear a good Tyler/Taran discussion. NT BabyWrists 10/20/18 12:18 AM
BB Discussion Yeah. It's a big club. NT Corndogger 10/20/18 12:17 AM
BB Discussion BBFanJ will be mad when he finds out that this was live streamed and how good it was. NT Corndogger 10/20/18 12:16 AM
BB Discussion It's a bar right? NT TraJon 10/20/18 12:16 AM
BB Discussion He threw 3 other vetos too? WTF. NT BabyWrists 10/20/18 12:14 AM
BB Discussion Yes..that likely pulled her real hair forward away from the extensions. I don't even understand how to use extensions that can be taken in and out, so I am no expert on making them look good! NT ScienceGirl 10/20/18 12:13 AM
BB Discussion I've gone to other pages a bunch of times or refreshed and it always comes back. NT ello 10/20/18 12:13 AM
BB Discussion Yes! Haha that would have been fun to watch NT TraJon 10/20/18 12:13 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Some of these girls look so young! They definitely should have booked a mall appearance so the under 18 crowd could meet them. NT Corndogger 10/20/18 12:12 AM
BB Discussion She sounds really excited to go on her Twitter. NT ello 10/20/18 12:12 AM
BB Discussion That makes me happy for her. NT TraJon 10/20/18 12:12 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Is the DrWillfan in the stream comments the same poster as her on jokers? NT ScienceGirl 10/20/18 12:11 AM
BB Discussion They're not advertised to be but you never know. NT Corndogger 10/20/18 12:11 AM
BB Discussion And he doesn't regret it, even though it probably cost him the game. That's what annoys me. And it annoys the RHAP people. I'd like for them to discuss that w/Tyler. NT BabyWrists 10/20/18 12:10 AM
BB Discussion Hahaha NT TraJon 10/20/18 12:10 AM
BB Discussion Mine just froze, then came back on its own. Earlier it froze and I had to reload Jeremy's Twitter page and it was live again NT csnet 10/20/18 12:10 AM
BB Discussion He's still live and people are still coming on stage to talk to them. This is so different than last week. NT Corndogger 10/20/18 12:09 AM
The Big Bang Theory Topic: The Big Bang Theory - The Imitation Pertubation Promo Rio 10/20/18 12:09 AM
BB Discussion If they're in Calgary tomorrow I wonder if they'll be at the open call auditions for BBCan NT RatFloater 10/20/18 12:09 AM
BB Discussion She has had a lot of people hugging her, lol. NT kmjm 10/20/18 12:09 AM
BB Discussion and that is where JC is staying, it's just a secret. NT ello 10/20/18 12:09 AM
BB Discussion In Edmonton for sure along with a lot of other kinky stuff. NT Corndogger 10/20/18 12:08 AM
BB Discussion JC did say Tyler had a big pole (and poor Brett...RS was correct about his pole.) NT ScienceGirl 10/20/18 12:08 AM
BB Discussion I'm pretty sure that is the line, they may be worn out for tomorrow's appearance. NT ello 10/20/18 12:08 AM
BB Discussion My stream just died as you posted this. It is frozen and I am scared to refresh. Is he still live? NT ScienceGirl 10/20/18 12:07 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Sorry in advance for being picky but Angela's hair extensions are not in right tonight. They are sticking out of the back of her head in a clump instead of blended into her real hair. NT ScienceGirl 10/20/18 12:06 AM

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