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BB Discussion To be honest, they have never gotten along and each has taken shots at the other. It isn't a one way street. NT WillRulz 02/20/18 04:52 PM
RuPaul's Drag Race I was too!! NT Jamsie 02/20/18 04:52 PM
BB Discussion Maybe if James gets Brandi out so he can start thinking, he will finally notice the game going on around him. NT wrinky 02/20/18 04:52 PM
BB Discussion The Stupidity of keeping the most dangerous duo intact the one that has two F4's SMH NT BBFanJ 02/20/18 04:51 PM
Streamed Shows Topic: Ozark...anyone else watch? We just finished S#1 ....Jason Bateman sure plays a different part here, love it.... NT wyndycty 02/20/18 04:50 PM
BB Discussion Same! ***** James and Mark and their personal playing dumbass selves NT BBFanJ 02/20/18 04:50 PM
BB Discussion Well, like you said - they might not be there yet, but they're gettin' there. Perhaps if this cast had sixty days in this house instead of twenty, they'd be as noxious as those notorious alliances. NT AdamAndEvel 02/20/18 04:49 PM
BB Discussion not me! want brandi staying . oma a possible backdoor target but want her staying too NT HES 02/20/18 04:48 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Was Brandi sleeping when feeds went to puppies? NT DaisyChain 02/20/18 04:47 PM
BB Discussion Yes. It is Brandi and anyone. James has a negative fixation for her. NT wrinky 02/20/18 04:45 PM
BB Discussion TY!!! That makes me very happy. NT robin0 02/20/18 04:45 PM
BB Discussion Topic: LFC Roundtable @ 8:30- woot (& a bb gossip show at 9) HES 02/20/18 04:45 PM
BB Discussion Ari & Brandi....Brandi's the target. NT grammypampam 02/20/18 04:45 PM
BB Discussion OK, I'll concede that it's mostly James & Mark who can't keep Brandi's name out of their mouths. NT grammypampam 02/20/18 04:44 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Do we know who is being nommed today, or who the target is? NT robin0 02/20/18 04:44 PM
The Amazing Race Yep^^ NT wyndycty 02/20/18 04:42 PM
BB Discussion So funny NT JamieBBfan213 02/20/18 04:42 PM
BB Discussion James does NOT want to put Omarosa up if Ari wins the veto. He wants to make sure that Brandi goes so he won't put Omarosa up. He told Mark they'd have to put Marissa up if Ari wins veto. NT grammypampam 02/20/18 04:42 PM
BB Discussion I'm still enjoying it. I don't think they are near the nerd heard status NT JamieBBfan213 02/20/18 04:41 PM
The Amazing Race Personally.... I dvr the 2hr shows, wonder if that makes the ratings chg. NT wyndycty 02/20/18 04:41 PM
BB Discussion Villainous alliances of the past have spent entire days bashing a single houseguest, whereas this cast may spend about half an hour badmouthing, say, Shannon, then they move on. Big difference IMO. NT AdamAndEvel 02/20/18 04:41 PM
BB Discussion Ha! NT sabrosa 02/20/18 04:40 PM
The Amazing Race *Gasp* Blockhead is this really you? Because I’m pretty sure you told me they were your fave? -:) NT wyndycty 02/20/18 04:39 PM
BB Discussion Yeah, it's gettin' there. NT grammypampam 02/20/18 04:36 PM
BB Discussion Agree, no where near as bad. NT kat004 02/20/18 04:34 PM
BB Discussion Agreed. Not even close. NT AdamAndEvel 02/20/18 04:33 PM
BBCA Discussion Blah. NT M3gabyt3 02/20/18 04:33 PM
BB Discussion This cast is nowhere near as bad as that NT spanner 02/20/18 04:32 PM
BB Discussion Nominations going on right now NT koko4locopuffs 02/20/18 04:31 PM
Celebrity Buzz She doesn't have to apologize. NT PointBeing 02/20/18 04:30 PM
BB Discussion Their pretty vile sometimes NT HOHMaster 02/20/18 04:30 PM
BB Discussion LOL! NT koko4locopuffs 02/20/18 04:30 PM
The Amazing Race Maybe you missed my sarcasm? My point was my impression of this topic is that it is deliberately alarmist without really providing the evidence to justify the alarm. My statement on viewership is AskMedia 02/20/18 04:29 PM
BB Discussion All I see is vampire. NT PointBeing 02/20/18 04:28 PM
BB Updates Topic: 4:25 PM Mark is called to DR. Omarosa says uh oh it's time for something to happen. And Fish....and quickly to Puppies.... NT Scott3325 * 02/20/18 04:28 PM
BB Discussion I'm DEAD!!!!!!!!! I love him - ;) NT LSUprincess 02/20/18 04:27 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Losing interest in the show now. All i see is a nerd herd from season 6. NT LillyBell 02/20/18 04:25 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Mark is all of us (see inside)... AdamAndEvel 02/20/18 04:23 PM
BB Discussion lol, drama already!!! ;) NT LSUprincess 02/20/18 04:22 PM
BB Discussion he's too young to be with this cast...... save him for later!! lol NT LSUprincess 02/20/18 04:21 PM
BB Discussion LOL, I'm a 80's girl........ ;) NT LSUprincess 02/20/18 04:19 PM
BB Discussion Totally Agree NT OhnoSheDidnt 02/20/18 04:19 PM
BB Discussion I added them for the drama - since she's worked with him in the past with this alleged situation and had no issue...... but I get what you're saying. NT LSUprincess 02/20/18 04:18 PM
BB Discussion I cannot STAND her NT OhnoSheDidnt 02/20/18 04:17 PM
BB Discussion Not a bad list, actually. I would watch that. NT punkie 02/20/18 04:17 PM
BB Discussion I've seen Brandi do the dishes, vacuum and dust. NT Ark 02/20/18 04:17 PM
BB Discussion If Omarosa is on the Block against one of Brandi or Ari Oma would go. Ross Marissa and whichever of Brandi and Adri is off the block save the one on the block NT BBFanJ 02/20/18 04:16 PM
BB Discussion I think Nancy would do it only because I saw where Kim.K paid her to come teach her daughter how to ice-skate... you never know. ;) It would be interesting to watch the dynamic with them though NT LSUprincess 02/20/18 04:15 PM
BB Discussion <3 Amanda Bynes. Hell f'n no to Vince Neil NT PointBeing 02/20/18 04:15 PM
BB Discussion Unfortunately she would not get the message until she is off of feeds. Maybe blow horn guy could yell it over the wall. NT koko4locopuffs 02/20/18 04:15 PM

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