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BB Discussion What I vaguely remember is her comforting and consoling the houseguests as she helped them out the door LOL...but my memory is foggy. NT colleenag 02/18/19 04:53 PM
Games C - Catastrophe NT CatsRock 02/18/19 04:52 PM
Games gnu NT CatsRock 02/18/19 04:51 PM
The Score Some of the talking heads in Boston saying the tag on Flowers would be hefty ($17M) for that type of player and would hurt against the cap in the future? I don't understand fully but that's what I'm colleenag 02/18/19 04:50 PM
Games T - Tea NT CatsRock 02/18/19 04:50 PM
Games 2. Mariah Carey NT CatsRock 02/18/19 04:49 PM
Games B - Brainy NT CatsRock 02/18/19 04:47 PM
BB Discussion What actions did KC take to manage the jury? NT Blockhead 02/18/19 04:41 PM
The Score Same here! First I saw him was on those funny cartoons you have Wyndy! Seems like there is some inside info as the cartoon was well before the SB iirc. NT colleenag 02/18/19 04:35 PM
BB Discussion Tyler was well aware of the time constraints of the modern-era BB finale jury segment. He had plenty of opportunities to manage his end game better, and failed. NT DoCallMeShirley 02/18/19 04:32 PM
The Score Yeah, I’m having a hard time picturing as a #1 starter but he must have gotten some behind the curtain info to make him declare for the draft. NT wyndycty 02/18/19 04:24 PM
The Score Yep. I agree. That to me is #1. As much as I like to give credence to Tom and his "pliability" methods that have enabled him to "absorb and disperse the forces" put upon him when he gets hit, colleenag 02/18/19 04:22 PM
The Real Housewives GAAH They should get rid of Tamra while they're at it. NT enter_a_name 02/18/19 04:19 PM
Other Reality Shows So ~5 episodes in I think Evan/Kaci both leave with someone else, John will leave with someone (Kady leaves alone), Javen/Shari stay together (and shouldn't!), and on the fence w/ Karl/Nicole NT enter_a_name 02/18/19 04:17 PM
Games Rain ...Snickers Bar or Milky Way Bar? NT Rio 02/18/19 04:11 PM
News Stand Topic: Police identify Walmart parking lot shooter as off-duty ICE officer petite6 02/18/19 04:09 PM
Games Alom (Mayan god) NT Rio 02/18/19 04:08 PM
News Stand Five Dead After Mississippi Hostage Standoff petite6 02/18/19 04:07 PM
The Score Many consider CB our #1 need (after Talib moved on for being too expensive, and Roby not performing up to his $8M salary). But TE and WR are possibilities too. And really, a fairly high 1st rd pick JAF 02/18/19 04:06 PM
News Stand Topic: Sheriff: 3 kids, 1 adult dead in northern Kent Co. petite6 02/18/19 04:05 PM
BB Discussion Tamar is obvious first because I find her entertaining as heck, she's smart & very deserving of her win. No one can say the 2nd place deserved it over her like you can say for the others. Dani 02/18/19 03:58 PM
The Score So they have QB Kyler Murray going to ARI at #1?!? After drafting Rosen at #10 last year (moving up to get him, in fact)? That's a hard one to swallow. JAF 02/18/19 03:57 PM
The Score From a post-game video I saw it looked like Brady was all ready applying the "pressure" to get Gronk to stay...I will admit it may just be my imagination... colleenag 02/18/19 03:52 PM
The Score So are the Broncos looking for a TE? Or WR for Flacco.... NT wyndycty 02/18/19 03:47 PM
BB Discussion I have no problem with people criticizing Tangela as long as there's some substance to it. NT Corndogger 02/18/19 03:45 PM
The Score Yes...He can take his Rings and retire in Style... Maybe open a Rest/Bar. Gronks Good Eats -:) NT wyndycty 02/18/19 03:43 PM
The Score Depends on what's in the agreement. They can put all kinds of stuff in there that can void the agreement if broken. That doesn't mean they can't go ahead and break it to sue again, of course, JAF 02/18/19 03:43 PM
Games Whoopi Goldberg: Direct from Broadway... Describe a baby. NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:39 PM
The Score I'm starting to think AB does stay in Pitts. I'm unsure on Gronk, he was a lot closer to retirement last year than was publicly stated at the time. I think Brady tries to get him to stick around but Blockhead 02/18/19 03:34 PM
The Score This would seem like the logical time to draft a QB for the post-Brady era. You've still got Hoyer under contract as the backup so no real need to sign a veteran. JAF 02/18/19 03:33 PM
The Score That's not accurate. Settlements only deal with current issues. The settlement would settle the case and could have a clause about any outstanding causes. But if the league again conspired to keep him Blockhead 02/18/19 03:31 PM
The Score I heard Gronk may be sticking around? Rooney is meeting with AB on Friday, so we’ll see if we are going to be holding hands or not -:) NT wyndycty 02/18/19 03:31 PM
Games Toy Story NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:28 PM
Games Topic: Movie Chairs, cont'd: StarfishTwo wrote, The Buddy Holly Story. NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:27 PM
BB Discussion KC had to play under the same rules and conditions. She won b/c she made better connections with Hive members and won comps when it counted. How was the ending rushed? 99 days is plenty long enough to Corndogger 02/18/19 03:26 PM
Games *~*END*~* NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:25 PM
Games A- Angelic NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:24 PM
Games Topic: ABC Theme: Positive Words NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:23 PM
BB Discussion The initial tweet claimed that she was staring into the audience looking for a husband. NT Corndogger 02/18/19 03:22 PM
Games *~*END*~* NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:21 PM
Games Z- Zori NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:21 PM
The Score If they franchise Flowers then the biggest need becomes a recieving weapon for Brady (TE to replace Gronk or a WR) or a safety. NT Blockhead 02/18/19 03:20 PM
Games R- Revvin' up your engine... Listen to her howlin' roar... NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:19 PM
BB Discussion repost? NT AbraCadaver 02/18/19 03:18 PM
BB Discussion As the single alumni houseguest returning, I agree he'd need an edge. But BB19 overdid it and ruined the season. NT BBTalking 02/18/19 03:17 PM
Games 1. Angelina Jolie NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:16 PM
Games Topic: Name 10: Celebrities Known for Multiple Marriages NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:15 PM
Games *~*END*~* NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:14 PM
Games 10. Scott Peterson NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:14 PM
Games Eagles... Snow or Rain? NT fearlessdiva 02/18/19 03:13 PM

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