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Games 6. ABCs NT StarfishTwo 06/22/18 09:46 AM
Games 3. Santa Baby NT StarfishTwo 06/22/18 09:45 AM
Games take NT StarfishTwo 06/22/18 09:44 AM
Games 4. Father Knows Best NT StarfishTwo 06/22/18 09:43 AM
Games 4. Make a wish NT StarfishTwo 06/22/18 09:42 AM
Games A - Animal Planet NT StarfishTwo 06/22/18 09:41 AM
Games Topic: ABC Theme Game: Anything About Television NT StarfishTwo 06/22/18 09:40 AM
Games Biscuit ... Trips: Tropical and relaxing or Historical and exploring? NT StarfishTwo 06/22/18 09:32 AM
BB Discussion No, you're the first one to make fun of his height. NT FurlessBat 06/22/18 09:11 AM
P/X I have enough of those days! lol NT Axelsen 06/22/18 09:08 AM
P/X yes GE! I am very fortunate! TY! have a great day! :) NT Axelsen 06/22/18 09:05 AM
BB Discussion Jessie s11 "hey Nat? make me a sandwich" NT deadman 06/22/18 09:02 AM
BB News & Rumors Topic: Producer Allison Grodner excited to celebrate Big Brother’s 20th season WillRulz 06/22/18 09:01 AM
BB Discussion Topic: This may have been mentioned but every time I see JC in a Big Brother commercial, I keep thinking they're sending a leprechaun into the house. NT pooh27361 06/22/18 08:58 AM
Streamed Shows That last episode i was legit tearing up. I am not gonna lie NT kidfresh512 06/22/18 08:56 AM
P/X Is this part of your route driving? Love the scenery! NT GazingEyes 06/22/18 08:52 AM
BB Discussion Order room service. NT SomeRandomGuy 06/22/18 08:47 AM
P/X On my way to get some Onion Rings! Happy Friday! Axelsen 06/22/18 08:45 AM
BB Discussion After all her exaggerated stories and past history, some people can reserve the right to be skeptical. It's not like poster was wishing death upon her, relax. NT RatFloater 06/22/18 08:43 AM
BB Discussion I don't see any use for it other than calling hgs up to the HOH room & having the whole house hear it. NT grammypampam 06/22/18 08:41 AM
The Score Nigeria vs Iceland 0-0 at 30min GO Vikings! NT Axelsen 06/22/18 08:41 AM
BB Discussion I'm just glad no one from BB19 is returning. Even if a vet does return, at least it will be someone I can tolerate. NT RatFloater 06/22/18 08:28 AM
Other UnReality Shows Too bad because I liked Timeless. NT GazingEyes 06/22/18 08:23 AM
BB Discussion I am sure AG will released state of union in the house Lots of gaming etc..ha! NT uvp 06/22/18 08:23 AM
Other UnReality Shows Timeless officially canceled (again). :-( NT JAF 06/22/18 08:22 AM
NCIS Interesting. I didn't hear this. But this may have been an additional reason she quit. I know the reason she stated was reason enough. NT GazingEyes 06/22/18 08:22 AM
P/X Lol! Good morning, wyndy and jblig! I was going to stay stupid guy but you're not:) Cute. NT GazingEyes 06/22/18 08:19 AM
BB Discussion Just use it to spy on people. I bet it hardly gets used. Reminds me of that useless telephone in BB18. NT RatFloater 06/22/18 07:57 AM
BB Discussion Any Curb Your Enthusiasm fans, remember the accidental text? I’d have a conversation “accidentally” overheard. NT jntenzil 06/22/18 07:56 AM
BB Discussion Topic: How would you use the new HOH intercom system? play jokes on people? or just order people up to the room now. Any other ideas? NT outsidedahouse 06/22/18 07:54 AM
Streamed Shows very much so! NT xrayspex 06/22/18 07:11 AM
BB Discussion I feel like we should know more, have seen more ... 5 days and we have so little to go on ... we need feed leaks NT mebe 06/22/18 06:58 AM
BB Discussion That got old very fast.. ITA. NT GMan 06/22/18 06:57 AM
BB Discussion OMG! There should be a warning about viewing the photos. NT GMan 06/22/18 06:47 AM
P/X lol... Good Morning! I wish I could take my Dogs to work today! NT wyndycty 06/22/18 06:27 AM
P/X It's probably better that way since it's Stupid Guy Thing Day! jblig 06/22/18 06:26 AM
P/X Topic: Wake up JB....I don’t know what day it is?! NT wyndycty 06/22/18 06:18 AM
BB Discussion ^^Agree^^ NT wyndycty 06/22/18 06:15 AM
BB Discussion Fyi, ED posted a topless pic of a younger(?) Angie. NT RatFloater 06/22/18 06:14 AM
BB Discussion Whoohoo... as a friendly reminder, if anyone is interested, There will be 1 BBD thread, just on show nights in the PX..... All Welcome! (Kind of like chat) NT wyndycty 06/22/18 06:14 AM
BB Discussion Hopefully no one. It's unoriginal and idiotic. NT RatFloater 06/22/18 06:12 AM
BB Discussion She exaggerated a lot, but there is some underlying illness. Hard to gage how serious from Instagram. NT jntenzil 06/22/18 06:07 AM
The Score Final Four is set...Oregon St vs Miss St and Florida vs Arkansas....starts today at 3 & 8 pm NT wyndycty 06/22/18 06:04 AM
The Score Baker Mayfield shuts down Colin Cowherd...... wyndycty 06/22/18 06:01 AM
BB Discussion No. NT willgirl2 06/22/18 05:53 AM
The Amazing Race how can you tell. she spent most of her last season in bed with that guy. As much as i disliked Paul - he was robbed that season. Nicole did nothing NT angel 06/22/18 05:28 AM
BB Discussion BB is just lazy now. they don't care about entertaining the HG's. they give them nothing to do because basically it doesn't fit into their tv show so they don't care. angel 06/22/18 05:26 AM
BB Discussion I'm sorry. I thought all her stories were explained as BS last year. Did I miss something? NT Schadenfreude 06/22/18 05:25 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Thank you so much wyndycty!! :) NT bbfankat 06/22/18 04:57 AM
Games W - Waffles NT CatsRock 06/22/18 04:56 AM

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