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BBCA Discussion thanks. NT LillyBell 05/24/17 02:36 PM
BBCA Discussion I hate when he puts that gel on it though. I think he has a gorgeous face, but he would look better with hair! NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 02:30 PM
BB Discussion Yup. I only know one other person that watches feeds. Everybody else I know just watches the show. I never spoil anything, but occasionally I... WillettDrizzle 05/24/17 02:29 PM
The Amazing Race Brooke and Shamir NT FurlessBat 05/24/17 02:27 PM
Games Sober Eric Couldn't Repel Every Temptation Sami!...BRADY NT Matzak 05/24/17 02:19 PM
The Amazing Race I'd like to see Sara get another shot. Her partner was the worst! NT all8up 05/24/17 02:18 PM
Games Kittens... Apple or Orange? NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 02:18 PM
BBCA Discussion He was told the week 4 Dani 05/24/17 02:14 PM
Survivor Discussion I hope they don't waste too much/any time on this. Too many other things I would like to know/hear about. NT all8up 05/24/17 02:14 PM
BB Discussion Yeah!! NT Matzak 05/24/17 02:12 PM
BB Discussion Yep month away..good times upcoming hopefully NT uvp 05/24/17 02:11 PM
Games 1. Merry Go Round NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 02:10 PM
Games Topic: Name 10: Things That Spin NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 02:10 PM
Games *~*END*~* NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 02:02 PM
Games 10. YMCA NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 02:01 PM
Games 8. Kevin Kern NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 01:58 PM
Supernatural I don't like Crawley stuff. Was this season less of him? I didn't start the season. NT M3gabyt3 05/24/17 01:57 PM
Games Me too!!! NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 01:56 PM
The Amazing Race Yes, them plus Liz[I really liked her]. NT Hidef1080 05/24/17 01:56 PM
Survivor Discussion Sorry no room, you can have him once I'm done with him lol NT MegsMom316 05/24/17 01:56 PM
Survivor Discussion Tomorrow? I think it will be Sarah TONIGHT lol Please tell me I'm NOT wrong on my days and that I only have 1 more day to work this week lol NT MegsMom316 05/24/17 01:56 PM
Games beat NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 01:54 PM
Games Things Can Only Get Better NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 01:52 PM
BB Discussion Topic: The link to sign up for CBS is still OTT, can we get that updated and erase the photos from up top, can't wait, it's really only days away! NT marybeth 05/24/17 01:52 PM
Games K - Kris Kringle Kept Kens Kite NT Matzak 05/24/17 01:47 PM
Games J- Janet justified Jorge's jaded jealousy. NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 01:45 PM
BBCA Discussion Neda could have roped Demetres in at that point. NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:40 PM
Games 7. Schoolhouse Rock NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 01:39 PM
BBCA Discussion Ika was the only cancer in the group. NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:39 PM
BBCA Discussion Bruno, Kevin, Will & Dre threw the HOH in return for the promise that Demika would be the targets. NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:39 PM
BBCA Discussion Neda & Sindy are strong women and Bruno loved them and was very loyal to them. He was also loyal to Ika until he found out it was undeserved. NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:37 PM
Y & R Topic: Hil's text today to Juliet said Can you "met" me at GC Buzz instead of Can you "meet" me? LOL Did anyone else catch that? NT gizmo2tc 05/24/17 01:37 PM
BBCA Discussion I think Dre was a little bit. But nobody else was. Ika was jealous of Neda though. NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:35 PM
Games off NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 01:35 PM
BBCA Discussion OMG! Bruno was in no way jealous of Ika. I am dying from the fan fiction. NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:34 PM
Y & R Doesn't Hilary realize that if she breaks up Cane & Lily Jordan & Lily will probably hook up? It's obvious Jordan likes Lily! NT gizmo2tc 05/24/17 01:34 PM
BBCA Discussion Sindy did NOT keep them safe in the DE!!!! She evicted their closest ally and handed the numbers to the enemy! That ruined their games!! NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:32 PM
Y & R me either Linn! NT gizmo2tc 05/24/17 01:31 PM
BBCA Discussion We do know because the jury told the press who would have won in every F2 situation! NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:31 PM
Y & R Oh yeah, I completely forgot about him! LOL NT gizmo2tc 05/24/17 01:31 PM
BBCA Discussion I don't remember who told him, maybe Jackie, but he just looked disgusted. NT nammer 05/24/17 01:30 PM
BBCA Discussion ^This. NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:30 PM
BBCA Discussion Who cares? She would have lost in F2 against anyone. That is a BAD GAME. NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:29 PM
Y & R Topic: Spoiler for Thurs. May 25, 2017 gizmo2tc 05/24/17 01:29 PM
BBCA Discussion After Ika already tried to force Sindy to put up Neda showing Ika was the issue with the alliance!!!! NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:28 PM
Games E-Every road leads to your door... Every step I take for evermore NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 01:27 PM
BBCA Discussion Sindy was the bad ally who took out Neda and nominated the two people Neda Bruno & Kevin had just worked hard to save and bring in. NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:26 PM
Games 4. Computer Repair NT fearlessdiva 05/24/17 01:26 PM
BBCA Discussion Hahaha he looks really good. NT nammer 05/24/17 01:26 PM
BBCA Discussion That is absolute BS. the alliance was dead as soon as Ika turned on it...which was pretty much as soon as feeds came on! NT ScienceGirl 05/24/17 01:25 PM

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