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Y & R LOL! NT CatsRock 02/28/17 01:50 AM
Other Reality Shows My Kitchen Rules 1X08 "Champion Is Crowned" Preview [Blocked in US] Dreamer 02/28/17 01:27 AM
The Bachelor Mike Fleiss is really happy about it...... Dreamer 02/28/17 01:25 AM
Chicago Fire/P.D./Med Topic: Chicago Fire - Next: Chicago Crossover Event | Fire, PD, Med, Justice (Promo) Dreamer 02/28/17 12:54 AM
The Bachelor Topic: The Bachelor Nick Viall Episode 10/11 "Finland Fantasy Dates/Women Tell All" Preview Dreamer 02/28/17 12:46 AM
The Bachelor Topic: Bachelor Fantasy Suites! Nick Viall Shocks Corinne — as Raven Drops a Very Personal Bombshell Dreamer 02/28/17 12:44 AM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Just me or this Season DRAGGING?? Ready for this now!! NT bbsittingducks 02/28/17 12:43 AM
The Bachelor Topic: The Bachelor: The 5 Most Awkward Moments of the Fantasy Suites, Part 1 Dreamer 02/28/17 12:34 AM
I'm A Celebrity Topic: Did they test and have people eat that whole gummy snake? That was a lot :\ NT M3gabyt3 02/27/17 11:51 PM
Y & R Really? mydiggs * 02/27/17 11:23 PM
The Theatre It was really funny on twitter with all the shade being thrown for LaLa Land winning and then they didn't NT FurnitureAlliance 02/27/17 11:02 PM
The Theatre I didn't know or care about this supposed feud NT FurnitureAlliance 02/27/17 11:01 PM
The Theatre The only funny part was the stars having to pretend to be glad to see them NT FurnitureAlliance 02/27/17 10:57 PM
The Theatre The tour bus thing wasn't very entertaining either NT FurnitureAlliance 02/27/17 10:57 PM
Survivor Discussion I'm right there with you! NT FurnitureAlliance 02/27/17 10:48 PM
The Theatre I found this kinda funny M3gabyt3 02/27/17 10:44 PM
The Real Housewives Topic: I wonder how Erika Jayne will do on DWTS..... NT georgia9382 02/27/17 09:37 PM
Dancing With The Stars Her being well known is debatable imo. NT Phoenixfire 02/27/17 09:37 PM
The Bachelor They all end up on DWTS NT georgia9382 02/27/17 09:27 PM
Dancing With The Stars She's well known. Wasn't she hired on Glee to teach the choreo for their Put a Ring on It number? She's a Beyonce' back up dancer. NT cjj3 02/27/17 09:24 PM
BB Discussion I was wondering why all the cats were speaking Icelandic. I guess that explains it. ;) NT WillettDrizzle 02/27/17 08:31 PM
BBCA Discussion Absolutely! However I really don't think it will ever happen. NT WillettDrizzle 02/27/17 08:27 PM
BB Discussion What a rip off! Only 3 live feeds? ;-) Did you notice that it is taking place in Iceland? NT Corndogger 02/27/17 08:27 PM
BB Discussion I watched the first episode. I found it funny. Currently you can watch live feeds of some cats living in a tiny house. Link inside. WillettDrizzle 02/27/17 08:24 PM
The Bachelor I think he has been surprisingly good...kind, thoughtful, insightful, and sincere NT ready2retire 02/27/17 08:22 PM
The Jukebox The Human League: The Lebanon Matzak 02/27/17 08:21 PM
BB Discussion Did you watch Big Baboon House on Nat Geo Wild? It was a very impressive takeoff of BB involving baboons. Must have been on at least 5 yrs. ago. NT Corndogger 02/27/17 08:14 PM
The Bachelor Topic: Why doesn't anyone here like Nick? He seems as decent and even better than many of the Bachelors. Am I missing something? NT grandjete 02/27/17 08:14 PM
The Jukebox The Smiths: How Soon Is Now Matzak 02/27/17 08:12 PM
BB Alumni same!!! NT grandjete 02/27/17 08:10 PM
The Jukebox ABC: Poison Arrow (Featuring LVP) Matzak 02/27/17 08:06 PM
BB Discussion There would be some. Don't know how many. Personally I would watch if they had an all dog cast. Most would play better game than our recent "cast." NT bbfan661 02/27/17 08:05 PM
Dancing With The Stars I'm with you, I'm done with caring about the dance background of the 'stars' on DWTS & just watch for the fun. Looking forward to Heather! NT terlu 02/27/17 08:00 PM
Bachelor/Ette/Paradise Spoilers Haha, thought the same thing. NT sweetpea 02/27/17 07:59 PM
The Bachelor Double yuck is so right!!! NT sweetpea 02/27/17 07:58 PM
The Score Very misleading article, very Bill B. NT FurlessBat 02/27/17 07:18 PM
The Biggest Loser Oh wow! Sorry to hear about this! NT PSister 02/27/17 07:17 PM
The Score Yeah but the headline is funnier that way. It's nonsense as they do that every year and they increased the lead in the 3Q. NT Blockhead 02/27/17 07:05 PM
Games 8. Sunscreen NT CatsRock 02/27/17 07:02 PM
Games 10. Microwaves NT CatsRock 02/27/17 07:01 PM
The Score He didn't blame Lady Gaga..per se, he blamed the extra long halftime show, either way, hogwash! NT wyndycty 02/27/17 07:00 PM
BB Discussion If BB used Julie's dog as part of a "reward" what percentage of JU posters do you think would cry foul & demand Julie & the dog's removal from BB? NT Corndogger 02/27/17 06:46 PM
The Score Topic: Mo Sanu blames Lady Gaga halftime for Falcons' Super Bowl loss Blockhead 02/27/17 06:42 PM
The Theatre Spot on! and to add the Bus Tour was funny for 2 seconds. NT Matzak 02/27/17 06:17 PM
Y & R The key in the music box? They didn't have it at all. Colin just found it. Nobody knew it existed before now. NT krh5038 02/27/17 06:06 PM
The Bachelor Topic: I can not find a live feed to tonites episode? Anyone have help for me? Im losing it :D NT ChaChaCha 02/27/17 06:01 PM
The Theatre As someone who doesn't watch his show, I found those bits very entertaining. Since I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning, I don't get to cantgetenough 02/27/17 05:55 PM
The Theatre those are mainly the parts i liked. I thought the bus tour gag went 10 minutes too long. NT PointBeing 02/27/17 05:51 PM
The Theatre I wasn't going to watch & I'm not a Kimmel fan but I watched. NT PointBeing 02/27/17 05:49 PM
The Bachelor I guess one can't have just 15 minutes, and still qualify as a Fame #hore? My 10 minutes of liking him okay after Bachelor in Paradise are over, and LibraLady 02/27/17 05:40 PM

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