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Joker's Water Cooler Topic: jblig jays in and sings Happy Birthday to joy57 NT jblig 01/20/18 04:50 AM
P/X Topic: Good morning Jokers! Open up and say 'AWWWW!' for National Cheese Lovers Day! jblig 01/20/18 04:47 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Topic: On This Day in History - January 20, 2018 amandajaye 01/20/18 04:10 AM
BB News & Rumors Topic: BIG BROTHER Alums To B&B Dreamer 01/20/18 04:09 AM
Games The Perfect Way NT Rio 01/20/18 03:40 AM
Games U - “Urgent .... so Urgent, Urgent.” NT Rio 01/20/18 03:37 AM
Games O - Oscar Ordered Olivia One Orchid. NT Rio 01/20/18 03:35 AM
BB Discussion It's probably him b/c remember he's a MMA fighter, chess champ, HS football player and former NBAer. NT ringo9 01/20/18 03:35 AM
BB Discussion Looks like he is letting go of her as she is falling backwards off a cliff. :O NT ringo9 01/20/18 03:32 AM
The Score I heard it did move...from 9 ish to 7ish and then back to 8ish lol NT colleenag 01/20/18 03:13 AM
The Score I think boxers are top tier dog as far as beauty. Are they related? Male/Female? NT colleenag 01/20/18 03:11 AM
BB UK just catching up... sliver013 01/19/18 11:22 PM
Games 11. Bacon & Eggs NT FurnitureAlliance 01/19/18 11:13 PM
Games 10. Kale Cups NT AskMedia 01/19/18 10:34 PM
BB Media It’s the “everything in between” I’m dreading NT utty14 01/19/18 10:12 PM
The Amazing Race Brenchel did TAR twice and finished third both times. The one time they probably would have won if it wasn't for a badly timed brain fart. It's way too early to claim Jody are better. JeJo sucked! NT Corndogger 01/19/18 10:11 PM
The Amazing Race Out of the 3 teams that crossed over, they likely are the best. They're certainly the most physically impressive. I'd say the reverse is true too though -- that Jeff/Jordan and Brenchal are JAF 01/19/18 10:00 PM
Top Chef I disagree. To think that pregnant women must be treated like precious dolls is rather antiquated in my opinion. A healthy pregnant woman wouldn't have had any problem with it. It was a fluke that Dimples 01/19/18 10:00 PM
Top Chef I think when it came down to it, yes, she through her under the bus. There was really no reason to blame someone else for putting up a bad plate yourself. NT Dimples 01/19/18 09:56 PM
The Amazing Race She's right it would be better placed in the middle of the leg. It seems like the skiiers struggle with the one coming up next week. NT RatFloater 01/19/18 09:52 PM
The Amazing Race Topic: Why Jessica and Cody Could Be the Best 'Big Brother' Team Ever on 'The Amazing Race' AskMedia 01/19/18 09:23 PM
BB Discussion probably is him, I think Jeanie Buss is a fan of his by this tweet Poz 01/19/18 09:20 PM
Games 9. Andrew Jackson NT AskMedia 01/19/18 09:07 PM
The Score I didn’t realize he wasn’t taking snaps during practice... AskMedia 01/19/18 09:00 PM
BB Discussion I hope Robyn's recruiting them for CBB !! I don't know their real names though NT krh5038 01/19/18 08:58 PM
Games Wads NT Rio 01/19/18 08:50 PM
Games 9. Scrambled Eggs NT Rio 01/19/18 08:48 PM
Games 2. Mt. Rushmore NT Rio 01/19/18 08:47 PM
Games N - Nancy Noticed No New Nurses. NT Rio 01/19/18 08:44 PM
BB Discussion Ya, he's there with Robyn. NT RatFloater 01/19/18 08:43 PM
Games 1. Grand Canyon NT AskMedia 01/19/18 08:41 PM
Games Dodge Ball - Ben Stiller NT Rio 01/19/18 08:40 PM
Games Topic: Name 10: Places of Interest in the US NT AskMedia 01/19/18 08:40 PM
BB Discussion Guy behind Belding and Shooter wearing a smedium polo NT bbdude2 01/19/18 08:38 PM
BB Discussion I think so, yes. I believe Robyn kass is next to him NT FurlessBat 01/19/18 08:34 PM
BB Discussion Doesn't look like Paul to me. If it is him he'll tweet about it. NT Corndogger 01/19/18 08:33 PM
Games **^End^** NT AskMedia 01/19/18 08:23 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Is that paul? Same row as Shooter and Mr. Belding bbdude2 01/19/18 08:20 PM
Games U - Utility pole NT Matzak 01/19/18 08:06 PM
BB Discussion Agree. Weekly voting by fans to control events was annoying, but the inside look at the BB process, from comps to DR sessions, was well worth the time to watch the series. NT Jake81 01/19/18 08:02 PM
Games 8. looking extremely attractive dear NT Matzak 01/19/18 08:00 PM
Games false. (didn't happen lol) You don't have a window in your kitchen NT Matzak 01/19/18 07:58 PM
Games awww you made my day after!! :) hi cats!! NT Matzak 01/19/18 07:56 PM
BB UK I wouldn't be too surprised if they all get together and organize it to get rid of Ann. NT ello 01/19/18 07:56 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Tweet from Dom. He and Dani have been married for 5 years now! Corndogger 01/19/18 07:56 PM
Games 10. tree maintenance NT Matzak 01/19/18 07:51 PM
BB Discussion People who loved OTT hated the fan voting. The reason we loved it so much is b/c we had so many wishes fulfilled: feeds from the start, live comps/ceremonies, live DR sessions, interaction with Corndogger 01/19/18 07:50 PM
Games Pads NT ChiefBrody 01/19/18 07:50 PM
Games 10. Plasma NT AskMedia 01/19/18 07:48 PM
The Walking Dead Their choice to kill him off. My choice to stop watching. Eezy Peezy NT IsitReal 01/19/18 07:32 PM

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