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BB Discussion It doesn't require 24/7 attention, but it's been a lot of fun. They've done a ton of interesting stuff. Glad to have a place on Jokers to do it without bothering people who hate it. NT kmjm 02/18/19 09:23 PM
BB Fans He looks cute in these pictures, but the long hair is my preference by far. NT kmjm 02/18/19 08:59 PM
The Score Known in the real world as "stupidly throwing it up for grabs". Should have been intercepted. NT JAF 02/18/19 08:38 PM
America's Got Talent Agreed. There's always a lot of filler on these finales, but about half of it was pretty good filler. Happy with the winner too. That would have been my #1. (spoiler...) JAF 02/18/19 08:35 PM
BB Discussion Open to all. NT maxpower 02/18/19 08:24 PM
America's Got Talent Too much filler. NT M3gabyt3 02/18/19 08:14 PM
The Bachelor I agree. NT klcater 02/18/19 08:12 PM
Games 8. Opera NT FurnitureAlliance 02/18/19 08:10 PM
BB Discussion omg! post of the year! lmao! NT Axelsen 02/18/19 07:55 PM
BB Discussion Banging pots & pans NT FurnitureAlliance 02/18/19 07:28 PM
BB Discussion What is pansexual? NT Corndogger 02/18/19 07:28 PM
The Bachelor Glad he sent Kirpa home. IMO, Kirpa wanted to eliminate Cassie because she's an "insanely beautiful" threat... eibeh007 02/18/19 07:24 PM
The Real Housewives UPDATE...They started filming without her. She is now filming with them after taking a pay cut and promising an On Air engagement. Not sure if she is full time, or a friend...time will tell I guess NT littlewop 02/18/19 07:23 PM
BBCA Discussion I don't think that was ever confirmed. NT RatFloater 02/18/19 07:22 PM
Y & R Well that sucks, guess I need to the spoilers better. NT bluedevilsfan71 02/18/19 07:17 PM
BB Discussion All the stores are closed to day, no mail etc. in Ontario plus we get a paid day off. NT LillyBell 02/18/19 07:15 PM
Bravo Reality Shows Topic: VPump Rules: Jax and Beau weren't the only ones uncomfortable at guy's night. Felt like I was watching a MeToo moment. NT PointBeing 02/18/19 07:15 PM
BB Discussion So then that's a majority of Canada. NT LillyBell 02/18/19 07:14 PM
BB Discussion Never did like her NT FurnitureAlliance 02/18/19 07:11 PM
Y & R She got immunity for giving up the info on the other three. NT Linn 02/18/19 07:07 PM
BB Discussion They're both trash. NT RatFloater 02/18/19 07:06 PM
BB Discussion I've mentioned before that the CBB2 final 2 in some ways was reminiscent of BB19's final 2. I still think the wrong person won in both cases tho. NT RatFloater 02/18/19 07:04 PM
America's Got Talent The last half hour of eliminations was a bit drug out. NT jblig 02/18/19 06:58 PM
The Bachelor Topic: I donít understand why he keeps listening to all these girls.. NT klcater 02/18/19 06:49 PM
BB Discussion Topic: James and Natalie are at it again thatguy125 02/18/19 06:48 PM
BB Discussion Click on the link. Works fine for me. NT Corndogger 02/18/19 06:37 PM
BB Discussion How many of them let fans dictate their votes? OTT was also a lot longer season and felt way more like a real season than CBB. NT Corndogger 02/18/19 06:34 PM
America's Got Talent Topic: Not a bad show for a 2 hour finale of all filler. They are doing a good job combining different acts together in a feel good way. NT jblig 02/18/19 06:30 PM
BB Discussion Had Paul been on CBB2 Ricky would have won against him in a final 2 hand down. NT IceColdBeer 02/18/19 06:25 PM
BB Discussion If you didn't already know, the supposed guy was on TMZ and is a real guy. NT maxpower 02/18/19 06:24 PM
The Bachelor Topic: I feel so bad for the one he just sent home!! NT Mazita 02/18/19 06:23 PM
BB Fans I love it. I didn't realize he had such a great smile underneath all his hair. NT CougarSpy 02/18/19 05:48 PM
BB Discussion You don't like Becky's new hair color? NT Corndogger 02/18/19 05:47 PM
BB Discussion Becky only has sisters. NT Corndogger 02/18/19 05:46 PM
BB Discussion she didn't have to manage them because she never promised them anything the way Tyler did only to break them all NT Poz 02/18/19 05:43 PM
BB Discussion Its funny you said u wont rank the "knock off winners" ahead of the real season but have Morgan in front of the Celebs winners, when the Celeb season is closer to the real season as they have a jury Dani 02/18/19 05:34 PM
BB Fans Topic: A couple of pics of Tyler with short hair. OUALUMinTX 02/18/19 05:26 PM
BB Discussion Nicole, Kaycee, Paras, Morgan, Tamar, Marissa. I won't rank any knockoff season winners ahead of real season winners. NT smoothborders 02/18/19 05:25 PM
The Score Love it! I really like that Patrick Mahomes! Not only is he a great athlete he has a sense of humor and humility that is rare combination. NT colleenag 02/18/19 05:22 PM
The Score Thatís great...everybody is going to be practicing overhead, backhand & sidearm throws now -:) NT wyndycty 02/18/19 05:19 PM
BB Discussion My eyes!! NT PinkVelvet 02/18/19 05:14 PM
The Score Reports tonight are encouraging...apparently he is still in town and working out at Gillette, good sign, as he could be in Miami or the Bahamas working out and hosting a few 16 oz. lol colleenag 02/18/19 05:13 PM
The Score Ha...yes Gridiron Heights, he was the Kyler Murray baby that Eli didnít want to train. NT wyndycty 02/18/19 05:08 PM
Y & R Couldn't Phyllis be charged with accessory to murder ,etc. NT bluedevilsfan71 02/18/19 05:08 PM
BB Discussion Maybe a brother (or best friend)? NT mebe 02/18/19 05:06 PM
The Score Topic: OMGeeee! Did anyone catch this pass and catch that promoted Patrick MaHomes to remark he'd better step his game up? Too Funny! LOL! colleenag 02/18/19 05:04 PM
The Score Just read an article that Arizona, 49rs or Jets could be ABs landing spot, they have a need and $$ a 1st or 2nd Rd pick. NT wyndycty 02/18/19 05:04 PM
BB Discussion What I vaguely remember is her comforting and consoling the houseguests as she helped them out the door LOL...but my memory is foggy. NT colleenag 02/18/19 04:53 PM
Games C - Catastrophe NT CatsRock 02/18/19 04:52 PM
Games gnu NT CatsRock 02/18/19 04:51 PM

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