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BB Discussion Now that I don't have to see 2 of the couples fawning all over each other - cameras following their Every move to suk face ..... BB is now Good! NT BearRunner 08/21/17 05:04 AM
BB Discussion I agree.. they have decided to make sure xmess gets to play in everything. NT GMan 08/21/17 05:02 AM
BB Discussion trashing cody, Xmas, sheeps NT he2000 08/21/17 05:01 AM
BB Discussion I like this season now that Jody is gone. Lots of laughs late night keep me entertained. I don't hate anyone and the comps have been fun NT Legend 08/21/17 04:59 AM
BB Discussion Topic: On last night's episode, as HOH, Xmas said she was going to make a BIG MOVE over and over -- when is she going to start? NT a6l 08/21/17 04:59 AM
BB Discussion give AG credit NT he2000 08/21/17 04:59 AM
BB Discussion bc AG's pet Xmas can't play NT he2000 08/21/17 04:57 AM
BB Discussion Topic: As long as we keep saying no more vets AG will keep bringing them back. NT Hawkman 08/21/17 04:56 AM
BB Discussion they are not misjudging, they are setting up for Raven to take out Jason, and Alex to come after Raven for revenge, Paul & Easter clean hands NT punxsutawneygal 08/21/17 04:55 AM
BB Discussion Alex is with Paul, they will take a goat to F3, Josh or Raven and battle it out.Alex already said she would be happy with second to come back NT Legend 08/21/17 04:55 AM
BB Discussion It is typical bullying fallout, the bully is the cult leader, who forbids fraternizing outside the group, and the victims get cast as the bully NT punxsutawneygal 08/21/17 04:53 AM
BB Discussion With the exception of Elena, he hasn't burned any of his minions yet. That's coming though. NT jovoh 08/21/17 04:51 AM
BB Discussion What can Alex do once she's without Jason? She already burned her bridge with Kevin and has no relationship with Matt and Raven. NT jovoh 08/21/17 04:48 AM
BB Discussion She's sat out many because doctor didn't clear her. OTEV for example NT frustratedposter 08/21/17 04:47 AM
BB Media Topic: Tree of Temptation Dreamer 08/21/17 04:47 AM
BB Discussion Paul has them all snowed. It's kind of unbelievable. I think they are afraid of his wrath.They have seen how he can get people ( them) to do things NT dillybean 08/21/17 04:46 AM
BB Discussion they are regularly on inside lockdown for hours. LA is south enough it will not get very dark, so they wouldn't know by that NT frustratedposter 08/21/17 04:45 AM
BB Discussion Paul is the one who has deals with everyone, which is the only thing about his 'game' I like. fiddleywalty 08/21/17 04:45 AM
BB Discussion I very much doubt there will be a surprise tomorrow, but she has to see what Paul's doing, not to mention the F4 with Alex, Jason and Kev and fake F2 jovoh 08/21/17 04:44 AM
BB Discussion There is really no one left at that point. But I don't see Alex being happy at all when they get Jason out. I think they are misjudging how she dillybean 08/21/17 04:44 AM
BB Discussion Topic: This season is pretty bad to be honest. NT FriendshipToast 08/21/17 04:43 AM
BB Discussion Well if what they say about the person next to the second houseguest to leave is true, then.... jojoMom 08/21/17 04:42 AM
BB Discussion Pretty much this and being way to obvious about it NT cluelesshouse 08/21/17 04:42 AM
BB Discussion I hope they keep it that way. Just seems since we have someone with a broken leg that physical comps have almost disappeared NT cluelesshouse 08/21/17 04:40 AM
BB Discussion The endless Cody trash talk to try to fit in. NT Jan3 08/21/17 04:40 AM
BB Discussion I thought I heard on here that Jason got the "can't play in hoh" not sure if it is true. NT jojoMom 08/21/17 04:39 AM
BB Discussion first 2 parts of F3 are very physical usually NT frustratedposter 08/21/17 04:39 AM
BB Discussion Topic: So I guess no more physical comps for the rest of the season. NT cluelesshouse 08/21/17 04:37 AM
BB Discussion It feels like that because that's what happened. NT whoscatisthat 08/21/17 04:34 AM
BB Media Topic: Jason's Son Is Going To Be A Big Brother! Dreamer 08/21/17 04:33 AM
BB News & Rumors Topic: Holly Dent shares ~ Little Baby Beavers/Dent is due March 7th 2018! Dreamer 08/21/17 04:33 AM
BB Discussion We know Paul did and I think Xmas wanted to too...he was just quicker in figuring out he's have to throw it by default. Both feel safe with colleenag 08/21/17 04:31 AM
BB Discussion Exactly. NT whoscatisthat 08/21/17 04:31 AM
BB Discussion Let's see if she does anything tomorrow before pov cere ... she's afraid of not putting Mark up and pissing off the rest of the house BUT if colleenag 08/21/17 04:30 AM
BB Discussion yes she can be that stupid but i would think Alex would be pissed if Jason was out after Mark & possibly finally take a shot at Paul. then again i KlausHeissler 08/21/17 04:27 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Topic: jblig juices in and sings Happy Birthday to Scrappy, RugratBB, Mississippigirl, cjj3, and gogojuicy NT jblig 08/21/17 04:25 AM
BB Discussion If he has had enough, sure did not show in tonight's episode NT frustratedposter 08/21/17 04:25 AM
BB Discussion i thought it looked like it as well & Christmas DR's were just cover up bs as usual NT KlausHeissler 08/21/17 04:25 AM
P/X Topic: Good morning Jokers! Nothing could eclipse Brazilian Blow-out Day except... jblig 08/21/17 04:24 AM
BB Discussion No, do not remember that at all actually. NT frustratedposter 08/21/17 04:24 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Christmas tells Paul that Alex will attach to him when Jason is gone, same with Raven when Matt is gone. She has to see it. Can she be that stupid? NT jovoh 08/21/17 04:23 AM
BB Discussion agree with no one but all vets or all newbs instead NT KlausHeissler 08/21/17 04:23 AM
BB Discussion Victor would've been another sheep. They shouldn't have brought back anyone, or if they did they should have brought back 8 vets with 8 newbies NT SailingTeam 08/21/17 04:21 AM
BB Polls Raven / Josh NT azluvbb 08/21/17 04:19 AM
BB Discussion Topic: just checking in to see what the latest convo on JODY is.../sarcasm NT strange1 08/21/17 04:18 AM
BB Discussion Raven's the most! NT colleenag 08/21/17 04:15 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Just watched the HOH comp. That last question, why does it feel like XMas and Paul both tried to throw it? NT tofindmypassion 08/21/17 04:15 AM
BB Discussion As much as I don't want him to win (last year was different), he deserves it if he gets to F2. And the fact that his sheep don't see it... NT bigbbfan96 08/21/17 04:15 AM
BB Discussion They should have had Victor or Pauline as the second vet to give him a real game to play NT ToadFarm 08/21/17 04:08 AM
The Score Lots of people don't come around since someone introduced politics sneakypie 08/21/17 04:08 AM

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