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News Stand Yes NT tweeter 04/23/18 04:07 AM
Animal House That is what we ended up doing NT tweeter 04/23/18 04:06 AM
BBCA Discussion My gawd that gal can drone on and on, and when she's being conceited I can feel my insides churn ... NT colleenag 04/23/18 03:56 AM
BBCA Discussion Is this part of the plan by Maddy/Paras and Daela to fool Johnny into thinking they are not working together this next vote? NT colleenag 04/23/18 03:52 AM
BBCA Discussion Yes. If johnny puts up Olivia, Paras and Maddy plan to honor his target and vote out Kaela. However, both Paras and Maddy plan to vote out Ali if Johnny puts her next to Kaela. NT colleenag 04/23/18 03:50 AM
BBCA Discussion I was thinking of this just this morning (colossal waste of time but whatever)...I definitely think if Liv takes Johnny to F2 she loses. Better to take Maddy. She needs a L/J/M F3 and FHOH. NT colleenag 04/23/18 03:35 AM
BBCA Discussion So cool. Best day of the feeds and I was away! But that's what FB is all about! ScienceGirl can you confirm that Johnny basically pulled this off by telling the trio that both couples would then colleenag 04/23/18 03:34 AM
BBCA Discussion IA. We need some real fresh blood. There needs to be a "next level cast" or a fresh perspective on the production side. Both together would be phenomenal. Like When ED met AG!NT colleenag 04/23/18 03:27 AM
BBCA Discussion Quite the speculation by the hgs! But we'd have had some sort of notice by BBCA by now I would think if something like that were to be happening. NT colleenag 04/23/18 03:15 AM
Odds N Ends Topic: Odd History Facts Rio 04/23/18 03:07 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Topic: What’s On TV for Monday (4/23)? Rio 04/23/18 03:01 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Did Will blab to Paras about his chat with Derek yesterday? NT shadow123 04/23/18 02:49 AM
The Score Topic: Brandon Belt sets MLB record, sees 21 pitches in AB before lining out Bobbo2 04/23/18 01:25 AM
BBCA Discussion They did not say they wanted to screw with them. They plan to stay neutral so that the two pairs throw each other OTB hardcore. NT ScienceGirl 04/23/18 12:56 AM
The Score That they got 23 laps in is amazing. NT Bobbo2 04/23/18 12:30 AM
The Score REMIX: 2018 Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama Race Day 1 Bobbo2 04/23/18 12:24 AM
The Score Race was be continued Monday @ 11:30 am ET on NBCSN. If anyone is in the Birmingham area a ticket is not required to attend... Bobbo2 04/23/18 12:11 AM
BBCA Discussion If they don’t confirm to Ali that they’re voting for her, she’s going to campaign hard against Kaela and vice versa. Daela & Aliv will be ratting each other out left and right. NT ntua 04/22/18 11:59 PM
BBCA Discussion LOL I don't know, that was the first time I heard it. NT LindseyLouWho 04/22/18 11:19 PM
BBCA Discussion It would not surprise me but I doubt it. But they did have Cass's father win HOH for her. NT ArgosFan 04/22/18 11:13 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Since when did Maddy start calling Paras "Stinky Paras"? And why is she calling her that? NT Corndogger 04/22/18 11:12 PM
BBCA Discussion I think she will already be prepared that Ali is leaving by Wednesday. Kaela can't hid her emotions & neither can Paras or Maddy. NT ArgosFan 04/22/18 11:12 PM
BBCA Discussion What wedge you are either telling them you are voting out Kaela or Ali. All the attention will be on the people voting. They already Know Aliv are putting up the trio. NT ArgosFan 04/22/18 11:10 PM
BBCA Discussion Olivia will be too distraught after Ali's eviction to think clearly. She'll do the worst in the next HOH comp. NT Corndogger 04/22/18 11:09 PM
BBCA Discussion Olivia is also do for a win she has been close in a few comps where she went out on the last question. NT ArgosFan 04/22/18 11:07 PM
BBCA Discussion Unless one of the trio win, they’re going on the block. Why not try to drive a wedge between Derek & Aliv? The more dirt flung around the better, IMO. NT ntua 04/22/18 11:05 PM
BBCA Discussion Paras and Maddy are due for some wins. NT Corndogger 04/22/18 11:05 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: If Canada picks the HOH for the triple we're all phucked. NT Corndogger 04/22/18 11:04 PM
BBCA Discussion Sounds like a great plan screw with Daela & Aliv all week so they have even more motivation to nominate you. NT ArgosFan 04/22/18 11:03 PM
BBCA Discussion Please wait until after renom please, Paras. NT kimberino 04/22/18 10:49 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Paras re the vote: "I say we drag this sh*t out til f*cking Thursday".. lol. NT vortexfugue 04/22/18 10:48 PM
BBCA Discussion Yup. I don’t care for Kaela but at least she has a brain. NT kimberino 04/22/18 10:35 PM
BBCA Discussion Will as renom and evictee would make me happy. I'd much rather Kaela stay than him. Ali leaving would also make me happy. If they both leave Thursday I'll be very happy. NT Corndogger 04/22/18 10:34 PM
BBCA Discussion Nope. Johnny tells Will he’s still putting Ali up. NT kimberino 04/22/18 10:32 PM
BBCA Discussion Johnny saved himself last week. He manipulated the trio and Aliv separately and made each side think they were the ones talking the other side into saving him. He literally gave each HG a role. NT ScienceGirl 04/22/18 10:32 PM
BBCA Discussion I think Kaela could vote Johnny. She has no issue going against her relationships in this house. NT RavenDrizzle 04/22/18 10:28 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Ha! Be funny if Will is renom. Johnny is pissed at him and Derek bro’ing down. NT kimberino 04/22/18 10:27 PM
BBCA Discussion If she has Daela and Ali, Will is the 4th and he really likes Liv. NT kimberino 04/22/18 10:26 PM
BBCA Discussion Johnny would never risk keeping the Four intact. NT vortexfugue 04/22/18 10:25 PM
American Idol Judges get to pick 4 of 10...come on. They should get maybe 2 tops. I wonder if they have any more saves after this?? NT M3gabyt3 04/22/18 10:25 PM
BBCA Discussion I don’t think this will be a bitter jury. Maybe Will will be bitter. But I think the rest will try their best to vote on game. NT RavenDrizzle 04/22/18 10:24 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Liv probably regretting throwing Ali,away so easily. NT kimberino 04/22/18 10:21 PM
BBCA Discussion I doubt they care. They never seem to care about game stuff. NT Corndogger 04/22/18 10:19 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: If Olivia pulls this off and gets rid of Maddy on Johnny's HoH lol NT rando111 04/22/18 10:19 PM
BBCA Discussion They need to soundproof the HOH room. That's the one place where they should be able to talk normally. They also need to get the spy TV back. NT Corndogger 04/22/18 10:16 PM
BBCA Discussion Depends a lot on who Johnny screws over to get to the end. NT kimberino 04/22/18 10:13 PM
BBCA Discussion They are. He is telling her Ali is after her and that Kaela hasn’t slandered her all week. NT kimberino 04/22/18 10:12 PM
BBCA Discussion Is it just me or are those two talking very quietly? NT Corndogger 04/22/18 10:11 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: They have been planning for the triple for weeks and are now speaking about it as if it is a fact it is happening this week. And it is. Does production really not see why this is ridiculous? NT RavenDrizzle 04/22/18 10:11 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: By the way Johnny is talking to Maddy, you would think he wants Daela to stay in the game. NT kimberino 04/22/18 10:10 PM

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