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Survivor Discussion i dont like it either NT KlausHeissler 12/13/18 02:03 PM
Survivor Discussion Roll Tide & good luck NT KlausHeissler 12/13/18 02:02 PM
Survivor Discussion With Gabby gone along with's kind of NT dillybean 12/13/18 02:00 PM
Survivor Discussion Ditto NT klmom3 12/13/18 01:53 PM
BB Discussion Why would you want to visit here if no one was posting anything? It's like staring at your TV while it's turned off. Any content is better then no content at all NT RealityCK 12/13/18 01:52 PM
Survivor Discussion I just donít want Mike or Allison to win. NT klmom3 12/13/18 01:51 PM
Survivor Discussion I agree. He was my favorite. I couldnít wait to see what bits of wisdom he would spout out. NT klmom3 12/13/18 01:50 PM
The Score Week 15 NFL injuries: Spencer Ware doubtful, Melvin Gordon and Tyreek Hill questionable for Thursday JAF 12/13/18 01:31 PM
The Score How the West will be won: AFC's game of the year is Thursday night JAF 12/13/18 01:29 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful Topic: Tiffany who appeared on B&B on Thurs. Dec. 13th is Wayne Brady's/(Dr. Reese Buckingham) real life daughter, Maile. They were on "The Talk" show yesterday. NT CatsRock 12/13/18 01:29 PM
The Score One of the biggest games of the season so giving it it's own thread for the night. NT JAF 12/13/18 01:27 PM
The Score Topic: Thursday Night Football - Chargers at Chiefs, 8:20ET on Fox. NT JAF 12/13/18 01:27 PM
BB Discussion I left here cuz of the Tangela content but that was probably for the best you don't want me here to bash them but can't wait for CBB2 so there will be new ppl to talk about at the very least NT taemin8 12/13/18 01:26 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Anyone tired of seeing those 5 below commercials featuring Paulís double playing second place to Santa. Good thing is that if all else fails he can always find himself a job around Christmas time. NT IceColdBeer 12/13/18 01:25 PM
Survivor Discussion They have a shot, but have to win immunities or find idols. Really wish Nick had saved his now. Interesting tidbit -- nobody has won multiple immunity comps yet, so no clear favorites. Alison, Dan, JAF 12/13/18 01:23 PM
BB Discussion Don't count on it. Popular HGs will always be discussed here and CBB2 won't have anywhere near the traffic that a regular season does. NT Corndogger 12/13/18 01:23 PM
BB Discussion This place would be dead without talking about past HGs and the posts you hate get a lot of views and responses. If this place gets anymore restrictive on what we can post I'll be joining the long Corndogger 12/13/18 01:15 PM
Survivor Discussion Yeah, it's sad! I hope a miracle for the Davids who are still there NT FurnitureAlliance 12/13/18 01:12 PM
Y & R Topic: Spoiler for Fri. Dec. 14, 2018 gizmo2tc 12/13/18 01:09 PM
BB Discussion For years many of the photos have deserved front page placement so itís about time. NT IceColdBeer 12/13/18 01:07 PM
Survivor Discussion IKR? That's so frustrating. All that hard work to maneuver back to a tie and then the lead, and Gabby/Christian stupidly piss it away by joining the Goliaths to vote out Carl. As much as I liked JAF 12/13/18 12:56 PM
Survivor Discussion I forgot about that but you're right. There were 4 urns but only 2 chances to extend the idol (they always expire by F5). So each attempt would have been 50-50. NT JAF 12/13/18 12:48 PM
BB Discussion I think Corndogger has requested a separate page for Tangela and JC. He just canít do without them. NT OUALUMinTX 12/13/18 12:44 PM
Survivor Discussion I was thinking the same thing - that Mike seems to be the one at the center of the split votes making sure a David keeps leaving. I think the producers have done a good job of downplaying the fact JAF 12/13/18 12:43 PM
BB Discussion Is it? NT jammin_jen 12/13/18 12:40 PM
BB Discussion So the photographer picked out some clothes. Doesn't mean anything NT FurnitureAlliance 12/13/18 12:30 PM
BB Discussion I see what you mean. But I've never seen anyone saying he's not masculine enough. There are all types out there and everyone has their own preference, otherwise we'd all be in trouble. NT FurnitureAlliance 12/13/18 12:26 PM
BB Discussion It ďmightĒ be for something considering they had clothes picked out for Angela/Tyler to wear... Iím talking about the new photo shoot, not holiday one... :-) NT ILuvMySteelers 12/13/18 12:24 PM
BB Discussion Well, KC is in Colorado. She doesnít need Ty because she has some friends to travel with. Rachel is in NY. Brett is auctioning his BB stuff and donating to charity. Tangela in Can., NY and HH. OUALUMinTX 12/13/18 12:23 PM
Survivor Discussion The Goliaths have stuck together. That is boring. Seems like Mike is the one promoting that. NT FurnitureAlliance 12/13/18 12:14 PM
BB Discussion Angela and Tangela photos are always refreshing to see but unfortunately with the upcoming CBB2 in 39 days they will be turn into back page news around these parts. NT IceColdBeer 12/13/18 12:01 PM
BB Discussion Look at this way if it wasn't for Ty/Ang post on here, this place would be dead in between BB seasons. They keep people coming back. That's always a good thing. NT RealityCK 12/13/18 11:55 AM
BB Discussion The question above was who are they modeling for? Like a job. There is no job for this. They are doing it for themselves: portfolio or whatever they are doing. NT jammin_jen 12/13/18 11:53 AM
BB Discussion no flame just a flicker. NT Axelsen 12/13/18 11:49 AM
BB Discussion Their flame is eternal. It will burn forever NT RealityCK 12/13/18 11:48 AM
BB Discussion Only 39 days left until their fame flame burns out. NT IceColdBeer 12/13/18 11:47 AM
BB Discussion Well. Everyone is free to post about who they are interested in. I'm guessing not much interest in anyone else? I have no interest in posting about anyone else positive or negative. NT RealityCK 12/13/18 11:46 AM
BB Discussion holiday? which one? cant tell. NT Axelsen 12/13/18 11:37 AM
BB Discussion Is there anything on here that isn't Tangela content? LOL NT outsidedahouse 12/13/18 11:36 AM
Y & R I believe Tessa spent some of the money but Victoria got about $230,000 of it back when she went into Tessa's apartment and ripped open the bear and found it. NT CatsRock 12/13/18 11:31 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Happy holidays; ya filthy animals. Tis the Sea-Sun. If kisses were snowflakes, id send you a blizzard. (warning Tangela content) RealityCK 12/13/18 11:27 AM
BB Discussion Well that's not nothing then is it? NT RealityCK 12/13/18 11:23 AM
The Score lol no shade on JimmyG! NT colleenag 12/13/18 11:13 AM
Survivor Discussion No his odds were 50/50. He HAD to choose one of the front 2 urns, which meant one was good and one was bad. The next choice was going to be 50/50 also NT DrunkenStorm 12/13/18 11:07 AM
Survivor Discussion Serves the Davids right for turning on each other right after gaining a 1 vote advantage, they fought so hard just to ruin it themselves NT DrunkenStorm 12/13/18 10:58 AM
The Score hmmmm NT Axelsen 12/13/18 10:55 AM
Survivor Discussion Boomer Sooner! I do hope you beat those Dawgs in the Sugar Bowl. NT OUALUMinTX 12/13/18 10:53 AM
The Score Here we go...Wentz latest scan shows a "crack" in his back but he's expected to be ok without surgery, just rest. Also, even though the crack was just observed Wentz has had back issues since Week 7 colleenag 12/13/18 10:41 AM
BB Discussion I've watched a few of them in the past, and the acting is so bad and storylines so predictable, I just can't anymore. NT kymama 12/13/18 10:29 AM
BB Discussion Better Watch Out NT DrunkenStorm 12/13/18 10:16 AM

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