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News Stand Yes NT tweeter 04/23/18 04:07 AM
Animal House That is what we ended up doing NT tweeter 04/23/18 04:06 AM
BBCA Discussion My gawd that gal can drone on and on, and when she's being conceited I can feel my insides churn ... NT colleenag 04/23/18 03:56 AM
BBCA Discussion Is this part of the plan by Maddy/Paras and Daela to fool Johnny into thinking they are not working together this next vote? NT colleenag 04/23/18 03:52 AM
BBCA Discussion Yes. If johnny puts up Olivia, Paras and Maddy plan to honor his target and vote out Kaela. However, both Paras and Maddy plan to vote out Ali if Johnny puts her next to Kaela. NT colleenag 04/23/18 03:50 AM
Games 1. Have Any Laundry, Linda? NT Rio 04/23/18 03:37 AM
Games Topic: ACROS - HALL NT Rio 04/23/18 03:36 AM
Games *** END *** NT Rio 04/23/18 03:36 AM
Games 10. Wise Ellen Noticed Troy. NT Rio 04/23/18 03:35 AM
BBCA Discussion I was thinking of this just this morning (colossal waste of time but whatever)...I definitely think if Liv takes Johnny to F2 she loses. Better to take Maddy. She needs a L/J/M F3 and FHOH. NT colleenag 04/23/18 03:35 AM
BBCA Discussion So cool. Best day of the feeds and I was away! But that's what FB is all about! ScienceGirl can you confirm that Johnny basically pulled this off by telling the trio that both couples would then colleenag 04/23/18 03:34 AM
Games Topic: This or That Continued- Rio wrote “Basketball .... Sweet pickle or dill pickle?” NT Rio 04/23/18 03:33 AM
Games *** END *** NT Rio 04/23/18 03:33 AM
Games Basketball .... Sweet pickle or dill pickle? NT Rio 04/23/18 03:33 AM
Games General Hospital NT Rio 04/23/18 03:30 AM
Games Topic: Four Letter Words Continued- Rio wrote “Flab”. NT Rio 04/23/18 03:29 AM
Games *** END *** NT Rio 04/23/18 03:28 AM
Games Flab NT Rio 04/23/18 03:28 AM
BBCA Discussion IA. We need some real fresh blood. There needs to be a "next level cast" or a fresh perspective on the production side. Both together would be phenomenal. Like When ED met AG!NT colleenag 04/23/18 03:27 AM
Games Topic: TV Chairs Continued- Rio wrote “West World”. NT Rio 04/23/18 03:27 AM
Games *** END ***NT Rio 04/23/18 03:25 AM
Games West World NT Rio 04/23/18 03:25 AM
Games F- Fred Feared Finding Fuzzy Foods. NT Rio 04/23/18 03:23 AM
Games Topic: Compound Words Two Continued - Rio wrote “Pie Plate”. NT Rio 04/23/18 03:22 AM
Games *** END *** NT Rio 04/23/18 03:21 AM
Games Pie plate NT Rio 04/23/18 03:20 AM
Games Topic: Compound Words One Continued- Rio wrote “Hockey Stick”. NT Rio 04/23/18 03:20 AM
Games *** END *** NT Rio 04/23/18 03:19 AM
Games Hockey Stick NT Rio 04/23/18 03:18 AM
Games Topic: Musical Chairs Continued- Rio wrote “Black Hole Sun”. NT Rio 04/23/18 03:17 AM
Games ***END *** NT Rio 04/23/18 03:16 AM
Games Black Hole Sun NT Rio 04/23/18 03:16 AM
BBCA Discussion Quite the speculation by the hgs! But we'd have had some sort of notice by BBCA by now I would think if something like that were to be happening. NT colleenag 04/23/18 03:15 AM
Games *** Reminder: Use the first letter of the word as the last letter of the next word. NT Rio 04/23/18 03:15 AM
Games Topic: Rabbit’s Game Continued- Rio wrote “Jazz”. NT Rio 04/23/18 03:14 AM
Games *** END *** NT Rio 04/23/18 03:13 AM
Odds N Ends Topic: Odd History Facts Rio 04/23/18 03:07 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Topic: What’s On TV for Monday (4/23)? Rio 04/23/18 03:01 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Did Will blab to Paras about his chat with Derek yesterday? NT shadow123 04/23/18 02:49 AM
The Score Topic: Brandon Belt sets MLB record, sees 21 pitches in AB before lining out Bobbo2 04/23/18 01:25 AM
BBCA Discussion They did not say they wanted to screw with them. They plan to stay neutral so that the two pairs throw each other OTB hardcore. NT ScienceGirl 04/23/18 12:56 AM
The Score That they got 23 laps in is amazing. NT Bobbo2 04/23/18 12:30 AM
The Score REMIX: 2018 Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama Race Day 1 Bobbo2 04/23/18 12:24 AM
The Score Race was be continued Monday @ 11:30 am ET on NBCSN. If anyone is in the Birmingham area a ticket is not required to attend... Bobbo2 04/23/18 12:11 AM
BBCA Discussion If they don’t confirm to Ali that they’re voting for her, she’s going to campaign hard against Kaela and vice versa. Daela & Aliv will be ratting each other out left and right. NT ntua 04/22/18 11:59 PM
BBCA Discussion LOL I don't know, that was the first time I heard it. NT LindseyLouWho 04/22/18 11:19 PM
BBCA Discussion It would not surprise me but I doubt it. But they did have Cass's father win HOH for her. NT ArgosFan 04/22/18 11:13 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Since when did Maddy start calling Paras "Stinky Paras"? And why is she calling her that? NT Corndogger 04/22/18 11:12 PM
BBCA Discussion I think she will already be prepared that Ali is leaving by Wednesday. Kaela can't hid her emotions & neither can Paras or Maddy. NT ArgosFan 04/22/18 11:12 PM
BBCA Discussion What wedge you are either telling them you are voting out Kaela or Ali. All the attention will be on the people voting. They already Know Aliv are putting up the trio. NT ArgosFan 04/22/18 11:10 PM

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