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BB Discussion Still one of the greats even though he never did! NT TruBeast24 11/26/15 03:27 AM
BB Discussion still a DumbA$$ lol NT TruBeast24 11/26/15 03:26 AM
BB Discussion that's obvious we do.. Unless there is info during the wake up times we weren't in on but he could make that up!!!! NT TruBeast24 11/26/15 03:24 AM
BB Discussion They look happy together STILL :) NT TruBeast24 11/26/15 03:23 AM
Survivor Spoilers anyone have thoughts on how F5 play out? NT TruBeast24 11/26/15 03:21 AM
Survivor Discussion I thought it was going to be Stephen as well and we'd see 3 people gone tonight. NT Corndogger 11/26/15 03:10 AM
Survivor Discussion Do you think Tasha wouldn't beat KW? Unless KW makes some big moves to get to the end I would think Tasha would win. Her social game has been very Corndogger 11/26/15 03:09 AM
Survivor Discussion Wiglesworth and Savage were kind of dickish to her when she arrived. Looks like Savage is going to be bitter juror the way things are going. NT Corndogger 11/26/15 03:06 AM
Survivor Discussion He and Tasha thought Joe had a HII which is why they came up with the 3-3-3 plan. He thought for sure Spencer would vote for Joe. On Twitter Corndogger 11/26/15 03:04 AM
Survivor Spoilers Maybe Jeremy plays his second the same time she does to play it safe.. im thinking why kimmy instead of Tasha or spencer at the moment>?? strange NT TruBeast24 11/26/15 02:31 AM
Survivor Spoilers Topic: I think when its down to the final 5 Kelly plays her idol and Kimmy goes home but its strange that she wouldn't get out a stronger person.. NT TruBeast24 11/26/15 02:29 AM
Survivor Discussion I thought goat was an acronym for greatest of all time? NT ScottySayz 11/26/15 02:27 AM
The Bachelor Topic: Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici, Mama June & Sugar Bear Get Real in `Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars` Dreamer 11/26/15 01:45 AM
Games slam (^^Me, too! :=) NT CatsRock 11/26/15 01:43 AM
Games 9. Line dancing NT CatsRock 11/26/15 01:42 AM
Games 10. Bulletproof vest (j/k lol) NT CatsRock 11/26/15 01:39 AM
Games fun! NT CatsRock 11/26/15 01:39 AM
Games (^^ Yikes! lol ^^) NT CatsRock 11/26/15 01:38 AM
Games ennui NT CatsRock 11/26/15 01:34 AM
Games 12. Joan Rivers NT CatsRock 11/26/15 01:33 AM
Games 6. Watermelon NT CatsRock 11/26/15 01:31 AM
BB Media Topic: Cody Calafiore on YouNow November 25, 2015 Dreamer 11/26/15 01:28 AM
Games hold on NT CatsRock 11/26/15 01:28 AM
Games F - Fried NT CatsRock 11/26/15 01:27 AM
P/X I wish all of the above-mentioned lovely people here a Happy Thanksgiving as well. Enjoy your long weekend. NT CatsRock 11/26/15 01:26 AM
Survivor Discussion Missed part of the 2nd TC. Why didn't Stephen vote out Joe X 2? NT bunnielebowski 11/26/15 01:25 AM
Survivor Discussion Topic: According to Fishbach, his "mistake" was trusting his "real life friend." Meaning Spencer. Kind of a cop out, IMO. NT krh5038 11/26/15 01:20 AM
Y & R Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, gizmo! Have a great day! NT CatsRock 11/26/15 01:17 AM
BB Discussion elissa: to spontaneously break out into yoga. NT sliver013 11/26/15 01:07 AM
Y & R Topic: Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow US posters! NT gizmo2tc 11/26/15 01:07 AM
Y & R well, when you used to work in a hospital and have been a patient in the hospital like I have been you would notice these things! LOL NT gizmo2tc 11/26/15 01:06 AM
BB Discussion i would imagine someone who posted updates regularly might do well...if any of them are still lurking. NT sliver013 11/26/15 01:05 AM
BB Media Topic: Aaryn Williams ~ 11 Weeks Pregnant (First Pregnancy) Dreamer 11/26/15 12:36 AM
Animal House OMG, look how chill he is! You & John have given him the BEST home! I think I have a little Dylan Thomas feline in my home. NT terlu 11/26/15 12:02 AM
Survivor Discussion That all depends on who is in f3 and who is in jury. NT RealityCK 11/25/15 11:30 PM
Survivor Discussion Being kept out of the loop does not make her a goat, she did vote against Stephen when Ciera went home so she was not all in with Stephen and Jer NT RealityCK 11/25/15 11:30 PM
Current Affairs You are describing Obama exactly. NOW maybe the Left can understand why people don't respect him. He DOES NOT CARE about what "we, the people" debbiedu22 11/25/15 11:26 PM
Games 5. Cherries NT debbiedu22 11/25/15 11:17 PM
Games E - Efficient NT debbiedu22 11/25/15 11:17 PM
Games downslope NT debbiedu22 11/25/15 11:17 PM
Games 11. Ellen NT debbiedu22 11/25/15 11:16 PM
Games uphold NT debbiedu22 11/25/15 11:15 PM
Games inhibit NT debbiedu22 11/25/15 11:15 PM
Games W - Wassail NT debbiedu22 11/25/15 11:14 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Survivor host Jeff Probst reveals how his son helped shape a challenge Dreamer 11/25/15 11:13 PM
Games freak out NT debbiedu22 11/25/15 11:12 PM
Games 8. Calypso NT debbiedu22 11/25/15 11:11 PM
Games forum NT debbiedu22 11/25/15 11:09 PM
Games 9. Ammo NT debbiedu22 11/25/15 11:09 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Second Chance Ponderosa Ciera Dreamer 11/25/15 11:08 PM

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