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Celebrity Buzz Is Ryan's new look for a movie or is this what marriage to Black Lively does to you? NT PointBeing 02/12/16 06:21 PM
The Bachelor What? I thought Deanna and her husband were having baby #2. NT CougarSpy 02/12/16 06:18 PM
The Real Housewives It was an attempt to hold on to the house, the fridge, the lemon trees, & the unlimited healthcare plan. NT PointBeing 02/12/16 06:14 PM
BB Discussion Are you saying that they're going to pay these people to appear? LOL! NT Corndogger 02/12/16 06:13 PM
BB Discussion That was the ballerina bowling POV. That was probably Vanessa's biggest mistake. I still don't get the logic. NT Corndogger 02/12/16 06:10 PM
Married at First Sight I thought inside she was yelling YES, here's something I can pretend to angry at and call off this stunt. Dave cannot win no matter what. NT augie 02/12/16 06:09 PM
BB Discussion As you saw in my previous post, I said they were cheap, but they are incentivized (Vanessa, he he) to pay to get the guests that they want. NT Powerman818 02/12/16 06:09 PM
Current Affairs The people speak of corruption and money and the DNC doubles down because they fear the man standing against it. Classic. NT Hidef1080 02/12/16 06:08 PM
The Bachelor So Deanna got divorced and she'll be the Bachelorette next season? Then Ben will get a second season as The Bachelor? This seems familiar... NT CubbyPuppy 02/12/16 06:07 PM
BB Discussion If Vanessa doesn't make good TV then why did they cast her on BB? 40 potential episodes vs. 1? NT Corndogger 02/12/16 06:06 PM
The Real Housewives Erika & Yo had each other's back. Erika told Yo, Kyle & Lisa said it. Yo told Kyle & Lisa, Rinna told her bcuz Rinna said Yo had a hausenmauschen NT PointBeing 02/12/16 06:06 PM
The Jukebox Bon Jovi ~ Hallelujah AprilSky 02/12/16 06:01 PM
The Amazing Race I made my team picks for the season based on the intros tonight. LOL! Go Tyler and Korey and Darius and Cameron! NT CougarSpy 02/12/16 06:01 PM
Current Affairs Poor women are always the one that suffer the most. NT mgbaloo 02/12/16 06:00 PM
The Amazing Race I wiki'd him. He's only 58, but comes across as 88. NT CougarSpy 02/12/16 05:58 PM
The Amazing Race Many years ago but I can't remember which season NT MaddyP 02/12/16 05:58 PM
The Amazing Race Has there ever been a non-elim on the first night? Maybe it's instead of express pass or prize NT seahorse 02/12/16 05:57 PM
The Amazing Race Now we know why. NEL. NT Hidef1080 02/12/16 05:56 PM
The Amazing Race It does seem kinda weak. NT Hidef1080 02/12/16 05:54 PM
The Amazing Race They are all strangers to me too. NT CougarSpy 02/12/16 05:53 PM
The Amazing Race I can't believe some racers are talking about quitting the Roadblock and taking a penalty. That should be their ticket home and out of the race. NT CougarSpy 02/12/16 05:51 PM
The Jukebox Pink Floyd ~ Wish You Were Here AprilSky 02/12/16 05:50 PM
The Amazing Race Weird. I wonder why it's gone NT MaddyP 02/12/16 05:49 PM
The Amazing Race No express pass mentioned either. NT CougarSpy 02/12/16 05:48 PM
The Amazing Race Yes I like it NT MaddyP 02/12/16 05:48 PM
The Amazing Race how old is grandpa? NT PointBeing 02/12/16 05:47 PM
The Amazing Race Yes! My initial picks came in 2nd and 4th first leg! NT CougarSpy 02/12/16 05:47 PM
The Amazing Race No prize for first? NT MaddyP 02/12/16 05:46 PM
The Amazing Race They all are being too nice! It's a race! NT FurlessBat 02/12/16 05:44 PM
Suits I think Lewis told her to stay till the trial is all over but she can stay forever I never have cared for that mousy little woman ;) NT Mazita 02/12/16 05:44 PM
The Amazing Race Here, but just logging on. I don't know a thing about any of these people. Might be nice for a change to have no preconceived ideas. NT LibraLady 02/12/16 05:43 PM
The Amazing Race omg dad NT PointBeing 02/12/16 05:42 PM
The Real Housewives Maybe it's because she's been too NT SkyBluePink 02/12/16 05:42 PM
The Amazing Race This "dig" task is really good. NT Hidef1080 02/12/16 05:41 PM
The Amazing Race Glad I came on here to check...didn't know it was starting already missed the first 1/2 hour :( NT SkyBluePink 02/12/16 05:40 PM
The Amazing Race I would be terrified to go down there. (shivers) NT seahorse 02/12/16 05:39 PM
The Amazing Race Me too. At least we don't have to suffer through him NT MaddyP 02/12/16 05:38 PM
News Stand Topic: The Titanic II is to set sail in 2018...would you get on that ship? My answer is "*beep* no!" NT krh5038 02/12/16 05:35 PM
The Amazing Race ikr! I wanted to slap him! Are you fake playing?????? Yeah.. like they were really going to answer you. Nimrod! NT gabagoo 02/12/16 05:33 PM
Games 11. I Love a Rainy Night NT AprilSky 02/12/16 05:33 PM
The Amazing Race Oh no we're in last place. It's only a 10 minute difference. Who cares NT MaddyP 02/12/16 05:33 PM
The Amazing Race They go too much so I'm sick of it NT MaddyP 02/12/16 05:32 PM
The Amazing Race I already can't deal with Sheri and Cole NT MaddyP 02/12/16 05:30 PM
BB Discussion Good. What a gross couple. NT utty14 02/12/16 05:28 PM
The Amazing Race India is always my favorite. It's so hard. NT PointBeing 02/12/16 05:28 PM
The Bachelor Not me I love to know the ending...I use to always read the last chapter in a book I would know where the story was NT SkyBluePink 02/12/16 05:28 PM
The Amazing Race Cole. Stop it. NT Hidef1080 02/12/16 05:27 PM
Games medicine cabinet NT krh5038 02/12/16 05:24 PM
The Amazing Race I have never seen nor heard of any of these people. NT bbdove 02/12/16 05:24 PM
Games Lynyrd Skynyrd NT krh5038 02/12/16 05:24 PM

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