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The Score Is there any "personnel" reason, other than Elliot, that DAL is experiencing? I wonder if all the hoopla with J.Jones is distracting the team? NT colleenag 11/23/17 04:08 PM
The Score yep! NT colleenag 11/23/17 04:04 PM
The Score Miss three today.. NT uvp 11/23/17 04:01 PM
BB Discussion mark happened first, he was saying I don't want to be on with "that person" and supposedly liking negative posts about Josh during his ig fit NT Poz 11/23/17 04:01 PM
The Score Coffin officially NT uvp 11/23/17 04:01 PM
The Score welp, there's a few more nails in the coffin...Pic 6 for Chargers... NT colleenag 11/23/17 03:58 PM
The Score yep just missed PAT! NT colleenag 11/23/17 03:52 PM
The Score uh oh...chargers score again! NT colleenag 11/23/17 03:51 PM
The Score Dallas trying to creep back into the game...still time; wonder if going for the 2 pt conversion will come back to bite em... NT colleenag 11/23/17 03:49 PM
The Score lmao...pretty much! NT colleenag 11/23/17 03:47 PM
Games Stuff NT Rio 11/23/17 03:40 PM
Games E - Ear Muffs NT Rio 11/23/17 03:34 PM
BB Discussion Josh actually started the twitter battle. Mark got pissy & stomped out of a insta live ... then Josh got all Josh & started posting on twitter. NT Gamecock 11/23/17 03:22 PM
BB Discussion Everyone else??? NT Gamecock 11/23/17 03:19 PM
BB Discussion Gosh, I am so glad. The endless fevered worry about this relationship can put some minds at ease. NT Gamecock 11/23/17 03:18 PM
BB Discussion Never followed Mark on anything but I recently unfollowed Elena. I am not above childish drama, but when u manufacture drama yourself for attention... eureca 11/23/17 03:16 PM
The Score Bar at the ski slope or tickets to games. I take that back. You have an absolute Triple Crown Winner! NT AskMedia 11/23/17 03:15 PM
BB Game Topic: I guess no winner for game 13 or overall. NT Debra_Kadabra 11/23/17 03:14 PM
BB Discussion Seemed most were only in it for the exposure and potential fame, not to actually win or the money. That’s why Paul skated. JMO NT AskMedia 11/23/17 03:11 PM
Survivor Discussion No. Not even close NT PVRlover 11/23/17 02:43 PM
Survivor Discussion But did Chrissy? I watched twice and I still can't figure out if he wanted her to vote out Cole/Mike? NT colleenag 11/23/17 02:41 PM
Games Feeling Especially Anxious: Shopping Trip.......SALES NT CatsRock 11/23/17 02:36 PM
Games D - Donuts NT CatsRock 11/23/17 02:35 PM
BB Discussion yup, Mark has shown to be unstable before NT FurlessBat 11/23/17 02:34 PM
Survivor Discussion ditto, seems like such a dumb move NT FurlessBat 11/23/17 02:33 PM
BB Discussion Lmao! G’day mate, this is a little over the edge. NT AskMedia 11/23/17 02:33 PM
P/X jblig, thank you! You do an excellent job here in P/X! I thank you for that! NT CatsRock 11/23/17 02:33 PM
The Score Go Chargers! NT FurlessBat 11/23/17 02:32 PM
P/X Wildcard, thank you! NT CatsRock 11/23/17 02:32 PM
Survivor Discussion lmao 1) Joe has a personality, Cody does not 2) Ben is playing the game, Kevin never did 3) Mike wants to play, Elena wanted fame FurlessBat 11/23/17 02:32 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Survivor 35 = BB19. Chrissy = Paul. Ben = Kevin. Ryan = Josh. Ashley = Christmas. JP = Mark. Joe = Cody. Mike = Elena. Devon = Matt NT SailingTeam 11/23/17 02:19 PM
The Score Chargers kick game is in trouble.. NT uvp 11/23/17 02:03 PM
The Score Happy Thanksgiving Wyndy! NT colleenag 11/23/17 01:56 PM
The Score He did good for sure! He'd just as soon sit in his fav recliner and watch from home or better yet catch the highlights at the bar at the ski slope colleenag 11/23/17 01:56 PM
The Score Happy thanksgiving wyndy.. NT uvp 11/23/17 01:54 PM
BB Discussion It's a reality show....non scripted ~ kinda like Bachelor in Paradise adding exes to the mix.... Dreamer 11/23/17 01:54 PM
The Score Happy Thanksgiving Score peeps! Just getting ready to eat with some Crazy Cowboy Fans. Help me, ha. Congrats Vikings. NT wyndycty 11/23/17 01:46 PM
BB Discussion I would have preferred that to the disaster that was. Other than occasional check in w/jokers, I'm not following BB19 at all. The season sucked. NT dopemelody 11/23/17 01:44 PM
BB Discussion Who says that about themselves? What a self righteous clown. NT dopemelody 11/23/17 01:39 PM
BB Discussion What's the premise? Is this is a scripted "reality" show? I've never heard of it. NT dopemelody 11/23/17 01:36 PM
BB Discussion Yeah, the theme didn't strike a chord at all. They merged before any real teams developed. And the remaining characters are weak (I liked Ali). NT dopemelody 11/23/17 01:34 PM
BB Discussion nope, Mark started that, he got pissed on live stream when Elena face timed with Ramses and Josh in the background at Kevin's party NT Poz 11/23/17 01:34 PM
BB Discussion to win the money? NT madjellybean 11/23/17 01:33 PM
BB Discussion Josh hadn't said about bad word about them until they started up with him NT Poz 11/23/17 01:32 PM
BB Discussion I haven't been following at all, and have no idea about any of it. I do know that Josh was and therefore surely still is a P.O.S. NT dopemelody 11/23/17 01:27 PM
The Score He’s a keeper NT AskMedia 11/23/17 01:21 PM
The Score I lol'd when they said something about now having a heavy football (or something like that :D) NT colleenag 11/23/17 12:58 PM
The Score Vikings d came up big there NT uvp 11/23/17 12:55 PM
The Score Gobbler was ugly trophy but it was memorable to holiday NT uvp 11/23/17 12:52 PM
The Score 2 on 1...1 wins..yep very awful defense there NT uvp 11/23/17 12:41 PM

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