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BB Fans Topic: I made a video of the instagram posts up to now. First day at Cabo and last day at 26! What big is happening tomorrow? I hope others post because I may not be able to tomorrow. kmjm 03/23/19 01:54 AM
BBCA Discussion Normal, nice Canadians?? NT DaisyChain 03/23/19 01:46 AM
BBCA Media Topic: Kailynn Archer on The Morning Show Dreamer 03/23/19 01:33 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Who are the hn's this week NT decafjnr 03/23/19 12:54 AM
BBCA News & Rumours Topic: Big Brother Canada 7 Week 2 Review: Everyone Loves A Tied Vote! Dreamer 03/23/19 12:44 AM
BB Fans If anyone was wondering about that book. A fan does an amazing job of those "magazine covers" She's on Instagram at the url inside and I think you can view w/o being on instagram. kmjm 03/23/19 12:44 AM
BBCA Discussion The rest are pretty much worse. The only people who are rootable are bad players or at least neutered by the PB. The PB are so unlikable as people and are not even playing well. It is just the ScienceGirl 03/23/19 12:39 AM
BBCA Discussion Wasn’t his farts waking it was interrupting others in the next bed NT Emma1 03/23/19 12:38 AM
BBCA Discussion They did more than just that lol can 3. I turned on about 3:25. Anthony well aware of what is going on. NT Emma1 03/23/19 12:36 AM
BBCA Discussion I hate him. I think he is the most arrogant of the PB. NT ScienceGirl 03/23/19 12:34 AM
BBCA Discussion I hated Tim & Cass and S4 in general. I still liked the great seasons...but not this one. Last season was loved by feed watchers. NT ScienceGirl 03/23/19 12:33 AM
BBCA Discussion Just turned on feeds could not see them but could hear clearly as could Anthony. they were going at it big time. Chelsea as I suspected isn’t who she tries to portray at all. Does she really havea Emma1 03/23/19 12:33 AM
Streamed Shows i plan on it sometime. the part in the trailer what he says to the kid had me lmao. NT KlausHeissler 03/23/19 12:30 AM
Streamed Shows after i made my post i had to look up when the first season aired. December 16 2016. i was thinking it was December 2017. thats a long time between seasons. NT KlausHeissler 03/23/19 12:29 AM
Survivor Discussion i was baffled she was so blindsided. she should have had a 50/50 mindset that she would be going/staying. it made me feel they had her play that up. NT KlausHeissler 03/23/19 12:27 AM
BBCA News & Rumours Topic: The Third Houseguest Is Sent Packing From ‘Big Brother Canada’ After Fiery Eviction Speech Dreamer 03/23/19 12:22 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: LOL Anthony's farting is so loud it keeps waking others up! NT colleenag 03/23/19 12:22 AM
BBCA Discussion I can't really find anyone to root for. The people who are genuine nice people like Damien don't know the game. There are so many people who are not likable at all. PB have a stranglehold. NT ScienceGirl 03/23/19 12:20 AM
BBCA News & Rumours Topic: ‘Big Brother Canada:’ Third evicted houseguest says there were ‘a lot of crazy people’ in the house Dreamer 03/23/19 12:20 AM
BB Fans My handsome dinner date kmjm 03/23/19 12:16 AM
BBCA Discussion Thanks for the timestamps NT Seny69 * 03/23/19 12:07 AM
BBCA Discussion I agree. I'm waiting for someone to come out of their shell, but nope. I think Mark will end up the winner. Just my gut sense. NT Flav 03/22/19 11:58 PM
BBCA Discussion ^^this. NT Flav 03/22/19 11:56 PM
BBCA Discussion Chelsea is in disbelief but Kyra is creepy to me... touchy touchy. NT Flav 03/22/19 11:55 PM
BBCA Discussion Its really on par with last season, but much worse IMO. The cast is bad. I ain't feeling nobody's game, no smart players to root for. NT Flav 03/22/19 11:54 PM
BBCA Discussion Have you tasted Canadian poutine after 2am when you've been drinking? There's nothing that is unhealthier or tastier in the world! NT kmjm 03/22/19 11:47 PM
BBCA Discussion 2:25 camera 3,Chels and Kyra cuddling,caressing and lots of touching etc NT Comicus 03/22/19 11:37 PM
BBCA Discussion Who? Im about 39 mins behind catching up on the other cameras i missed for the updates board NT Seny69 * 03/22/19 11:35 PM
BBCA Discussion not sure but it looked interesting ,Chels probably just needed some comfort ? NT Comicus 03/22/19 11:34 PM
BBCA Discussion I was going to ask what their showmance level/status is, I take it they haven't cuddled/caressed squeezed cheeks with eachother like that before? NT M3gabyt3 03/22/19 11:33 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Houston we have a new showmance! lol cant believe what I just saw! NT Comicus 03/22/19 11:29 PM
BBCA Discussion looks like it's heating up a bit! NT colleenag 03/22/19 11:23 PM
BBCA Discussion Imo, it's relationships, not romantic necessarily, but ones that we can buy into and trust. These guys are all so skevvy. NT kmjm 03/22/19 11:15 PM
BBCA Discussion Completely agree. NT Omayra1107 03/22/19 11:08 PM
BBCA Discussion Entertainment NT utty14 03/22/19 11:03 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Sam and Cory bonding with the smell of some lotion they both use ? Really? Just me, if the lotion smells, my skin goes bolistic, (sp?) lol. NT theritz 03/22/19 10:58 PM
BBCA News & Rumours Topic: Disbelief after stunning nominations WillRulz 03/22/19 10:57 PM
BBCA Discussion I have never done Ketchup chips, Poutine (disgusting) or had to do Tim's with family(not a fan). Just selective, just like what I like, lol NT theritz 03/22/19 10:51 PM
The Jukebox Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb jblig 03/22/19 10:49 PM
BBCA Discussion I've never had Twistos, Ketchup Chips, Poutine, or Tim Hortons. Man, I'm deprived! NT Bobbo2 03/22/19 10:35 PM
The Jukebox Fleetwood Mac Hypnotized Bobbo2 03/22/19 10:31 PM
Survivor Discussion Watch the video titled Aubry: "The Idol is Always a Factor." It explains a lot as far as I'm concerned. I think not only did she misread the situation she also misread how the others viewed her. NT Corndogger 03/22/19 10:21 PM
BBCA Discussion and Cassandra and Marinara. NT LillyBell 03/22/19 10:15 PM
BBCA Discussion I actually bought twistos last week and it is not a sponsor anymore , lol NT theritz 03/22/19 10:10 PM
BB Fans More tomorrow! kmjm 03/22/19 10:08 PM
BBCA Discussion Me too- is it the Canada is watching PC or the first 5 season, whom were not likable or the alternative is even more boring ? NT theritz 03/22/19 10:07 PM
BBCA Discussion Tim Dormer NT SweeBee 03/22/19 10:05 PM
BBCA Discussion Twistos interference NT Bessie 03/22/19 10:05 PM
BBCA Discussion Good casting NT SweeBee 03/22/19 10:02 PM
BBCA Discussion Me, was the single Mother too, WillR, I know your life and lived in your Mother's shoes. Had a dead-beat ex-husband. Just a share. NT theritz 03/22/19 10:01 PM

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