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Current Affairs "1984" is a good read... NT janie8 01/22/17 07:40 PM
Current Affairs touché NT janie8 01/22/17 07:36 PM
The Score NE opens as 3 point favorites over ATL in SB51. NT JAF 01/22/17 06:54 PM
The Score Yes, we are. We'll be dancing all night!! NT Blockhead 01/22/17 06:52 PM
The Score Thanks. Hey block. Looks like we're going to the Super Bowl! sneakypie 01/22/17 06:50 PM
The Score Thanks Furless. That means a lot coming from you. NT Blockhead 01/22/17 06:48 PM
The Score Congrat Pats fans! Enjoy it before the Jets take over the east starting next season. Sorry wyndy! NT FurlessBat 01/22/17 06:45 PM
The Score Sorry Wyndy. The Steelers went on quite a run late in the season but I know this still hurts. NT Blockhead 01/22/17 06:41 PM
Games H - Happy Harriet Has Howards Heart NT Matzak 01/22/17 06:29 PM
BB UK I know...they say it's all about winning the game and then they proceed to slam a well loved British actor on UK television. They are..... georgia9382 01/22/17 06:21 PM
Games house robber NT mellon 01/22/17 06:11 PM
Games J. Joyous NT mellon 01/22/17 06:08 PM
Games 12. Judi Dench NT mellon 01/22/17 06:06 PM
Games 7. Fast Trains NT mellon 01/22/17 06:05 PM
Current Affairs Relax, it's only the ones who can't afford to pay who will suffer, and maybe some who could afford to pay but were then left with nothing else. Beard 01/22/17 06:02 PM
The Score Too early for celebrations. NT sneakypie 01/22/17 06:00 PM
Games 4. Bora Bora but really anywhere warm, palm trees and water NT mellon 01/22/17 06:00 PM
The Score Thought these might be two really good games today, but we ended up with two more blowouts. NT JAF 01/22/17 05:58 PM
The Score It's never over til it's over. NT Blockhead 01/22/17 05:58 PM
The Score Might skip being here next year and just hang out in bb corner.. NT uvp 01/22/17 05:57 PM
Current Affairs Topic: The Republicans Own Obamacare Now. How Many People Will They Let Suffer? petite6 01/22/17 05:57 PM
Current Affairs Thanks for trying, Aziz, but we all know it had no chance. NT Beard 01/22/17 05:57 PM
The Score Congrats Block & sneaky. *crys* NT wyndycty 01/22/17 05:56 PM
Current Affairs But when his supports take his "hyperbole" as fact, then it becomes an issue. Crowd size is just the start. NT amandajaye 01/22/17 05:55 PM
Current Affairs 2+2=5 NT amandajaye 01/22/17 05:53 PM
The Score 1 of 2..but patriots even if you dont know football you will be right if you picked them...easy game to pick.. NT uvp 01/22/17 05:52 PM
The Score Wont be here for superbowl..patriots over falcons 33-24...gronk not even needed... NT uvp 01/22/17 05:48 PM
Games Y- Yellow Dwarf NT fearlessdiva 01/22/17 05:48 PM
Games G- Grumpy Greg gracelessly groaned, "Grrrr." NT fearlessdiva 01/22/17 05:47 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Aziz Ansari Used His Saturday Night Live Monologue to Ask Trump to Denounce “Casual White Supremacy” petite6 01/22/17 05:45 PM
Games I- Irritated NT fearlessdiva 01/22/17 05:42 PM
Games 11. Diane Keaton NT fearlessdiva 01/22/17 05:41 PM
News Stand she has enough perverts here in the US to worry about then seek out the French ones too. NT petite6 01/22/17 05:41 PM
Current Affairs What is a weekend? She said in her best Dame Maggie Smith. NT sneakypie 01/22/17 05:40 PM
News Stand Topic: You (and Your Therapist) Can Change Your Personality petite6 01/22/17 05:39 PM
Games 3. Anywhere WARM- more than 50 degrees! NT fearlessdiva 01/22/17 05:38 PM
The Score That whole fumble thing was confusing. TV guy said ref called a clear recovery by PIT but I don't remember JAF 01/22/17 05:37 PM
Current Affairs Topic: I. Am. Crying. petite6 01/22/17 05:35 PM
Current Affairs In the meantime, the supposed most powerful man in the world, sneakypie 01/22/17 05:35 PM
Current Affairs Well, that doesn't sound good. NT Beard 01/22/17 05:29 PM
Celebrity Apprentice She acts like she's trying to hang on to her hottie as long as she can. Wonder how long that'll be? NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/17 05:26 PM
Current Affairs exactly! NT mgbaloo 01/22/17 05:26 PM
Current Affairs What? Trump and his people are the ones arguing about crowds using "alternative facts" It's called deflection & Gaslighting NT RedBB 01/22/17 05:25 PM
Celebrity Apprentice Qien es mas macho? lol NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/17 05:24 PM
Celebrity Apprentice Arnold seems like he's sticking to a script. Not a good look. NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/17 05:24 PM
Celebrity Apprentice I don't know why they aren't showing more of the celebs working on the project. That's usually the most interesting part. None of these people FurnitureAlliance 01/22/17 05:22 PM
Current Affairs Good on them. Now, what do you do for an encore? NT Beard 01/22/17 05:20 PM
Games in-house NT FurnitureAlliance 01/22/17 05:20 PM
Celebrity Apprentice I like that more is focused on the tasks and the celebs than on the man behind the desk. I stopped watching the original, but The Gov has me back. NT littlewop 01/22/17 05:17 PM
Current Affairs Topic: George Orwell had something to say about #alternativefacts petite6 01/22/17 05:16 PM

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