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BB Discussion Sort of. Nicole wants to leave her options open next week depending on who wins HoH. Ruffle fewer feathers, evict Mich, see what happens. NT Saedron 08/28/16 06:56 AM
BB Media Am tired of Jatalie especially Natalie McLean 08/28/16 06:55 AM
BB Discussion Looks like a tie vote with Nic breaking for Michelle's eviction, unless something changes. NT Saedron 08/28/16 06:54 AM
BB Discussion The plan is to have a smooth week, ruffle no feathers, vote out Meech lol. Let's hope she doesn't get scared & back out. NT lilbitty 08/28/16 06:54 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Shocker! I go away for a few days and Nic is H AND V? Didn't know she had it in her. So what's the plan? Is my fav Paul going to jury? NT TOgal 08/28/16 06:52 AM
BB Discussion LOL NT Sparktan 08/28/16 06:49 AM
BB Alumni Topic: Ali BB4&BB7AS looks VERY pregnant with baby #3 ... beautiful family NT mebe 08/28/16 06:49 AM
BB Discussion I thought cleaning was just normal human stuff, who knew it was an illness! NT Sparktan 08/28/16 06:48 AM
BB Discussion Exactly. Paul is an idiot! ^^ NT Matzak 08/28/16 06:48 AM
BB Discussion They are smart! J/N/M want Nic out next week - discussed last nite. They are assuming Paul leaves this week. NT BAC 08/28/16 06:45 AM
BB Discussion I think James tries too hard to save Nic. With Nic, its less about J more about trying not to get so much blood on her hands this week. NT lilbitty 08/28/16 06:44 AM
BB Discussion Victor is a saint by comparison. NT Swaat 08/28/16 06:42 AM
News Stand you're welcome. :-) NT MyBestBud 08/28/16 06:41 AM
BB Discussion N/C seem to want to keep James in game while James told N/M that Nic is good at comps; consensus was she needs to go next week before Corey/Vic. NT BAC 08/28/16 06:41 AM
BB Discussion Not a Zaulie fan at all but I know of a cure... un-follow those people so they don't annoy you. ;) LOL NT Louise46 08/28/16 06:38 AM
BB Discussion IMO James is openly defending Nic (to N/M), while Nicole is lying to James. We shall see. NT Singaling * 08/28/16 06:37 AM
BB Discussion Yes! James/Nat/Meech already discussed in Kitchen last night. Think they can get Vic to throw HOH & its J/N/M vs. Corey. They want Nic out first. NT BAC 08/28/16 06:37 AM
BB Discussion All the horrible comments people make on twitter or elsewhere are like watching a train wreck. I don't get it either. NT Singaling * 08/28/16 06:36 AM
BB Discussion I think he could be in the top 3! NT Sparktan 08/28/16 06:36 AM
BB Discussion I recall him telling Paul. When did he tell Nicorey? What was their reaction? NT BAC 08/28/16 06:35 AM
BB Discussion Topic: so are nicole and james still secretly protecting each other? im just assuming so because nicole is leaving paul up and not noming natalie. NT Poopie * 08/28/16 06:35 AM
BB Discussion Do u have a pic of it? NT SkinMama 08/28/16 06:34 AM
News Stand Thanks for this story. NT sneakypie 08/28/16 06:34 AM
BB Discussion I think she's feeling burned by James right now. Hearing about the alliance of 5, James wavering on his vote last week, etc. Still raw. NT BAC 08/28/16 06:34 AM
BB Discussion Jokerette. She commonly capitalizes words though so don't think it's a clue anymore. The only hint we got was Mission Impossible on steroids. NT lilbitty 08/28/16 06:34 AM
BB Discussion I can't imagine caring about a couple where I'm not one half of said couple. Even then I wouldn't care enough to talk about it on Twitter. NT praha 08/28/16 06:33 AM
BB Discussion An "edict" is an official order. NT Singaling * 08/28/16 06:33 AM
BB Discussion Poor Pandora. Go down in history....PP Go...paulie has left the building--obvi NT notnorman * 08/28/16 06:33 AM
BB Discussion Yep NT tonia73986 08/28/16 06:31 AM
BB Discussion No idea, at this point I kinda feel like I fell down a rabbit hole. lol NT DiDi 08/28/16 06:31 AM
BB Discussion Lmao that's exactly what I thought when I saw that! NT praha 08/28/16 06:30 AM
BB Discussion oh right -maybe that was their form of it. hope so as i DESPISE Pandora's BS NT HES 08/28/16 06:30 AM
BB Discussion Is that even possible? He seems to still be very popular with TV viewers. Honestly I'd rather James win vs. Nat. NT BAC 08/28/16 06:28 AM
BB Updates Topic: 6:20 AM Corey up in HN & to TBR, exchanges greetings with Nicole, WC, wash hands, quietly back to bumper car, stretches, lies down NT Scott3325 * 08/28/16 06:28 AM
BB Discussion what does "edict" mean? NT Poopie * 08/28/16 06:27 AM
BB Discussion Was that interview before or after the Paris reveal? NT Louise46 08/28/16 06:27 AM
BB Discussion Weeelllll, Day & Bridgette gave him the last one. Shelly gave him one last year. He may be the wall "king", but he didn't "win" them all. NT grammypampam 08/28/16 06:27 AM
P/X A reasonable option :-) NT jblig 08/28/16 06:27 AM
BB Discussion Jessie in Pandora's box again? NT Singaling * 08/28/16 06:26 AM
BB Discussion Who capitalized those words? NT Louise46 08/28/16 06:25 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Good quote! I've always said I wouldn't want to date a nineteen year old... at least until I'm sixty. NT jblig 08/28/16 06:25 AM
BB Discussion confused but seems something Pandora's related esp as AG has said in interviews it was returning in some form ("on steroids") NT HES 08/28/16 06:25 AM
BB Discussion Agree. I was hoping for a headline today about Paulie escaping the jury house, now on the run, authorities notified, etc., etc. LOL! NT Singaling * 08/28/16 06:24 AM
BB Discussion i see what you did there NT notnorman * 08/28/16 06:22 AM
BB Discussion Yeah, looking back on her posts I suppose so. I guess the only clue was saying what they heard was "Mission Impossible on steroids" NT lilbitty 08/28/16 06:22 AM
BB Discussion To get to the f2 you have to first get to the f4. Vic and Paul aren't targeting her...Meech and Natalie are. NT grammypampam 08/28/16 06:22 AM
BB Discussion VERY well said, IA. (Although, I get the Day/Frank situation and why she was upset) NT yummyboo 08/28/16 06:20 AM
BB Discussion Thank you Singaling! NT DiDi 08/28/16 06:18 AM
BB Discussion It's at 5:48. NT Midi 08/28/16 06:17 AM
BB Discussion Searched J's posts and capitalizing certain words is common. I don't think there was any hidden message, just a question. NT Singaling * 08/28/16 06:17 AM

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