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BB Discussion I think because of having the Golden PoV as a twist at the end, but they should have done it mid season tbh. NT BigBrotherFly 05/26/16 03:18 PM
The Score Starr helped get President Clinton impeached for lying about an extramarital affair and now loses his job because his university was covering up Blockhead 05/26/16 03:18 PM
BB Discussion All three would be horrible NT BBFanJ 05/26/16 03:12 PM
BB Discussion IA. When it works for the better. Why though do you think they first thought POV should not be used on yourself? colleenag 05/26/16 03:12 PM
Survivor Discussion Or it could be that the structure of the game and luck combine to produce less than optimal results. Blockhead 05/26/16 03:09 PM
The Real Housewives Topic: I been watching the NJ reruns and I forgot how Mellisas Joe gets my loins hot an bothered NT xrayspex 05/26/16 03:09 PM
The Real Housewives Really? Funny I thought Carole's s/l was very cute with the dog and adoption/kitten. colleenag 05/26/16 03:09 PM
Current Affairs Trump knows no shame. sneakypie 05/26/16 03:06 PM
BB Discussion I think that's why I love the game so much.. watching things change over time NT BigBrotherFly 05/26/16 03:06 PM
The Real Housewives LVP as much as I love her cannot temp me to watch ED or LR. Tried to watch the last episode and had to cut it off when ED started to talk NT robbierob 05/26/16 03:06 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Sorry this has probably already been figured out...BUT colleenag 05/26/16 03:06 PM
BB UK :) NT xrayspex 05/26/16 03:05 PM
BB UK !! NT xrayspex 05/26/16 03:04 PM
BB Discussion Just put someone in a blanket and sunglasses. No one will know the diff. NT ringo9 05/26/16 03:04 PM
BB UK BBUK NT xrayspex 05/26/16 03:04 PM
Games kabob NT mellon 05/26/16 03:03 PM
Games 12. Lost in a Recall NT Matzak 05/26/16 03:02 PM
Games False(have u)..... You like favored Popcorn? NT mellon 05/26/16 03:00 PM
Games stay vacation NT mellon 05/26/16 02:59 PM
The Real Housewives We will have fun watching the OC :) NT mgbaloo 05/26/16 02:59 PM
Games item rare NT mellon 05/26/16 02:57 PM
Y & R Topic: How long is Justin's gf on the show? and I missed the characters part about how she knows billy??? Can someone explain that... Gamecock 05/26/16 02:57 PM
Games wine NT mellon 05/26/16 02:56 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Vince Foster was my brother. Donald Trump should be ashamed. mgbaloo 05/26/16 02:55 PM
Games me & you NT mellon 05/26/16 02:54 PM
The Real Housewives You and me both. Back to basics for us, mg. NT sassyflalassy 05/26/16 02:53 PM
Games slip paper NT mellon 05/26/16 02:51 PM
Games Luna NT mellon 05/26/16 02:50 PM
Games 11. Clean and Sober NT mellon 05/26/16 02:47 PM
The Score Ken Starr is demoted to Chancellor. Don't know why they did fire him too! NT mgbaloo 05/26/16 02:44 PM
Games 11. Love is all right NT mellon 05/26/16 02:43 PM
Survivor Discussion 3rd school. Those that truly got screwed over. 2 examples... colleenag 05/26/16 02:42 PM
Games 10. A Few Good Men NT mellon 05/26/16 02:41 PM
BBCA Discussion ROFL NT xrayspex 05/26/16 02:40 PM
BB Discussion I was the one who mentioned Steve is on tomorrow but that's only b/c I happened to see Hamsterwatch tweet about it 2 minutes before posting. NT Corndogger 05/26/16 02:40 PM
BB Discussion I don't like any of them! NT wyndycty 05/26/16 02:37 PM
Survivor Discussion ^ Totally agree. Two schools of thought. 1.) The person who ENTERTAINED me the most should win. 2.) Best player should win. NT tv_savage 05/26/16 02:36 PM
Games 3. Christmas Time NT mellon 05/26/16 02:36 PM
BB Discussion Agreed. If it serves you then perfect. But not just a "fly under the radar at all costs" strategy. NT colleenag 05/26/16 02:36 PM
BB Discussion yes NT bbfan34 05/26/16 02:32 PM
BB Discussion Only if that is their only strategy. There are situations where it may be warranted, like one of the HoH contests near the end. If you win it that all8up 05/26/16 02:28 PM
Y & R Great idea LibraLady! NT gizmo2tc 05/26/16 02:27 PM
Y & R I agree with Jill it is an ugly depressing Gray color to me, it doesn't look like blue gizmo2tc 05/26/16 02:25 PM
News Stand The Navy has a set a documents in its hands showing the Medal count that he quoted in his they damn well better wyndycty 05/26/16 02:24 PM
BB Discussion She probably realized that she would be the least likable/popular person and can't handle not being center of attention. NT all8up 05/26/16 02:24 PM
Y & R Y/W Cats..... gizmo2tc 05/26/16 02:23 PM
BB Discussion I wish i could tell you. Someone here mentioned Steve bb16 is next? I suggest HTH NT colleenag 05/26/16 02:22 PM
Y & R Topic: Spoiler for Friday May 27, 2016 gizmo2tc 05/26/16 02:20 PM
BB Discussion I hope is cast this season and gets voted out before even entering the house. The look on his face will be priceless! And we know he will be looking all8up 05/26/16 02:20 PM
BB Discussion Think it's because there have been fewer memorable characters recently. NT Debra_Kadabra 05/26/16 02:18 PM

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