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BBCA Discussion No way. Not worth it. NT PVRlover 04/20/14 12:47 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Dilemma, i don't have cable so i've been watching BB @ my BF, he has a cold today. Do i risk catching it to watch tonights episode? NT teetee 04/20/14 12:46 PM
BB Discussion Exactly. And I would never forgive an unrepentant bigot who tries to blame everyone else for his/her bigotry. NT SG8 04/20/14 12:41 PM
BBCA Discussion it's the best bet. NT BB_Fan_JJ_Dan 04/20/14 12:37 PM
American Idol Topic: The performance show hit below a 2 for the first time Wednesday. It needs (another) retooling. No more "high paid divas", they can't afford them. phoenixfire 04/20/14 12:35 PM
BB Discussion One might recognize before posting something that I was still up and it was my Saturday.. I don't defend racists though so my post still stands NT Velvetwind 04/20/14 12:34 PM
BBCA Discussion I hope you're friend is right. NT GetEmDrunk 04/20/14 12:31 PM
BB Discussion **pout** NT Belle 04/20/14 12:27 PM
BBCA Discussion Fingers crossed it's for real NT PVRlover 04/20/14 12:24 PM
BBCA Discussion It's a raw deal. They get put up, immediately get voted out, go out to no audience for a brief chat w Arisa, then to jury. NT RatFloater 04/20/14 12:23 PM
News Stand Topic: Surgeons Find 12 Gold Bars Inside Man's Stomach SG8 04/20/14 12:22 PM
BBCA Discussion I'm not certain about PoV. NT RatFloater 04/20/14 12:19 PM
BBCA Discussion No problem. This is my first instant eviction so I'm anxious to see how it works. I can't quite picture it LOL! NT Singaling 04/20/14 12:19 PM
BBCA Discussion If its the Gremlins F2 do you Rachelle would win? NT bria012 04/20/14 12:18 PM
BBCA Discussion Thanks! I am definitely not a BB expert <hides>. NT bunnielebowski 04/20/14 12:18 PM
BBCA Discussion I am so glad Paul left for many reasons, but now he is polluting podcasts with "Listen to me" every seconds. Him on RHAP was ear bending. NT bunnielebowski 04/20/14 12:17 PM
BBCA Discussion BBUS doesn't have instant eviction NT Singaling 04/20/14 12:17 PM
BBCA Discussion Didn't BBCAN promise some fun things they'd drop during the weekend via Twitter? Has there been any? NT DamnAnts 04/20/14 12:16 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: So I have a not so confirmed spoiler.... jgevans0206 04/20/14 12:14 PM
BBCA Discussion Well if Allison is still there (doubtful) Her and Jon wanted to make Easter dinner, Or if Jemmett are there today the POV winner might be with them NT bugiardi 04/20/14 12:14 PM
BBCA Discussion i'm going to be on a ferry during the show :/ i'm going to pray there's no traffic, and stay off my phone til I get home & watch the show NT BB_Fan_JJ_Dan 04/20/14 12:14 PM
BBCA Discussion getting ready for yet another party with boooooozzzzeee NT AceRimmer 04/20/14 12:13 PM
BBCA Discussion like all of sarah's interviews --even w those youtube boys from yesterday (forget their names). She's smart and insightful and self-aware. NT HES 04/20/14 12:13 PM
BBCA Discussion bbcanada, proving integrity to their 'no disclosure/ no leak' clause in the contract- canada, oozing with ability to be honest NT AceRimmer 04/20/14 12:12 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: It is Sunday afternoon in the BBCan house. What do you speculate the HG's are doing right now? NT Singaling 04/20/14 12:11 PM
BBCA Discussion In the US is there a live audience for the instant evic? If so were there leaks in the past from audience members? NT bunnielebowski 04/20/14 12:11 PM
BB Discussion i think you're in the wrong forum. NT crazyq 04/20/14 12:10 PM
BBCA Discussion She played a great 2nd place game. She will likely get to the end, but she won't win. NT jorsian 04/20/14 12:09 PM
BBCA Discussion Wouldn't POV be played tomorrow morning? NT bunnielebowski 04/20/14 12:09 PM
BBCA Discussion My fear is that I am so excited for showtime and it won't be as excited as we all hoped. At least we have JU to support us! NT bunnielebowski 04/20/14 12:07 PM
BB Discussion Amanda sucked….Sabrina is doing really good and playing the game. Sabs has "social game" down to a science for sure. NT NJcathie 04/20/14 12:06 PM
BBCA Discussion BBCanada - alienating fans since 2013. NT SG8 04/20/14 12:06 PM
BBCA Discussion Luckily, we only have a few more hours to wait NT bbfan34 04/20/14 12:05 PM
BB Discussion I don't even have a "last 50" anymore. crazyq 04/20/14 12:03 PM
BBCA Discussion I've accepted myself for who I am during BB... a lifeless shut-in lol. NT RatFloater 04/20/14 12:02 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Wow….so not a leak, not a drip, not a breathe! This would never happen in the US. NT NJcathie 04/20/14 12:01 PM
BBCA Discussion I don't think people even want her to get 20k. NT RatFloater 04/20/14 12:01 PM
BBCA Discussion I tried but I'm home sick, feeds are down, partypoker is down & I'm broke on Slotmania. NT PVRlover 04/20/14 12:01 PM
BBCA Discussion agreed, I'd vote Neds/Jon/Heather over Delly NT BB_Fan_JJ_Dan 04/20/14 12:00 PM
BBCA Discussion New HoH, new noms and maybe PoV winner also. NT RatFloater 04/20/14 12:00 PM
BBCA Discussion Thank you so much I'm so excited!! NT Sballer09 04/20/14 12:00 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: i cant hardly wait for showtime ...i keep telling myself to get a life lol...... NT praire 04/20/14 11:58 AM
BBCA Discussion I'm not nervous but I am intrigued to see what happened. I'm also miffed that we've missed all the fresh reaction from the events. Oh well. :-) NT DamnAnts 04/20/14 11:56 AM
BBCA Discussion possibly. The game would have been *completely* different. I'm so glad Paul left. NT BB_Fan_JJ_Dan 04/20/14 11:56 AM
BBCA Discussion Thanks. So when feeds come back tonight ..... Somebody will be gone and there will b a new HOH? NT northernviewer 04/20/14 11:56 AM
BBCA Discussion Allison wants to take a gremlin or Heather... she wouldn't go to F2 with Neda NT BB_Fan_JJ_Dan 04/20/14 11:55 AM
BBCA Discussion I hope Neda can still convince them of her loyalty & that it's Jon who is she wanted to appease both of them, so they target Heads NT BB_Fan_JJ_Dan 04/20/14 11:55 AM
BBCA Discussion i'm nervous too. I had a nightmare that the gremlins & neda were evicted & being interviewed by ET Canada. LOL the horror! #TeamNeda NT BB_Fan_JJ_Dan 04/20/14 11:53 AM
BBCA Discussion spooning kenny was likely 'hard on her' too/ wonder if she got a pity poke eviction night, yeah, maybe tmi NT AceRimmer 04/20/14 11:53 AM
BBCA Discussion its a tv show NT AceRimmer 04/20/14 11:52 AM

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