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BB Discussion Iím glad they showed Bay being a complete witch, again, lol NT sissy 09/24/18 04:56 AM
BB Discussion She left a couple of snarky goodbye messages for two evicted houseguests. I guest that counts as being a bitch to some people. I think it just means she's not a doormat. NT DonnaG 09/24/18 04:56 AM
BB Discussion I absolutely adore her and I hope she gets a chance to play again. We don't get to see female players like her very often. She was great! NT robin86 09/24/18 04:56 AM
BB Discussion In the current jury format, a player needs either an advocate in the jury house to talk up their game, or an enemy in the jury house for their F2 opponent - someone who will trash their opponent. Blockhead 09/24/18 04:55 AM
BB Discussion I really like her, she seems sweet. NT sissy 09/24/18 04:55 AM
BB Discussion Yes ... I expect her to go full bore SJW with her vote NT dustysnemisis 09/24/18 04:53 AM
BB Discussion No. I hate JC more than I like Tyler. NT Blockhead 09/24/18 04:52 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Anyone remember Dani and Lisa in the pool of water, holding a key, rain and wind... it took hours, they were freezing. Those were the good ol days. NT sissy 09/24/18 04:52 AM
BB Discussion She's not mean and she was one of the kinder houseguests. People just have a hard time with truly confident, strong women. If she was a guy, she would be lauded. She should be very proud. NT robin86 09/24/18 04:51 AM
BB Discussion Yep. We will see. NT robin86 09/24/18 04:49 AM
BB Discussion Ok, tbd. NT sissy 09/24/18 04:48 AM
BB Discussion Topic: I was late getting into this B.B., I did not see the feeds from the beginning, when I started watching, I saw a lot of RS and Bay bitch sessions, but never Angela being a bitch sissy 09/24/18 04:48 AM
BB Discussion RS knows this game? What?! How?! RS is a simpleton and a stereotype that would never vote for a straight white man over a gay minority. She has no true thoughts of her own. NT robin86 09/24/18 04:45 AM
BB Discussion I think Rockstar will vote for Tyler, she knows this game, and she knew he had to go, or he would win. NT sissy 09/24/18 04:43 AM
BB Discussion That move didn't lose the game for him but I will agree that it was a bad move for both of them. It also made them look like a duo and brought more attention to their budding showmance. NT robin86 09/24/18 04:42 AM
BB Discussion It is, but also somewhat self inflicted ... giving Angela that veto is a problem. It makes it look that he was easily manipulated NT dustysnemisis 09/24/18 04:39 AM
Survivor AU + NZ Topic: ***Spoiler*** LettucePray 09/24/18 04:35 AM
BB Discussion It's so sad. Production absolutely ruined this game with the decision to take finale night from final 2 to final 3. It's obliterated strategic gameplay. NT robin86 09/24/18 04:35 AM
BB Discussion He's "Mr. Misting." NT DaveG 09/24/18 04:33 AM
BB Discussion The biggest problem is not bitterness but the fact that Tyler played an expertly stealth game and stealth does not work with the current format. They don't know his game and won't get a chance to. NT robin86 09/24/18 04:32 AM
BB Discussion I think the main issue is style, not bitterness. KCís game is easier to see than Tlyerís NT dustysnemisis 09/24/18 04:32 AM
BB Discussion Angela knows the finale is a TV event. She has demonstrated all year the unique ability to separate the "real" from TV, so I expect she will know Tyler is still in game mode during the finale. Any DaveG 09/24/18 04:31 AM
BB Discussion Topic: I don't think the jury is going to be as bitter as some think. I only see maybe two being bitter, Rockstar and Bayleigh. NT RockChalkJhawk 09/24/18 04:26 AM
BB Discussion JC is delusional and genuinely obsessed with Tyler. It's really sad on both sides. NT robin86 09/24/18 04:17 AM
BB Discussion I hope you're right. I'm going into the finale expecting him to lose. I hope I get a pleasant surprise. NT robin86 09/24/18 04:16 AM
BB Discussion He had ZERO interest in her. It was obvious. He would get annoyed very quickly when she followed him. NT NSGirl 09/24/18 04:10 AM
BB Discussion If it was the old format, I would agree with you. But the fact of the matter is that the jury comes to the finale with their minds made up, without knowing the game. Final speeches mean nothing. NT robin86 09/24/18 04:08 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Listening to they talking after Tyler's shower - JC really thinks that Tyler is going to live with him LOL NT NSGirl 09/24/18 04:08 AM
BB Discussion I donít think itís that simple. Tylerís success at creating the illusion that he was being manipulated by the women around him works against him with the jury, imho NT dustysnemisis 09/24/18 04:08 AM
BB Discussion Because he and Angela love each other...Kaitlyn was used to get out the other side. He had no romantic interest in her. Totally different NT NSGirl 09/24/18 04:05 AM
BB Discussion I am unsure if the jury is bitter but if they are I still want Tyler to bring KC because if he can't win I want her to win. NT Dancingclowns 09/24/18 04:01 AM
BB Discussion Topic: I don't see any way for KC to beat Tyler in F2. If asked what game move she made to hang her hat on, there isn't any. She stayed loyal & won comps, that is it. NT RockChalkJhawk 09/24/18 03:56 AM
BB Discussion If this happened, which it didn't, the difference is Ty was awake ....versus when JC did his thing when Ty was asleep. Two different things. NT SeeBB 09/24/18 03:51 AM
BB Discussion She is a doll, and dresses very much like the lesbians I know. NT sissy 09/24/18 03:45 AM
BB Discussion She couldn't stand was as fake as she is...they did it for more air time. NT SeeBB 09/24/18 03:43 AM
BB Discussion No. I don't even want JC in the house house right now much less at F2 NT SeeBB 09/24/18 03:39 AM
BB Discussion Wasn't true then either NT SeeBB 09/24/18 03:38 AM
The Score Whelp ... that was upside down day ... did the mob put the fix in? NT dustysnemisis 09/24/18 03:37 AM
BB Discussion OMG. He DIDNT say rip his pants off...he said she TRIED to rip the blanket off him when he was changing under them.What's with the obsession to make Angela look bad and NOT OWN up to JC feeling up SeeBB 09/24/18 03:37 AM
BB Discussion and Brett's segment about not crying mixed in! NT Rockett024 09/24/18 03:10 AM
BB Discussion Only if he then gave half the 1st place money to KC. NT remdeprived 09/24/18 02:57 AM
BB Discussion Agree NT Remnant0888 09/24/18 02:52 AM
BB Discussion Glad JC didn't see the clips. But there were so many this season who didn't know what they didn't know. As usual:) NT curt37 09/24/18 02:52 AM
BB Discussion No NT Remnant0888 09/24/18 02:50 AM
BB Discussion It's in her best interest for Tyler to win, period. NT DuhWhat 09/24/18 02:45 AM
BB Discussion I hope so! Poor Brett:) NT curt37 09/24/18 02:43 AM
BB Discussion I think there was a lot of padding used on granny and he was pushing on a padded suit more than "granny's" butt NT Rockett024 09/24/18 02:41 AM
BB Discussion I laughed at a lot, it really was a great season. it also showed how clueless JC was as he answered questions and then clips showed him to be wrong. LOL NT Rockett024 09/24/18 02:40 AM
BB Discussion There goes Tyler's finale night gag gift from Jeff. NT remdeprived 09/24/18 02:33 AM
BB Discussion That Granny (actually guy) was nasty! Brett had to shove his butt cheeks up the stairs!?!? I couldn't! Nasty Bastard! LOL! NT curt37 09/24/18 02:29 AM

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