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P/X Topic: For you stargazer fans, the Draconids Meteor Shower is tonight. Our skies have turned a bit cloudy, so I don't know how good it will be here. debbiedu22 10/08/15 04:35 PM
The Real Housewives Maybe Eddie is not on the Paypal account. NT sassyflalassy 10/08/15 04:34 PM
Survivor Discussion Yes or NT AlexisO7 10/08/15 04:34 PM
BB Discussion Yep. She got snowed by Steve and came in 3rd on a year with poor over-all game play. No where near top 5. NT Brian362 10/08/15 04:33 PM
Survivor Discussion Sandra was much worse. At least Russell was good at comps, finding idols, working around camp, etc. Sandra was worthless. NT JAF 10/08/15 04:23 PM
BB Discussion Vanessa isn't even in top 5. Derrick didn't need to win mid-end game HoH/Vetos to save himself, as he had the social skills superior to Van. NT Kay19 10/08/15 04:19 PM
BB Discussion release the kraken! NT banner_boy 10/08/15 04:09 PM
BB Discussion I can see it now. BB40 "Battle of the BB spawn"! NT Brian362 10/08/15 04:07 PM
BB Discussion Lol at first yes but I thinK Liz is secretly going for Austin NT Bbfan6019 10/08/15 04:05 PM
BB Discussion Last interview with Julia I saw, she said she was rooting for their relationship. NT Brian362 10/08/15 04:04 PM
BB Discussion Lets hope JuJu is right. I think the lack of him on her social media is because they haven't seen each other since the show ended. UGG I dread Emma1 10/08/15 04:03 PM
BB Discussion Cool. We could see a Jecky baby on BB18. NT Corndogger 10/08/15 04:02 PM
BB Discussion She's said over and over that if they move to LA it's for career-related purposes first not for Austin. Juj seems to have doubts he'll even be in Corndogger 10/08/15 04:01 PM
The Real Housewives LOL NT L24 10/08/15 04:00 PM
BB Discussion I love how she uses the "BeckyUpdate" hashtag. Olive Garden should do a series of ads based around that with her in them. They could have a lot of Corndogger 10/08/15 03:58 PM
BB Discussion Liz likes Austin as a person I barely see Liztin anywhere on her Social media NT Bbfan6019 10/08/15 03:58 PM
BB Discussion They are scheduled to make love all day Saturday. NT EmpressGrodner 10/08/15 03:56 PM
BB Discussion Liz isn't even hyping team Liztin they are together because they care for each other NT Bbfan6019 10/08/15 03:56 PM
BB Discussion I wish she would use YouNow or Spreecast. She said she takes questions in advance b/c they come across to fast. She likes to be prepared which Corndogger 10/08/15 03:55 PM
Joker's Water Cooler Thanks Amandajaye! One of my original jokers friends! NT zebe83 10/08/15 03:54 PM
Joker's Water Cooler Thanks Libra! NT zebe83 10/08/15 03:53 PM
BB Discussion Unless CBS specifically asked for Austin and her, Liz would prefer to do with Juj. NT Corndogger 10/08/15 03:53 PM
BB Discussion They've been modeling since high school so your theory is wrong. Liz said why and it has nothing to do with having a job. It's b/c Juj is skinnier. NT Corndogger 10/08/15 03:52 PM
The Real Housewives Topic: I guess Tamra taking care of Ryan and his girlfriend plus 4 kids is adding up. She has been tweeting all day about items she is selling on ebay NT CatsMommie 10/08/15 03:45 PM
The Real Housewives I think thats how they ended up in this mess to begin with. She only cares about her feelings on everything NT CatsMommie 10/08/15 03:43 PM
American Horror Story I want a better story to follow, not a guessing what's what game. NT M3gabyt3 10/08/15 03:42 PM
Survivor Discussion No that was Russell NT BBFanJ 10/08/15 03:42 PM
The Real Housewives I never side with Cheaters but this guy is so over her and looks trapped .. He is ready to chew his leg off to get free NT CatsMommie 10/08/15 03:41 PM
The Real Housewives LOL I know, I laugh when she says how far they've come and how much better they are doing. I honestly don't think she cares how David feels anyway NT L24 10/08/15 03:40 PM
BB Media Production is above that and typically would never use phone voting issues as an excuse in their attempt to alter the outcome of the game as needed NT IceColdBeer 10/08/15 03:40 PM
BB Discussion When is that usually? NT Emma1 10/08/15 03:39 PM
BB Discussion Not a bad idea. Seems people want to know these things. LOL NT ELPhill 10/08/15 03:30 PM
BB Discussion Topic: ooh tonight the OTB interview with Van is supposed to be released! NT HES 10/08/15 03:29 PM
BB Discussion Their break-up date will be around the time they find out they are not on the next "The Amazing Race". NT ELPhill 10/08/15 03:29 PM
BB Discussion LOL, that is what I thought during last season until a couple of her fans said you have to check out her pre-season interview and then I was, Brian362 10/08/15 03:27 PM
BB Discussion I didn't say either of those things. I said that after John called her a bully (not me) she went and told Austwins she was afraid of him. NT NMC 10/08/15 03:26 PM
BB Discussion Yes. There are various ways to play. Vic knew she was going to suck at comps and be thought weak and played that weakness into a strength. NT Brian362 10/08/15 03:24 PM
Bravo Reality Shows I think they have full episodes on their website? NT sassyflalassy 10/08/15 03:21 PM
People's Couch Was funny, cause they've been forced to watch it lol NT M3gabyt3 10/08/15 03:17 PM
BB Discussion Well if you think about it that was the comp that sent Becky home, & really the beginning of the end of his game, so I can see why he's bitter. NT nonemoreblack 10/08/15 03:15 PM
Animal House Yep, that's for sure. She's the total opposite of me when it comes to pets. NT BBcbsRocks 10/08/15 03:14 PM
Animal House Ok, thanks, tas. NT BBcbsRocks 10/08/15 03:13 PM
The Real Housewives He is so checked out. Everybody knows it except Shannon. NT sassyflalassy 10/08/15 03:12 PM
Y & R I think maybe because he found Delia's black scarf under his vehicle, so I guess he just assumed that he did hit her. I'm not sure about this tho. NT BBcbsRocks 10/08/15 03:09 PM
News Stand Everybody is going crazy, Belle! NT Caramel 10/08/15 03:08 PM
Y & R Topic: Friday's spoilers (soapcentral): BBcbsRocks 10/08/15 03:08 PM
BB Discussion Victoria did get one of the worst edits in Big Brother history. They cut out the part where Derrick told her to act dumb to stay safe. SMH. NT Powerman818 10/08/15 03:07 PM
Y & R Me either! And, if he didn't even know he hit anything or anybody that night, how can he be so sure it was him? NT Caramel 10/08/15 03:06 PM
Y & R I can just hear him now, "Oh, it was a mere accident, my baby. You didn't even know you hit he. Come here." Then he strokes her hair! NT Caramel 10/08/15 03:05 PM
BB Discussion I predict they will breakup after liz realizes not many people care about liztin. so a few months NT JulietBlvd 10/08/15 03:04 PM

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