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Utopia Discussion So true- but I think/hope he would have been gone by now! NT kmjm 11/29/14 01:27 AM
Utopia Discussion Tell him that it was your 'positive' reputation that got Mike's knickers in a twist. kmjm 11/29/14 01:25 AM
The Real Housewives Hey...I like Caroline! NT caycaye 11/29/14 12:04 AM
The Real Housewives She should be a wreck. She is going to PRISON for a CRIME!!! Don't even think about telling me any of you believe Teresa didn't know what was going caycaye 11/29/14 12:01 AM
The Real Housewives I agree. Teresa is the MOST spoiled, entitled Italian Princess EVER! She seriously cannot see that her JEALOUSY has caused this whole family feud. caycaye 11/28/14 11:52 PM
Real World I believe autopsy only shows physical things. Toxicology will show if anything was in his system. Those results take a little while to come back. NT jmtoad22 11/28/14 10:24 PM
White Collar It's already at ep3 of 6 for the final season. I finally caught up when it started. M3gabyt3 11/28/14 10:05 PM
Survivor Discussion So much for them being a "power couple." NT robin0 11/28/14 09:54 PM
The Bachelor I think there is some of that. The images are so predictable, D faces change but D characters and the comedy behind the "drama" are about the same NT Susanna 11/28/14 09:50 PM
Survivor Discussion Regardless of how they knew, during this episode Reed made it known to Keith. So Keith should not have been so shocked when it came out at TC. NT robin0 11/28/14 09:49 PM
MTV Reality Shows Topic: Rip Ryan Knight MGK619 11/28/14 09:44 PM
The Bachelor Canada Topic: I want to share this video of the happy couple with you all. Susanna 11/28/14 09:42 PM
BB Discussion He was just joking about nicole, geez. Ian cares about being a psychics teacher, and that's it. Wish more BB HGs cared about their careers NT Bleuag 11/28/14 09:39 PM
White Collar I do. New season should be starting up soon. NT CougarSpy 11/28/14 09:12 PM
News Stand Anything BUT. And BTW, self-defense isn't a police officer thing, it's an ANYBODY thing. NT JAF 11/28/14 08:59 PM
News Stand It sounds sorta like self-defence, as it involves a police officer. NT Veruta 11/28/14 08:58 PM
Grimm No kidding. Now it looks like they crawling out of the woodwork (with the new guy... Josh, I think?). NT JAF 11/28/14 08:58 PM
White Collar Topic: Anyone still watch? NT M3gabyt3 11/28/14 08:53 PM
News Stand Texas deputy shot 20-year-old woman in the head for HONKING at him in road rage dispute JAF 11/28/14 08:53 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Hayden and Nic are together right now. Nic just tweeted a pic. Tweet inside. Corndogger 11/28/14 08:48 PM
News Stand Topic: Sadly, there is a new police incident to report, for which their seems to be no question as to who was wrong. I don't know how to post the story, but LibraLady 11/28/14 08:44 PM
Grimm Topic: About darn time! NT cjj3 11/28/14 08:44 PM
The Amazing Race I used to dislike the dentists but now it's just the wrestlers. I keep hoping every week that it will be the one they go home. NT bean99 11/28/14 08:39 PM
The Mentalist I googled it, seems odd, delay due to games? Sunday at 9:30/8:30c Interesting article tho/ ne14cookies 11/28/14 08:39 PM
Survivor Discussion yup NT PointBeing 11/28/14 08:13 PM
The Amazing Race we all do NT PointBeing 11/28/14 08:10 PM
The Amazing Race Back at you! :) NT CougarSpy 11/28/14 08:02 PM
The Amazing Race You;re welcome, Cougs. Love ya! NT LibraLady 11/28/14 07:59 PM
BB Discussion the only thing I recognized was his chin lol NT BB_Fan_JJ_Dan 11/28/14 07:55 PM
The Amazing Race Thanks Libra! NT CougarSpy 11/28/14 07:49 PM
The Mentalist What time slot? NT CougarSpy 11/28/14 07:48 PM
The Amazing Race They pulled him back to the first building, he got off, then they rehooked him. He started over from scratch. NT LibraLady 11/28/14 07:47 PM
The Amazing Race How did Jim get back up? I missed that part. I saw when the top clip came off and he started falling. NT CougarSpy 11/28/14 07:36 PM
The Amazing Race Topic: I need the wrestlers gone already. NT BigBroBeauty 11/28/14 07:36 PM
Gordon Ramsay Shows I don't see Samuel running away with it....not at all.....he's made plenty of mistakes in my opinion. NT aqua2girl 11/28/14 07:36 PM
The Amazing Race Yes. It improves circulation and gets rid of antibodies?? I want it done over my whole body - from head to toes. NT CougarSpy 11/28/14 07:30 PM
The Mentalist I am too but I have a little apprehension over their new budding relationship. NT ne14cookies 11/28/14 07:27 PM
The Amazing Race Wrestler girl is so nasty. She's the only one I don't like. NT JAF 11/28/14 07:26 PM
BB Australia Also Penny with the snake. Oh and the boys picking Lawson over Jason to sing and the looks on Jason's face. NT georgia9382 11/28/14 07:25 PM
The Amazing Race The show made it look like it was going to be a footrace. I doubt that it was since FF was on an Island South of where the detours were. Maybe a half CougarSpy 11/28/14 07:24 PM
The Amazing Race No the scientist were not u-turned, but they did u-turn the surfers. They missed the clue box after double u-turn and finding a merlion monument. They CougarSpy 11/28/14 07:20 PM
The Amazing Race I was really hoping they'd catch up but it likely wasn't nearly as close as the edit suggested. NT JAF 11/28/14 07:19 PM
The Amazing Race No, only the surfers were U-turned. NT JAF 11/28/14 07:17 PM
The Amazing Race Me too. The one masseuse was so funny talking to the other about how the girls had a low threshold for pain, and how Maya was crying when she was CougarSpy 11/28/14 07:15 PM
The Amazing Race Topic: I must have missed something but weren't the scientists U-Turned? Did they not have to do an extra chore or something? NT trini233 11/28/14 07:13 PM
The Amazing Race I laughed so hard during the message segment. NT BigBroBeauty 11/28/14 07:07 PM
The Amazing Race They were my fav team as well. NT robin0 11/28/14 06:50 PM
Animated Series lol was there a new episode this week? NT PointBeing 11/28/14 06:49 PM
The Amazing Race they'll definitely be back. NT PointBeing 11/28/14 06:48 PM
The Amazing Race I liked them as well. NT Hidef1080 11/28/14 06:47 PM

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