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BB Discussion Big time. NT Bobbo2 01/16/18 02:48 AM
Current Affairs He's the loud mouthed racist at the of the bar. sneakypie 01/16/18 02:48 AM
BB Discussion Lake Mills Iowa to be exact. NT Bobbo2 01/16/18 02:44 AM
BB Discussion If they did win AR that money will go a lot further in Texas than California. NT OUALUMinTX 01/16/18 02:42 AM
News Stand Topic: Who is the worker behind false missile alert in Hawaii? Dreamer 01/16/18 02:39 AM
Games Aberdeen NT Rio 01/16/18 02:38 AM
Odds N Ends I donít find this law to be ridiculous. NT Rio 01/16/18 02:34 AM
Odds N Ends Topic: Most Ridiculous Laws By State- Alaska Rio 01/16/18 02:33 AM
Games Bermuda... Australia or New Zealand? NT Bobbo2 01/16/18 02:31 AM
Odds N Ends Topic: Strange Customs of the World 5: Rio 01/16/18 02:16 AM
Games 1. Dance NT Bobbo2 01/16/18 02:15 AM
Games Topic: Name Ten: Verbs starting with D NT Bobbo2 01/16/18 02:14 AM
Games ***END*** NT Bobbo2 01/16/18 02:09 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Topic: Whatís On TV for Tuesday (1/16)? Rio 01/16/18 02:09 AM
Games 10. Assimilate NT Bobbo2 01/16/18 02:08 AM
Games 5. Vinyl records NT CatsRock 01/16/18 02:00 AM
Streamed Shows Mazita, you're most welcome! Just glad to be of service here! :=) NT CatsRock 01/16/18 01:59 AM
Y & R They sure do seem to be enjoying those scenes a lot lol. NT CatsRock 01/16/18 01:57 AM
Games 9. Ops NT Bobbo2 01/16/18 01:51 AM
Games 4. Top NT Bobbo2 01/16/18 01:50 AM
The Score Baseball trivia: During the 2016 season a local hs, Grossmont High had 3 pitchers in MLB starting rotations. AJ Griffin of the Rangers, Joe Musgrove for the Astros, and Steven Brault of the Pirates. Bobbo2 01/16/18 01:29 AM
Games Ring NT Rio 01/16/18 01:19 AM
Games W - Whatchanacallit NT Rio 01/16/18 01:17 AM
Games Hot In Cleveland NT Rio 01/16/18 01:15 AM
Games My Boys NT Rio 01/16/18 01:14 AM
Games T - Taken NT Rio 01/16/18 01:07 AM
Games Sank NT Rio 01/16/18 01:06 AM
Y & R I know I wonder how they feel about playing a couple again and doing the sex scenes now that they are divorced. NT gizmo2tc 01/16/18 01:05 AM
Games The Cleveland Show NT Rio 01/16/18 01:04 AM
The Score Wow thanks, this is great news! We also got Evan Longoria last month been a decent offseason so far. Course we had to give up some good young prospects to get these guys, NT Bobbo2 01/16/18 12:56 AM
BB Discussion Oprah is too busy having a fit that mother nature cause a mudslide at her home in Montecito & covering up about knowing about Weinstein's sexual assaults and not doing anything about it to be on CBB. WolfDShadow 01/16/18 12:52 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Does anyone know if Mark and Dom ever reconnected after the show? NT Poz 01/16/18 12:20 AM
BB Discussion His daughter and family live in Iowa. Cody lived in Dallas before bb. NT jammin_jen 01/15/18 11:50 PM
BB Discussion It doesnít involve Nicole in vintage clothes in Ubly so I donít think heís allowed to. NT jammin_jen 01/15/18 11:49 PM
BB Discussion Liz broke up with Austin early February in Vegas when they went to visit Vanessa for her birthday. Nic was done with Corey in January--her Valentines Day cookies made that very clear. You're dead on Corndogger 01/15/18 11:21 PM
BB Discussion Lol I knew before I even clicked. NT RatFloater 01/15/18 11:17 PM
BB Discussion He'll deserve it. He is a big whiny crybaby. Their IG live videos tend to make me sick. You can tell she just tolerates him at times and enjoys his worship of her at other times. Plus fan gifts. Barf. DerTotmacherBB 01/15/18 11:12 PM
BB Discussion I thought she lived in Dallas which is why Cody wanted to go back there. If she lives in Iowa then I would just stay in LA. Being too close to Mark and Elena will not be good for them. NT Corndogger 01/15/18 10:51 PM
BB Discussion Natalie gets excited when there's a new Mcdonald's "Happy Meal" lol. NT VictorBBJodyFan 01/15/18 10:40 PM
BB Discussion Does Victor ever promote The Challenge? I always see Natalie tweeting about it. NT RatFloater 01/15/18 10:31 PM
BB Discussion Iowa, if I'm not mistaken. NT RatFloater 01/15/18 10:29 PM
BB Discussion I heard the other day that a number of states lead by Ohio R going after pharma companies 4 misrepresenting opioids. If I heard correctly ~63K people died in America due to drug overdoses in 2017. NT Corndogger 01/15/18 10:29 PM
BB Discussion Topic: VICTOR on MTV's Challenge Vendettas! VictorBBJodyFan 01/15/18 10:24 PM
BB Discussion Where does Cody's daughter live? NT Corndogger 01/15/18 10:23 PM
BB Discussion There's nothing wrong with wanting that. It's the norm these days. Staying in LA with the connections she's already established gives her that. I don't see what either would do in Dallas other than RatFloater 01/15/18 10:19 PM
BB Discussion It's different though, they are all talking about or are moving in together. Looks like all are going to make a real go of it NT djames0314 01/15/18 10:11 PM
BB Discussion Maybe people will realize she's not trying to do that. She's planning her life with the person she plans to spend the rest of it with NT jammin_jen 01/15/18 10:07 PM
BB Discussion She posted on her ig story the other day of her and Liz at the beach and she looked far curvier than before. I think she looks great. NT RatFloater 01/15/18 10:05 PM
BB Discussion It makes no sense if she wants to further her 15 mins. NT RatFloater 01/15/18 10:02 PM
Games the Andy Williams Show NT FurnitureAlliance 01/15/18 10:00 PM

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