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Survivor Discussion I think I'm in love with her, so she can do no wrong! NT Schadenfreude 10/19/17 12:57 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: My two favorites are gone now and we did not see enough JP in blue undies last night. Worst.season.ever NT FurlessBat 10/19/17 12:56 PM
Current Affairs I can see it, too, but it's still a part of perpetuating the problem, and even of giving permission. Trump was taped saying “they let you do it”, Beard 10/19/17 12:51 PM
The Amazing Race Spoilers Awesome! NT koko4locopuffs 10/19/17 12:48 PM
The Amazing Race Spoilers I'm glad they are still in TAR and hope they do win. NT Betsy 10/19/17 12:47 PM
The Amazing Race Spoilers The tweet was about 2136 Bahrain time. So whether there were 5 teams in this leg or an nel they made it to the next. That's how I'm reading it. NT Bobbo2 10/19/17 12:45 PM
Current Affairs I agree that they should speak up sooner, but, if they believe their livelihoods are on the line, I can see why so many keep silent. NT amandajaye 10/19/17 12:41 PM
Current Affairs I can understand not coming forward when you see how victims are not believed, re-victimized in the press, on social media or on the witness stand. NT cantgetenough 10/19/17 12:41 PM
Joker's Water Cooler Mine is fine now. NT Rio 10/19/17 12:40 PM
Current Affairs Are you advocating violence against these people, vigilante action? Isn't that part of the same problem? NT Beard 10/19/17 12:40 PM
Joker's Water Cooler Gotham, Will & Grace and Chicago Fire NT Rio 10/19/17 12:39 PM
Current Affairs No, it's not how they dress or act, except in not acting to stop it. There is a psychological control involved, often a superiority in position Beard 10/19/17 12:38 PM
Current Affairs The scale was between 10-100. NT cantgetenough 10/19/17 12:35 PM
The Amazing Race Spoilers Its how other teams have lost too. Chip & Kim (s5) won because the other teams checked their bags & couldn't switch to better flight NT PVRlover 10/19/17 12:35 PM
Current Affairs 48 dead. 117 still unaccounted for. 80% of the islands residents still without power are the numbers that should be focused on. But he wants his kidfresh512 10/19/17 12:30 PM
Current Affairs I think that's part of the abuse. It's the control the abuser has over the victim that the real the motivator (not how they dress/act). NT amandajaye 10/19/17 12:27 PM
Current Affairs Topic: President Trump Gave Himself a ‘10’ for His Response to Puerto Rico kidfresh512 10/19/17 12:27 PM
The Amazing Race Spoilers Would like for them to at least equal Rachel's 3rd place.hope they learned the trick of checking bags on the last leg. Thats how brooke/scott won NT uselessfan 10/19/17 12:22 PM
BB Discussion Jody= king and queen of a dung heap. NT BBcraycray 10/19/17 12:22 PM
BB Discussion We'll just have to agree to disagree. You love Jody. That's great if it brings you joy each day. I personally can't stand changing my mind NT diddly 10/19/17 12:19 PM
Current Affairs I love Bush these days. White Nationalists should get their free speech, Then get their asses beat. Stop it already with this skin color crap! NT AskMedia 10/19/17 12:16 PM
BB Discussion We're talking about Cody, not Paul. NT diddly 10/19/17 12:16 PM
Current Affairs Maybe what she should have said was it flat out wrong. Men should keep their p...kers in their pants unless invited outside. NT AskMedia 10/19/17 12:10 PM
Current Affairs The only sense in which I think victims might be somewhat responsible is in not reporting abuse and not acting on it at the time. Beard 10/19/17 12:08 PM
The Amazing Race Spoilers sweet! NT PinkAuraGirl 10/19/17 12:05 PM
The Amazing Race Spoilers Yay! NT MegsMom316 10/19/17 12:05 PM
The Amazing Race Spoilers I think maybe I read it differently, she probably means their latest position, the last leg they check in at 4th NT Dani 10/19/17 11:58 AM
The Amazing Race Spoilers Ya I am not sure if that part is accurate she may be mistaken.. The only way she would know that is if they talked to her after the leg was over. NT ParkmyPorsche 10/19/17 11:55 AM
The Amazing Race Spoilers WooHoo! Hope this is accurate. It's a fine day. NT Bobbo2 10/19/17 11:53 AM
BB Discussion Don't know but she admitted to it. That's stealing, there's no sugarcoating what she did. NT BBcraycray 10/19/17 11:47 AM
Other Reality Shows I really like it too! I see there are some other interviews of him also so will watch those later! Thanks again...his thought process was tiring for Mazita 10/19/17 11:46 AM
The Amazing Race Spoilers Naw one of the reasons they have made it this far is because you are rooting for them. Look above see what I mean? :-). NT Bobbo2 10/19/17 11:46 AM
Current Affairs Great speech by President Bush, particularly today when hate mongers are converging on Florida University. NT cantgetenough 10/19/17 11:42 AM
Binge Worthy You are very welcome,Cookies! Yes it was a sad ending!I do look forward to a second season! It was so interesting to see them interrogate killers we Mazita 10/19/17 11:42 AM
The Amazing Race Spoilers Bigger Photo....She said theyre in the Top 4...OMG OMG OMG!! Dani 10/19/17 11:41 AM
Current Affairs Topic: George W. slams Trumpism, without mentioning president by name cantgetenough 10/19/17 11:40 AM
BB Discussion If we could see where Jessica was shoving her fingers, we'd know why. NT SureOK 10/19/17 11:40 AM
BB Discussion then why weren't charges filed against her? NT Belle 10/19/17 11:39 AM
The Amazing Race Spoilers and since my fav never wins i keep waiting for them to make the wrong move and i'm happily surprised every day when they are still in it. i hate Belle 10/19/17 11:37 AM
The Amazing Race Spoilers Topic: Jody sighting in Bahrain.. This also confirms they made it to top 5. ParkmyPorsche 10/19/17 11:36 AM
BB Discussion Yep...she is vileness personified. NT BBcraycray 10/19/17 11:36 AM
The Amazing Race Spoilers Not really surprised the've made it this far but I'm happy for them. I'm spoiled now though I keep expecting them to make the next leg. NT Bobbo2 10/19/17 11:35 AM
BB Discussion WRONG:.. Matzak 10/19/17 11:34 AM
BB Discussion She is trashy and a bottom feeder. NT BBcraycray 10/19/17 11:34 AM
Other Reality Shows Still LOL at MR 401K that never heard of eating pig before...has he never had ham or bacon?? It would have been different if he used religion as a littlewop 10/19/17 11:34 AM
BB Discussion Nope, she admitted she stole since she didn't think "her" tip was adequate.... NT BBcraycray 10/19/17 11:33 AM
BB Discussion Jessica is fugly inside and out. NT BBcraycray 10/19/17 11:32 AM
BB Discussion Nope, they are bottom feeders. NT BBcraycray 10/19/17 11:32 AM
BB Discussion Jodytrash are vileness personified. NT BBcraycray 10/19/17 11:31 AM
BB Discussion jodytrash are morons. NT BBcraycray 10/19/17 11:31 AM

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