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News Stand Thanks. It helps on hard days. NT robin0 01/31/15 02:22 AM
P/X all & jb, morning good! Them loved ~ great were clips! Day great a have. NT debbiedu22 01/31/15 02:18 AM
The Score I can hear it now. On the first Seattle score there will be a collective 'kch kch yyyeah' jblig 01/31/15 02:16 AM
The Score Topic: Seattle Marijuana Company Rolls 12,000 Joints For Super Bowl jblig 01/31/15 02:14 AM
P/X Topic: Day Backwards it's know you did? Jokers morning Good! jblig 01/31/15 02:08 AM
News Stand Oh, I know it's a huge job & expense. Have watched my brothers & sisters go through it. I'm truly sorry for all you've been through. :( Wish debbiedu22 01/31/15 02:00 AM
News Stand I am glad that you had a life for yourself. If I had to do it over again, I think I'd have remained childless. I love my kids now that they are here, robin0 01/31/15 01:43 AM
The Jukebox Topic: The song that reminds you of you. debbiedu22 01/31/15 01:43 AM
News Stand No. Even worse is that autistic kids learn scripts. It just modeled violent behavior, that he still has a problem with when he has his "Rainman fits." robin0 01/31/15 01:34 AM
News Stand Oh boy, was I ever! Still am. There's a song I'm about to post to Jukebox that describes me perfectly. I'm the oldest of 5 kids. Had to babysit debbiedu22 01/31/15 01:33 AM
News Stand I could tell you so many stories. I thought I was either in the Twilight Zone or the movie Deliverance. I couldn't believe they were educated robin0 01/31/15 01:29 AM
News Stand So did they manage to teach him the lesson that can only be taught by violence? NT Veruta 01/31/15 01:26 AM
News Stand It was never used on me or my siblings, or any of our kids. We all grew up in the 60s & 70s. Our kids were all born in the 80s & 90s. It might have robin0 01/31/15 01:24 AM
News Stand So sorry you had to go through that. :( NT debbiedu22 01/31/15 01:23 AM
News Stand Ha. Stubborn. Ha. NT robin0 01/31/15 01:21 AM
News Stand My second son was born in Austin. He is autistic. I had major fights with the school because of the crap they did to him. That is why I eventually robin0 01/31/15 01:19 AM
News Stand WI had corporal punishment but banned it in 1988. NT debbiedu22 01/31/15 01:18 AM
News Stand I'm shocked the elementary school was allowed to do it, too. It wasn't in my time. I was spanked by my parents and it's okay in my book. debbiedu22 01/31/15 01:14 AM
News Stand Moved to TX from WI. Grew up in WI before joining the military & have moved around quite a bit. They don't spank. They also don't have cap punish. NT robin0 01/31/15 01:09 AM
News Stand My son was in elementary school. I was never spanked, and didn't spank him. I was shocked the school was allowed to. I volunteered at his school and robin0 01/31/15 01:05 AM
News Stand At one time all 50 states did it...not sure where you came from. 31 states have since banned it, 19 still have it. NT debbiedu22 01/31/15 01:04 AM
News Stand I'm not sure how it's considered a beating. NT debbiedu22 01/31/15 01:02 AM
News Stand I'm not sure how it isn't considered arbitrary. NT Veruta 01/31/15 12:54 AM
Grey's Anatomy True, but he may walk. They're setting up s/l in case he does. NT debbiedu22 01/31/15 12:50 AM
News Stand Robin, just to be clear, these aren't "little children". NT debbiedu22 01/31/15 12:48 AM
News Stand I was shocked to learn it was used when I first moved to TX. They are allowed to physically punish little children, but not prisoners. Go figure. NT robin0 01/31/15 12:40 AM
News Stand I'd hardly call it an arbitrary beating. Most guys laughed it off after coach gave licks. But they knew what was waiting for them at home. NT debbiedu22 01/31/15 12:38 AM
Grey's Anatomy Patrick Dempsey is under contract through season 12. NT stargazerlilly 01/31/15 12:30 AM
BB Discussion You're surprised by that? I'm not. Derrick was an obvious production pet because of his lame undercover cop [aka narc] backstory. NT march_hair 01/31/15 12:28 AM
News Stand So did anyone stop their aggressiveness toward others, or is everyone still fond of arbitrary beatings? NT Veruta 01/31/15 12:28 AM
News Stand I wasn't aware it was still used, but I say "good for them". When my brothers got "licks", they were damned well gonna pay for it AGAIN when my debbiedu22 01/30/15 11:50 PM
News Stand That's sweet. NT Caramel 01/30/15 11:46 PM
News Stand I love this story...thanks, petite! :) NT debbiedu22 01/30/15 11:38 PM
NEW - Empire Did you know that Jamal is based on the real life of the producer, Lee Daniels? NT Caramel 01/30/15 11:22 PM
NEW - Empire Why don't you record it just in case? NT Caramel 01/30/15 11:21 PM
News Stand Lol! What could they possibly threaten him with? They were walking & he had a motor vehicle. Tough rapper says he was scared. BS. NT robin0 01/30/15 11:20 PM
News Stand They still allow corporal punishment/spanking in public schools. I'm not surprised. NT robin0 01/30/15 11:13 PM
News Stand The juror probably didn't think of herself as a sexual assault victim. It was probably consensual with an 18 yr old. NT robin0 01/30/15 10:53 PM
Bravo Reality Shows I thought they only worked there during the show but I've had several friends that have gone to SUR and it's all of the same staff all year long. NT georgia9382 01/30/15 10:50 PM
Bravo Reality Shows LOL... You are so right NT georgia9382 01/30/15 10:48 PM
BB UK Michelle is a grumpy scowling monster who spews obscenity like its a badge of honor and has a monsterous sized ego. I didnt say i AceRimmer 01/30/15 10:27 PM
BB UK In other series, Katie would have been called in for damaging fittings and fixtures. NT Veruta 01/30/15 10:11 PM
BB UK I agree about Michelle, but the characterization of Michelle as a monster for why she hates Perez was LOLworthy NT DrunkenStorm 01/30/15 10:10 PM
BB UK I wonder if anyone got a warning for breaking Mr. Bun's head off? NT M3gabyt3 01/30/15 10:06 PM
Current Affairs A lot of Latinos were Republican. Most are Catholic and conservative. Things changed when the GOP showed their racist side with immigration. Until robin0 01/30/15 10:01 PM
NEW - PBS Shows Frost, I think, is almost like Columbo--though, nothing the same,but both came across as the least likliest to solve the murder,lol NT theritz 01/30/15 09:58 PM
NEW - PBS Shows Loved Midsummer...haven't seen the others. Started frost..had a hard time getting into it..watched on Netflix NT ne14cookies 01/30/15 09:50 PM
BB UK Perez is pretty ridiculous on his own, but Michelle has a vision of herself that doesn't really match reality. NT Veruta 01/30/15 09:48 PM
NEW - PBS Shows also Vera? Father Brown (hokey, a bit) and Grantchester? to add a few, lol NT theritz 01/30/15 09:44 PM
BBCA Discussion That's quite the story. Kenny didn't know he was gay until he had a three-way with a married couple?! And the wife was the okay with her husband Corndogger 01/30/15 09:40 PM

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