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Celebrity Buzz LOL NT petite6 03/02/15 08:39 PM
Y & R You can say, you're welcome, Rocks...just like u always do..I check it everyday because of your great posts...and now it's a busy it! NT janie8 03/02/15 08:37 PM
News Stand Topic: The 15 Most Miserable Economies in the World petite6 03/02/15 08:36 PM
News Stand Topic: Goldman Partner Who Called Japan's Demise Sees Similarities With China petite6 03/02/15 08:34 PM
Celebrity Buzz Is that not Ellie Goudling? NT Veruta 03/02/15 08:34 PM
Celebrity Buzz Keith Richards looks like mick jagger NT colleenag 03/02/15 08:34 PM
Celebrity Buzz Because they appreciate his freedom of expression. NT petite6 03/02/15 08:32 PM
Celebrity Buzz Topic: Spot what's wrong in this picture petite6 03/02/15 08:31 PM
Current Affairs Democrats, centrist and otherwise, need to get their $hit together and cobble together a coherent platform Beard 03/02/15 08:30 PM
HGTV Reality Shows I'm with you on this. I actually could not stand watching that house hunters tiny house series. International is still one of my favs. NT petite6 03/02/15 08:27 PM
HGTV Reality Shows Ha! Is it? How come I keep missing these things lol. Okay, hilary's team or Jillian's team? NT petite6 03/02/15 08:26 PM
The Amazing Race Yeah, Lebya really wanted that ring. NT robin0 03/02/15 08:23 PM
The Bachelor I'm watching!! looks very interesting! I think I might get hooked! LOL NT Susanna 03/02/15 08:22 PM
News Stand Forbes: The One Mistake Google Keeps Making petite6 03/02/15 08:22 PM
The Amazing Race I don't even need to see the clip, I thought of them immediately during the 1st show! -:) NT wyndycty 03/02/15 08:22 PM
The Amazing Race It looks like a lot of other teams (all?) are around when it happens so it probably happens at the pit stop. Would have been cool if CJ had done it. Corndogger 03/02/15 08:21 PM
HGTV Reality Shows Darn, I forgot to block this...ha, my I can't wait to watch....I think -:) NT wyndycty 03/02/15 08:18 PM
News Stand LOL@all the audio tapes being released right now. NT petite6 03/02/15 08:17 PM
Celebrity Buzz Way to go, Wyndy! You put that into perspective very well! NT robin0 03/02/15 08:15 PM
News Stand "The challenge for all of us,and especially law enforcement,is to get beyond the “lazy mental shortcuts” that too easily become a matter of habit." NT petite6 03/02/15 08:14 PM
The Amazing Race If it is not part of a challenge, I would bet it is one of the established couples. Wish CJ would've done it. NT robin0 03/02/15 08:14 PM
Celebrity Buzz Ok we just disagree bye NT colleenag 03/02/15 08:13 PM
Current Affairs I would love a Warren/Sanders ticket...that would be my dream come true. Not going to happen though :( NT Karina86 03/02/15 08:13 PM
News Stand When you have money/profits to burn, heck, why not build an Emerald City? Looks like the corporate version of the Palace at Versailles. NT JAF 03/02/15 08:13 PM
Celebrity Buzz and here we were all just getting along so made your opinion and colleen was making hers. Doesn't mean... wyndycty 03/02/15 08:11 PM
The Amazing Race Topic: New preview for the next TAR episode. Looks like one of the couples is getting engaged. Wow! Clip inside. Corndogger 03/02/15 08:11 PM
News Stand Topic: FBI director offers candid view of police, race relations petite6 03/02/15 08:11 PM
HGTV Reality Shows Topic: What a shocking ending to Ellen's Design Challenge. I bet Ellen was not pleased. NT agent99 03/02/15 08:10 PM
Other UnReality Shows In the Australian version the main character keeps his shirt off half the time, so the series is worth it for Ryan alone petite6 03/02/15 08:09 PM
BB Discussion Snoopy is right! Lol NT janie8 03/02/15 08:08 PM
The Bachelor In true the 80% of the show you wanted it was just like a 2%! NT Susanna 03/02/15 08:08 PM
Survivor Discussion Nooo! I want to watch Jenn juggle an alliance with Joe and Vince NT PointBeing 03/02/15 08:07 PM
The Bachelor OOPS Sorry NT TrinaE 03/02/15 08:07 PM
Celebrity Buzz I don't know, I still find that short film funny. NT Veruta 03/02/15 08:06 PM
Celebrity Buzz Hitler offered solutions and hope, misguided as it turned out to be, to a despondent nation. ISIS offers nothing but apocalypse Now. NT AwfuLeeHandsome 03/02/15 08:06 PM
The Amazing Race Jordan was annoying to Jeff in the same way Hayley is to Blair. Hayley also makes some inappropriate comments like Jordan. I'm not saying they're Corndogger 03/02/15 08:06 PM
The Walking Dead Great episode as usual! NT BBcbsRocks 03/02/15 08:06 PM
The Bachelor Yes, I heard and a baby can keep anyone very busy! But once in a while she comes around... so she is no completely gone! NT Susanna 03/02/15 08:05 PM
Celebrity Buzz Ok, you all win. I'm now scared and in great reverence of ISIS, never to speak their mighty name in jest again. NT AwfuLeeHandsome 03/02/15 08:04 PM
Current Affairs So what if Obama listens to Muslims. He has already stated that ISIS is not a radical or extremist Muslim group. If he wants to hear from those who robin0 03/02/15 08:03 PM
News Stand Topic: Plans unveiled for Google's new Mountain View headquarters petite6 03/02/15 08:02 PM
Y & R What can I say? I love this Forum and constantly check it to see everyone's great posts lol. NT BBcbsRocks 03/02/15 08:02 PM
The Bachelor I have the same feeling. Those photos did count on his decision and he liked her A LOT. Took her to his house and to meet his parents! NT Susanna 03/02/15 08:01 PM
Celebrity Buzz It all starts somewhere.... NT wyndycty 03/02/15 08:00 PM
BB Discussion Both times? Which would those be? NT janie8 03/02/15 08:00 PM
Current Affairs The right does favor capital punishment. NT robin0 03/02/15 08:00 PM
Better Call Saul kind of a slow episode IMO, maybe just setting stuff up for future plots I hope NT zagger 03/02/15 07:59 PM
Celebrity Buzz And the history of Hitler? An idiot that wouldn't amount to much? And how did that work out? NT colleenag 03/02/15 07:58 PM
News Stand Topic: Warren Buffett Rails Against Investment Bankers petite6 03/02/15 07:58 PM
Current Affairs here we go again, centrists ready to destroy progressive legislation. NT petite6 03/02/15 07:57 PM

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