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BBCA Discussion And I could be wrong but I thought she said a few days ago that she promised her parents she wouldn’t get involved in any showmance while she was there. NT Trish_88 03/18/18 08:32 AM
BBCA Discussion They were probably like "why are you ok with not using the veto on Jesse if he likes you." Then she probably thought about how their relationship comes off on the show & what her parents think NT nammer 03/18/18 08:28 AM
BBCA Discussion I don't think her parents told them anything but she might have seen a storyline coming up with them with how DR was asking her questions and whaever happened when feeds were off. NT OrangeClouds 03/18/18 08:27 AM
BBCA Discussion It could all mean nothing. Derek could talk with Hamza & convince him to pull Jesse off. NT ArgosFan 03/18/18 08:27 AM
BBCA Discussion Are people just assuming DR told Paras something about Jesse? She could've just inferred about the "Jesse/Paras" storyline from DR questions NT nammer 03/18/18 08:25 AM
BBCA Discussion The problem is that Hamz still wants to work w Derek and might not keep this quiet -in fact saying he thinks he can convince him to evict Jesse NT HES 03/18/18 08:25 AM
The Score *#5... AskMedia 03/18/18 08:24 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: I think Paras will vote Jesse out now with the unknown events that transpired last night. NT OrangeClouds 03/18/18 08:23 AM
BBCA Discussion I can see it switching a few times until eviction. I can see a few of them being easily manipulated. NT ArgosFan 03/18/18 08:23 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: They have enough votes to evict Jesse. Hamzcould screw this up if he insists on trying to get Derek to vote out Jesse, or by telling him NT HES 03/18/18 08:22 AM
The Score The other side of the story.... Blockhead 03/18/18 08:22 AM
BBCA Discussion I feel like it's gonna be a long week NT nammer 03/18/18 08:21 AM
BBCA Updates Topic: They are counting the votes...Johnny, Will, Maddy, Ali, Ryan, Veronica & Paras. That is it. Johnny asks if those 2 will (V & P) and Maddy says yes they will vote the way we do. NT susanr342 * 03/18/18 08:20 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Maddy is sold on the plan to boot Jesse...YAY! Maddy, Johnny, Ali, Merron, Will & Ryan is all they need NT Dani * 03/18/18 08:20 AM
BBCA Updates Topic: Maddy says you got me I am in (for the plan to get Jesse out this week). NT susanr342 * 03/18/18 08:18 AM
BBCA Updates Topic: Will says it is going to be hard to get Veronica on board (to get Jesse out). He says he will deal with her but not today because it is her birthday. NT susanr342 * 03/18/18 08:16 AM
BBCA Discussion Johnny can get Erica to vote with him. Will seems to have convinced Maddy to go with it. NT nammer 03/18/18 08:14 AM
BBCA Updates Topic: Johnny & Will are telling Maddy that Jesse is the best option to get out this week. Then we go after the couple. She asks if Olivia will flip back over to them (Derek & Kaela) and Johnny says no she won't NT susanr342 * 03/18/18 08:14 AM
BBCA Discussion So it could be Johnny, Will, Veronica, Ryan, Ali I assume Merron. NT ArgosFan 03/18/18 08:13 AM
The Score Happy Birthday Colleen! Throw away the fake ID, you are of legal age -:) Enjoy your day and night! NT AskMedia 03/18/18 08:12 AM
BBCA Updates Topic: Maddy joins the outside crew. She is not happy that Olivia is staying because she knows Olivia is targeting her. But she tells them to let her how to cast her vote. She hopes this doesn't come back to bite her later in the game. NT susanr342 * 03/18/18 08:11 AM
BBCA Discussion she agreed last night in her convo w Hamz and Will to do it if Hamz decided to do it NT HES 03/18/18 08:11 AM
BBCA Discussion If everyone wants Jesse out, she will go with it. Particularly, Will. If anything Veronica only wants Ryan to go over Jesse (as of this morning). NT nammer 03/18/18 08:09 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Hamza thinks he can convince Derek to vote out Jesse haha. NT ArgosFan 03/18/18 08:09 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Veronica was pushing for Ali & Olivia OTB why do they think she would vote out Jesse over Olivia. NT ArgosFan 03/18/18 08:08 AM
BBCA Discussion Exactly lmao. Not even talking ***** but anyone saying they're better than Hamza. NT nammer 03/18/18 08:08 AM
BBCA Discussion It’s kinda precious that he believes the house will vote out his choice NT dustysnemisis 03/18/18 08:06 AM
BBCA Discussion And he’s showing how easy it is to manipulate him. Just say you heard someone talking sh*t about him and he’ll freak out and go after them. NT Trish_88 03/18/18 08:06 AM
BBCA Discussion He's pretty heavey-handed. He does admit, at the very least, to being a hot head. NT colleenag 03/18/18 08:05 AM
BBCA Discussion Door slammers must be eliminated! NT dustysnemisis 03/18/18 08:04 AM
BBCA Discussion He just wants Jesse to go because he hates him lmao NT nammer 03/18/18 08:00 AM
The Score Topic: NFL Free Agency: Team-by-team tracker with Vinny Curry and more signings AskMedia 03/18/18 07:58 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Now See Hamza getting out Jesse is a better move than getting out Olivia. Hee,more dangerous NT BBFanJ 03/18/18 07:58 AM
The Score *#6 NT FurlessBat 03/18/18 07:56 AM
Other Reality Shows It's Soledad O'Brien, ex-CNN anchor/journalist M3gabyt3 03/18/18 07:52 AM
BBCA Updates Topic: Hamza is outside with Johnny & Will and he is ranting about Jesse. He says I am going with my gut feeling and I am getting him out. NT susanr342 * 03/18/18 07:52 AM
The Score Definitely not the way to start off a Sunday. Ruf! NT AskMedia 03/18/18 07:51 AM
BBCA Discussion Lol Hamza being an egomaniac right now NT nammer 03/18/18 07:50 AM
BBCA Discussion same here NT bigtimebbfan 03/18/18 07:49 AM
The Score Well yeah, that’s pretty much what I describing, Leapfrog #5 to get #3. They’re going after a guy they think they can build a team around. Throw the stats out the window and go for what you think AskMedia 03/18/18 07:49 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: I hope Hamza goes next week. I really don't care for him. NT susanr342 * 03/18/18 07:47 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: I'm lol'ing at Hamza sh*tting on Jesse so hard right now. Hamza wants Jesse to go now because he's all cocky and saying how Hamza didn't physically beat Jesse/Derek in the veto NT nammer 03/18/18 07:45 AM
BBCA Discussion Will* NT nammer 03/18/18 07:44 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: There are points when Will's accent isn't as thick and I think Jon's back in the house. NT OrangeClouds 03/18/18 07:44 AM
BBCA Game Evicted, HOH, Initial Noms, and POV scored NT M3gabyt3 03/18/18 07:41 AM
BBCA Discussion Waaah waaah waaah she needs to play Big Brother anyway not play for a guy NT BBFanJ 03/18/18 07:41 AM
BBCA Game Hamza HOH + Hamza POV scored. NT M3gabyt3 03/18/18 07:40 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Happy Birthday Colleen!! Matzak 03/18/18 07:38 AM
BBCA Discussion He wants Jesse or Ryan out. NT nammer 03/18/18 07:37 AM
BBCA Discussion since last night has been saying it to Hamz, who said J giving him bad vibes NT HES 03/18/18 07:35 AM

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