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Games ball park NT FurnitureAlliance 05/28/17 01:23 PM
Games table tennis NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 01:22 PM
Games gumball NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 01:21 PM
Games direction needed NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 01:21 PM
Games U - Uno Chicago Grill NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 01:20 PM
Games green NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 01:19 PM
Games pew NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 01:19 PM
BBCA Discussion Well if you read it on Twitter, it must be true. NT krh5038 05/28/17 01:17 PM
BBCA Discussion She did nothing to him, he could've won HOH and stayed loyal to the new 5 but he had a hard on for Demika back then and he still does now. NT Dani 05/28/17 01:16 PM
BBCA Discussion Yea AFTER she f'ed him so hopefully it was intentional. NT ringo9 05/28/17 01:08 PM
Games False! ... You would love to work from home. NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 01:06 PM
Games bell NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 01:05 PM
Games 6. Parrot NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 01:04 PM
Games 1. Yarn NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 01:04 PM
Games Topic: Name 10: Things a Ball Might Be Made Of NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 01:03 PM
Games Jello....Baked Fish or Suishi NT Matzak 05/28/17 01:03 PM
Games 5. Pigeon NT Matzak 05/28/17 12:57 PM
Games Nearly Everyone Wants Manly Adam Newman....MUHNEY NT Matzak 05/28/17 12:57 PM
Games Tell NT Matzak 05/28/17 12:54 PM
Games False: (Grey/White) You have been struck by a car NT Matzak 05/28/17 12:53 PM
Games Baked ... Pudding or Jello? NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 12:47 PM
BB Discussion Janelle couldn't even control her team. Her players were full of the gameplay she hates most. Floaters!! Couldn't stop them from switching teams NT NFLFan 05/28/17 12:46 PM
Games Give It To Me Baby NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 12:45 PM
BBCA Discussion Bruno did more damage to Sindy's game tho, he threw the HOH to Dillon and gave her terrible advice on trashing talking Ika instead of campaigning NT Dani 05/28/17 12:45 PM
Games well NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 12:44 PM
Games 4. Calico cat NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 12:44 PM
BBCA Discussion I read when told Kevin was planning to use the veto and he wouldve gotten BD until Ika stop it he said "it could be true" Could be? If you dont know Dani 05/28/17 12:43 PM
Games A - Anheuser-Busch NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 12:43 PM
Games Topic: ABC Theme Game: Large Companies NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 12:42 PM
BB Discussion fake.. that would be as boring as hell.. I'm looking forward to BBUK more than BBUS.. BBUS has disappointed in the last 2 seasons. NT Ziroc 05/28/17 12:42 PM
Games 3. Dalmatian NT Rio 05/28/17 12:38 PM
Games Weld NT Rio 05/28/17 12:37 PM
Games True ... You are wearing something blue. NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 12:37 PM
Elementary Topic: Next Episode - Folie A Deaux Rio 05/28/17 12:36 PM
Games **end** NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 12:33 PM
Games H - Hinson NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 12:32 PM
Games 7. Pineapple NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 12:31 PM
Games welt NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 12:31 PM
Games 2. Peacock NT StarfishTwo 05/28/17 12:30 PM
Gotham Topic: Gotham: Pretty Hate Machine Rio 05/28/17 12:27 PM
BBCA Discussion Lmao, saying that he would never align with her if she hadn't been on season 3 NT nammer 05/28/17 12:11 PM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Demetres thought he was getting pulled over for a ticket but he actually has a cop as a Fan, lol Dani 05/28/17 12:10 PM
News Stand Or, maybe incipient dementia leads to poor sleeping habits. NT Beard 05/28/17 12:08 PM
BB Discussion Good luck with effort to do school work.. NT uvp 05/28/17 11:59 AM
Games One Direction NT FurnitureAlliance 05/28/17 11:47 AM
Survivor Discussion And I hate favoriting women just because they happen to be female NT FurnitureAlliance 05/28/17 11:40 AM
News Stand oh please NT FurnitureAlliance 05/28/17 11:39 AM
BBCA Discussion That moment was amazing TV though <3 only downside was the lack of JP on feeds lol NT Bessie 05/28/17 11:38 AM
News Stand And I'm sure the state pays no recompense for ruining his life on top of losing his kids NT FurnitureAlliance 05/28/17 11:37 AM
BBCA Discussion Also he was most critical of Sindy(including week 1 stuff we never saw or heard about) followed by Cass(we heard about that stuff on the feeds) NT ringo9 05/28/17 11:22 AM

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