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The Score they woke up a bit NT uvp 12/22/14 07:36 PM
White Collar Great show, great series. I'll miss the cast NT TheDevil 12/22/14 07:33 PM
BB Discussion i still don't get the thing with the truck - does he own it? did he get a free lease? and why? NT rapidrewind 12/22/14 07:28 PM
BB Discussion Ahh never mind, forgot about her LOL NT AjCarl 12/22/14 07:26 PM
Y & R I don't think he her either, because he just had small piece of a light on the front of his care broken out he could've hit a bush near where she was H50fan71 12/22/14 07:20 PM
BB Discussion GinaMarie? lol. NT miss880 12/22/14 07:18 PM
BB Discussion If a female acted the way Zach acted, she would be called class-less trash, But Zach being like that is 'funny'. NT AjCarl 12/22/14 07:11 PM
The Score I've been sick for a while, and now have bronchitis. Well enough to enjoy the game from my couch, but not well enough to gloat :-) NT Marley 12/22/14 07:05 PM
The Score DEN playing horrible tonight. Looks like what you'd expect when a team that needs a win to make the playoffs faces a team that doesn't. JAF 12/22/14 07:01 PM
BB Discussion Agree. He had some issues that hopefully age and learning experience will change, but I don't believe in skewing someone for stupid mistakes of youth LibraLady 12/22/14 06:59 PM
Major Crimes Topic: Loved the Santa Flash Mob. Good episode tonight. NT CougarSpy 12/22/14 06:58 PM
Other Reality Shows Topic: I just saw an ad for the 1 year anniversary of Married at First Sight. NT TrinaE 12/22/14 06:48 PM
BB Discussion true. I don't really need a battle of the ages, just more contestants that aren't fresh out of college NT Poz 12/22/14 06:45 PM
BB Discussion Is he a "lyrical genius?" Caleb cracked me up that night that he was rapping in the bathroom... NT longtimebbfan 12/22/14 06:45 PM
BB Discussion She's an odd color. NT longtimebbfan 12/22/14 06:43 PM
BBCA Discussion *claps* lol NT AlphaDerp 12/22/14 06:41 PM
BB Discussion an attractive female that acted the way he did would have been painted with a completely different brush. (psycho, bitch, tease, whore...) NT Poz 12/22/14 06:40 PM
BB Discussion i dont think that is limited to males only NT uvp 12/22/14 06:36 PM
BB Discussion I'm right there with you, it's ridiculous what people will ignore if you're a good looking male. NT Poz 12/22/14 06:35 PM
News Stand And I'll bet that all of that 10% are government connected, and supervised. NT Beard 12/22/14 06:22 PM
BB Discussion i like it when i first heard the concept...but once i saw it in action i saw the flaws and grew to dislike it .....basically it sounded good on paper uvp 12/22/14 06:00 PM
BB Discussion I liked BOTB haha but I usually always like the twists :X NT AjCarl 12/22/14 05:57 PM
News Stand Even though it did sound like that, it's still bad not to confirm it. Local news stations can be pretty lax at times. NT JAF 12/22/14 05:55 PM
BB Discussion if bb ever did that twist folks would complain about the older hg's being boring if bb doesnt get the right older hg's ....... uvp 12/22/14 05:53 PM
News Stand Horrible. What happened to journalistic integrity anyway? NT mgbaloo 12/22/14 05:52 PM
Survivor Discussion To be fair, so did Phillip! I never understood at F4, Nat voted out her best friend instead of forcing her and Phillip to build a fire together LeastMode 12/22/14 05:51 PM
White Collar Loved Courtship of Eddie's Father. Garson would be a good Uncle Norman. NT mgbaloo 12/22/14 05:49 PM
The Score Wow....Cincy answers right back..7-7 NT wyndycty 12/22/14 05:47 PM
BB Discussion but at same time it might work out better than a twist they probably put elaborate time on like say botb type twist lol NT uvp 12/22/14 05:45 PM
Sitcoms We enjoyed it, but they were cranking out too many episodes too fast. 90 in a single season! We ended up deleting like 50. Sounds funny to JAF 12/22/14 05:45 PM
BB Discussion Maybe, but alot of people complain about the age diversity on BB so I thought I could make a twist out of it haha NT AjCarl 12/22/14 05:45 PM
The Score Lol...better late than never... NT wyndycty 12/22/14 05:43 PM
The Bachelorette If I were her I wouldn't worry, just confirms what an arrogant jerk he can be. (just imho that is :D) NT ne14cookies 12/22/14 05:42 PM
BB Discussion age twist doesnt excite me at all..... would seems like they spent two minutes coming up with that twist if bb ever did that type of twist NT uvp 12/22/14 05:42 PM
The Score Ut oh.....AJ Green hurt...ouch NT wyndycty 12/22/14 05:42 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Do you guys like this Twist Idea? *Battle Of the Ages* AjCarl 12/22/14 05:38 PM
The Score I'm late....but GO SEAHAWKS!!! I love those boys :cool: NT Marley 12/22/14 05:36 PM
White Collar This is awesome! Great Find Cougs... TY NT ne14cookies 12/22/14 05:33 PM
BB Discussion LMAO! One can hope. NT Realiteebites 12/22/14 05:33 PM
BB Discussion You are absolutely right. LOL! NT CougarSpy 12/22/14 05:32 PM
News Stand Reprehensible! They are interviewing one of the chanters tonight as part of their apology. Would like to see how that goes. NT jblig 12/22/14 05:31 PM
BB Discussion She better know her role or beastmode gonna teach her a lesson! NT Realiteebites 12/22/14 05:30 PM
Sitcoms Yep. And just to be clear, I was talking the teenage daughter. Love the mom and especially her mom (Allison Janney). But the teenage daughter JAF 12/22/14 05:28 PM
BB Discussion Elissa had duck lips without even trying. They were frozen that way from all the collagen injections. NT Realiteebites 12/22/14 05:27 PM
White Collar Topic: ‘White Collar’ Finale: What’s Next for the Cast? {This is what I went looking for-what projects main cast members had in the future.} CougarSpy 12/22/14 05:27 PM
BB Discussion I felt the same way about Zach DURING and after the season. Disgusting, obnoxious bully. But I somewhat agree about Caleb as well. NT AjCarl 12/22/14 05:27 PM
BB Discussion Agree. We saw the real Caleb. Wanting to "teach Amber a lesson and show her her place". Disgusting then, disgusting now. NT Realiteebites 12/22/14 05:23 PM
White Collar You are welcome. I found it very interesting too. I came across it googling Mozzie. LOL! NT CougarSpy 12/22/14 05:18 PM
The Score Or a porn star. :p NT JAF 12/22/14 05:16 PM
BB Discussion I liked him myself. NT Brn2Wander 12/22/14 05:15 PM

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