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Survivor Discussion No. Just a gut feeling NT SailingTeam 12/09/16 06:56 PM
Days of Our Lives I was watching an old All in the Family last week, and he had a spot on the show. NT L24 12/09/16 06:52 PM
BB Discussion A point is just a thumbs up, the more points an entry gets the higher it floats up and the more likely to get more eyeballs, it's a good system. NT vortexfugue 12/09/16 06:51 PM
Games robe hook NT Matzak 12/09/16 06:48 PM
BB Discussion JU please give us a ratings poll for this. NT BryanV16 12/09/16 06:43 PM
Games Q - Quail Gray NT Rio 12/09/16 06:41 PM
Survivor Discussion Agree. She was able to influence what she wanted. People might scoff at a move on Sunday but everyone's a threat out there. I like the move. SpaceEVA 12/09/16 06:40 PM
BB Discussion It's insane to me how invested some get into certain HG's. I remember after BB8 people were trying to fund a cruise trip for Nick and Dani Donato. NT RatFloater 12/09/16 06:39 PM
BB Alumni ... BBFan1995 12/09/16 06:36 PM
Games 2. Negan, The Walking Dead NT CatsRock 12/09/16 06:33 PM
Games Australia NT CatsRock 12/09/16 06:32 PM
Games lighthouse NT CatsRock 12/09/16 06:32 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Rant post. Gotta say i really disliked that last episode. There was much agenda being pushed especially in that first tribal. SpaceEVA 12/09/16 06:31 PM
Games 4. A new air conditioner because my old one broke in September NT CatsRock 12/09/16 06:31 PM
Games 2. Words With Friends (love it! diva, however do you come up with all these great word game ideas?! Awesome!) NT CatsRock 12/09/16 06:30 PM
BB Discussion agree NT Mishanb 12/09/16 06:30 PM
BB Discussion That's great. I'm pointing out that if people are willing to pour money into obscure reality tv contestants then of course they'll send fan mail. NT RatFloater 12/09/16 06:27 PM
Games 1. The Secret Society NT fearlessdiva 12/09/16 06:27 PM
Games Topic: Name Thirteen: Games in Facebook NT fearlessdiva 12/09/16 06:27 PM
BB Discussion her fans have been showing her love a lot esp since she gets so much hate NT Mishanb 12/09/16 06:24 PM
BB Discussion they wanted to do something nice 4 them paulie and z didn't know. they already getting hate 4 accepting the gift NT Mishanb 12/09/16 06:23 PM
BB Discussion Will, Boogie, Janelle, Britney and Shelby. NT RatFloater 12/09/16 06:22 PM
Games hall light NT Matzak 12/09/16 06:22 PM
Games Indiana NT Matzak 12/09/16 06:21 PM
Games R - Reach Out and Touch Me, Reach Out and Hold Me NT Matzak 12/09/16 06:20 PM
Games College Dean NT Matzak 12/09/16 06:17 PM
Games Artificial... desktop or laptop computer? NT fearlessdiva 12/09/16 06:17 PM
Games True: You own a mortar and pestle to crush your herbs and spices. NT fearlessdiva 12/09/16 06:16 PM
Games Q- ...quiet when it's you I'm with NT fearlessdiva 12/09/16 06:14 PM
BB Discussion Me too. Alex did RHAP so maybe Morgan will too. NT vortexfugue 12/09/16 06:13 PM
BB Discussion LOL and this is why people maintain those showmances post season NT nicholaspuppy 12/09/16 06:10 PM
BB Discussion I just read that Paulie and Zakiyah fans bought them a trip to Dom. Republic. I mean really? I guess the #Zhive is real ya'll!! NT RatFloater 12/09/16 06:08 PM
BB Discussion LOL.....:0 NT Matzak 12/09/16 06:06 PM
BB Discussion Holly, Janelle, Angie, Vanessa, Shelby NT Debra_Kadabra * 12/09/16 06:04 PM
BB Discussion i had a blow-up doll that looked just like her...same personality too. NT sliver013 12/09/16 06:03 PM
BB Discussion ssshh NT sliver013 12/09/16 06:01 PM
BB Discussion They definitely have been staying busy. Hardly a week goes by now without them popping up on one show or another. NT r151996 12/09/16 06:01 PM
BB Discussion nicole, jmac, becky, jessie k., paul NT sliver013 12/09/16 05:59 PM
Games Dunaway NT Matzak 12/09/16 05:58 PM
Games saw horse NT Matzak 12/09/16 05:58 PM
Games 3. Peace for Everyone NT Matzak 12/09/16 05:56 PM
BB Discussion we have hyperdrive, captain. NT sliver013 12/09/16 05:55 PM
Games hole saw NT mellon 12/09/16 05:54 PM
Games Lope NT mellon 12/09/16 05:54 PM
Games 10. Catcher in The Rye NT mellon 12/09/16 05:53 PM
Games 1. Stefano Dimera (Days) RIP NT Matzak 12/09/16 05:52 PM
Games F. Photo Gifts NT mellon 12/09/16 05:51 PM
Games 2. Winning Lottery Ticket or Warm Socks (really need these) NT mellon 12/09/16 05:50 PM
Games Topic: Name Thirteen: Non-Reality TV Show Villains (For Mellon) NT fearlessdiva 12/09/16 05:50 PM
This Is Us I am wondering if he will somehow end up with the doctor's heart. NT rationalinsanity 12/09/16 05:49 PM

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