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Games 6. Brandi Glanville NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/18 03:26 PM
The Jukebox Uriah Heep - Stealin AprilSky 05/25/18 03:25 PM
The Score I really don't consider the national anthem to be a "political statement" when played within the country that it applies to. It's a part of being a citizen of that country. But even if JAF 05/25/18 03:24 PM
Games tailpipe NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/18 03:24 PM
Games Got to Get You Into My Life NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/18 03:24 PM
The Amazing Race That's a lot of money. She could probably use it NT FurnitureAlliance 05/25/18 03:16 PM
Games False ... You would be more likely to float around the pool on a raft than to swim laps. NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 03:14 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful Yeah, I thought that, too! I thought for sure Steffy and Taylor were going to crash the wedding or Steffy would go into early labour and be rushed to the hospital with Liam having to choose. NT CatsRock 05/25/18 03:14 PM
Y & R The funniest scene I've seen on Y&R in a long time is when...... CatsRock 05/25/18 03:12 PM
The Score If they don't want to be subjected to the possibility of sneakypie 05/25/18 03:12 PM
Survivor Discussion It's the only explanation that makes sense!! NT Blockhead 05/25/18 03:12 PM
Y & R Is that the character Jack had Keemo with? NT krh5038 05/25/18 03:10 PM
Games nineteen NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 03:10 PM
Y & R Gosh, I don't even remember her. 63 is so young to die. RIP Elizabeth Sung. NT CatsRock 05/25/18 03:07 PM
Games cat tail NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 03:06 PM
The Score Wait? You guys still say the Pledge of Allegiance? I thought that was done away with years ago. Nice... NT wyndycty 05/25/18 03:05 PM
The Jukebox Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds AprilSky 05/25/18 03:05 PM
Games front runner NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 03:05 PM
Games 5. Ross Matthews NT krh5038 05/25/18 03:03 PM
Games 6. Come On Eileen (not sure why this popped into my head first) NT krh5038 05/25/18 03:03 PM
Games cord NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 03:03 PM
Games F-Flags NT krh5038 05/25/18 03:03 PM
Games 2. Kristen Bell NT krh5038 05/25/18 03:02 PM
Games Sesame Street NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 03:02 PM
Games fur NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 03:00 PM
Games 6. Immortals NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 02:59 PM
Games Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 02:56 PM
Games N - Narwhal NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 02:54 PM
Games 4. Omarosa NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 02:54 PM
Survivor Discussion I think Kellyn's just about a given to be asked back. Jeff seems to love her because she gave the producers everything they love to see in a player. I would say Dom is #1 on the list but it probably Corndogger 05/25/18 02:53 PM
The Score Lets keep the goalposts in one spot - professional athletes are being uniquely required to make a forced political statement. Not all the players want to make that statement, some want, instead, to Blockhead 05/25/18 02:51 PM
Games 5. Hey There Delilah NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 02:50 PM
Games E - Exhibitions NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 02:49 PM
Games 1. Jessica Biel NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 02:47 PM
Games Topic: Name 10: Female Celebrities Who Are Married to a Male Celebrity NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 02:47 PM
BB Discussion Jamika...Jamika...Jamika could have took the $5000 but she didnt! NT koolaid2424 05/25/18 02:46 PM
The Score There's a lot of sporting events. And employees from other professions are commonly invited to participate in pre-game ceremonies (police, fire, military, bands, and many others). JAF 05/25/18 02:46 PM
Games Sweet ... Travel by plane or by train? NT StarfishTwo 05/25/18 02:44 PM
Current Affairs Topic: In his new memoir, John McCain concedes that the war in Iraq he fought so hard to launch and then escalate now ďcanít be judged as anything other than a mistake, a very serious one, and I have petite6 05/25/18 02:40 PM
The Score Not even sure which job that's supposed to ask about, but regardless, yes, pretty much all jobs require the employee not show disrespect. Maybe not some comedians, who's shtick is to insult people. NT JAF 05/25/18 02:36 PM
BB Discussion She said it was an all new cast for BB19 then Paul showed up, so I don't believe her for one minute NT BigBrotherFly 05/25/18 02:33 PM
Current Affairs ĎA pile of impulsive, ill-considered threatsí: Wall Street Journal trashes Trumpís disastrous foreign policy Ďmessí petite6 05/25/18 02:32 PM
The Score The ones in the stands in view of the flag and anthem should stop too, and they always did at the 200+ NFL games I've attended. JAF 05/25/18 02:31 PM
The Score Only somewhat rare? At my job we are only required to say the Pledge of Allegiance. NT cantgetenough 05/25/18 02:28 PM
Current Affairs He makes me CRINGE! NT cantgetenough 05/25/18 02:22 PM
BB Discussion No.. Why would Julie use an allstars key in her video if they were that intent on covering allstars up? NT ParkmyPorsche 05/25/18 02:21 PM
The Score Jobs that play the NA during events are somewhat rare, yes. But not being able to show disrespect during a job is not rare at all. NT JAF 05/25/18 02:20 PM
Current Affairs Topic: I canít stop watching this. petite6 05/25/18 02:16 PM
News Stand So, does that mean that Ireland will soon be flooded with new laws to make abortion difficult, expensive and subject to oppressive conditions, or is that just for the more enlightened nations? NT Beard 05/25/18 02:16 PM
The Score and in other news, what is the price of tea in China these days? NT krh5038 05/25/18 02:13 PM

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