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P/X Topic: Good morning Jokers! Stay sharp because it's April Fool's Day! jblig 04/01/15 06:07 AM
BBCA Discussion 100% NT TheSorcha 04/01/15 06:04 AM
P/X White Rabbit White Rabbit! NT jblig 04/01/15 06:03 AM
BBCA Discussion Unfortunately Naeha seems to trust Zach a lot, so it won't be him NT mokhashin 04/01/15 05:47 AM
BBCA Discussion Johnny is with Sarah and Naeha, they talked about pulling Britt in, but I'm not sure it has happened yet. Britt said she trusts Sarah the most. NT mokhashin 04/01/15 05:45 AM
BBCA Discussion I knew about Naeha but not Sarah, thanks. Not the strongest alliance in the world but it's something at least. Why not pull in Johnny too? NT xx2000xx 04/01/15 05:41 AM
BBCA Discussion Yep. It's a CRUCIAL week as even if a non chop shop member wins they could get out somebody that could help them down the road but it will hurt xx2000xx 04/01/15 05:40 AM
The Real Housewives Me too- I am downloading it now-me and you can make fun of it together because these biatches on this forum did not wait for us. NT xrayspex 04/01/15 05:40 AM
Dancing With The Stars .....and don't forget Trista was on the first season. NT caressastar 04/01/15 05:39 AM
RuPaul's Drag Race I love untucked! Its a big part of the series/show and should always be watched! NT xrayspex 04/01/15 05:38 AM
The Real Housewives OMG I missed watching with you guys :-( NT L24 04/01/15 05:37 AM
BBCA Discussion She has an alliance with Sarah and Naeha. NT mokhashin 04/01/15 05:36 AM
RuPaul's Drag Race I haven't been watching Untucked but now you made me want to watch! Will have to catch up. NT caressastar 04/01/15 05:36 AM
BBCA Discussion I pretty much agree, except with Godfrey and Naeha. Both made big mistakes this week. Godfrey with having a go at Sindy for really no reason at all. mokhashin 04/01/15 05:35 AM
BBCA Discussion He's fine and they'll keep him around even after he gets exposed because he's such a huge target and a shield for people down the road. NT xx2000xx 04/01/15 05:34 AM
BBCA Discussion Holly shi*. Your analysis is 100% spot on and you have a good grasp of what's going on. Only thing I disagree with is I like Willow as she's a xx2000xx 04/01/15 05:32 AM
BBCA Discussion Well you can rule out anything physical though as there is no way in hell she'll win anything. She better step up her game and make alliances. NT xx2000xx 04/01/15 05:26 AM
The Real Housewives Topic: OMG- Cant they leave this poor guy alone! Hasnt he been through enough!Dont they take into consideration the vast cultural gifts he has given? xrayspex 04/01/15 05:23 AM
BBCA Discussion I think she's holding herself back right now. I don't think she's going to be too exiting in the feeds, but she will make good moves. NT mokhashin 04/01/15 05:20 AM
Dancing With The Stars I don't doubt. I'd put myself squarely in the "hopeful" category. NT DaveG 04/01/15 05:15 AM
Odds N Ends Topic: Random photos Blockhead 04/01/15 05:14 AM
Dancing With The Stars But it's ok they waste others on not talented dancers! Got it. If there is someone who can afford to lose its Derek NT BBFanJ 04/01/15 05:13 AM
BBCA Discussion So she should risk a strong ally leaving when it seems no one else has her in serious alliance plans which sucks? NT BBFanJ 04/01/15 05:11 AM
News Stand Topic: Recreational Marijuana Nationwide - National Recreational Marijuana Bill Passed Bilbo 04/01/15 05:06 AM
General Hospital Ugh Ok...but she's so annoying! lol NT Semi 04/01/15 05:04 AM
Y & R lol And she is about as interesting as one. NT Linn 04/01/15 04:56 AM
BBCA Discussion I'm not impressed yet but I am figuring into the equation I read she was on cold medicine, is presently a H/N and OTB so I am cutting some slack colleenag 04/01/15 04:53 AM
BBCA Discussion Willow and Pilli had a secret meeting in the pantry where they were talking game. Pili thinks it's her and Willow till the end. NT Powerman818 04/01/15 04:52 AM
BBCA Discussion The problem is if Naeha/johhny win they nominate Graig and Godfrey, Godfrey probably goes. I think the only way Graig goes is if they nom a chop shop NJbbfan394 04/01/15 04:49 AM
BBCA Discussion I think he's trying to break up Pili's and Ash's friendship so that she's only close to him... How long before Johnny + everybody turns on him. NT Powerman818 04/01/15 04:47 AM
News Stand Perhaps this is a blatant attempt for CC to kill TDS? NT bunnielebowski 04/01/15 04:40 AM
News Stand Well said! NT bunnielebowski 04/01/15 04:39 AM
BBCA Help Center Hmmmmmm. This is an interesting topic, if somebody wants to know more about this excellent and finally done subject you can PM me for more info :-) NT xx2000xx 04/01/15 04:31 AM
BBCA Discussion Yeah, I dont dislike her as a person, but she doesnt impress me at all. I hope she steps it up IAMRENEE 04/01/15 04:30 AM
BBCA Discussion It will be the same as this week. One of them evil icky women out the door "eyeroll" NT BBFanJ 04/01/15 04:29 AM
Joker's Water Cooler What Was On The Boob Tube (50 Years Ago) Bilbo 04/01/15 04:29 AM
BBCA Discussion Ashleigh is the one who said she would use her looks to get what she wants? Too bad it's not really working for her since she's being "used" NT BBFanJ 04/01/15 04:27 AM
BBCA Discussion Um yeah if two strong players remain on the block one gets evicted DUH! NT BBFanJ 04/01/15 04:26 AM
BBCA Discussion I don't mind any strategy as long as it's being done for a purpose. If you are a beautiful woman and can use it to your advantage, I say go for it IAMRENEE 04/01/15 04:25 AM
BBCA Discussion Britnee doesn't believe that at all she said this to Sarah NT BBFanJ 04/01/15 04:23 AM
BBCA Discussion How bout Ash try to get close to other women? I don't get this she has to get super close to only a guy? For one she's one of the reasons this could BBFanJ 04/01/15 04:20 AM
BBCA Discussion Pili just doesnt know the game so I'm not holding my breath for a big game move from her. I do hope Brittnee & God step it up, eventually IAMRENEE 04/01/15 04:18 AM
BBCA Discussion Victoria came in with a game plan, which she stated, and it would've worked if it wasn't for Cody's emotional and irrational decision at the end. NT Powerman818 04/01/15 04:15 AM
BBCA Discussion Very true, but as of this week, he's getting away with it. It will probably catch up w/him eventually, but I think he's safe this week IAMRENEE 04/01/15 04:13 AM
BBCA Discussion This is just my opinion but I think Britnee and Pili are just laying low for now which is not bad thing. Also Godfrey might not be as dumb you think. KarmaSaB 04/01/15 04:12 AM
BBCA Discussion I can see how it may seem like I dislike Pili, but that's not the case. I think she is super sweet, but earlier today, IAMRENEE 04/01/15 04:12 AM
The Real Housewives That was funny. She's so superficial, nothing bothers her except when you talk about her looks. She thought he was calling her a dog. :) NT shesgg 04/01/15 04:12 AM
The Real Housewives Too much Botox, She looks like she filled in her cheeks too much. Nothing moves except her mouth, unfortunately. Joan Rivers face. NT shesgg 04/01/15 04:06 AM
BBCA Discussion They sit next to each other all the time but then avoid speaking to each other. It's bizarre. NT Listin 04/01/15 04:03 AM
BBCA Discussion Today in the HOH room, Bobby sat behind Pili and started massaging her neck and kissed her on the shoulder. Pili's face looked scraed. Creepy! NT Powerman818 04/01/15 04:03 AM

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