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BB Discussion Mind your own beeswax, My Fitness Pal NT FurnitureAlliance 02/23/17 10:26 PM
BB Discussion Thank goodness for this reality community because otherwise I wouldn't have anyone to talk to about BB & Survivor etc. NT FurnitureAlliance 02/23/17 10:25 PM
BB Discussion Why the heck don't they bring ED back? Did he piss off CBS or something I wonder? NT FurnitureAlliance 02/23/17 10:23 PM
BB Discussion So you watched a lot of beer pong. :) Not a bad way to kill time while sick. I loved the nightly backyard rap sessions before the gang started to FurnitureAlliance 02/23/17 10:22 PM
News Stand Now I was just pleased to see you all out and about. I have a gang? And we have turf? Very cool. But for the record we are non-violent. NT BlondeMoment 02/23/17 10:16 PM
BB Discussion My hubs couldn't care about BB, but the night Dick & Zack had that endurance comp faceoff, he was glued to the TV with me (BBAD). Dick was really FurnitureAlliance 02/23/17 10:14 PM
Games (Must've blocked that out of my mind! Ok then you win that one!) :) NT FurnitureAlliance 02/23/17 10:05 PM
Games ouch NT FurnitureAlliance 02/23/17 10:03 PM
News Stand was that just another way to call you classless. Things that make you go hmmmm ;) RedBB 02/23/17 10:00 PM
News Stand I thought and wondered the same things myself NT RedBB 02/23/17 09:57 PM
News Stand Country music doesn't really help you NT FurlessBat 02/23/17 09:52 PM
News Stand Was that the point, because I thought it was about Americans killing Muslim-looking people in the US for no particular reason. Beard 02/23/17 09:43 PM
News Stand Yes, we get the point. White people suck and we should all be ashamed of ourselves. NT JAF 02/23/17 09:38 PM
News Stand Are you referring to me personally? I was referring to the man charged with first degree murder in the article. Did you even bother to read it? NT cantgetenough 02/23/17 09:38 PM
BB Discussion oh dear lol NT Velvetwind 02/23/17 09:37 PM
BB Discussion Dani D NT Velvetwind 02/23/17 09:37 PM
News Stand like the point of the tp NT janie8 02/23/17 09:23 PM
News Stand you have no knowledge of times or even one time when society excused the murder of a whole race of people? or here's another example janie8 02/23/17 09:08 PM
News Stand Oh it was there, loud and clear. It just got ignored. NT JAF 02/23/17 09:08 PM
News Stand Sorry we intruded on your gang's turf. And people wonder why the RSVPs keep coming back with "will not attend" checked. NT JAF 02/23/17 09:04 PM
General Hospital My guess is CL is Chloe Lanier, the actress who plays Nell. It's a shame viewers still hate actors for the characters faults. NT terlu 02/23/17 08:58 PM
BBCA Discussion It all better be rigged for season 2 ! NT krh5038 02/23/17 08:53 PM
BB Discussion Like you, I started with BB8 and with BBAD. I was sick as heck with the flu or something for like a month...BBAD every night/show 3x a week. NT WeAllWeGot 02/23/17 08:52 PM
News Stand My my the old gang is all here. NT BlondeMoment 02/23/17 08:46 PM
General Hospital ITA, everything they had Sam do the last few days is VERY unSamlike. Writers can be so annoying! NT terlu 02/23/17 08:46 PM
News Stand LOL! NT BlondeMoment 02/23/17 08:45 PM
Other Reality Shows Topic: New season of 60 Days In (Atlanta) starts March 2... M3gabyt3 02/23/17 08:39 PM
News Stand But wasn't that person you are defending effectively doing the same thing? She questioned why Blockhead posted that item at all Beard 02/23/17 08:34 PM
News Stand Way to turn a thread political and get it moved. NT JAF 02/23/17 08:29 PM
BB Discussion Back when I had Dish I happened onto BBAD/BB8. I was like WTF is this? And I agree to being in the minority with you re why I watch. NT bbfan661 02/23/17 08:24 PM
Games 9. Fire Pole NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:21 PM
Games ***END*** NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:21 PM
Games 13. Surfing....^^my friend was robbed in Waikiki NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:20 PM
Games 9. Crimson and Clover NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:17 PM
Games ***END*** NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:16 PM
Games 13. Scary Stories NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:16 PM
Games L - Lucille Ball NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:15 PM
Games ***END*** NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:15 PM
Games 10. Parasol NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:14 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Seems like Nic is having issues with My Fitness Pal. lol Tweet inside. Corndogger 02/23/17 08:14 PM
Games ***END*** NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:13 PM
Games 13. Hairbrush NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:12 PM
Games 8. Olives NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:11 PM
Games Sharp NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:11 PM
News Stand Pass on the line at the DMV. Work on getting some Class. NT Matzak 02/23/17 08:02 PM
MTV Reality Shows Topic: Kail is pregnant with baby #3 I'm not sure who baby daddy #3 is. littlewop 02/23/17 08:02 PM
News Stand What I did was defend someone who was being told to go to another place to post because she was hijacking someone else's post because someone LibraLady 02/23/17 07:56 PM
Y & R Just like that Lauren has $10 mil Maybe she can pay for a new air mellon 02/23/17 07:56 PM
Games 10. Hayward NT mellon 02/23/17 07:48 PM
Games 12. Music NT mellon 02/23/17 07:39 PM

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