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BB Discussion Julie knows great TV when she sees it! NT Jake81 08/21/17 03:03 AM
BB Discussion They're all such small circles for him to run around though, much less impressive NT myopinion 08/21/17 03:03 AM
BB Discussion Umm he took the high road. NT Jake81 08/21/17 03:03 AM
BB Discussion Topic: I don't see any formidable path to a Paul downfall like Paulie's last year NT SailingTeam 08/21/17 03:01 AM
BB Discussion Yes, he has actually said Paul has played the best. NT Snowqueen 08/21/17 03:00 AM
BB Discussion She's so delusional. Does she think saying "I'm making a big move" makes it a big move? NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:59 AM
BB Discussion Love him or hate him, Paul really does run circles around all of them. NT starlet * 08/21/17 02:57 AM
BB Discussion She's barely holding this convo together. Seems like she is in outer space. NT Dolffie * 08/21/17 02:55 AM
BB Updates Topic: Christmas thinks if they take Jason out that Alex will gravitate to Paul. Paul agrees and says if that happens he can control her. NT Nan6256 * 08/21/17 02:53 AM
BB Discussion LOL. Xmas and Paul have that in common. Both are shorties who like to think they're bad ass. Only among wimps. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:52 AM
BB Updates Topic: Paul doesn't trust Kevin or Jason. He sort of trusts Alex but she is a gamer so not really NT Nan6256 * 08/21/17 02:51 AM
BB Discussion Christmas won't win this game without making a big move. Mark is the smallest move she could make at this point. She has no shot to win the game NT SailingTeam 08/21/17 02:51 AM
BB Updates Topic: Paul tells Christmas that Matt and Raven want to take a shot at getting Alex or Jason out NT Nan6256 * 08/21/17 02:48 AM
BB Updates Topic: Christmas responds : yeah, um, ah ha NT Nan6256 * 08/21/17 02:43 AM
BB Discussion jason was never in paul's f5 scenario. NT sliver013 08/21/17 02:42 AM
BB Updates Topic: Paul in HOH w/Christmas going over (again) all of the reasons why He "can't win" and he has resigned himself to "second place" NT Nan6256 * 08/21/17 02:42 AM
BB Discussion Topic: this is what i was talking about earlier. paul is good at pushing his agenda. xmas brings up cutting alex first but paul wants jason out first. sliver013 08/21/17 02:40 AM
BB Discussion You are correct. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:39 AM
BB Discussion Nope. Not even. Paul has had the backing of production from the start and throughout. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:39 AM
BB Discussion He's had 5 weeks of protection overall, and that doesn't include all the other help production has given him. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:39 AM
BB Discussion LOL. Paul is the recipient of a season of gifts by production, taking care of their boy. They even push T shirts with references to Paul. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:38 AM
BB Discussion Exactly! NT Triplel 08/21/17 02:37 AM
BB Discussion Given to her by Paul. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:35 AM
BB Discussion She developed it when she was hunting down terrorists in Iraq with Seal Team Six, and honed it later as a NASCAR driver. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:34 AM
BB Discussion This is why we can't have nice things. NT Dolffie * 08/21/17 02:34 AM
BB Discussion Topic: So right after they find out that Jason is having a baby, Paul starts going around saying "maybe we should take Jason out next week." NT SailingTeam 08/21/17 02:32 AM
BB Discussion Yep. Remember, before she was injured she thought she & Paul were equals in the house and would run it. He'd have sent her home long ago. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:32 AM
BB Discussion all for his wannabe tough guy cool look image. hes a twat. NT KlausHeissler 08/21/17 02:29 AM
BB Discussion A new set of pots and pans may be in order. NT mulmanster 08/21/17 02:27 AM
BB Discussion Alex is a psycho. She's unbalanced and thinks her paranoid delusions are real. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:27 AM
BB Discussion i came on here just over 4 hours ago right before midnight CT for the first time in nearly a day & i was seeing over an hour worth of posts on page KlausHeissler 08/21/17 02:26 AM
BB Discussion Hiding is the appropriate action. Complaining that others express a differing opinion about the season is not. Everyone has their opinion. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:25 AM
BB Discussion Who brought up JODY in this topic? NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:24 AM
BB Discussion Paul can't stop talking about Jody and neither can his fans. It's a constant. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:24 AM
BB Discussion We all find a lot to talk about. But most don't think they have a right to read a forum free of opinions with which they disagree. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:23 AM
BB Discussion Too bad Christmas can't pull her tree top out of Paul's anal canal. NT Dolffie * 08/21/17 02:21 AM
BB Discussion "Vile trash evil ugly satan" stuff is a product of having Paul in the season. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:21 AM
BB Discussion Bitching about "everything" is not stupid. It's normal. It's people expressing their opinion, which doesn't have to please everyone. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:20 AM
BB Updates Topic: Christmas up in HOH room filling Paul in on how Mark is trying to convince them to vote Alex out instead of him NT Nan6256 * 08/21/17 02:18 AM
BB Discussion Because we're fans of BB & we're entitled to express our feelings about the season. Why does anyone care what we do with our time? NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:17 AM
BB Discussion sadly all for not. Paul has them all firmly wrapped around his finger and they won't do anything without Paul's blessing. incredible NT angel 08/21/17 02:15 AM
BB Updates Topic: Josh being non comittal about keeping Mark. He said he will do whatever Christmas wants him to do. NT Nan6256 * 08/21/17 02:13 AM
BB Discussion Kevin sees the signs that he's been picked for eviction. The turning away by others signals it. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:12 AM
BB Discussion Paul, by default. Josh is Paul's mindless pet. NT Bonzolee 08/21/17 02:12 AM
BB Discussion By any measure, Paul is yelling in DRs. Probably because he's so tiny, he has to yell in real life to get people to look down there where he is. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:11 AM
BB Updates Topic: Mark and Josh alone in BY. Mark campaigning to Josh to keep him and get rid of Alex instead. NT Nan6256 * 08/21/17 02:10 AM
BB Discussion Topic: I'm impressed with Mark. He is trying way harder to get Christmas to keep him that I imagined. He is making convincing arguments. NT Dolffie * 08/21/17 02:10 AM
BB Discussion Paul is a buffoon. He thinks he's charming when he yells in DR. That's why he does it. He imagines himself a star. Hopefully, he's a 2 time loser. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:09 AM
BB Discussion She's eating a ton. She's putting on weight and it shows most in her face. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:07 AM
BB Discussion OK, but I'm still voting for Cody. NT Jake81 08/21/17 02:06 AM

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