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BB Discussion Daniels last dinner in the house.NT IceColdBeer 08/10/22 03:51 PM
BB Discussion His true colors are finally showing. He’s smug and arrogant. NT Loyaltea 08/10/22 03:50 PM
BB Discussion Looks like some type of stew. She literally is their personal chef at this point NT staten8808 08/10/22 03:50 PM
The Bachelorette Topic: When Rachel said at the beginning her mom asked if she was “emotionally stable enough” I know why. SMH! ihavsomthin2do 08/10/22 03:49 PM
BB Discussion I would be sooooo happy if they took this opportunity to get Kyle out - I always think it's a mistake to not get the bigger threat out rather than just somebody you don't like - so Daniel is a stlgirlie 08/10/22 03:49 PM
Other Reality Shows I finished watching…. chris4266 08/10/22 03:48 PM
BB Discussion But, the LO all agreed together (yes, including Michael) that this was the plan. Kyles and Joseph are "infiltrating" the other side. Michael should be more grateful. No one else wanted to fk w/ him Starr 08/10/22 03:48 PM
BB Discussion 8:00 ET NT HOHMaster 08/10/22 03:46 PM
BB Discussion God I hope so. Only reason I like him is because he actually has the ba**s to call people out in front of everyone. NT Loyaltea 08/10/22 03:46 PM
BB Discussion He had his chance to take his shot... I think he's gonna regret using that veto! He could have played it off like the plan was to take out Terrance... made it clean... and WHOOPSIE they flipped on stlgirlie 08/10/22 03:45 PM
BB Discussion Topic: What time is episode today NT godfreyfan 08/10/22 03:45 PM
BB Discussion My brother in law used to be a drummer for a Vegas show. Once the show ended, he couldn't land another spot...lots of drummers out there. Daniel was part of the Legends show but that must have punknpie40 08/10/22 03:43 PM
BB Discussion I was thinking all his muscles and height would get in the way, I was thinking a tiny strong guy like Joseph would be favored in the wall, either way I think Joseph/Monte are good this week NT stlgirlie 08/10/22 03:43 PM
BB Discussion He doesn’t come right out and say it but I think he thinks he’s better than a lot of people. NT Loyaltea 08/10/22 03:43 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Does anyone know what Indy is cooking? NT LillyBell 08/10/22 03:42 PM
BB Discussion Agreed. With her around at least we get to see some tension in the house instead of boring koombaya bull NT Loyaltea 08/10/22 03:42 PM
BB Discussion I don't know if you are old enough to remember this but I just read this as Tony from "Who's the Boss" yelling at Sam, "is that a hickey?" LOL yeah... I'm an 80's/90's kid LOL NT stlgirlie 08/10/22 03:42 PM
BB Discussion Today him and Brit were talking in HOH. They are not happy at all with Kyle or Joseph. NT HOHMaster 08/10/22 03:41 PM
BB Discussion I thought about the other meaning but would BB really make that reference in OTEV? I thought it should be ants too! NT silverspoons 08/10/22 03:41 PM
BB Discussion Michael can come down a few notches. He would have no alliance if not for Kyle and Joseph. NT punknpie40 08/10/22 03:40 PM
BB Discussion That’s because it’s only slightly better than last season. This show used to be so much better NT Loyaltea 08/10/22 03:40 PM
BB Discussion Michael was angry in his speech in the HOH late last night. He mentioned his targets and his F4(Turner Brit Taylor) and monte was not F4 or his next 5 targets so Monte is ? . NT silverspoons 08/10/22 03:39 PM
BB Discussion Yeah even the ones I don’t like aren’t that bad especially when you compare them to other seasons. NT Marceline 08/10/22 03:39 PM
BB Discussion The producers coach them too much on how to act now, barely real at all anymore on top of the houseguests acting super fake for TV NT Loyaltea 08/10/22 03:38 PM
BB Discussion I would think roaches would go with a hippie festival theme but not the bug kind. lol NT heartnhome 08/10/22 03:37 PM
BB Discussion He thinks his you know what doesn’t stink. Over him NT Loyaltea 08/10/22 03:36 PM
BB Discussion So my answer could still be right. :) NT HOHMaster 08/10/22 03:35 PM
BB Discussion That's the excuse that will be used. I'm waiting for the Michael and Monte talk. NT HOHMaster 08/10/22 03:34 PM
BB Discussion Monte's my fav to win if it's the wall. He's going to Jackson Michie it. NT heartnhome 08/10/22 03:32 PM
BB Discussion If Kyle balks, tell him hey, it hides that you are in the alliance and you are still good with the other side. He should want that, right? lol NT heartnhome 08/10/22 03:31 PM
BB Discussion Maybe Monte will win HOH. Put up Kyle and Alyssa, tell Kyle this way he won't have to vote against her and he can't use the veto on her if he wins it. Use the one of ours as pawn ploy. NT heartnhome 08/10/22 03:30 PM
BB Discussion If Alyssa believed Daniel she'll let Jasmine know that Joseph is a mole and Joseph may realize she's suspicious. NT vortexfugue 08/10/22 03:29 PM
BB Discussion Good question. They should have chosen ants! lol NT Corndogger 08/10/22 03:28 PM
BB Discussion Nobody's beating michael at this point. NT Omayra1107 08/10/22 03:28 PM
BB Discussion They should have chose an ant. NT HOHMaster 08/10/22 03:27 PM
BB Updates Topic: Daniel and Terrance talk about high school reunions and getting people to show up to help finance them. NT laceyest * 08/10/22 03:27 PM
BB Discussion This is why Mike needs to get closer to Monte. Both of them should know they are the “winner”¯ threats and need each other. NT Brooklyn818 08/10/22 03:27 PM
BB Updates Topic: Daniel scrunching his long hair and tussling it. NT laceyest * 08/10/22 03:26 PM
BB Discussion I wonder why they choose roaches for the festival themed season? NT silverspoons 08/10/22 03:26 PM
BB Discussion You could bowl me over with a heapin' mess of Sunday dinner chicken wings with half a muffin thrown in! Delish. NT oldbubblehead 08/10/22 03:26 PM
BB Discussion Michael is not happy. He said him and Monte are the ones doing everything, while they skate by and not expose their in the alliance. It will come out after tomorrow. NT HOHMaster 08/10/22 03:25 PM
BB Discussion Sorry I was just kidding. I didn’t actually see it. I was just assuming. Lol NT CoyoteBB 08/10/22 03:25 PM
BB Discussion Only girl with a chance. Maybe Brit/ Alyssa if they sit next to each other. Jas if she is next to Indy. Indy is @ the bottom. Tay can beat all of the girls, Terrance/Maybe Turner/Kyle NT Brooklyn818 08/10/22 03:25 PM
BB Discussion I would go for jasmine. Because Jasmine has a lot influence with the girls. Even alyssa told daniel this morning that she would never betray jasmine and indy. NT Omayra1107 08/10/22 03:25 PM
BB Updates Topic: Terrance giving a shout out to a co-worker and friend he has lost contact with named Rebecca Alvarez. NT laceyest * 08/10/22 03:25 PM
BB Discussion Yeah, eventually certain team members will get mad for “carrying the team” and being the only ones to get blood on their hands. NT CoyoteBB 08/10/22 03:24 PM
BB Discussion Oh me too! NT CoyoteBB 08/10/22 03:23 PM
BB Updates Topic: Monte and Indy in kitchen area. Indy is cooking. Monte is peeling carrots. NT laceyest * 08/10/22 03:23 PM
BB Discussion She has been on a spiral since Joseph told her and Michael that the other side is targeting them. She went up to talk to Michael yesterday and was in the foulest mood. They don't seem as close now NT txladybug 08/10/22 03:22 PM
BB Discussion Topic: I can't see Kyle or Joseph trying to win hoh they are to good with the other side there not gonna wanna show there cards I can see why Michael is pissed Monte must not be to happy about it either NT dominic716 08/10/22 03:22 PM

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