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BB Discussion I don't hate Kat,but she should never have been cast,but i see why she was cast...she's a strange one for sure! NT deadman 05/28/20 02:34 PM
BB Discussion I thought they could mute people remotely? The constant yelling by the mods telling people to stop talking or about room limits was annoying as hell. NT Corndogger 05/28/20 02:29 PM
BB Discussion Still not done; will finish it tonight and find out who won! NT FurnitureAlliance 05/28/20 02:22 PM
BB Discussion I think it's a great idea. I'd say the tech could be improved; like muting people remotely instead of having mods telling them over and over that they are over the room limit, things like that. NT FurnitureAlliance 05/28/20 02:21 PM
News Stand From the Mayor: Rio 05/28/20 01:56 PM
News Stand Topic: 2020 Boston Marathon Cancelled, Will Be A Virtual Event Because of Coronavirus. Rio 05/28/20 01:54 PM
The Score NFL closes loophole allowing teams to kill clock with dead-ball penalties.... wyndycty 05/28/20 01:31 PM
BB Discussion What did you end up thinking of it? NT Corndogger 05/28/20 01:14 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Looks like Nic's wedding planning has continued during the pandemic. >>> Corndogger 05/28/20 12:42 PM
BB Discussion Watching it now. Got about an hour left to go NT FurnitureAlliance 05/28/20 11:39 AM
Other Soaps I will probably binge them all this weekend. NT caressastar 05/28/20 11:27 AM
Arrow, Flash & Legends I'm skipping this one. NT caressastar 05/28/20 11:25 AM

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