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BB Fans My reaction when I first saw the clips Angela posted was "Why would you want to wear something like this? Don't ruin your feet, Angela!" NT Corndogger 10/18/19 10:48 PM
BB Discussion Clearly CBS does, which is the only reason Tangela is there. They turned down a free trip to Tahiti to promote the show. NT kmjm 10/18/19 10:46 PM
BB Fans I love that look Jenn gave at the end of the clip. :-) NT Corndogger 10/18/19 10:46 PM
BB Fans Topic: Out with friends tonight. kmjm 10/18/19 10:40 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Best drama so far this post season. Nick joined Bella’s Live and Bella was tipsy, in tears, and calling nick out. NT jammin_jen 10/18/19 10:34 PM

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