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Current Affairs Vincent James says overturning Roe does "not go far enough" and we need to start "rolling back the 'rights' of women over the past 100 years" because "there is a true rise of Christian nationalism petite6 06/27/22 01:35 PM
BB Discussion Topic: From HW...... LillyBell 06/27/22 01:34 PM
Current Affairs Marjorie Taylor Green and the GOP Freedom Caucus love him..... NT petite6 06/27/22 01:34 PM
BB Discussion Did they break the headboard? lol NT LillyBell 06/27/22 01:34 PM
Current Affairs Topic: White nationalist Nick Fuentes says "Catholics were put on the court to overturn Roe v. Wade and Jews stood in the way" and that's why people "that don't serve Jesus Christ" should not be allowed petite6 06/27/22 01:33 PM
BB Discussion Yes. I love The Challenge. NT AZ_Cards_11 06/27/22 01:27 PM
BB Discussion Like a glass ornament. NT AZ_Cards_11 06/27/22 01:26 PM
BB Discussion I think they have done commercials on CBS for BB. NT bigbrother99 06/27/22 01:25 PM
News Stand Topic: She Was WWE’s First Female Referee. She Says Vince McMahon Raped Her. Rita Chatterton does not want to be forgotten. petite6 06/27/22 01:18 PM
News Stand Topic: "That's going over the hood!" Hikers watched as raging floodwaters hit their trucks off sides of the canyon in Utah's Capitol Reef National Park. Around 60 park visitors were rescued from the flood petite6 06/27/22 01:17 PM
Current Affairs That seems evident, but what I'm questioning is exactly what this decision on prayer now mandates. Is it just private practice of religion on school property, or is it allowing school officials to Beard 06/27/22 01:17 PM
Current Affairs If these companies donate to the Republican party do you even trust them with your health care choices? Nope. NT petite6 06/27/22 01:11 PM
BB Discussion Not yet. There "should" be something this week. NT Hidef1080 06/27/22 01:03 PM
News Stand Here's video.... petite6 06/27/22 01:01 PM
BB Discussion I used to be able to read the Twitter post on Twitter but over the last week or so I get this pop up telling me to log in to read "the full story". Not joining SM Elon! NT Hidef1080 06/27/22 12:59 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Ex-RNC chair: Republicans will 'absolutely' kill filibuster to pass nationwide abortion ban petite6 06/27/22 12:57 PM
Current Affairs You mean an extreme conservative justice system is just making up laws and argument as they go along? NT petite6 06/27/22 12:56 PM
BB Discussion I was thinking June might do it or maybe Julie... I'm good either way! NT Hidef1080 06/27/22 12:55 PM
BB Discussion Not for me. I missed all the spoilers. Thank God! NT Hidef1080 06/27/22 12:48 PM
BB Discussion Yes! NT Hidef1080 06/27/22 12:46 PM
BB Discussion no... bb is enough... too much on my plate with following bb.. NT uvp 06/27/22 12:41 PM
Current Affairs That is bad, but that's not what the decision outlined at the OP link described. NT Beard 06/27/22 12:39 PM
BB Discussion something to say i am going to watch that show.... anything... so many shows i ended watching as non hardcore fan i was sold during a commercial for new season ... nothing about this uvp 06/27/22 12:37 PM
Current Affairs Wasn't someone in here recently complaining that MEN don't understand menstrual cycles and conception? NT Beard 06/27/22 12:33 PM
News Stand Now, the debt collectors will be on Putin's back, and those folks are relentless. NT Beard 06/27/22 12:30 PM
BB Discussion But do the casual fans even care about the preseason stuff? I feel like casuals probably meet the cast for the first time on premiere night. NT bigbrother99 06/27/22 12:26 PM
BB Discussion Hmmm. Christmas hurt again? Maybe I'm overreacting but she's seem fragile. NT colleenag 06/27/22 12:24 PM
BB Discussion loyal fan is small compared to casual fanbase which who they should be trying to hook with teaser stuff NT uvp 06/27/22 12:16 PM
BB Discussion Topic: When you honeymoon so hard you break your neck..... LillyBell 06/27/22 12:07 PM
BB Discussion CBS has to advertise and promote the new show. BB has been on forever and has a loyal following of fans that are going to watch no matter what. NT bigbrother99 06/27/22 12:03 PM
PBS Shows Premiering June 27 & 28. NT Rio 06/27/22 12:02 PM
PBS Shows Topic: Hiding in Plain Sight - Youth Mental Health Resources Rio 06/27/22 12:01 PM
BB Discussion I guess they’ll just tell us the cast at the premier. Might be cool honestly NT PierreBourne 06/27/22 11:57 AM
BB Discussion Not after I saw who was in it. NT grammypampam 06/27/22 11:38 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Company behind Trump’s Truth Social now under investigation by federal prosecutors petite6 06/27/22 11:22 AM
Current Affairs Kroger employee plan includes travel benefits for treatment including abortion. Rio 06/27/22 11:20 AM
News Stand and the timing of this strike after this....BREAKING: Russia defaults on its foreign-currency sovereign debt for the first time in a century petite6 06/27/22 11:17 AM
Y & R Topic: Mishael Morgan/Amanda is on The Talk today on CBS/Global TV. She is the first black woman to win Lead Actress at the Daytime Emmy's last Friday night. NT CatsRock 06/27/22 11:15 AM
Current Affairs When rich people find what they see as their minions to do the dirty work for them...they win. NT petite6 06/27/22 11:09 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Filmmaker subpoenaed by Jan 6 committee says Eric Trump thought inciting violence was ‘fair game’ petite6 06/27/22 11:08 AM
BB Discussion how being under card works.. challenge is main event for cbs NT uvp 06/27/22 11:07 AM
Current Affairs The original case was about a coach MAKING his players pray with him on the field. Some of the kids didn't want to and felt it violated their rights, the school said it was also unconstitutional petite6 06/27/22 11:00 AM
News Stand Topic: Russian missile strike hits shopping mall with more than 1,000 people inside, Ukraine says kidfresh512 06/27/22 10:49 AM
BB Discussion Topic: Tweet from Sharon. This isn't a good sign. >>> Corndogger 06/27/22 10:45 AM
The Score Holy Cow…Thx, so his wife is Ann Walton & they own the Nuggets too! NT wyndycty 06/27/22 10:37 AM
Current Affairs Jodie Sweetin Vows to ‘Continue Fighting’ After Cops Shoved Her at Abortion Rights Protest Rio 06/27/22 10:36 AM
Current Affairs Topic: 'We are fighting back': Cincinnati mayor announces policies for city employees following SCOTUS ruling Rio 06/27/22 10:30 AM
Current Affairs This Republican party has to be the most ignorant in history...she thinks a woman's body shuts down during rape and therefore can't get pregnant petite6 06/27/22 10:24 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Leaked Audio: GOP Candidate Says She Doubts Rape Victims Get Pregnant petite6 06/27/22 10:20 AM
BB Discussion One of the greatest things about The Challenge … knowing each elimination and winning placement NT mebe 06/27/22 10:12 AM

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