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Animal House That was really hilarious! LOL! Love it! NT CatsRock 11/12/19 03:10 PM
Current Affairs Ms B!!!!!! OMG I'v missed you!!! NT petite6 11/12/19 03:09 PM
Games B - Beach Boys NT CatsRock 11/12/19 03:08 PM
Y & R Topic: With the Donald Trump impeachment hearings on Wed. and Fri., Y&R might be pre-empted but don't quote me on that. I'm not sure if the Canadian channel is pre-empting it as well. We'll find out later NT CatsRock 11/12/19 03:08 PM
The Bold and the Beautiful Thank you for posting that. I'm in Canada and was wondering about it. That means that Y&R will also be pre-empted. NT CatsRock 11/12/19 03:06 PM
Current Affairs Perfect description :) NT MsB 11/12/19 03:03 PM
Current Affairs LOVE :) NT MsB 11/12/19 03:01 PM
News Stand Why do there always have to be explosions? NT Beard 11/12/19 02:53 PM
BB Fans Topic: Tyler posts his favourite shots of the apartment. kmjm 11/12/19 02:51 PM
Love Island Well, that makes sense but stilll ewwwww at petite6 11/12/19 02:50 PM
The Jukebox Topic: Hi all MsB 11/12/19 02:47 PM
Love Island Inside MegsMom316 11/12/19 02:47 PM
Love Island Can you use spoil and tell me who they are? NT petite6 11/12/19 02:43 PM
Y & R Topic: Spoiler for Wed. Nov. 13, 2019: CatsRock 11/12/19 02:41 PM
News Stand Throw everybody away. Throw them all out NT petite6 11/12/19 02:39 PM
News Stand Topic: Gender reveal petite6 11/12/19 02:39 PM
Days of Our Lives Sony sure does not want Days to succeed. I hope there is a way to save the show. NT silverspoons 11/12/19 02:38 PM
Love Island I don't know if it was my end or where I watch but the episode today was like pulling teeth trying to watch, lagged so damn much. I am happy with the F3. NT MegsMom316 11/12/19 02:33 PM
Survivor Discussion so 2 people leave? NT Camlawnman 11/12/19 02:33 PM

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