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The Jukebox "The seven words you can't say on TV". I loved George Carlin!!! (Occupation, Fool, album). NT curt37 11/27/21 03:43 AM
The Jukebox HAHA! I frickin' love him. From an early age, I'd hear my mom listening to his albums. His delivery puts it over the top for me. His facial expressions alone crack me up lol Starr 11/27/21 03:29 AM
The Jukebox California. LOL! NT curt37 11/27/21 03:16 AM
The Jukebox I have CDs, DVDs, 45s, and record albums. I love my Stuff, and my S**t!!! NT curt37 11/27/21 03:10 AM
The Jukebox Whenever I shop, I always end up buying a bunch of stuff I really didn't need. Reminded me of my favorite comedian, George Carlin, talking about "Stuff" :D Starr 11/27/21 03:00 AM
The Jukebox Shoplifters of the World Unite - The Smiths Starr 11/27/21 02:36 AM
The Jukebox Ronnie Dunn - Cost Of Livin' (This One Is Sad) curt37 11/27/21 02:35 AM
The Jukebox Dan Fogelberg - The Power of Gold curt37 11/27/21 02:10 AM
The Jukebox Queen - I Want It All curt37 11/27/21 02:02 AM
The Jukebox Staind - Price To Play curt37 11/27/21 01:57 AM
The Jukebox Chris Janson - Buy Me A Boat curt37 11/27/21 01:52 AM
The Jukebox Jordan Davis - Buy Dirt (Official Music Video) ft. Luke Bryan curt37 11/27/21 01:49 AM
The Jukebox The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love curt37 11/27/21 01:43 AM
The Jukebox Bad English - Price of Love curt37 11/27/21 01:40 AM
The Jukebox Fifth Harmony - Worth It curt37 11/27/21 01:38 AM
The Jukebox Jessie J - Price Tag curt37 11/27/21 01:28 AM

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