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The Score well phuck me. HOU goes for it on 4th & they got it. shocker. hell can proceed. HOU wins. NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 01:08 PM
The Score Noo!! Fitzpatrick came in to win the game.. NT uvp 10/13/19 01:07 PM
The Score Fitzmagic NT JAF 10/13/19 01:07 PM
The Score holy hell KC stuffed a short 3rd down run by HOU forcing a punt. hallelujah. praise Jesus. hell froze over. NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 01:06 PM
The Score eh it was still terrible. last years was off to a better start. i thought they would be somewhat better this year. NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 01:04 PM
The Score Looked like your D was better in Sept but now they're right back to their porous ways from last year. NT JAF 10/13/19 01:03 PM
The Score TD and extra 2 points! Woot! NT colleenag 10/13/19 01:00 PM
The Score against that KC D no i am not shocked. my heart said KC but i thought HOU would likely win if KC didnt keep a lead. NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:59 PM
The Score With the way that HOU-KC game started, and with all the near misses HOU has had, I'm shocked they have the lead. It may not hold, but their perseverance has impressed. NT JAF 10/13/19 12:58 PM
The Score Chubb Chubb Chubb! NT Axelsen 10/13/19 12:58 PM
The Score i thought the same. they just dont want to overturn cause it would set some precedent or some bs. NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:56 PM
The Score Chiefs screwed themselves on running on 2nd & 14. O-line failed Mahomes on 3rd. punt. HOU probably has this game now. NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:55 PM
The Score I read an article that said the same thing. I just hate that inconsistency. It's one thing to call things a LITTLE tighter or looser in the playoffs, but a lot of these aren't even close. JAF 10/13/19 12:54 PM
The Score Ravens took control 23-10 Bengals. 3 mins left... NT wyndycty 10/13/19 12:54 PM
The Score Stuffed at the line...No,TD! NT wyndycty 10/13/19 12:52 PM
The Score while possibly screwing some teams in the regular season with playoff alignment wise. good call refs. NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:52 PM
The Score Browns Loose challenge...4th & Goal NT wyndycty 10/13/19 12:51 PM
The Score Seems like change was made for playoffs..purposely trying not to overturned calls..playoffs is when it come into play big time.. NT uvp 10/13/19 12:50 PM
The Score Surprised there wasn't a flag at the end of that. NT JAF 10/13/19 12:50 PM
The Score Browns 4th & Goal....TD, Fumble, but whistle, No TD, ....previous play challenged by the Browns NT wyndycty 10/13/19 12:49 PM
The Score TD Texans. Watson runs it in again. 31-24 HOU w/2 PT. NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:49 PM
The Score It would be better if they never made it reviewable. It's even worse to get the call wrong the first time and then not overturn it with replay. NT JAF 10/13/19 12:45 PM
BB Discussion Loved Dani D in 8, she kicked some butt. She was soooooo young that year. In 13, I still liked her, but her game play wasnt like in 8. She grew up in those 5 years. NT Gamecock 10/13/19 12:45 PM
The Score Like this one from Thursday's game... JAF 10/13/19 12:43 PM
The Score its starting to piss me off. KC had one that should have been overturned in their favor on their last drive. seems pointless to even challenge it. THU game had a bad no overturn as well. NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:43 PM
The Score 1 or 2. I remember that question coming up elsewhere. But extremely few. Even ones that were obvious. NT JAF 10/13/19 12:41 PM
The Score has there been a call overturned yet when challenging PI? NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:37 PM
Survivor Discussion Maybe since his idol was only good for 2 TC's. It came from Boston Rob and Sandra and they probably recycle those idols. NT CougarSpy 10/13/19 12:34 PM
The Score Seahawks fumble...Browns recover NT wyndycty 10/13/19 12:31 PM
The Score More like it NT uvp 10/13/19 12:27 PM
The Score Watson throws an INT on 3rd & goal. Ward pulls it in one-handed against Hopkins. Hopkins also didnt catch an easy pass which is rare on the play before which could have been close to a TD. NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:27 PM
The Score Dont give other wr's any ideas..they are already bad enough NT uvp 10/13/19 12:26 PM
The Score CLE is -3 on TOs today. But somehow led for much of the game. NT JAF 10/13/19 12:26 PM
The Score 3 TDs for Diggs today ... I guess publically pouting about play calling works :p NT dustysnemisis 10/13/19 12:22 PM
The Score Saints up 13-6 over Jags NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:22 PM
The Score We're pretty happy with ours (he's made 30 straight under 50). But we just don't in range very often. :-/ NT JAF 10/13/19 12:22 PM
The Score Same... NT uvp 10/13/19 12:20 PM
Survivor Discussion I was surprised because in the past they kept their idols. Also after reading his exit interview, I find Vince reminds me of Ovi. NT LillyBell 10/13/19 12:20 PM
The Score Looks like Mayfield got some "help" with injury; back on field NT colleenag 10/13/19 12:20 PM
The Score thought the Saints would be doing better than that NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:19 PM
The Score Saints vs Jags 6 all... NT wyndycty 10/13/19 12:18 PM
The Score no but only cause i picked BAL to win lol NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:18 PM
The Score that is extremely lucky! NT colleenag 10/13/19 12:18 PM
The Score yea. i dont remember a sophmore slump with a good college player before. he may have had 4 TD yesterday but he doesnt have much throwing yards at all. 170 in the last game. short TD mostly. he got KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:17 PM
The Score Seattle kicker just doinked one in! 25-20 NT wyndycty 10/13/19 12:16 PM
The Score Ravens 20-10 Bengals....C’mon Bengals! NT wyndycty 10/13/19 12:15 PM
The Score Seahawks TD! And Baker off to tent! NT colleenag 10/13/19 12:15 PM
The Score TD KC. Mahome-boy to Hill. 24-23 KC. NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:14 PM
The Score Yep.... grrrrrrr NT wyndycty 10/13/19 12:14 PM
The Score yep. Justin Tucker i think is his name. hes seems to be the best right now. NT KlausHeissler 10/13/19 12:14 PM

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