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Games Slat NT Rio 07/07/20 07:49 AM
News Stand Per my daily news post in the Water Cooler, 1,300 have tested positive from Texas childcare facilities. NT Rio 07/07/20 07:47 AM
Joker's Water Cooler Topic: Five Things You Need To Know Rio 07/07/20 07:38 AM
BB Australia He has disgustingly annoying habits. No self awareness nor a desire to improve. NT LillyBell 07/07/20 07:34 AM
BB Australia Kieran SAYS he's manipulating the house & the puppet master. Strategic mastermind. Everyone is playing checkers & he's playing chess. They're playing his game but they don't know it. LMAO! NT LillyBell 07/07/20 07:33 AM
BB Discussion I have my own doubts about this show making it to the end. Back in March there were a lot of unknowns & everything was shutting down. Now everything is opening back up (slowly but surely) & people grammypampam 07/07/20 07:28 AM
BB Australia Topic: Episode 15 (Tuesday July 7) discussion topic... NT M3gabyt3 07/07/20 07:11 AM
Games 9. Green Day NT lilyann 07/07/20 07:07 AM
BB Australia The goat thinks he got this far on his strategic genius. lol NT LillyBell 07/07/20 07:03 AM
BB Discussion Agree..hate to get invested in season n season just ends.. NT uvp 07/07/20 07:02 AM
BB Discussion Topic: No reason to rush BB... just ask us in Canada who got invested and then watched it get cancelled and HG's sent home, it really sucked... right now LA in worst situation than Ontario back in March NT northwellguy 07/07/20 06:51 AM
BB Discussion Ummm "in danger" of getting a virus that is killing people? NT northwellguy 07/07/20 06:45 AM
BB Australia She is a little fiesty one when she needs to be. I wouldn't underestimate her. She reminds me of Mrs. Patmore when she grows up. (Downton Abbey) NT LillyBell 07/07/20 06:20 AM
BB Australia Sophie, I keep saying all along isn't bright. She let Chad take the lead and he isn't the brightest bulb either. He was thinking too much about losing his USA modeling jobs due to Covid. NT LillyBell 07/07/20 06:19 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Wow!!! Kelly Anne Conway's hubby playing psychological warfare on Trump petite6 07/07/20 06:14 AM
Current Affairs The fact that they started with Obama's daughters school and NOT say Kushner's family business...shows bias. NT petite6 07/07/20 06:05 AM
Current Affairs Ask yourself, who is invested in hydroxy over wearing a freaking mask??? petite6 07/07/20 06:03 AM
Current Affairs Topic: White House adviser Peter Navarro: "My awakening on the race issue was when I was 8 years old at a Woolworths store in West Palm Beach, Florida, and I walked over and took a drink from the colored petite6 07/07/20 05:58 AM
News Stand More than 7,000 Children in Florida Have Tested Positive for COVID-19 petite6 07/07/20 05:55 AM
Games boat NT AZ_Cards_11 07/07/20 05:55 AM
Games The Gong Show NT AZ_Cards_11 07/07/20 05:54 AM
Games playground NT AZ_Cards_11 07/07/20 05:53 AM
Games patient zero NT AZ_Cards_11 07/07/20 05:53 AM
Games Snakes on a Plane NT AZ_Cards_11 07/07/20 05:52 AM
Current Affairs I am not usually one for considering conspiracy theories and/or large plots.. Not that I don't believe they could be there but I just don't try to figure it out. This Epstein one is different - doodles444s 07/07/20 05:45 AM
Married at First Sight Oh no, this is really disappointing. NT CatsRock 07/07/20 05:04 AM
TLC Reality Shows I also couldn't believe how badly he spoke to Kalani and right in front of her Mom! Really disgusting! NT CatsRock 07/07/20 05:02 AM
The Bold and the Beautiful Aw, that's too bad. Hope she recovers quickly and goes home to her new baby and 4-year-old daughter. The article doesn't say if she had a girl or a boy. NT CatsRock 07/07/20 04:58 AM
Current Affairs I get the mayor doesn't want to make this more political than its already been made since the GOP isn't being reasonable. But, you cant trust them to adhere to mask wearing. And the unstable situation kidfresh512 07/07/20 04:55 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Houston to have health inspectors enforce COVID-19 guidelines during GOP convention kidfresh512 07/07/20 04:51 AM
BB Discussion Here A preview before shot >>> IceColdBeer 07/07/20 04:46 AM
Current Affairs It took more work to use that photo and crop him out than to just use any other photo with Epstein and Maxwell. Just meaning its an odd choice. :) NT doodles444s 07/07/20 04:46 AM
The Score So freakin happy for him! He's a great player and comes across to me as a fine human being! NT colleenag 07/07/20 04:37 AM
The Bold and the Beautiful Topic: Hospitalized B&B/Y&R Alum Adrienne Frantz Reveals ‘Multiple Complications’ After the Birth of Baby No. 2 Camlawnman 07/07/20 04:14 AM
BB Discussion Topic: When can we expect a view of the BB22 house I wonder? Im restless lol NT Shielagurlz 07/07/20 03:51 AM
Games stat NT lilyann 07/07/20 03:26 AM
Games 2. Babes NT lilyann 07/07/20 03:22 AM
BB Australia He is the GOAT NT TK27 07/07/20 02:09 AM
Current Affairs Topic: US Pandemic Aid Program Saved 51.1 Million Jobs, But Wealthy Also Benefited Dreamer 07/07/20 02:05 AM
News Stand Topic: Miami-Dade County to shut down restaurants again as Florida’s COVID-19 hospitalizations surge. Rio 07/07/20 02:01 AM
BB Discussion She must be a Tyler fan and upset that KC has passed him in IG followers. (Just joking). lol NT OUALUMinTX 07/07/20 01:47 AM
BB Discussion Yep, this is what she posted on Monday about all the rumors. OUALUMinTX 07/07/20 01:45 AM
Arrow, Flash & Legends Topic: Legends of Tomorrow finale will give [SPOILER] a solo story arc. Rio 07/07/20 01:39 AM
Celebrity Buzz Topic: Nick Cordero GoFundMe Raises More Than $860K for His Wife Amanda Kloots and Son Elvis Dreamer 07/07/20 01:11 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Kanye West Announces He’s Running for President: Rose McGowan, Tiffany Haddish and More Celebrities React Dreamer 07/07/20 01:10 AM
Games 1.Bells NT Rio 07/07/20 01:09 AM
Games Topic: Name Ten - Words found in BASEBALL NT Rio 07/07/20 01:08 AM
Games *** END *** NT Rio 07/07/20 01:08 AM
Games 10. Chips NT Rio 07/07/20 01:07 AM
Current Affairs Topic: Partygoers ‘freaking out’ after Kimberly Guilfoyle tests positive for COVID-19 Dreamer 07/07/20 01:07 AM

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