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Games How Can I Be Sure? NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:59 PM
Current Affairs Topic: 2016 Trump campaign surrogate David Wohl is selling a MAGA boudoir calendar, starring himself, for $25 petite6 11/21/19 12:52 PM
Current Affairs Fiona Hill on Gordon Sondlandís claim that he hadnít known Burisma meant Biden: ďnot credible that he was oblivious to thisĒ petite6 11/21/19 12:49 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Where did all the posters go who didn't want their posts buried? NT FurnitureAlliance 11/21/19 12:49 PM
BB Discussion I bet they have nothing new to say NT FurnitureAlliance 11/21/19 12:48 PM
Current Affairs ALSO Swalwell put into the record the late breaking article of Nunes and his relationship with Lev Parnas I posted.... petite6 11/21/19 12:47 PM
The Score Why was it not shouted from the roof tops immediately? Steelers Head Coach & 85% of your teammates are of another race. -:( NT wyndycty 11/21/19 12:44 PM
Survivor Discussion I think it will be one warning; then if it happens again you're out. NT FurnitureAlliance 11/21/19 12:43 PM
Games False ... You don't like getting up early in the morning. NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:40 PM
Current Affairs They are doing a good job on confusion. The simple basic of terms to spin later is what changes public opinion. Like Hill said the details people get bored with, it's not fun and sexy NT petite6 11/21/19 12:39 PM
Games Sex and the City NT FurnitureAlliance 11/21/19 12:39 PM
Games The Real Housewives of New York City NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:38 PM
Games W - Water NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:36 PM
Games U - Unleashed dogs NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:36 PM
Games **end** NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:35 PM
Games 10. Lawrence NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:35 PM
Games How Long Has This Been Going On NT FurnitureAlliance 11/21/19 12:35 PM
Games 9. President NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:34 PM
Games dock NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:33 PM
Current Affairs Watching them is just weird. Everytime its their turn its like they are trying to play Conspiracy Bingo. You talk about Burisma, I will talk about "Hearsay". Follow that up with "coup", and kidfresh512 11/21/19 12:33 PM
Games 5. Will Smith NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:32 PM
Games F - Football NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:31 PM
Games 1. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:31 PM
Games Topic: Name 10: Songs with "Night" in the Title NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:31 PM
Current Affairs Ummm Why do Republicans keep forgetting they called for the Dossier opposition on Trump, first? Oh, is that on purpose? NT petite6 11/21/19 12:28 PM
Games 6 Balloons - Jane Kaczmarek NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:26 PM
Games pieces out NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:24 PM
BB Fans The Instagram ad looks like Mexico, but I think I see bits of a HHI beach in the video ad I posted. They had this all planned out in advance. NT kmjm 11/21/19 12:24 PM
Games Pad Thai NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:23 PM
Current Affairs An RNC spokesman previously told us "We havenít made a large bulk purchase, but are ordering copies to keep up with demand." I asked today how that squares with buying almost a hundred grand worth petite6 11/21/19 12:22 PM
Survivor Discussion Topic: Jeff Probst says changes on Survivor are coming after inappropriate touching fallout....... LillyBell 11/21/19 12:21 PM
Games The Elephants And Cheetahs Hid ... HUNTER NT StarfishTwo 11/21/19 12:21 PM
BB Fans And also from Instagram,lol. kmjm 11/21/19 12:21 PM
Current Affairs Topic: New FEC disclosures show a single large RNC payment of $94,800 to Books-a-Million in October, a few days before "Triggered" was released. An RNC spokesman confirmed that the expenditure was petite6 11/21/19 12:20 PM
BB Fans Topic: So Tyler tells us his "secret." Stop trolling us Tyler, lol! kmjm 11/21/19 12:19 PM
Current Affairs After being insulted and yelled at, she was unflappable and poised delivering them her final blow that went way over their dimwitted heads. I like that she's not their for BS. NT petite6 11/21/19 12:15 PM
Current Affairs I liked how she called some of the GOP out subtly for leaving the room as she tried to school them NT kidfresh512 11/21/19 12:12 PM
Current Affairs Fiona is my soulmate. NT petite6 11/21/19 12:11 PM
The Score Mason Rudolph vehemently denies the accusation...From his Atty... wyndycty 11/21/19 12:05 PM
The Score Topic: During appeal, Myles Garrett accused Mason Rudolph of using racial slur... wyndycty 11/21/19 12:03 PM
Current Affairs Hilarious as i finished typing this very concern about her accent below you posted this. Its a common theme these days to think being intelligent, or speaking multiple languages, or having an accent kidfresh512 11/21/19 12:03 PM
Current Affairs Fiona Hill is testifying about ongoing harassment she is receiving, including people posting her address online. The harassment campaign against Hill was started by Roger Stone: petite6 11/21/19 12:01 PM
Current Affairs I got a chance to watch a lot of her testimony so far live since its half day today. Shes extremely intelligent, confident, and impressive as a witness. She has an accent though so I am expecting kidfresh512 11/21/19 12:01 PM
Current Affairs Topic: Republicans are on twitter, during Fiona Hill's testimony mocking her accent, claiming she has dual loyalties and calling her a British the GOP a Bullies only party now? In the meantime... petite6 11/21/19 11:56 AM
News Stand Topic: Nike's value is up $26.2B since Colin Kaepernick endorsement. Now itís close to unveiling his shoe petite6 11/21/19 11:53 AM
The Bold and the Beautiful America east coast wasnt on here for thursday maybe tomorrow or cbs site later NT Camlawnman 11/21/19 11:43 AM
Animal House Topic: Endangered Red Panda escapes zoo in south-east France. Rio 11/21/19 10:48 AM
BB Alumni Maybe she's going to announce, on Thanksgiving, that she's pregnant? The tweet is weird. NT MegsMom316 11/21/19 10:39 AM
Current Affairs Fiona Hill is such a freaking baddie!!!! This has to be the best testimony ever!!! NT petite6 11/21/19 10:39 AM
The Bold and the Beautiful Topic: Today my local channel in southern Ontario, Canada, pre-empted B&B and instead is showing a behind-the-scenes episode of Hot in Cleveland. So the B&B cliffhanger with Thomas and Hope continues! NT CatsRock 11/21/19 10:37 AM

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