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Games **end** NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 03:25 PM
Games 15. guard NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 03:25 PM
BB Discussion Which one is the winner? That's how I feel. NT Hidef1080 05/14/21 03:24 PM
Games What's My Line? NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 03:23 PM
BB Discussion Poor Les. Bright side - he can make more money by not working these dayz. NT Hidef1080 05/14/21 03:22 PM
BB Discussion you wont see it NT uvp 05/14/21 03:17 PM
BB Discussion Have this weird feeling that this season will be the most controversial one yet NT PierreBourne 05/14/21 03:15 PM
Games Soupy Sales NT FurnitureAlliance 05/14/21 03:03 PM
BB Discussion she knows Allstars bombed NT FurnitureAlliance 05/14/21 03:00 PM
Celebrity Buzz Topic: Lily James as Pamela Anderson on the set of Hulu's upcoming miniseries 'Pam & Tommy' (Wow!!!) petite6 05/14/21 02:59 PM
Games Pookie NT beachbum7 05/14/21 02:59 PM
BB News & Rumors Yes just heard a report that CBS gets the money. Les was planning on giving it to charity NT FurnitureAlliance 05/14/21 02:56 PM
BB Discussion Thank goodness for that. NT Frito_Veto 05/14/21 02:55 PM
Games 14. key NT FurnitureAlliance 05/14/21 02:55 PM
Sitcoms I liked that one too. I like Katy Mixon and hopes she finds something soon. NT beachbum7 05/14/21 02:49 PM
Sitcoms Oh crap, American Housewife is one of the few sitcoms we had left. :-( NT JAF 05/14/21 02:46 PM
BB Discussion after last season just hard sell.. NT uvp 05/14/21 02:45 PM
Other UnReality Shows Topic: ABC Dramas: Renewed The Rookie and A Million Little Things. Cancelled: Rebel and For Life beachbum7 05/14/21 02:44 PM
BB Discussion actually forgot about Paola Shea.. NT uvp 05/14/21 02:43 PM
Sitcoms And they just cancelled two more sitcoms, American Housewife and mixed-ish. NT beachbum7 05/14/21 02:42 PM
Y & R Topic: Melissa Claire Egan/Chelsea tweeted this on Tues. May 11th: CatsRock 05/14/21 02:40 PM
BB Discussion more than 5.. NT uvp 05/14/21 02:40 PM
BB Media Topic: JC Mounduix: Personal talk about Mental Health aj401 05/14/21 02:21 PM
This Is Us This is Us final run to midseason. Rio 05/14/21 02:21 PM
This Is Us Topic: NBC’s new schedule does not list This Is Us. Rio 05/14/21 02:18 PM
Games 13. in their own little world NT beachbum7 05/14/21 02:14 PM
Games Q - Quoting movies is a no-no NT lilyann 05/14/21 02:13 PM
Games 13. The Brady Bunch NT beachbum7 05/14/21 02:12 PM
Sitcoms Topic: NBC released it's Fall 2021 schedule and for the first time, there are no sitcoms scheduled. All are being held for mid-season. Thursdays will be all Law & Order shows. NT beachbum7 05/14/21 02:11 PM
Sitcoms Three more sitcoms were renewed, The Conners, The Goldbergs and Home Economics NT beachbum7 05/14/21 02:08 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Now that Les dropped his legal challenge to get his $120 million severance package it looks like Julie will have to pay the bills. I think we're going to see an OnlyFans account from them right Corndogger 05/14/21 02:03 PM
BBCA Discussion To bad. I would have like to hear them. You listen to the others it's the same old stuff at all their "lives". This group isn't very interesting post BB. NT dillybean 05/14/21 01:59 PM
Games U - Umbrellabird NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 01:59 PM
BB News & Rumors Topic: "Former CBS CEO Les Moonves drops legal pursuit to recoup $120 million severance package." This appears to be the end of the legal battles between him and ViacomCBS. >>> Corndogger 05/14/21 01:58 PM
Games Hike NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 01:56 PM
Games Again, please NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 01:55 PM
Games tag team NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 01:55 PM
Games 12. balance NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 01:54 PM
Games Hippy Chick ... What makes you unique? NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 01:53 PM
Games 12. Young Sheldon NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 01:51 PM
Games Poodle NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 01:50 PM

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