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The Score Never even been to Wisconsin. I know other Packer fans that don't have regional ties either, they have a huge national following. My Dad was from Indiana, he was a huge influence. NT Bobbo2 10/15/19 07:26 PM
The Score So you don't come from the Wisconsin part of the country? Just like the team? NT colleenag 10/15/19 07:18 PM
BB Discussion Ashley? If you mean Mel the answer is yes. They both announced it the other day. NT Corndogger 10/15/19 07:15 PM
The Score Sorry for the late reply. Pretty equal, lifelong fan of both but I've been more vocal about the Packers as of late because they have been more competitive. Tough one. NT Bobbo2 10/15/19 07:13 PM
BB Discussion Topic: Is this true that Vanessa and Mel are are having 3 baby boys? gcook64 10/15/19 06:55 PM
The Score PS. During the Brady era the 3 times the team met in the playoffs 2 of the games were played in Pittsburgh, (2001, 2004). Patriots won all 3. colleenag 10/15/19 06:47 PM
The Real Housewives OMG....these women at Shannon's birthday thing. I'm watching the other people eating there...some have their phones out filming this. They cant believe the show they are NT dillybean 10/15/19 06:44 PM
Other UnReality Shows Topic: And we have our first casualty of the 2019-2020 TV Season, NBC has cancelled Sunnyside. Will & Grace to return early on Oct 24 instead beachbum7 10/15/19 06:42 PM
The Score Probably switch back in 3 weeks..ha! NT uvp 10/15/19 06:37 PM
The Score He wanted out...guess he got what he wanted NT wyndycty 10/15/19 06:35 PM
The Score The Tennessee Titans will start Ryan Tannehill at QB on Sunday vs. Chargers. (via Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero), benching Mariotta NT wyndycty 10/15/19 06:32 PM
The Real Housewives Tamara is stirring everything up. She alone, she has to get busted this many times she has done it. NT dillybean 10/15/19 06:31 PM
The Circle lol someone on twitter said "more gameplay in tonight's ep than in all of BB19" NT HES 10/15/19 06:15 PM
Y & R Can you use NT Rio 10/15/19 06:02 PM
This Is Us Topic: How This is Us discovered the blind actor who plays Kate and Toby’s son. Rio 10/15/19 06:00 PM
The Score Wow! Reads a tad desperate with a couple of first and a fourth round draft picks...Ram offense could use some help too! colleenag 10/15/19 05:56 PM
This Is Us Topic: Kevin rethinks his life after being hit with unexpected news, Rio 10/15/19 05:54 PM
Y & R Topic: I'm sad but it's likely good to have a a break last wednesday my TV broke mellon 10/15/19 05:52 PM
The Circle The past popular ones have been playing to the others are regrouping. It's getting good. NT dillybean 10/15/19 05:45 PM
TLC Reality Shows True, but he also said in the lawyers office that he wasn't married. If one can lie, so can the other. NT littlewop 10/15/19 05:43 PM
The Circle Brilliant ep! NT HES 10/15/19 05:39 PM
The Score Jalen Ramsey being traded to La rams! NT uvp 10/15/19 05:25 PM
The Score Yes I get it. It's just I think the discussion / scenarios would be more relevant if Patriots had lost to Jaguars too. NT colleenag 10/15/19 05:20 PM
Survivor Spoilers Yep... TampaFLMom 10/15/19 04:19 PM
The Score Every playoff scenario is a lot of IFs. That's how it works. That's what we're talking about - alternate scenarios, and how those scenarios usually produce different results on the road vs at home. JAF 10/15/19 03:29 PM

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