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Games 9. telemarketers NT branana 04/12/21 11:47 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Feeds back NT godfreyfan 04/12/21 11:44 AM
BBCA Updates Topic: Jed to Tera: I look at the final six and I see five people that wouldn't say his name. And that's a dangerous player to have in the game. And he understands that. NT Scott3325 * 04/12/21 11:44 AM
BBCA Discussion Trio puts themselves first... that's the BB game. I blame the others for caring more about being with the so-called "cool people" then actually making good game moves. NT BB_Fan_JJ_Dan 04/12/21 11:43 AM
BBCA Updates Topic: Live Feeds return. NT Scott3325 * 04/12/21 11:42 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Ty should get that loyalty tattoo removed from his wrist because he’s anything but loyal... first Victoria, now Keifer... trio r snakes NT godfreyfan 04/12/21 11:41 AM
BBCA Discussion Playing it up so Canada doesn’t hate him for being a backstabber ... he encouraged jed to do this move NT godfreyfan 04/12/21 11:40 AM
Games W - Watermelon NT ChasingCowboys 04/12/21 11:36 AM
Games W. Watermelon NT AZ_Cards_11 04/12/21 11:35 AM
Games 9. Basket Case NT ChasingCowboys 04/12/21 11:34 AM
Games garden gnome NT AZ_Cards_11 04/12/21 11:33 AM
Games deck NT AZ_Cards_11 04/12/21 11:33 AM
BBCA Discussion Too long lol. NT CatsRock 04/12/21 11:31 AM
BBCA Updates Topic: Live Feeds down for one hour. NT Scott3325 * 04/12/21 11:31 AM
Games V - Vermicelli pasta NT CatsRock 04/12/21 11:30 AM
Games 8. than that NT CatsRock 04/12/21 11:30 AM
Games 10. Cantaloupe NT CatsRock 04/12/21 11:29 AM
BBCA Discussion geez, get on with it BB. How long does a POV ceremony take? NT NSGirl 04/12/21 11:28 AM
Games 9. Mermaids NT CatsRock 04/12/21 11:28 AM
Games high NT CatsRock 04/12/21 11:27 AM
Games 10. Legs NT CatsRock 04/12/21 11:26 AM
Games 11. Panasonic home phone NT CatsRock 04/12/21 11:26 AM
Games 9. Boobies NT ChasingCowboys 04/12/21 11:25 AM
Games 10. Family pictures NT ChasingCowboys 04/12/21 11:24 AM
Games Savage Garden NT ChasingCowboys 04/12/21 11:22 AM
BBCA Discussion He's been trying to console himself and build himself up - I do believe he is truly hurt and upset, because he really thought he had everyone snowed and that the trio trusted him without question NT NSGirl 04/12/21 11:19 AM
Games 8. Discarded guns NT ChasingCowboys 04/12/21 11:18 AM
BBCA Discussion Maybe referring to his subsequent 'breakdown' with tina. NT colleenag 04/12/21 11:13 AM
Games hash NT FurnitureAlliance 04/12/21 11:13 AM
Games 15. Man in the Moon NT FurnitureAlliance 04/12/21 11:12 AM
Games under NT ChasingCowboys 04/12/21 11:12 AM
BBCA Discussion Ok this I can accept. NT colleenag 04/12/21 11:12 AM
BBCA News & Rumours Topic: Game move brings on the tears WillRulz 04/12/21 11:12 AM
Games 8. Having to reconnect Netflix on my TV nearly every day. NT CatsRock 04/12/21 11:11 AM
BBCA Discussion Jed & Ty both do the Sunsetter hand sign when they vote as well. NT ScienceGirl 04/12/21 11:02 AM
BBCA Discussion I don't think they have an alliance name. If they ever called themselves the sauce, they likely forgot. They called themselves "the triangle" or "isosceles triangle" that one time too but never ScienceGirl 04/12/21 11:02 AM
The Voice Per this article, Nick will remain on rotation. Rio 04/12/21 11:01 AM
BBCA Discussion He is just a really nice guy who feels bad & is sad for Kief. Everything is not about the game. NT ScienceGirl 04/12/21 10:58 AM
BBCA Discussion He is absolutely genuine. Nobody else was there but Jed & Beth. Ty is an emotional person. He spoke yesterday about going to therapy monthly and being able to be more vulnerable with women than ScienceGirl 04/12/21 10:57 AM
BBCA Discussion Nobody was in the room other than Beth & Jed. NT ScienceGirl 04/12/21 10:54 AM
Games 7. Those perforated pulls on food packages that never help you to open package, instead, they tear 1/4th of the way. NT ChasingCowboys 04/12/21 10:53 AM
BBCA Discussion Kiefer would've gone for Beth. He was loyal to the boys. Hence why bethel wanted kiefer out so bad. NT Omayra1107 04/12/21 10:52 AM
Games 7. Hand NT ChasingCowboys 04/12/21 10:50 AM
BBCA Discussion I agree, i love ty hope he wins the game. NT Omayra1107 04/12/21 10:50 AM
BBCA Discussion He has got to be one if not the top most annoying person for me on any BB NT dillybean 04/12/21 10:42 AM
BBCA Updates Topic: Tera was called to DR and then the feeds went down several minutes ago. NT susanr342 * 04/12/21 10:37 AM
BBCA Discussion Jed and Beth agreed that they have to fake it for a bit. NT LillyBell 04/12/21 10:36 AM
BBCA Discussion I think he is really that upset. He loves Kiefer and feels horrible, but also knows it's the best move or Kiefer could easily win. NT NSGirl 04/12/21 10:34 AM
BBCA Discussion He's playing it up now I think because he acted like he didn't know that Kief was going up. He's working a Jury vote. He working Tina with pretending to be sorrowful. NT LillyBell 04/12/21 10:34 AM
BBCA Discussion Topic: Knew it he was overacting. Pacing in the Defenders room smiling, amping himself up saying, "hard work, hard work." NT LillyBell 04/12/21 10:32 AM

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