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BB Discussion Cheeky isn't the word I would use when thoughts always go in a particular direction. NT WillRulz 05/14/21 10:54 PM
BB Australia Nick was a great character, sad he's gone. NT no1home 05/14/21 10:17 PM
Games receipts NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 09:49 PM
Games 10. Free ______ Mind NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 09:48 PM
BB Australia The episodes before these... M3gabyt3 05/14/21 08:43 PM
Games Topic: Movie Chairs, cont'd: StarfishTwo wrote "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 08:43 PM
Games **end** NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 08:42 PM
Games The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 08:42 PM
The Masked Singer Topic: I'm more convinced than ever that the "results" are scripted. Not that it matters a bunch since the winner doesn't actually get anything. It's all just for show. But at least half the time the JAF 05/14/21 08:42 PM
Games Up Around the Bend NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 08:40 PM
Games sire NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 08:39 PM
Games Bridesmaids .... Wendi McLendon- Covey NT Rio 05/14/21 08:08 PM
Games Best of Show NT Rio 05/14/21 08:06 PM
Games Q- Questions, Questions. Give me no answers. NT Rio 05/14/21 08:05 PM
Games X - oX NT Rio 05/14/21 08:03 PM
Games Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. NT Rio 05/14/21 08:01 PM
Games Can Heather Announce Ian’s News? ... MASKS NT Rio 05/14/21 08:00 PM
Games Hire NT Rio 05/14/21 07:59 PM
Games 9. Respect _____ elders. NT ChasingCowboys 05/14/21 07:40 PM
Games 9. In ____ face NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 07:39 PM
BBCA Discussion she would have gotten the same or worse had she played for him. because of who she is she's damned if does damned if she doesn't. NT sliver013 05/14/21 07:38 PM
Games Topic: Four Letter Words, cont'd: StarfishTwo wrote "wire" NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 07:36 PM
Games **end** NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 07:36 PM
Games wire NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 07:36 PM
BBCA Discussion Yes at the very end she was questioning him about something and she was visible in the left corner at points NT aj401 05/14/21 07:36 PM
Games underpants worn NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 07:35 PM
Games Gossip Girl NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 07:34 PM
Games 8. Love ____ smile. NT CatsRock 05/14/21 07:33 PM
Games evidence NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 07:33 PM
Games 7. Keep ____ hands to yourself NT StarfishTwo 05/14/21 07:32 PM
BB Australia Topic: new episode descriptions mebe 05/14/21 07:32 PM
BBCA Discussion Was Jed's mother hovering in the background? NT LillyBell 05/14/21 07:28 PM
Games 5. Watch _______________ P's & Q's NT FurnitureAlliance 05/14/21 07:12 PM
Games Stop Hovering Over Vic's Eggs ~ CHAIN NT FurnitureAlliance 05/14/21 06:58 PM
Games Topic: Follow the ACROS, cont'd. StarfishTwo wrote Totally Inappropriately, Paulie Squeezed You ... SHOVE NT FurnitureAlliance 05/14/21 06:56 PM
Games ***end*** NT FurnitureAlliance 05/14/21 06:55 PM
BB Discussion Cheeky wasn't the word I was thinking. :) NT LillyBell 05/14/21 06:52 PM
BB Discussion lol WillR, need you ask? NT LillyBell 05/14/21 06:50 PM
BB Discussion I think Corndogger was being a little cheeky. NT Hidef1080 05/14/21 06:38 PM
BBCA Discussion To me it sounded like he was more upset about other things like microagressions or whatever than that but I could be wrong NT aj401 05/14/21 06:17 PM
BBCA Discussion She tried to win the game.....weren't all of them trying to do it ? She may have not done it well, but she didn't know these people at all 10 weeks ago. Was she just supposed to not try because they dillybean 05/14/21 06:09 PM
BB Discussion If we've learned anything over the years is that production doesn't care what the fans want. Production wants what they want. Any fans wishes that cross with this is just pure luck. see BOTB NT all8up 05/14/21 06:06 PM
BB Discussion I'll take things that have zero meaning for $100 Alex. NT all8up 05/14/21 06:04 PM
Games 5. Wear ______ Mask NT beachbum7 05/14/21 06:02 PM
BB Discussion A segment of Twitter fans. The majority, who are casual fans, don't see things or the world like that. Hollywood is just patting themselves on the back in their usual phoniness. NT WillRulz 05/14/21 06:01 PM
BB Discussion Why would your mind go to Only Fans? Poor Les is right. He alone is worth $700 million and Julie Chen is worth $16 million. I doubt they will be slumming at the Motel 8 any time soon, if ever. NT WillRulz 05/14/21 05:57 PM
BBCA Discussion yes despite everything he is still very supportive of her, and they all gave supportive follow ups regarding her NT aj401 05/14/21 05:46 PM
BBCA Discussion Jed gave a great, kind, compassionate response on the Beth question. <3 NT aliroo 05/14/21 05:46 PM
BBCA Discussion Beth discussion starts at 25:40 NT aj401 05/14/21 05:41 PM
This Is Us NBC Execs: Explain how midseason premiere will “Honor the fans,” Tease “Fantastic” Final Chapter Rio 05/14/21 05:39 PM

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