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Big Brother 19’ Jason and Raven Interview; ‘I Am Dumbfounded Right Now’
09/09/17 06:16 PM

Big Brother 19’ Jason and Raven Interview; ‘I Am Dumbfounded Right Now’

By Martin Holmes. 8 Sep 2017 5:47 PM

Hey, Jason. The vote last night obviously blindsided you. What do you think happened and who do you hold accountable?

I absolutely was 100% blindsided by the vote and I hold Paul 100% accountable. There’s nothing in that house that he doesn’t know about. He makes it his job and duty to pin everyone down, talk to them and pull out their dirty little secrets. Everybody wants to be on Paul’s team because he’s done this before and he’s got good insight. So, they divulge all their information to him and he uses it against them when he sees fit. I guess you can say it’s because he’s that dang good at the game.

You looked heated when you left the house. Have you calmed down? Or are there still bitter feelings?

Yeah, I’ve calmed down. I was mad, and if I could have done what I wanted to do, it would be an entirely different conversation right now. I was mad, but I wasn’t going to use foul language, and I wasn’t going to use brute force. It’s one of those things where, it’s intelligence where I fell short there. As mad as I was in the moment, I was more mad at the fact that I couldn’t hang in that crowd. I’m not cut from that type of cloth or caliber of lead. I just had to throw my hands up. As bad as I wanted to win, I was thankful that I made it as far as I did. Even some of the other houseguests, I couldn’t even hold a conversation with 98% of them because I’m out of touch. I don’t understand electronics. I can barely work my phone. I’m in a physical world all day long. I don’t just talk people to death with big words and knowledge without actually doing. I’m actually quite the opposite. I was super mad when I left the house. And 20-year-old Jason wanted to bar fight right there, but 38-year-old Jason was like you know what dummy, you were ill-prepared and you’re not like them. So, I’m calm, and I’m not going to hold a grudge.

Hey, Raven. When Alex put you on the block against Kevin, did you expect you’d be the target? Did you have any conversations in the time between the Veto Comp and the eviction?

I did have some conversations with Josh and Christmas. They were short. Josh said I was golden, but I couldn’t really get a response from Christmas. So, I kind of mentally prepared for it. I started thinking I might be a goner. Even though Paul kept saying “you’re fine, you’re fine,” I still had that gut feeling like oh no, you’re about to meet Julie.

You spent most of the season kind of in your own world with Matt. What was your overall strategy and plan to make it to the Final Two?

My strategy was working with Matthew and Paul. We agreed to keep our distance from each other and not let the house know we were working together. Matthew and I knew everything that was going on in the house. There was not one thing that went down in that house that we didn’t know about. We were well informed, and we knew what was going on. We worked with Christmas and Josh. At one point, we worked with Alex and Jason. We worked with a lot of people. It was our strategy to seem like we were in our own little world, but in reality, we knew exactly what was going on. We were very social players.
Read on here: https://etcanada.com/news/254465/big-brother-19-jason-and-raven-interview-i-am-dumbfounded-right-now/

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* Big Brother 19’ Jason and Raven Interview; ‘I Am Dumbfounded Right Now’
Dreamer Administrator
09/09/17 06:16 PM
xx * I hope this interviewer didn't steer Jason off of Paul and on to Josh. NT
09/09/17 06:52 PM
xx * He didn't have to steer him, he's just that clueless. It'll all come out in jury when Raven blabs about it all. NT
09/10/17 06:22 AM
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