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*========= Help Wanted ==========
ForumAdmin226 0   Sticky Post
***Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting! (Edited 3/17/15)
Starr311 0   Sticky Post
*Posting Guidelines ~ UPDATED March 17, 2015
Starr222 0   Sticky Post
*Please do not post information that directs to illegal live streams, episodes or file hosting sites for BB Canada.
ForumAdmin1597 0   Sticky Post
*Pilar is the biggest threat in this game... with 9 siblings she has the most primal strategy; she is looking to baby-make... all too often...
Spacefarer10 2   03/31/15 02:25 AM
x*Lmao!!! NT
mokhashin03/31/15 02:29 AM
x*? NT
Sballer0903/31/15 02:27 AM
*Are pili and Kevin still up?! Lol no wonder pili's falling asleep sitting up during the day
Sballer094 0   03/31/15 02:24 AM
*Kevin may have removed his briefs beneath the covers... NT
Spacefarer2 2   03/31/15 02:16 AM
x*What the lol. Hope it's just because he's warm. NT
SarahEva03/31/15 02:19 AM
x*they fall in love, it's real NT
he200003/31/15 02:18 AM
*0505hrs - Kevin and Pilar stir; he sits up and makes sure everyone is fully asleep, she then sits up in bed puts on blouse then partially lies...
Spacefarer30 0   03/31/15 02:15 AM
*Kevin Pilar still kissing NT
he200031 7   03/31/15 02:14 AM
x*Perhaps Kevin isn't the player and amazing gamer i think he is... surprised he's going so over the top with the kissing/being linked with Pilar.
SarahEva03/31/15 02:18 AM
x*He's playing really messy though. I get Pilar saying they're just having fun, but Kevin leaving Johnny's bed was a red flag for anyone. Pilar is
mokhashin03/31/15 02:28 AM
x*It's a bit confusing, i still believe there's way more to Kevin then what's seen on the surface and what he's presenting.. i think he's puttin on
SarahEva03/31/15 02:36 AM
x*I think it was Naeha and Zach who have Kevlar on their radar and said no way another shomance was getting to F3 (Jemmett and Jeda). NT
colleenag03/31/15 02:23 AM
x*I think Zach was just saying that for Naeha's benefit though because Naeha brought it up and has a thing for getting out Willow/Pilar.
SarahEva03/31/15 02:31 AM
x*I get the same impression. I also think many of them might be thinking about taking Pili to F2. NT
mokhashin03/31/15 02:34 AM
x*Well I hope the house acts on this ASAP; however, God's ridiculous self-sabotage has just given Kevlar another week of manual manoeuvres... NT
Spacefarer03/31/15 02:29 AM
*Anyone have an idea of when and how this Jordan/Sarah [Jason/Danielle] thing began? I feel like i missed the entire genesis of this. NT
SarahEva3 0   03/31/15 02:11 AM
*Where is everyone? I always go back and read what everyone thought about the episode, but this year there's only a few pages of live watchers. NT
Timster7 3   03/31/15 01:40 AM
x*I was finding it a bit disconcerting to try and watch and post (and cause the feeds were down a lot this weekend) so I do what I can and come by
colleenag03/31/15 02:05 AM
x*I've also noticed that, it's been soooooo slow. I'm tired of seeing my own posts cuz there's not many other posts out there lol. NT
SarahEva03/31/15 01:47 AM
x*It was the same as last year but it picked up a lot probably around the time with Ika and her letters and Jon/Neda fans with Sabs meltdowns. NT
xx2000xx03/31/15 01:51 AM
*BBCAN2 spoiled me. I haven't even had motivation to turn on the feeds really the past 3 days but I'm going to start giving it a shot and hope that
xx2000xx83 8   03/31/15 01:11 AM
x*been having a hard time myself feeling this season but its early so im not downing it or anything. im not completely bored by all means but
KlausHeissler03/31/15 01:58 AM
x*I'm also pretty disappointed in this season/cast. I find the feeds kind of boring so I turn them off and watch PVRed shows instead. Maybe it will
BBcbsRocks03/31/15 02:28 AM
x*Tbh, I don't think Risha would've added anything to the feeds. The person tweeting from her twitter account has been tweeting really immature stuff
mokhashin03/31/15 01:48 AM
x*I don't get why people aren't enjoying it, is it that people want more drama/game talk? No one knows how Risha would've been on the feeds 4 sure
SarahEva03/31/15 01:19 AM
x*When I turn on the feeds it seems they're just bored, lounging around with small talk or playing games and just talking about past seasons. Unlike
xx2000xx03/31/15 01:24 AM
x*So... do you think there's anything these HGs can do where you enjoy the feeds or are you simply not feeling these particular HGs together?
SarahEva03/31/15 01:28 AM
x*I think it's the HG dynamics and casting. Robyn went with a younger crowd like she always does with USA where BBCAN 2 was a lot more diverse which
xx2000xx03/31/15 01:37 AM
x*I can see that, i don't think it's the greatest casting either... I think the group dynamics are good but not great. I guess it's just connecting
SarahEva03/31/15 01:42 AM
*i'm catching up on what i missed, the hot tub pranks were great! Pushing buttons sprays water from the hot tub and they got a few with it NT
SarahEva1 0   03/31/15 01:08 AM
*Graig actually uttered the words that it was kind of rude for Sindy to move in her sleep as he was climaxing? Guy is disgusting. Assuming Sindy...
SarahEva46 3   03/31/15 01:00 AM
x*Dear gosh, how rude of Sindy to move in her sleep. NT
mokhashin03/31/15 01:50 AM
x*WTF?? I just woke up and need to catch up I guess. What time did he say this around? NT
xx2000xx03/31/15 01:26 AM
x*3:25pm in the backyard, not sure the feeds will rewind back that far but it can be found on certain blogs. NT
SarahEva03/31/15 01:30 AM
*Will Kevin and Pilar name their baby Veto? NT
BarbieM4 4   03/30/15 11:48 PM
x*little johnny NT
he200003/31/15 12:14 AM
x*lol NT
shelly88803/31/15 12:42 AM
x*They'll have to name it Otev to avoid confusion. He's the one with the dog named Veto, right? NT
krh503803/30/15 11:51 PM
x*No, Johnny has the dog named Veto. NT
ScienceGirl03/30/15 11:53 PM
*Jordan's family isn't happy that he made out with Sindy. NT
BarbieM33 2   03/30/15 11:40 PM
x*Wow Alec and Sarah went to his house to watch BB with his parents? That's so cool. NT
krh503803/30/15 11:44 PM
x*Ew all those twitter pics. Jordan really is a baby. NT
kmjm03/30/15 11:50 PM
*The new nomination thing is so cool but I'll miss the normal ceremony from both Canada and US. It's tradition :( NT
krh50385 3   03/30/15 11:37 PM
x*Those ceremonies took forever, more real footage now. NT
rando11103/31/15 02:31 AM
x*I'm sure it's all props and hard to coordinate on the video display, hence the long feed blackouts for retakes. NT
kmjm03/30/15 11:48 PM
x*i agree. i prefer the US similar intro format they used from season 2 to 15 as well. NT
KlausHeissler03/30/15 11:40 PM
*LOL @ JP throwing the HN comp to look "weak." You are weak that's why you're in this comp. NT
krh503811 2   03/30/15 11:18 PM
x*Thought he throw the HoH as well? NT
Mosesisdrunk03/30/15 11:23 PM
x*Yeah...I mean he already looks weak from that. NT
krh503803/30/15 11:31 PM
*Who thought the shy Pilar from the pool party would be up for these hot make out sessions on feeds. NT
mokhashin11 5   03/30/15 11:16 PM
x*i HATE showmances but theyre really sweet together. NT
shermeli03/30/15 11:26 PM
x*i agree but whatever lol NT
KlausHeissler03/30/15 11:30 PM
x*I think thats partly why he likes her. She's different one on one with him than she is with the rest of the house NT
ABCD1703/30/15 11:24 PM
x*I think he is just using her because she doesn't seem to mind having no attention paid to her all day long! NT
ScienceGirl03/30/15 11:57 PM
x*But they spend lot of time together even during day. NT
mokhashin03/31/15 12:30 AM
*I hope these makeout sessions were worth it, Canada! NT
BarbieM5 1   03/30/15 11:14 PM
x*Need a lot more than that to make up for the crappy feeds. NT
Corndogger03/30/15 11:16 PM
*Kevin turns away from Pilar faces out to Johnny and then removes the duvet revealing his briefs-aching wood... some birthday gift that! NT
Spacefarer15 3   03/30/15 11:11 PM
x*He should learn to cover up. He's had more erections on the feeds than anyone else I can remember. NT
kmjm03/30/15 11:12 PM
x*have we forgotten about Crazy James?! NT
shermeli03/30/15 11:32 PM
x*I don't think he minds NT
nicholaspuppy03/30/15 11:14 PM
*Are there any other March 31 babies here other than Johnny and myself? NT
ScienceGirl16 11   03/30/15 11:08 PM
x*not the 31st and happy birthday NT
KlausHeissler03/30/15 11:31 PM
x*It is the 31st today. Perhaps I misunderstood you or you are in BC! :-D NT
ScienceGirl03/30/15 11:58 PM
x*Happy Bday! NT
shelly88803/30/15 11:22 PM
x*My sister lol NT
annoyingg03/30/15 11:17 PM
x*My GF, happy B-day. NT
M0shPit03/30/15 11:12 PM
x*Happy B-day to your GF! Thanks everyone! <3 NT
ScienceGirl03/30/15 11:15 PM
x*Nope- but Happy Birthday! NT
kmjm03/30/15 11:09 PM
x*Happy Birthday!! To you and poor Johnny! NT
mokhashin03/30/15 11:09 PM
x*I am not sure if it is sadder that Johnny is watching Kevin's Pilar boner on his BD or that I am watching Kevin's Pilar boner on mine! ;-) NT
ScienceGirl03/30/15 11:18 PM
x*johnny doesn't have nightvision like we do though.. he probably can't see a thing NT
pauly6703/30/15 11:21 PM
x*Lmao but apparently they're really loud, so Johnny hears all the sounds better than us. NT
mokhashin03/30/15 11:25 PM
*Look at Pilar... already plotting and planning what to call her very own 10 babies... NT
Spacefarer4 1   03/30/15 11:05 PM
Corndogger03/30/15 11:07 PM
*Pilar can feel his hard on NT
he20007 1   03/30/15 11:03 PM
x*I am trying to see what he is doing with it under the sheets! NT
ScienceGirl03/30/15 11:06 PM
*I missed it JP and Cindy made out to ??? NT
bbtisrigged34 8   03/30/15 11:03 PM
x*It was a combination of awkward and thirsty NT
shelly88803/30/15 11:04 PM
x*Perfect way to describe it! NT
Sballer0903/30/15 11:10 PM
x*Yes. JP was really into it begging for more kisses before S went to bed. He even tried to get her to lie in HN with him. NT
ScienceGirl03/30/15 11:04 PM
x*I thought he was proposing to lie with her for a while. She was worried about being teased- but I think all the talk will be about Kev/Pilar. NT
kmjm03/30/15 11:11 PM
x*It is so dark in that room, I think only Johnny & Ash can actually see, right? The outline may have been obvious this time though because Pilar
ScienceGirl03/30/15 11:23 PM
x*Yes, he wanted her to come and snuggle with him, but she didn't want to take the heat. If she knew she was out the door, I bet she would have gone. NT
ScienceGirl03/30/15 11:22 PM
x*it was just a quick dna swap NT
pauly6703/30/15 11:04 PM
x*lol, yes, it has been a weird night NT
nicholaspuppy03/30/15 11:04 PM
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