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*To bad he's not a BB Canada fan b/c he could have nailed Gary
ringo915 1   12/18/14 05:00 PM
x*Not even Gary is that mentally ill. Pretty sure that is self mutilation. This person needs to seek help. NT
Pumpkindrizzle12/18/14 08:40 PM
*I just saw a commercial for BBCAN #3 and they said "airing this Spring", is it not starting in Feb. this year? NT
teetee7 3   12/18/14 07:52 AM
x*A lot of people consider early March spring.. can't wait for it to start up!! I'm pumped! NT
AlphaDerp12/18/14 10:15 AM
x*Spring starts March 20th. It isn't a debate. There is no some people say and blah blah blah. It actually has a meaning. NT
Pumpkindrizzle12/18/14 08:42 PM
x*BBCAN2 started March 5. I think season 3 will start late March/early April. NT
JessicaJules12/18/14 08:28 AM
*Merry Christmas!
Cindy80 3   12/16/14 06:54 PM
x*awwwwww good idea ! NT
AceRimmer12/17/14 05:44 PM
x*Wicked cute :) NT
colleenag12/17/14 04:48 AM
x*Sweet! NT
AlphaDerp12/16/14 08:51 PM
*All semi finalists for BBCAN3 have been contacted. Tweet from Robyn inside.
Corndogger278 11   12/11/14 02:45 PM
x*getting nearer! NT
bigtimebbfan12/12/14 05:54 PM
x*i'm worried. After bbcan2 and the lack of 'actors' and fake drama, i'm really afraid that we are going to have 'sabrina impersonators' etc this
AceRimmer12/12/14 09:42 AM
x*With so much importance placed on audience voting last season you're more likely to see HGs pandering to the public rather than be themselves...
RatFloater12/14/14 01:01 AM
x*pandering is what i dislike intensely about the usa version. People like Zach and frankie were constantly playing to the cameras. I dont think twist
AceRimmer12/16/14 01:47 PM
x*Granted, regardless of public voting we're bound to see at least 1 or 2 'actors' each season, but my point is that by giving the public/Canada...
RatFloater12/17/14 11:14 PM
x*IA but at least when the public is not voting we know that at least these "pandering" HG will not be influencing who stays or who goes. NT
colleenag12/17/14 04:50 AM
x*Exactly, it brings some sense of authenticity to an otherwise inauthentic "competition" when you leave actual game decisions in the hands of HGs. NT
RatFloater12/17/14 11:18 PM
x*You made me a little paranoid.. LOL! I really hope not - I love the BBcan casts because they seem like "everyday people" NT
AlphaDerp12/13/14 06:13 PM
x*Will BBCA hold true to hgs voting and eliminating each other or? Hope they stay true to BBUS model in that respect. NT
colleenag12/13/14 05:22 PM
x*i still like the idea of ONE vote always being the public vote. It would usually be a hinkey vote i would think, creating paranoia in the house. we
AceRimmer12/16/14 01:52 PM
x*LOL, yes I surely remember Andrew and Sabrina's melt downs...I have to admit Canada's vote was pure excitement for me as a viewer. I liked that it
colleenag12/16/14 04:13 PM
*Two seasons... name your top five favourites from the two....
Dimples400 19   12/07/14 07:30 PM
x*Neda, Emmett, Jon, Heather & Adel. BBcan2 > BBcan NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan12/16/14 03:54 PM
x*fav player as in good game or fav character? its completely different things to me. many of my favs played crap games or it fell apart NT
AceRimmer12/12/14 09:47 AM
x*I mean favourite players. I really liked Andrew in season one... but I have to admit his strategy was pretty slim. NT
Dimples12/12/14 07:44 PM
x*i laughed at andrew so many times. Him and talla were a hoot as a team. I still think about how they had to act like servants to Jill/emm and watch
AceRimmer12/13/14 11:23 AM
x*I forgot about them being aligned.. I never really knew who Andrew was with because he was so dry and ended up arguing with almost everyone haha NT
AlphaDerp12/13/14 05:17 PM
x*he would of been a perfect winner, handsome newfie, quick witted, a bit cheeky NT
colleenag12/13/14 05:19 PM
x*I really liked him! I loved how he was so vocal about being unhappy bout the Gary return lol NT
AlphaDerp12/13/14 06:07 PM
x*i loved how vocal he was About NOT wanting usa player DAN telling him what to do and refusing to play that stupid scene out. I found it sad that Dan
AceRimmer12/16/14 01:54 PM
x*Dan never told anyone what to do nor did he retaliate against anyone. He offered game advice. NT
Blockhead12/16/14 02:01 PM
x*I think the game Dan most changed was Gary's. I'm still not convinced Gary would have evicted Emmett if it weren't for Dan... Emmett would have won NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan12/16/14 03:54 PM
x*I thought Gary learnt in JH that Jill was definitely not liked and when he got back in the BB House he pretty much told Jill just the opposite and
colleenag12/16/14 04:10 PM
x* yes thx for bringing up another way that nonHG Dan worked the Canadian HGs to change their game. He was supposed to NOT
AceRimmer12/17/14 05:50 PM
x*jillian, neda, sabrina, sarah, heather NT
bigtimebbfan12/11/14 07:55 PM
x*Emmett, Jon, Kenny, Heather, Andrew (s1) NT
AlphaDerp12/10/14 06:00 PM
x*Just realized how many Newfies are on my list.. haha! NT
AlphaDerp12/13/14 06:37 PM
x*I didn't watch S1 so all of mine are S2: Adel, Neda, Jon, Sabrina, Ika NT
CoyoteBB12/08/14 06:46 AM
x*S1: Emmett, Jillian, Tom; S2: Neda and Ika. NT
RatFloater12/07/14 11:00 PM
x*I'm going to put Heather at the top of my list because she's such a sweetheart. She replies to tweets and is very nice to fans. Her sweetness
Corndogger12/07/14 07:43 PM
x*Andrew, Jillian, Gary from Season 1 and Allison, Sabrina from Season 2 NT
colleenag12/07/14 07:38 PM
* Big Brother Canada's 'Insight Productions' wins Academy Icon Award- it has produced the most-watched reality program across all specialty channels
AceRimmer88 1   12/07/14 03:20 PM
x*That's awesome! Congrats to Insight Productions! NT
colleenag12/07/14 03:32 PM
*UK was fantastic. USA was crappola. Australia was okay. It is up to you Canada for another epic season like last year. Cannot. Wait. NT
WillRulz532 11   11/27/14 04:17 PM
x*cant wait. i dont watch BBUK/BBAU, so BBCA keeps my interest until BBUS NT
bigtimebbfan12/06/14 10:49 AM
x*Thanks for the BBUK review...the cast is awesome. NT
colleenag11/29/14 02:56 PM
x*i think with BB moving to Global and a whole HR aftershow, it is going to be even better. I hope that they dont do the USA format from this season
AceRimmer11/30/14 01:10 PM
x*I'm all for being different and bringing new elements to the game but I'm hoping they don't go overboard with the outside interference. Last season
RatFloater12/09/14 06:43 PM
x*sorry but 'outside inference' is a usa concept. in other BBs thru the world its an OUTSIDE of the house gameshow in which FANS have a say-It MADE this
AceRimmer12/12/14 09:46 AM
x*Are you referring to that horrible other personality of Rachel? She was a complete and utter dud IMO. But she really was the only dud so I'm ok
CoyoteBB12/03/14 05:16 PM
x*Agreed. The funny thing is i've met Rachelle & seen some interviews etc and she seems more outgoing than she was on the show. I don't get it lol.
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan12/04/14 10:46 AM
x*I saw that about her too> different on the show, more introverted and then more outgoing off the show/interviews, hmmm NT
colleenag12/05/14 04:50 PM
x*i thought right after the season Rachel said that she deliberately muzzled herself because of ALL the huge personalities in the house. I think it was
AceRimmer12/05/14 06:25 PM
x*I agree. Our version needs to stay distinct. I also do believe more effort will be put in because it is now in a bigger spotlight. NT
WillRulz12/02/14 08:21 AM
x*maybe i'm unrealistic but i think many canadians who apply will likely be more diverse. I really hope for a few First nations and northeners. THey
AceRimmer12/05/14 06:28 PM

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