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Kevin is thanking William and tells him he will make everyone think he had secret veto (sounds like Keven knows will had it) NT (289 min. ago)
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***Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting! (Edited 3/17/15)
Starr3688 0   Sticky Post
*Posting Guidelines ~ UPDATED March 17, 2015
Starr3259 0   Sticky Post
*Please do not post information that directs to illegal live streams, episodes or file hosting sites for BB Canada.
ForumAdmin6084 0   Sticky Post
*What's the timestamp for when Karen exploded? TIA NT
Corndogger0 0   04/24/17 02:01 PM
*Does Demika know that Karen is the sole reason they weren't put up on the block together last week? Why did they put her up as the replacement? NT
2 5   04/24/17 01:57 PM
x*She was? NT
krh503804/24/17 01:58 PM
x*she wasn't...its was sindy NT
Dani04/24/17 01:58 PM
x*Karen's not the sole reason lol. It was Sindy who suggested Jackie, a suggestion reinforced by Dre. Karen went along with it, wanting a Kevin BD. NT
nammer04/24/17 01:58 PM
x*Interesting. Was reading in the discussion that it was Karen because Dillon trusted her the most. NT
04/24/17 01:59 PM
x*She is up there with Dre, but the idea of putting Jackie/Dem up wasn't her. NT
nammer04/24/17 02:01 PM
*Watching Karen's explosion post-veto. Damnnnn. She needs to calm down or she's going home. NT
0 2   04/24/17 01:54 PM
x*She better not calm down!!! That was fun. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 01:56 PM
x*I can imagine her trying to scream now but there's too much peanut butter in her mouth. NT
nammer04/24/17 02:01 PM
*So William saved Kevin but we don't know who the replacement nom is? NT
Corndogger6 3   04/24/17 01:52 PM
x*Its Karen. It hasn't been updated above yet NT
bigbrotherfan704/24/17 01:53 PM
x*Thanks. NT
Corndogger04/24/17 01:57 PM
x*Karen. NT
kristin62604/24/17 01:53 PM
*So have they said who they are keeping yet? NT
bigbrotherfan74 2   04/24/17 01:51 PM
x*Bruno's still going as of now but things can change....Especially if Karen implodes NT
nammer04/24/17 01:52 PM
x*She really did cause quite a scene earlier NT
teetee04/24/17 01:53 PM
*Karen is 1 of these people in the world who talk about being honest & it's OK to have an opinion. When it's all about being mean & feeling superior NT
clea771 3   04/24/17 01:51 PM
x*I loved when she mentioned it was a great game move. Then she ruined it by being a hideous human being towards Kevin for no reason. NT
kristin62604/24/17 01:54 PM
x*It's Fantastic in the BB House but less so being on the receiving end in real life. And I have a feeling she vents alotttt. NT
clea7704/24/17 01:52 PM
x*It's not fantastic when she is so mean spirited about it. She just takes it WAY too far. Especially because she only targets Kev & Jackie. NT
kristin62604/24/17 01:56 PM
*Will we see a jury segmernt tonight? NT
1 1   04/24/17 01:41 PM
x*most likely on thursday NT
Dani04/24/17 01:47 PM
*So is anyone pissed that william used this secret veto and what does Demika think NT
Dancingclowns45 6   04/24/17 01:35 PM
x*def watch the karen clip NT
HES04/24/17 01:44 PM
x*Yeah Karen was a little bit pissed. NT
nammer04/24/17 01:37 PM
x*Karen is livid, but everyone thinks that Kevin saved himself. Demika are whatever, we were going to keep Kevin anyway. Ika suspected it was Kevin,
ntua04/24/17 01:36 PM
x*They were? I thought they wanted to keep Bruno? NT
krh503804/24/17 01:46 PM
x*It was Bruno at one point, but you know Ika... After her meltdown last night she sort of acquiesced and said I want Bruno & Dem & Dre want Kevin, so
ntua04/24/17 02:03 PM
x*Dumbeattrees was pissed for about 5 minutes. NT
Debbi195604/24/17 01:36 PM
*any idea why feeds are down? NT
HES5 3   04/24/17 01:29 PM
x*Because I really wanted to watch the Nascar race (yes I'm a redneck) and I didn't want to miss the feeds too.So BB did me a solid and shut them off NT
Blackheart04/24/17 01:42 PM
x*Peanut butter eating competition. NT
nammer04/24/17 01:29 PM
x*sounds about right NT
HES04/24/17 01:31 PM
*Can the regular feeds be rewound or only the viewer? Thanks, NT
mango4 2   04/24/17 01:19 PM
x*But viewer can go back to past days, where I don't think the regular feeds can, can they? NT
Blackheart04/24/17 01:43 PM
x*Yes, just move the little white button to the left. NT
Debbi195604/24/17 01:22 PM
*Aside from Karen, the most funny line post veto was Ika: "all I want to know is which 1 of you would use secret veto on me if I was OTB" NT
shadow1235 2   04/24/17 01:15 PM
x*Ika: "For all I know, I'm secretly Caucasian." NT
zolaesque04/24/17 01:19 PM
x*Kevin to Bruno "William used the veto on me." Bruno "why didn't he use one on me?" NT
Blackheart04/24/17 01:51 PM
*Has Will told Dre he had the secret power? NT
decafjnr10 7   04/24/17 01:10 PM
x*He's terrified of telling her. But 2 HGs already know, matter of time before it spreads NT
shadow12304/24/17 01:17 PM
x*Wait--didn't Kevin tell Ika and Dem as well? Or did he just tell them it wasn't him?. NT
04/24/17 01:20 PM
x*Just told them it wasn't him but they didn't believe him NT
shadow12304/24/17 01:22 PM
x*Not that we saw (or heard in English) NT
04/24/17 01:12 PM
x*He better be scared if she does, and that he didn't tell her, but he told Kev, who told Bruno NT
decafjnr04/24/17 01:13 PM
x*True, she'll be mad because she shares everything with him all the time. NT
04/24/17 01:17 PM
x*No she doesn't. NT
khabeysi04/24/17 01:43 PM
*did William use the veto yet? NT
MenOfBigBrother4 3   04/24/17 01:10 PM
x*Yes, the secret one NT
decafjnr04/24/17 01:10 PM
x*who is off and who is up NT
MenOfBigBrother04/24/17 01:12 PM
x*Kevin Off ... Karen up (this has been feeds GOLD!) NT
SDGirl04/24/17 01:15 PM
*anyone have a FB time for karens meltdown? NT
muskrat8 2   04/24/17 01:06 PM
x*Feeds came back after veto meeting at 11:46am and went down at about 1:00Pm. She was going most of the time the feeds were up. NT
Blackheart04/24/17 01:09 PM
x* thank you :) NT
muskrat04/24/17 01:10 PM
*I don't get why the live feeds go down for such a long time. NT
chrono1 1   04/24/17 01:01 PM
x*BBCan doesn't care about feedsters NT
04/24/17 01:05 PM
*BBCAN Twitter account makes a shady playlist for the HGS...Its pretty funny
Dani120 2   04/24/17 01:00 PM
x*LOL I wish they would do more. Bruno's surely has to have "I've Got You Babe " on his, right? NT
krh503804/24/17 01:40 PM
x*So while feeds are down to film a commercial they are tweeting out spotify ads. Awesome. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 01:39 PM
*Angels will descend on the earth, the heavens will open, the choirs will be singing- on the day of #DreExposedParty NT
2 1   04/24/17 12:48 PM
x*Dre's going nuts over the fact Bruno/Kev are even talking to D/I. She thinks Kevin sold her out lol. NT
nammer04/24/17 12:49 PM
*I'm not shocked Karen went off today, but I am surprised she seemed to lash out at everyone (except Ika). Dillon was like WTF?? NT
4 3   04/24/17 12:44 PM
x*She's a hot mess ... and it's glorious!! NT
SDGirl04/24/17 12:50 PM
x*well they're all in on it dontcha know NT
zolaesque04/24/17 12:49 PM
x*I know. But they don't LOL! NT
04/24/17 12:50 PM
*F5 : Look for the Kev, Jac & Will Triangle to be played out. It really is a thing. Along w Demika. They are all liked. That I know. We'll see. NT
clea7719 12   04/24/17 12:37 PM
x*They ...meaning Production. Little birdie. NT
clea7704/24/17 12:51 PM
x*And they're not crazy about Dillon. That's all I know. NT
clea7704/24/17 01:02 PM
x*But the only people playing with their emotions now are Demika & William until F2 where they will all be savvy & smart. $$$ NT
clea7704/24/17 12:39 PM
x*Jackie has a boyfriend, there is no triangle, she is done with Kevin NT
Usernamejax04/24/17 12:39 PM
x*We're talking crushes. There are no bf's in BB house tho. Go watch feeds. It was Kev who revealed. Jac just knows Will gets jealous & he does!!NT
clea7704/24/17 12:43 PM
x*Will gets jealous if Kevin talks to anyone, but there is no triangle NT
Usernamejax04/24/17 12:47 PM
x*It's not yet a real triangle or 3-way but when people stay longer & certain relationships get closer. Watch out. NT
clea7704/24/17 12:53 PM
x*It might be true on Kevin and William's side but i doubt Jackie wants any part of that mess. NT
SpaceEVA04/24/17 12:58 PM
x*Probably not. Don't think she's that open minded. But there is a connection there. See it on both of their faces since early on & still there. NT
clea7704/24/17 01:13 PM
x*And Kevin has always said he has a hard time expressing real feelings to someone. And he will not do it in this game. Only fauxmance feels. NT
clea7704/24/17 01:27 PM
x*But game & 100K is #1 RN. Kev does not need Jac in game to help him unless she survives & Jac needs every1 in game. Kev needs Bru & Will. NT
clea7704/24/17 01:19 PM
x*Resentment & jealousy from all sides will be in play. But that's true with any 3some or 4some in the game. NT
clea7704/24/17 12:57 PM
*Just caught up and William must have pulled off some acting job because Dre told him that she felt so bad at how upset William was trying to get his
ntua114 1   04/24/17 12:35 PM
x*I don't think it was the acting job that got Dre, but Dre expects the truth out of William. William probably knows Dre would rip his head off. NT
nammer04/24/17 12:36 PM
*Why does Karen think she's a big move to get out? This woman is delusional. Yeah, people were plotting to get you out, Karen. NT
RickyRoma6 1   04/24/17 12:32 PM
x*Cause she's been the target since week 2, didn't you know. Enemy #1. Biggest threat. It's true -just ask her. NT
NSGirl04/24/17 12:39 PM
*How many sentences will Jackie say on the show this week? Not including her vote to evict. NT
WillettDrizzle7 4   04/24/17 12:29 PM
x*Jackie? Is that the one that smokes the pot? NT
Poz04/24/17 12:35 PM
x*Do sobs and whining count? NT
WillRulz04/24/17 12:34 PM
x*I'd say more than what is relevant in the BBCAN edited episodes as a safe guess. NT
SpaceEVA04/24/17 12:33 PM
x*I was gonna say 1... NT
nammer04/24/17 12:31 PM
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