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BB News & Rumors T A fan on Reddit said he bumped into Maven at a gay bar (Bar Ten), and a drunk Raven told him that she and Matt were invited back for Celebrity BB. moeopoly 09/24/17 06:07 PM
BB Media T PopTv's Backyard Segments moeopoly 09/23/17 08:17 PM
BB Media T 'Big Brother' Stars Raven and Matt React to #ExposeRavenParty, Give Relationship Update Dreamer 09/23/17 02:53 AM
BB Discussion T So Gina Marie BB15 Really wants to fight Raven! who will win? bbsittingducks 09/22/17 07:41 PM
BB Media T Raven Walton | Big Brother 19 Finale Interview | AfterBuzz TV Red Carpet Dreamer 09/22/17 02:43 PM
BB Media T All Jury House Finger Paintings moeopoly 09/19/17 04:00 PM
BB News & Rumors T The last battles, the last eviction, and the final live vote determine the winner of the $500,000. Also, the winner of "AFH" is announced Wed at 8/7c! Dreamer 09/16/17 05:41 PM
BB News & Rumors T If I Didn't Hate You, We'd Still Be Good Friends Dreamer 09/15/17 02:32 PM
BB News & Rumors T 'Big Brother': A Week of No Comic Relief (RECAP) Dreamer 09/15/17 01:07 PM
BB Media T Wil Heuser - BB Saga - Ep. 8 - #RavenExposedParty moeopoly 09/11/17 10:06 PM
BB News & Rumors T Big Brother 19’ Jason and Raven Interview; ‘I Am Dumbfounded Right Now’ Dreamer 09/09/17 06:16 PM
BB HG Info T Thor is suppose to run out of battery power in November, Raven will then have a simple outpatient surgery.... Dreamer 09/09/17 01:04 AM
BB News & Rumors T Big Brother 19's Raven Stands By Saying Dance Was Her GPA: "100 Percent" Dreamer 09/08/17 03:10 PM
BB News & Rumors T Big Brother 19: Raven Walton Gets Exposed to the Jury House Dreamer 09/08/17 03:07 PM
BB News & Rumors T Big Brother: Raven says she 'played a great game' ~ The evicted player also is convinced Paul voted for her to stay Dreamer 09/08/17 03:01 PM
BB Media T After being voted out of Big Brother, Raven talks about her recent departure from the Season 19 house Dreamer 09/08/17 11:26 AM
BB Polls T After Jason's emotional exit, who is your choice for AFP & did it change? craftyjulz 09/08/17 10:31 AM
BB Media T Raven does a face-plant/near-backflip into the lemons! moeopoly 09/07/17 10:42 PM
BB News & Rumors T The Houseguests are in double-trouble when another live double eviction shows who is pulling the strings and who is merely a puppet ~ tonight @ 9pm Dreamer 09/07/17 02:54 PM
BB Discussion T Another Raven lie exposed.... moeopoly 09/07/17 01:29 PM
BB Flashbacks T BB19 September 6, TIME 1:42:50 pm(Cam1/2 ) Wednesday - Raven says she was kidnapped 2 days after her birthday EllyMentally 09/07/17 06:49 AM
BB News & Rumors T Big Brother recap: Cowboy Up, Meatball Down ~ Bobby Moynihan has more in common with you than you realized Dreamer 09/06/17 10:59 PM
BB Media T Week 10 Alliances & Deals Update! Josh, Christmas & Paul have named themselves the "Misfits" Dreamer 09/04/17 11:10 PM
BB News & Rumors T Big Brother recap: Silver Linings Playbook ~ Seeing the light in a season of darkness. Dreamer 09/03/17 09:55 PM
BB Highlights T I'm Ready to Cross That Fine Line Dreamer 09/03/17 03:08 PM

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