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A Lesson from Professor Kevin
08/31/17 02:30 PM

A Lesson from Professor Kevin
Thursday, August 31, 2017
By FeedWatcher

I have so much work to do...usually I can just put the live feeds on in the background and make note of anything interesting, but today I was happy to see Kevin up and about, having conversation like the old days. You know, three weeks ago.

So yadda yadda yadda, it's 5:00 PM here on the East Coast and I've wasted the entire work day on Big Brother, and I have tax returns to do. I guess I was so happy to hear some conversations that did not involve talking ***** about other house guests that I immersed myself in the action.


Kevin and Jason discussed how they slept, or didn't sleep. It sounds like Production pulled an all-nighter to edit tonight's episode, because they called Jason in for a DR session after midnight. Matt later reported that he got called in at 4:00 AM, which raises my hopes for a real blindside to occur, courtesy of Production. (I talked about that here..) I'm hoping that they were looking for some last-minute sound bytes to wrap up Matt's participation in the season. Just know that if that doesn't happen, I will be VERY disappointed, but what else is new this year?

Anyway, Jason was telling Kevin about his night in the HoH suite, and he said "and then".

Kevin: And then...and then..you sound like one of my kids. They always used to say that over and over when I would ask them what happened.

Jason: And then...probably just making ***** up.

Kevin: Yeah. And then I tried not to get in trouble.

They had a good laugh. Kevin wants to walk outside with Jason every morning, every day they can and Jason agrees. That's usually what they would be doing now, as the first ones up.

Jason mentions their talk last night about the Mayweather-McGregor fight, and says he kept thinking about the total purse being estimated at $250,000,000. It's just crazy, they both agree. Kevin said that Mayweather has been fighting for years, so he's considered to be spoiled with his riches.

Kevin: Mayweather will just go to Vegas and order 4 Bentleys to be delivered, without even getting inside any of them. He has a 15 car garage at home, so he has them take 4 of the cars away to make room for the new ones, that he might have driven twice in three years.

Kevin wishes he could have enjoyed all of the pre-fight press coverage, and encourages Jason to watch it online when he gets home, particularly the pre-fight press conference and the actual fight itself, of course.

Kevin: They try to keep it private, to make all the money, but it will get out there eventually. Read on here: http://bigbrotherlivefeedupdates.blogspot.com/2017/08/a-lesson-from-professor-kevin-bb19.html

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* A Lesson from Professor Kevin
Dreamer Administrator
08/31/17 02:30 PM
xx * I really enjoy your posts, Thank You! NT
08/31/17 07:14 PM
xx * I think they have both kept sane in that hell, because of the morning walks and talks.I know they have to be careful not to show their friendshop NT
08/31/17 06:02 PM

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