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Will You Still Love Me Three Days After Tomorrow?
08/08/17 10:57 AM

Will You Still Love Me Three Days After Tomorrow?
Monday, August 7, 2017
By FeedWatcher

This morning the PoV ceremony took place, and what we expected to happen did happen. Mark used his PoV and Raven went on the block in his place. Raven volunteered for this, and plans to wear a red dress on eviction night that Matt thinks makes her look hotter than Jessica. And we will have to hear a speech from her on live TV, so there's that. Prepare to cringe, folks.

Kevin does shave his head on the sides, if you're wondering. And he couldn't even have a moment to perform his ablutions in peace, because Cody started groping Jessica right next to him. Or I guess I should say "grab assing", in Kevin's honor. Today is Kevin's birthday, apparently. I thought it was yesterday, but I guess I thought wrong.

There is silent tension in the kitchen as Jessica strolls in to pour some coffee.

Kevin wants everyone to see his California breakfast of yogurt and granola.

Kevin: It's glutton-free.

(Yes, that's what he says. And that would be correct too, in a manner of speaking.)

In this conversation Christmas, Matt and Raven were talking about the prospects for Jessica and Cody's relationship, which is discussed later in this post.

(Fall tax season has started, so the timing of this information is rather jumbled up, I'm afraid.)

Raven chimed in that Cody said he wants four children, all boys. And she also had some other info to share.

Raven: Cody tried to kiss me....like really kiss me. But I told him he wasn't my type.

(Previously I've heard Raven claim that Cody invited her to stay in the HoH room the first night, but opted for Jessica instead after Raven turned him down.)

Raven: And then he told me that it wouldn't work out with us, anyway, because I can't have children.

Matt, visibly upset: WHAT? He said that?

Matt thinks Cody is a piece of ***** and indicated he would love to beat the crap out of him.

Christmas kept on eye on whom was talking to whom in the backyard, muttering to Matt about how Mark was really chumming up with Cody and Jessica now. The view of the backyard looks like a TV screen, doesn't it? Read on here: http://bigbrotherlivefeedupdates.blogspot.com/2017/08/will-you-still-love-me-three-days-after.html

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* Will You Still Love Me Three Days After Tomorrow?
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