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BB19 August 8, 12:36AM (Cam 1) Tuesday - Paul and Josh talk about how Raven and Matt are driving them crazy. (transcript inside)
08/08/17 11:21 AM

Josh: Dude, Matt and Raven are driving me CRAZY.
Paul: I'm about to lose my sh**.
Josh *claps hands*: I was taking a nap in my room..
Paul: ..and they came up..
Josh: And then, "AHAHAHAAA" *mimics Raven's laugh loudly* It's like... *slaps ear* Get the f* out!!
Paul: Dude, Raven..
Josh: THey drive me NUTS *hands over mouth*
Paul: I was taking a sh**, man.. and she's SCREAMING, "HURRY THE F* UP, GET THE F*.." And I'm like ??
Josh: I just spoke about that in the (DR)..
Paul: B*... Gimme.. I'm in the restroom! Let me sh** in peace. Calm the.. And then she calls me fat and sh**. Homeboy, you need to pump ur f*n brakes.
Kevin: That's for d* sure.
Josh: They're the ones that are always "Call him fat, call him fat." I'm like alight.. "What's up lethargic fata**" But I'm like why do they want me to call him that?
Paul: I don't give a f*, but it's like.. the verbal attacking. One day I'm gonna turn it on, I'm gonna be like 'Look, homie.. back the f* up.'

(Then they start talking about Matt, and getting Matt out after Jody & Elena)

Josh: I can see the fake sh**, it's like they're putting on an act... it's like FORCED. It's forced personality.
Paul: If Matt's up there (on Cody HOH) let's vote him to f* out.
Josh: This girl offers to go up, offers to go up - then I go up to my room and she goes "YOU OWE ME". Cuz I was worried about putting someone up, and she's like 'Oh don't worry, me or Matt will go up' And I'm like oh good, they just made my life easier. Which one feels more comfortable? She said she wanted to give a speech, so I'm like okay. I put her up, go up to the HOH room, "YOU OWE ME" - Da f*? So now I'm in debt with you??
Kevin: You know why she put herself up? So she could say hi to everybody. She was crying, I was like what the f* is she cryin for, she just put herself up..
*Paul chuckles*
Kevin: She was holdin herself like she was the only one at the wedding not getting married.
Paul: Christmas is gonna lose it.
Kevin: With Raven?
Paul: With Raven and Matt.
Josh: I had to calm her down! *whispers: I think that the meds are..* She's like, "I can't wait to f*n call these people out" I'm like.... Christmas, you need to relaaax. Cuz she's (Christmas) gonna lose it on her (Raven).
Paul: Dude, Raven and Matt are starting to p*ss eeeverybody off.
Kevin: Yeh.
Paul: Like.. even Mark & Elena don't like them. That's the thing, that's the thing.. they THINK they're SAFE.
Josh: I tell you what, man.. where Raven lost me, is when she started throwing personal attacks at Jess.
Paul: Yeh. Me too. That sh** was weird.
Josh: I went.. whooooah. It went.. it went.. I'm not down for that.
Paul: There's something about her character, where if.. I've noticed it.. Like if she.. She will not.. She'll never stans up for what she believes in. When someone says something, she'll be like "Yah, I really believe..."

(Kevin goes into how he said something purposefully and Paul said the opposite, she agreed with Paul and Kevin was the one right. They argue about how Houdini died, Kevin says for everyone to Google it and whoever is right have to buy the other dinner for five nights) [Note: Kevin was right]

(Then Kev talks about how Matt was gonna sleep in Josh's old bed at 4:30 in the morning because Raven was making noises)

(They talk about how people have gone crazy since Josh got HOH)
Paul: These m*fers are all crazy. I'm losing my f*n mind. I can't take these people seriously anymore. Like what the f* do you do in your regular life??
Josh: Same.
Paul: Who hangs out with you??
Josh: Like, how old is Matt?
Kev/Paul at same time: 33.
Josh: 33... I wanna be like Matt.. have ur n*ts dropped? Because you don't stand for sh**!
Kevin: Let's say hypothetically that Matt goes next week - what would you say he did here?
*Paul laughs*
Paul: Eat cereal and play with an f*n 22-year-old girl.
Kevin: Right. That's why I don't understand what he's gonna say he DID here?

(They go in to eat)

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* BB19 August 8, 12:36AM (Cam 1) Tuesday - Paul and Josh talk about how Raven and Matt are driving them crazy. (transcript inside)
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08/08/17 11:21 AM
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