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BB News & Rumors T Big Brother: The final three speak! Josh, Paul, and Christmas share their feelings about the jury vote and play a game of ‘What if?’ Dreamer 09/21/17 08:42 AM
BB Media T In the final HOH of the season, the final two contestants must guess the end of sentences based on what previous Houseguests have said Dreamer 09/21/17 01:45 AM
BB Media T Josh and Paul vie for votes in a Q&A with the Jury. Relive it! Dreamer 09/21/17 01:19 AM
BB Media T Paul turns the microwave on to practice his speech...... Dreamer 09/19/17 05:05 PM
BB Media T Houseguests after Round 1 Unicorn Comp ~ Dreamer 09/15/17 12:43 AM
BB News & Rumors T Big Brother 19 Live Feeds: This Is Who Paul Plans on Taking to Final 2 (TVGuide) moeopoly 09/14/17 10:09 AM
BB Media T BB Comic Covers: Paul, Christmas, Josh, Kevin, Alex moeopoly 09/12/17 07:57 PM
BB Media T Big Brother 19 Review - Part 10 - Covering Jason and Raven's Eviction DanTheMan1 09/10/17 03:14 PM
BB Flashbacks T BB19 September 8, 6:06PM (Cam 3) Friday - Paul nudges Christmas aside to give Josh a cheek slap and call him an f*n idiot for buying Alex's crying. moeopoly 09/08/17 09:19 PM
BB Polls T Will Josh Backdoor Paul AlohaDragon 09/08/17 06:52 PM
BB Polls T After Jason's emotional exit, who is your choice for AFP & did it change? craftyjulz 09/08/17 10:31 AM
BB Media T Photos of Paul in his younger years......... Dreamer 09/03/17 09:40 PM
BB Updates T 12:51 BB Time: Cmas, Raven, & Paul in HOH. Paul asks Cmas what her plans are for noms. They begin to discuss whether she craftyjulz 09/01/17 01:52 PM
BB Flashbacks T BB19 August 30, 9:07pm (Cam 1/2) Wed - Raven yelling at Matt in the kitc. (Xmas wants to take Raven's fuking head off, put it in the garbage disposal) Dreamer 08/31/17 03:00 AM
BB News & Rumors T The ‘Big Brother’ Paul situation shows why returning players are a bad idea on reality TV Dreamer 08/21/17 09:56 PM
BB Polls T Instead, who do you THINK will win America's Favorite? craftyjulz 08/20/17 11:20 AM
BB Polls T Do You Think Xmas Will Instigate a... AlohaDragon 08/19/17 03:05 PM
BB Flashbacks T BB19 August 8, 12:36AM (Cam 1) Tuesday - Paul and Josh talk about how Raven and Matt are driving them crazy. (transcript inside) moeopoly 08/08/17 11:21 AM
BB HG Info T Paul Describes Girlfriend Aug 6th Cam 2 @ 2:54am. mocalap67 08/06/17 12:02 PM
BB Polls T Will Paul be able to play in HOH comp next week? moeopoly 07/28/17 09:58 AM
BB Flashbacks T BB19 July 25, 2:28:50 - 3:11 PM (Cam 1, then Cam 3/4) Tuesday - Kevin & Paul chat in lounge room about different HGs for 40 minutes moeopoly 07/25/17 09:51 PM
BB Polls T Which HG has made the worst move(s) in the game so far? Please also reply to clarify your vote or with any other comments. craftyjulz 07/25/17 12:00 PM
BB Media T Paul Unbearded moeopoly 07/19/17 09:38 AM
BB News & Rumors T Paul Reflects On The Life Lessons He Learned From Big Brother moeopoly 07/13/17 02:04 PM
BB Media T Paul + CREMO Company (Beard Products)? moeopoly 07/11/17 08:34 PM

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