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Acronyms and names used by Joker's Updaters...
BB22 Terms
Stars - or *Stars*, is used to describe when feeds are blocked with an image of paint splatter and stars. This is this season's version of "Fish".

NT - Update is marked as subject line only, and contains 'No Text' in the post.
(TV) - Indicates the update is from the TV episode content (such as an eviction show)
(NL) - Indicates the update is 'Not Live'. Older updates use this instead of '(TV)' for TV Show updates.
BBT - Big Brother Time (Pacific Timezone).

The House

CC - Camp Comeback
HNR or HN - Have Not Room
HOH - Head of Household Room
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Hot Tips for Live Feeders, Guidelines, and Update Archives
You guys are =the= best updaters on the web, and we all love you for it. Jokers is known for it's updaters world wide. I would ask only that you cut way back on personal comments.

In addition, please try to be unbiased... not everyone hates Natalie, for example! Simply don't add your own narrative, and all will be well. Make sure you know the facts.... your updates shouldn't contain the phrase "I think.".

Update what you see: don't 'fill in the blanks' lol! Don't put Nat and Jessie were talking in the BR NT (Please tell us WHAT they were talking about.) Also, if you just have a few words in the title... and a few inside... put them together in the title and use NT...
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