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Acronyms and names used by Joker's Updaters...
NT - Update is marked as subject line only, and contains 'No Text' in the post.
(TV) - Indicates the update is from the TV episode content (such as an eviction show)
(NL) - Indicates the update is 'Not Live'. Older updates use this instead of '(TV)' for TV Show updates.
BBT - Big Brother Time (Pacific Timezone).

The House

CC - Camp Comeback
HNR or HN - Have Not Room
HOH - Head of Household Room
BR - Bedroom
MW - Memory Wall
KT - Kitchen
BY - Backyard
HT - HotTub
DR - Diary Room
LR - Living Room
SR - Storage Room
BA - Bathroom Area
WC - Water Closet (Toilet)


OTB - On The Block
LD - Houseguests are in Lock Down, unable to access part of the house or backyard
DE - Double Eviction
BD - Backdoor
HN - Have Not
DOR - Dropped on Request (quit)
HG - Houseguest
GBM - Goodbye Message

Animals/Kitties/Puppies - Blocked feeds showing animal shelter kitties/puppies/bunnies, this usually indicates a competition/ceremony is taking place.
Fish - Blocked feeds showing fish tank. This usually means production is censoring the content.
BBAD - Big Brother After Dark
OTEV - Veto Backwards, is a veto competition

Did we miss any in this short list?
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