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Wed 2:57 PM ETAdam, Dane & Anthony plot to convince Damien that they are forming a guys alliance and want to include him (and Mark). They joke about how they'll need to come up with a name for this new 5 guy alliance NT - royannb
Wed 2:39 PM ETSam tells Adam & Chelsea that MamaK had already told her most of her life story and it was sad, but this is a game and they all have things in their life. NT - royannb
Wed 2:14 PM ETChelsea cries saying Canada will hate her for putting MamaK on the block since she has kids and a hard life. The others assure her it's not her fault, she didn't know all this info about MamaK when she put her on the block. NT - royannb
Wed 2:11 PM ETSam, Chelsea, Kyra agree to try to keep calm and not let the guys know they are on to them. NT - royannb
Wed 2:08 PM ETSam overheard Adam and Dane throwing her under the bus to each other. She tells Chelsea and Kyra that the guys are playing them. NT - royannb
Wed 2:07 PM ETMamaK has a house meeting to confess her age and the hardships in her life. NT - royannb
Wed 12:06 PM ETMamaK alone in bed, practices her speech calling out Adam, Sam & Chelsea. NT - royannb
Tue 8:06 PM ETEddie tells MamaK that no one is fighting for her. She replies that Anthony is. NT - royannb
Tue 2:17 PM ETAM Update: Anthony going around spreading his seeds putting target on Damien by saying he heard D was coming after Adam/Sam. Chelsea tells Anth that she wants MamaK gone this wk & worry about Damien later because everyone is coming after them eventually. - JSweetness
Cory was questioned by Adam who her targets were & Cory replied I can tell you who they arent & it's not you, Sam, or Chelsea. She said throwing names out is not a great ideas. They are currently on outside LD. Adam was raising his voice at Sam about her loyalty. Saying she makes deals with everyone else & talks game w/them without him. Then she doesn't trust Dane, Anth, or Marc & those are the people they are working with. Sam said I am not saying go after them now but eventually we have to because everyone has to go! They smooch & make up. Sam saying I trust you and him replying I trust you! General chit chat at hot tub!
Mon 3:01 PM ETEddie tells Chelsea that he will vote with the house. NT - royannb
Mon 2:17 PM ETKiKi & Esty decide to be nice, smile, nod, act dumb and keep their mouths shut so they don't look like threats. NT - royannb
Mon 1:47 PM ETMamaK is on the block - she tells Cory & Eddie to vote with the house. NT - royannb
Mon 10:52 AM ETEye spy is on the screen again! :) NT - JSweetness
Mon 10:51 AM ETThis morning Dane told KK that she was the one more likely coming down. They figure it is MamaK going up. Adam questioned KK age saying she wasnt 23. Dane & Twins question MamaK real age bcz she once slipped up said her hb nt bf. NT - JSweetness
Sun 6:04 PM ETMark & Adam playing pool. Other feed Anthony, Kiki, Cory & Chelsea chatting. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 6:01 PM ETAfter MamaK went inside Chelsea told Dane that she was sorry it took so long to tell him, that Sam is using the veto & Chelsea is putting MamaK up. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 5:40 PM ETThey talk about Tyler (BBUS) hair. Dane said he looked like Fabien. MamaK said he had nice hair. Dane said he was a mastermind. Dane liked that season. Tyler stuck to his ride or die but lost to her. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 5:38 PM ETChelsea, Dane out by hot tub ready to talk game but MamaK came out. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 5:37 PM ETThey talk about who would put up Sam. Estefania, Damien, Eddie, Dane. Sam is not liked. Sam will always control Adam. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 5:35 PM ETAnthony tells Cory that he would jeopardize his game for her. He needs her in the game. She is smarter than anybody else. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 5:29 PM ETAnthony tells Cory that he does not think anyone will put her up. Cory says she feels that too. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 5:28 PM ETAnthony tells Cory that he thinks the majority of the house think they should put up a pawn to get the other person out. They don't think deep. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 5:26 PM ETAnthony telling Cory that Adam is the type of guy who at 14 shoves grocery's in his pants & walks out not thinking they can't see the bulges. That's who is is. You love him but.. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 5:20 PM ETEddie complaining to MamaK about someone giving him a hard time for not putting his toilet seat down. It's not fair. Adam does it to. MamaK tells him not stress. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 5:06 PM ETEstefania tells Dane that Sam is a smart person but also paranoid one. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 5:04 PM ETEstefania tells Dane that she doesn't think that Mark will try for an HOH unless he doesn't feel safe. NT - MyBestBud
Sun 5:01 PM ETEstefania & Dane cuddling near the hot tub. Estefania asks him why Sam is throwing out his name. Dane says that Sam said to Adam that doesn't he think that Dane is going to come after him. Dane said him & Adam have never talked game, they just have a weird.. - MyBestBud
guy bond. That's why I think that if you, Kiki, Damien or I win HOH, I think I/we can control him. If Sam did go home I think I can control him. Estefania says ya. Dane says Adam is a very emotionally guy. Estefania says it would be so stupid for Adam's game to listen to that because at the end of the day Adam is the strongest one there. And then it's all on him

Dane says that maybe tonight they can talk about Estefania personal life. Estefania says sure.
Sun 4:50 PM ETSam to Adam who is plucking his nose hairs. Don't pluck them all, just the ones that show in front. They are there to stop the dust from going to your brain. (LOL) NT - MyBestBud
Sun 4:05 PM ETAnthony - Yesterday Kyra said infront of everyone in the backyard in the veto "Should I throw the comp" NT - Seny69
Sun 4:01 PM ETAnthony to Mark - I have a plan i'm putting into motion. Kyra ABSOLUTELY screwed herself in the veto yesterday. Unredeemable. Nobody will ever forget it. NT - Seny69
Sun 4:00 PM ETAnthony to Mark "Sam is on top of the house right now. She has taken out Laura, She took out Maki, and shes the root of taking out Mama K NT - Seny69
Sun 3:58 PM ETAnthony to Mark - Adam and Sam are playing eachother. She doesn't know about the PB's and he doesn't know shes just using him for protection NT - Seny69
Sun 3:57 PM ETChelsea with Sam talking to Kiera. They want to work together, Trust eachother, "You gave us all the right answers" NT - Seny69
Sun 3:16 PM ETChelsea telling Kyra she wishes she never told Mark the plan he's playing both sides of the house and she doesn't trust him NT - Seny69
Sun 1:25 PM ETWe have the eye spy screen NT - JSweetness
Sun 1:24 PM ETChel Sam Adam says Ed & Dam should be their next targets NT - JSweetness
Sun 1:08 PM ETAdam believes KK & Estefania will be loyal to them for saving K off the blk. & that KK/Estefania only want Jury. NT - JSweetness
Sun 1:07 PM ETSam taking KK down thinking they win her trust. Chel, Sam, Adam, & Dane talking they have each others back. Dane says in the ears other side to keep us safe. Dane never mentioned his convo w/KK & Estefania that girls got to go! NT - JSweetness
Sun 12:55 PM ETDane tells Ad that KK/Estefania would go after Dam. & Ad says that Chel/Sam/Ky are worried about Mar NT - JSweetness
Sun 12:52 PM ETAdam telling Dane what Chel & girls were saying yesterday! Dane said were they coming after me this wk to BD me. A says no no! That the girls feel threaten by KK & Stef NT - JSweetness
Sun 12:49 PM ETAdam telling Dane that he talked to KK & said trying to get Sam to use POV. Sam uses POV they could get those girls to nt come after us. The girls just want to make jury! NT - JSweetness
Sun 12:40 PM ETE talking about Ky cheating in the POV & MamaK said it went no where in DR. They are still nt sure why they are on Slop. NT - JSweetness
Sun 12:35 PM ETMamaK & E think Chel Sam Mar & Adam in F4 & that Adam wants Dane gone bcz he cant beat him in end. They said Ant has another side of fear! NT - JSweetness
Sun 12:31 PM ETMamaK going to talk to Chel to see what her plan is w/POV. NT - JSweetness
Sun 12:28 PM ETMamaK said Kyra and Mar now and BD. Now changing her mind between Cory and Mar. Question, is Kyra really that big of threat over those boys? NT - JSweetness
Sun 12:26 PM ETEddie says he would put up Cory and Mar. MamaK said she would put up Kyra & ? They think Mar is floater and Cory w/other side! NT - JSweetness
Sun 12:24 PM ETMamaK going through options for noms next wk, Mar, Kyra, Sam, Adam, & Cory is ? They said Chel keeps them safe this wk she is safe but little do they know MamaK is the target this wk. NT - JSweetness
Sun 11:50 AM ETjust general chic chat NT - JSweetness
Sun 11:45 AM ETSam just said to Mar glad I have you & he says you have Adam. Mar, Pretty obvious your w/him sitting on his lap while he is working out! NT - JSweetness
Sun 11:43 AM ETMamaK said we need to unite the floaters to take Adam out bcz he is the head of that side. NT - JSweetness

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