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Wed 10:18 PM PTAnd with that.....#BB20 is a wrap!! See everyone back this winter for Celebrity BB! OUT! NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:17 PM PTOff The Block has ended. Ross & Marissa said they had a blast doing their show this season. They thank CBS for letting them do the show and the fans for watching each week. NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:16 PM PTJC said the toughest thing about the season was not having a schedule. He said he knew what he wanted to do each day but never knew what was going on or what was going to happen. NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:14 PM PTJC said that in a F2 with Tyler they were both hated and felt it would have been a 50/50 chance to win. NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:14 PM PTJC said he would have stayed loyal and would have taken Tyler to F2. NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:13 PM PTJC said he was most disappointed that he didn't win HOH Part 2 and was so close to getting it done. NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:12 PM PTJC said going in his goal was to be super loyal. JC said he knew at the end he wouldn't get to F2 because he wasn't winning comps. NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:11 PM PTJC now on stage. They asked if he is happy with getting 3rd. JC said he is happy. NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:09 PM PTBB19 Josh joining on stage next. NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:06 PM PTRachel Reiley picked Tyler as well. Rachel wants to see Sheena from Vanderpump Rules on CBB NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:06 PM PTFrankie Grande also picked Tyler NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:05 PM PTLance Bass picked Tyler to win BB20. NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:05 PM PTRoss said Mark McGrath picked Kaycee to win BB20. Mark wants to see Gary Busey & Dennis Rodman on CBB NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:00 PM PTMarissa says that she would like to see #TAngela on The Amazing Race NT - NoleJP
Wed 10:00 PM PTAngela comes on stage and asks Tyler to move in with her. Tyler accepts, then gives her a kiss. Stage crew cheers for them. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:57 PM PTRoss asked who he was the most nervous to see tonight. Tyler said he was so scared to look at Angela because he did not tell her all the secrets NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:56 PM PTTyler said he had to keep the other side of the house guessing where his true loyalties were at. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:56 PM PTTyler said the big difference with Kaycee is that he went to her with the F2 idea, and everyone else that he was F2 with was due to them coming to him instead. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:55 PM PTTyler said he was trying to play the best game that he could possibly play and kept trying to suppress all the negative energy. He is happy for Kaycee to win. Tyler also confirmed that he would 100% have taken Kaycee to F2 NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:54 PM PTMarissa tells Tyler that everyone was picking him from day 1 to win BB20. Tyler seems surprised with that information. They tell him that Julie picked him to win was well. Tyler is happy with that news. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:53 PM PTTyler joining them next. Big hugs for them both. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:51 PM PTKaycee said she wanted to stick to her word and take Tyler to the end. She felt that Tyler would have taken her as well. She felt JC would have taken Tyler and the only way to get to the end was to get there herself. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:50 PM PTRoss asks Kaycee about it being very risky taking Tyler. Kaycee said she never thought about taking JC to F2. She said the agreement at the start of the game was kept 100% throughout. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:49 PM PTKaycee said she was very fortunate to link up with Level 6. She said coming into the game she didn't know if she could trust anyone. She appreciates LVL 6 and is so happy that was with them to get where she was right now. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:49 PM PTKaycee said that towards the end of the game more competitions came that fit her style and did well at them. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:48 PM PTKaycee said she never threw any comps during the season. She said she was not good with True/False games. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:47 PM PTMarissa said her son started saying "LET'S GO", trying to be like her NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:47 PM PTKaycee said she enjoys life and is happy that her family is her #1 fans and that means everything for her NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:46 PM PTRoss & Marissa were sitting next to Kaycee's parents in the audience, and after Kaycee got her first vote, Kaycee's dad gave a pumped up cheer NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:45 PM PTKaycee said she is at a loss for words and it is very surreal. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:45 PM PTKaycee joining them next. Cheers from everyone around the stage. Marissa said "LET'S GO!" NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:44 PM PTMarissa opened Dr. Wills envelope and wants Neil Patrick Harris on CBB NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:44 PM PTMarissa opens Omarosa's card -- no name written on it. Marissa said that Omarosa is off writing a book about it, but did reference Kaycee in conversation. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:43 PM PTRoss opens' Marissa envelope -- she picked Rachel. Marissa said she felt a girl from LVL 6 would win. She felt Rachel was nice to Sam when she was a robot. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:42 PM PTMarissa opens Ross's envelope -- Scottie was his pick. Marissa laughs, and so does the stage crew NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:42 PM PTRoss opening Julie Chen's envelope for the winner predicted at the start of the season -- Tyler was her pick NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:39 PM PTRoss asks Scottie if he's going to Swaggy & Bayleigh's wedding will he wear the Swaggy C shirt (same that he wore to vote Swaggy out). Scottie asked if the groomsmen would be wearing them to? Laughter all around. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:39 PM PTSteve said seeing it first hand in the game, then after on the feeds, the final 3 ended up just as it should have NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:37 PM PTScottie said that Kaycee put her game in her hands but winning the vetos she ensured that she could not go home week after week. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:36 PM PTSteve said he was blessed to be a part of the game, but was sad that he had to leave Scottie in the game. Scottie said he didn't know who to go to to try and make friends NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:35 PM PTSteve stands up and poses -- Ross & Marissa ask him about his weight loss. Steve said he's lost 67 pounds since leaving the house -- working on his diet, and happy his wife has supported him on the journey NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:35 PM PTScottie & Steve joining next. Marissa jokes that Scottie is their regular guest NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:33 PM PTRoss said for a while in the game they were looking for her, but then they saw all sides of her and congratulated her on a well played game -- and got a BF out of it. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:32 PM PTAngela said being able to talk to Tyler about her hometown was a way to escape from the game, and she went with her gut to stick with it and it worked out with him NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:32 PM PTAngela said Tyler is the first guy she has ever said "I love you" to first. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:31 PM PTAngela said the little hiccup with Rachel broke her heart. She wanted to be so loyal, and when she heard about someone going rouge, it set her off. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:30 PM PTRoss asks her about LVL 6 and if she thought that Kaycee would ever evict her. Angela said she didn't but by the time it came down to it, it was so far along so it was going to happen. NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:29 PM PTAngela joining next. Ross asks her what Angela is like now vs. the day before the show when they talked to her. - NoleJP
Angela said she came into the house with walls up, but ended up a different now. She said she is happy to have met Tyler, one of the best things about the game.
Wed 9:27 PM PTRoss said Haleigh wants to see Paris Hilton on Celebrity BB (wrote it 8 times on the card). Faysal wants to see Lebron & Chris Brown NT - NoleJP
Wed 9:26 PM PTMarissa tells them both that Jess & Cody are pregnant. Haleigh is surprised and happy. Says BB is this is the place to find love (on BB) NT - NoleJP

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