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12:59pm DETAILED Conversation Jessica/Josh/Cody - Very Long!
08/08/17 04:32 PM

1259pm - kitchen - camera3/4

Josh/Jessica fight - the beginning

Paul/Josh were making a joke about Matt being the cause of the California drought because of all the showers Matt takes. They were joking and then Jess started in with Josh.........

Paul: He is the cause of the California drought
Josh:Matt is the problem because of the drought
Jessica: Josh can u spell drought
Josh: D R O U G H T
Paul: He got u
Jessica: wow im proud of u
Jessica:im pretty sure i could stump him on 100 other words so not to worried about it
Josh: im actually very smart Jess. i have a college degree. i have a business.
Jessica: okay whatever u say Josh
Josh: just a little slow but im 23 and extremely successful and it feels great right buddy
Paul: fair game. fair game.

Jessica walks out

Josh: why so mad
Paul: idk clearly upset
Josh: clearly pissed

1:03 -Josh outside telling Christmas/Elena about what happened/ Kevin/Paul/Raven outside too.
Josh tells what Jess said.
Paul: yeah that was mean that wasn't nice
Josh: they make everything so personal
Paul: kill them with kindness buddy
Josh: yeah

1:10 (outside Christmas/Elena/Paul/Josh)
Josh:this girl pissed me off with her smartass remark
Christmas: she's salty its fine let her be salty
She's just salty cause she's going home she used her hex inappropriately
Josh: i didnt even say sh*t to her i just smiled at her i haven't said anything to her
Christmas: u dont have to talk to her
Josh: if she wants to walk around here
Paul: whats funny is she put herself on the block
Josh: yes like her whole little strategy blew up in her face so its like she was gona go up either way
Christmas: yeah
Josh: go get Jess and ask her why she's so mad. no tell her tell Jess i said to spell drought (Mark with snap glasses going inside)
Christmas: i dont care if she wants something sweet for her selfie
Elena: thats funny
Paul: no ask her how to spell evicted
Josh (jumps up to go inside)
Christmas: i have to hear this
Josh:(goes inside) Wait. where's Jess. i have a snap. are u ready
Jessica: oh go f*ck urself
Josh: can u spell evicted (Mark is snap chatting with the glasses)
Josh: that's all i wanted. i wanted to play nice but then she wanted to be a smartass.
Josh goes back outside
(all playing with the snap glasses)
Jessica: dumbest human being i've ever met in my life. dumbest.

Josh walks in kitchen
Cody STARING him down

Jessica: Josh im warning you today's not the day literally not the day
Cody: Listen here u f*ckin piece of ***** (hand gestures) i swear
Jessica: cuts off Cody. tells him Don't!
Josh: i didnt even put u on the
Jessica: Josh get away from me
Josh: idk why ur
Cody: u just come in here to gain sum F*ckin attention for snapchat
Josh: she made me feel she's like oh spell drought i'll make you look stupid . im like Jess i have a degree and i have a business idk why ur mad
Jessica: i still think ur a moron!
Cody: ur the dumbest f*ckin person we've ever met Josh!
Josh: thats fine.
Cody: you f*ckin waddle around here with your fat f*ckin body acting like your f*cking tough but you know it's only cause we can't f*ckin do sh*t in here.
Josh: okay
Cody: u wanna f*ckin try this sh*t on the outside go for it i f*ckin dare you
Josh: okay u guys are making it real personal
Jessica: im not in the mood today so just dont speak to me (she's the one that involved herself in Josh/Paul's joke about Matt and started it insinuating Josh is dumb)
Jessica: don't address me. get away from me. because ur not. i will play along today.
Josh:I haven't even
Jessica:i got two days baby bring it on!
Josh: i was talking about Matt and u inserted yourself!
Jessica: go away
Josh: spell drought your real stupid
Jessica: actually i didn't say your stupid till right now. now im gonna say it. you're stupid!
Josh: okay.
Josh: okay. how am i stupid?
Jessica: do u listen to yourself on a daily basis? because unfortunately i have to.
Josh: okay. you're going to watch back and you're going to feel stupid. (Remember Josh has been pushing for Elena to go and Jess to stay)
Jessica: no im not!
Josh: yes u are. cause i tried. and im gona leave it at that.
Jessica: okay goodbye!
Josh: bye. you guys are gona feel so stupid when you watch back.
Josh: so stupid. you both played yourselves.
Jessica: ohh evict me im terrified. there's nothing for me in the outside world.
Josh: i never said that.
Jessica: go away
Josh: never called u a moron. never called u stupid. never called u a fat f*ck that u wabble
Cody: wait till u see the sh*t i say about you! i'll f*ckin destroy you Josh!
Josh: thats fine
Cody: ill f*ckin destroy you on the outside. i dont give a f*ck about you.
Josh: nice.. anything else u wanna say?
Cody: im gona rip you the f*ck apart on the outside i swear to God im gona make the whole world know what a piece of sh*t you are!
Josh: they're watching .so u cant. u dont have the power to do that
Cody: great!i dont give a f*ck
Josh: u dont have the power to do any of that
Cody: i dont give a f*ck!
Josh: why are u so mad?
Josh: like do u realize youre playing a game?
Cody: this isn't a f*ckin game to me Josh this is real f*ckin life
Josh: ok.. so why. you guys haven't spoken to me in 49 days. but u have all these judgements you dont even know me and u have all these judgements on me. you dont even know me
Jessica: we Dont speak to people we dont like! so is that weird
Josh: okay.thats funny cause when Cody wasnt here you were talking to me
Jessica: really i was talking to you every time hey can we talk
Josh: Jess u pulled me aside a hour
Jessica : u attacked me
Josh: Jess u pulled me a aside a hour
Jessica: you (yelling)
Josh: interrupts her. Jess im not gonna yell cause im HOH and im
Jessica: you're a coward. you are a coward!
Josh: i'm happy. im hoh. im living the dream.
Jessica: u got lucky with some stupid hoh comp.
Josh: okay. you are digging your grave because
Jessica: baby i got a life outside of this house u gonna evict me im not scared
Josh: who asked u nobody asked you
Jessica: im sorry. what? enunciate (puts her finger to her ear)
Josh: so im a moron. im a fat wabbly f*ck youre making this game real personal when you
Cody: interrupts. Waddle
Josh: when u guys watch you're gona feel real stupid. watch this week and you're gonna feel real stupid cause youre playing Codys game
Jessica: no im not
Josh: yes u are
Jessica: no im not
Josh: yes u are. Cody single handily ruined your whole game and youre still standing back
Jessica: and the only reason ppl keep you in this house is cause your a moron! and you can't think for yourself!
Josh: wow.
Josh: wow.. if i couldn't think for myself , when u watch back you are gona feel real stupid (he wanted to keep her and vote Elena off but everyone else wanted Jess out not Elena)
Jessica: well plz make me feel dumb its gona take a lot
Josh: ur gona be home and you're gona watch it and you're gona regret it..
Jessica: no im not no im not. shaking her head no.
Josh: you know whats sad. how old are you 26? and you're like 37?
im 23 and im more mature than you guys
Cody: no ur not.
Josh: anything you say doesnt effect me. it doesnt bother me. because im a happy man at 23 years old im extremely successful . ive been loving life. and sitting at a table that ppl want me to sit you two f*cks dont even fit in with us. you two .like you. if he wasn't there you woulda sat with us and had a great time but he controls you. (last night the house had a family dinner for Kevin's birthday, Jess and Cody didn't go)
Jessica: i cannot stand the sound of your voice!
Cody: your so cool have fun with it
Josh: i can go to starbucks and talk to somebody u shutdown socially as soon as u have a conversation if its not for Jess your social game would be sh*t
Jess: what are u talking about
Josh: so i can obtain a conversation
Jess: obtain? obtain isn't a word!
Cody: obtain. good job.
Josh: who can u have a conversation without everyone thinking your a d*ckhead. like get real. you came for me. i tried to play nice. now i dont gotta play nice anymore. and i do wanna
Jessica: whats ur definition of playing nice because u haven't been nice to me since day f*cking one. (whipping the wooden spoon in her hand back and forth as she talks)
so dont sit there and act like you've done me any f*ckin favors
Josh: Jess u inserted yourself into something that didnt involve u! it was between men and u involved yourself it didnt involve you
Cody: ohh so woman cant involve herself in men stuff Josh
Josh: no but if she involves herself she keeps saying that i involved her i didnt involve you in anything and i made it real clear to you a 150 times its between me and Cody not you. idk why u continue to involve yourself? i was having a conversation with Paul and u tried to make me out to look stupid. i didnt say anything to u!
Jessica: i think u handle that all on your own Josh.
Josh: i wanted you
Jessica: u handled that all on your own
Josh: that i look stupid? Jess im 23 years old and i run a business what do u do
Jessica: congratulations i dont know anything about your business
Josh: because u haven't had a conversation with me in 49 days!! you dont even know me!you two dont even know me! if it wasnt for you ppl wouldn't even know what Cody's name is. he dont talk to nobody. it's been 50 days and we dont even know where he's from Sooo like if it wasnt for you he would have no social game! no conversation skills. nothing. But i s*ck? and im the loser? you're dating him!
Jessica: its a little bizarre im hearing criticism from you
Josh: im not criticizing baby im stating facets!
Josh: im not criticizing!im stating facts! this kid has been in this house for 50 days and he doesnt know sh*t about nobody! but if it wasnt for you
Jessica: maybe he doesnt wanna know sh*t about u Josh!
timestamp- 1:21pm - to be continued.................

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