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Big Brother 19: Jessica Graf Graphs Her Rise and Fall in the Game
08/11/17 11:26 PM

Big Brother 19: Jessica Graf Graphs Her Rise and Fall in the Game

August 11, 2017 – 5:00 PM


How do you think you were positioned at the point of the Battle Back? Do you feel like Cody’s return was the thing that drew the target back to you?
The feeling amongst all of the houseguests when they heard of the Battle Back was insane. Everyone was terrified. No one wanted to see him back into the house. They picked Pau,l and Paul is the one that let them down. When I was HoH, Cody’s social game was impeccable and yet, nothing changed. We were constantly lied to and backstabbed the entire season. There was no way we would fly under the radar if we were together.

Let’s talk about your week as HoH. Knowing how the house blindsided you last time, why take the risk to put up a noticeable pawn like Ramses against Josh, when you could have put up someone like Alex and get rid of someone you disliked either way?
Trust me, I thought about it. But the goal for my HoH was to set Cody and I up to fly under the radar if we couldn’t get HoH the next few weeks. I thought Ramses was well-liked, so I figured putting him up next to Josh would be easy. I was completely wrong. I thought about putting Alex up, but I tried playing the safe move for once and it bit me in the butt. Read on here: https://parade.com/593844/mikebloom/big-brother-19-jessica-graf-graphs-her-rise-and-fall-in-the-game/

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* Big Brother 19: Jessica Graf Graphs Her Rise and Fall in the Game
Dreamer Administrator
08/11/17 11:26 PM
xx * She acted as if she was on the Bachelor and Cody was the Prize SMH NT
08/13/17 06:22 PM
xx * old news
08/12/17 10:17 PM
xx * Jessica screwed up her own game by choosing a man over the game..
08/12/17 02:30 PM
xx * Aside from that, she's not half as smart as she thinks she is. NT
08/12/17 04:58 PM
xx * I think most of her FANS are Men who enjoyed her wearing almost NOTHING swim attire with her butt hanging out...LOL NT
08/13/17 08:40 AM
xx * I wish she'd learn basic grammar, she hurts my ears. NT
08/13/17 06:49 AM
xx * More proof that she's not that smart. How in the world can she hang out with celebs if she can't talk and is not very worldy at all? NT
08/13/17 10:22 AM
xx * The kind of 'celebs' she hangs out with only care about the wrapping, especially her implants. NT
08/15/17 03:40 PM
xx * Two huge delusional statements in Jess's response, 1 the " Cody played an impeccable game" when Jess was hoh. And 2 that she didn't put up Alex
08/12/17 01:56 PM
xx * Hmmmm...sounds like victim noise to me. NT
08/12/17 11:13 AM
xx * YES!! Victim noises from her and Cody all the way NT
08/12/17 03:18 PM
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