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Big Brother 19: Cody Nickson on Going from Big Dog to Big Frog
07/15/17 07:54 AM

Big Brother 19: Cody Nickson on Going from Big Dog to Big Frog

July 14, 2017 – 4:48 PM

By Mike Bloom

Big Brother’s house is open once more! Every week, Parade‘s Mike Bloom will be bringing you interviews with houseguests as they get evicted from the house.

Ever since season 18 veteran Paul Abrahamian set foot in the Big Brother house to take part in this season, Cody Nickson had sized up his greatest foe. A straight shooter in the face of Paul’s over-the-top nature, Cody immediately rebuffed the idea of Paul’s friendship (though to be fair, he was not offered it in the form of literal friendship bracelets on the first night). How poetic, then, that the first Head of Household competition would come down to the two men, attempting to keep apples balanced on a tree in order to guarantee safety for the week. Though Cody was able to pull through and become HoH, that might be the only time he was able to keep the house in balance over his tempestuous 23 days in the house.

Looking back, Cody’s week at the head of the table had started very well. He had found a close ally and romantic partner in Jessica Graf. He had formed a coalition of other showmances, along with a series of +1s. His HoH deal was even sweetened (though not in a Candy Crush variety) when his initial target Megan Lowder chose to walk out of the house, allowing him to pick another to possibly evict. It was at this time, though, that the gears started turning in Cody’s robotic mainframe, and he struck out on a plan. First, he threw the Veto to nominee Alex Ow, allowing her to remove herself from the block. Then, Cody shocked the house when he decided to replace her with Paul. But his maneuver immediately backfired when Paul revealed his own serpentine-like twist, in the form of the Pendant of Protection from the Den of Temptation, with three weeks of safety attached. Left to improvise another nominee, he settled on Paul’s closest ally Christmas Abbott, who was a member of his coalition. Despite the rocky results, Cody was confident Christmas would be sent packing, but found the majority of his allies had turned on him in retaliation for his lack of transparency, and Jillian Parker was sent out the door, mouth agape. In a true worst-case scenario, Paul became the next Head of Household and fired back at the Marine, hatching a plan to backdoor Cody and guarantee his ouster. To add insult to injury, Christmas (ironically suffering her own injury) elected to have Cody and two of his closest allies wear frog costumes for the week. After Paul won the Veto, he put Cody in self-proclaimed “checkmate” by taking pawn Josh Martinez down and him up. Read on here: https://parade.com/586616/mikebloom/big-brother-19-cody-nickson-on-going-from-big-dog-to-big-frog/

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* Big Brother 19: Cody Nickson on Going from Big Dog to Big Frog
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07/15/17 07:54 AM
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