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Big Brother: Cody defends his showmance with the VIP concierge
07/15/17 07:47 AM

Big Brother: Cody defends his showmance with the VIP concierge

Lynette Rice@LynetteRice

Posted on July 14, 2017 at 5:02pm EDT

Look at this way, Cody: At least you got to shed that ridiculous frog suit.

On Thursday’s episode of Big Brother, the 32-year-old construction sales rep became the latest player to get the boot from the CBS game. We asked the Plano, Texas, resident to reflect on his showmance with VIP concierge Jessica, his confrontation with Josh, and what it was like to dress up like a frog.

NTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You couldn’t pull that frog costume off fast enough after you were evicted. What was it like wearing that get-up?
It was this hot, itchy thing that ended up smelling and getting hard and crusty over the days. I just wanted it off of me.

Why did you make that speech when you were being interviewed by Dominique?
I had nothing to lose. I made sure Paul was in the audience because he was going to go to bed early that night. I wanted him to hear it. If anything, that side of the house, they live in constant fear. It’s one fear after another. You should just see the males on that side, just in the sense of seeing Alex perform. I’ve never seen people cower to a girl so much. Matt’s probably one of the biggest p–ies I’ve ever met in my life. That side of the house, they live in fear of everything, so even throwing it out there, they’re cowering. They’re probably running around like chickens with their heads cut off afterwards trying to do damage control. At least Paul was trying to do damage control to keep the group together. But if I could shake things up like that, I was happy to do so, because they were going to get rid of me anyway. Read on here: http://ew.com/tv/2017/07/14/big-brother-cody-showmance-concierge/

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* Big Brother: Cody defends his showmance with the VIP concierge
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07/15/17 07:47 AM
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