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Kryssie Ridolfi: I feel like I should post something since I'm FINALLY out of…
12/02/16 02:53 PM

I feel like I should post something since I'm FINALLY out of sequester... While I knew I'd come out of the BB house to internet haterade, I never imagined the amount of love and support I'd receive after subjecting myself to an experience that would put all of my flaws on display for the world to see. I'm not ashamed of any of the things I did on the show; I'm a ***** real-life person. I belch. I fart. I swear. I live. I breathe. I love. I cry. I second-guess myself. I lack self-confidence. I look awful from lots of angles. Big ***** deal. I'm thankful for the opportunity to participate in BBOTT and wouldn't trade the experience for anything. I made great memories and met wonderful people and overcame a metric fuckton of anxiety to complete a game I thought I never should've been chosen for in the first place. I'm not at all disappointed that I went out third: I'm HONORED. I never thought I'd clear week 1, let alone be INSIDE the house at finale. I'm the last person anyone expected to make it to the end... And through all the bodyshaming (the house fatty outlasted you, booboo... 😘) and negativity, I came out to a positive reaction from the people who matter. I played the game for the money at the start, but I learned early on that it wasn't about me. Jason needed this, and while I'm happy for Morgan, I wish with every bit of my being that he'd taken it. He deserved it. But dudes, I'll be okay. My prize was being the only evictee to be tackled on stage at the finale by someone who loves her more than anything, and that sure as ***** beats rotating tinder dates who don't sign releases. 😘😘😘 Thanks for keeping up with everything, for all the new love, and even for the hate. If you're talking *****, you're still talking, and ***** will keep trending... I'm back, bitches. Let's be ***** friends. 😘🍒💋 #jasonnation #bbott #alwaysabridesmaid #youcouldnever #lnj #freekryssie #effthestorageroom #whoshebe #pettybetty

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* Kryssie Ridolfi: I feel like I should post something since I'm FINALLY out of…
Dreamer Administrator
12/02/16 02:53 PM
xx * She's still delusional & hateful. NT
12/06/16 05:35 PM
xx * She posted this the day after she got out of the house NT
01/06/17 12:09 PM
xx * I understand that Kryssie is oversensitive about her weight, but I don't recall anyone slamming her for her weight. Did anyone? NT
12/04/16 12:34 PM
xx * She was very embarrassed about the Halloween dress that BB gave her because it was too small. Felt humiliated. NT
12/06/16 01:57 PM
xx * I had read that Kryssie complained because BB gave her an X-Large bug shirt for the 1st HOH comp. She said it was way too large, and that she bought
12/10/16 05:51 AM
xx * Apparently they measured them for the costumes.. BB messed up and it was awful. I would have been humiliated also NT
12/12/16 07:17 AM
xx * Week 1 Monte called her a "Linebacker". That's pretty much the only thing said in the house about her weight. NT
12/05/16 06:39 AM
xx * Her boyfriend is so weird and ugh! NT
12/03/16 01:55 PM
xx * Still playing for Jason. Still obsessed with Shelby. Nothing changes with these people. Also, it's hatred, not haterade. Go back to school, genius.
moeopoly *
12/02/16 03:09 PM
xx * She wasn't saying the word hatred. She was saying "haterade" like gatorade, as in "drinking the haterade." NT
12/02/16 04:18 PM
xx * lmao.. yep NT
12/12/16 07:18 AM
xx * Thank you!
12/02/16 03:46 PM
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