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It was a great season. Ranks in my top 4. NT
08/08/17 03:24 PM

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* Attitude
08/08/17 02:53 PM
xx * It was a great season. Ranks in my top 4. NT
08/08/17 03:24 PM
xx * Overall a good season, regardless of last nights performances, she wants what Bryan offers ... wish them well. NT
08/08/17 03:42 PM
xx * Hey, at least the finale sparked conversation here. That's a great thing. Wish bella2 had made it back to join us. NT
08/08/17 03:44 PM
xx * Hey BGP and friends sorry neighbor came over with bottle of wine to watchshow and the rest is history. Missed yall. I feel she settled for Brian she
08/09/17 06:49 AM
xx * Drinking wine and watching with friends is the best! On another note, I hate you felt the need to somewhat apologize for your opinion. I disagree
08/09/17 02:44 PM
xx * Well, I really do hope your right and I am wrong about feelings on them..... I hope maybe Dean cause of his dad or Eric. I choose Eric because he sure
08/09/17 03:00 PM
xx * Eric is my top choice, too, for the same reason. I'd love to see Dean, as well, but it's probably not going to happen due to BIP. Both are dolls,
08/09/17 03:05 PM
xx * LOL, yes, more than all season combined I think... and yes bella2, were are you? Sorry you didn't make it back. Until next time :) NT
08/08/17 03:48 PM
xx * For me, Rachel was my favorite batchelorette EVER! I don't know if I'll be able to watch another season because I'll just be missing her NT
08/08/17 03:17 PM

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