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coastal16 0   11/16/17 03:44 PM
*Very impressed with how quickly the Bachelor dealt with the crazy girl. NT
NSGirl80 2   10/20/17 09:21 AM
x*thank goodness he asked her to leave! i hope she was only trying to play the role of villain and was not really that delusional. NT
summer10/22/17 11:44 AM
x*Agreed! NT
duckley10/20/17 09:55 PM
*New Bachelor Canada announced
coastal479 4   07/29/17 01:03 AM
x*For fun, going out on limb.... I pick Lara. See you in so many weeks to see if I am even close. Have fun, I can't get this one on my TV. NT
ne14cookies09/23/17 01:02 PM
x*The women have been announced and it premieres on Oct 11 NT
coastal09/19/17 10:30 PM
x*He's gorgeous! Never watched Bach Canada but maybe I need to. NT
Guppy07/29/17 09:07 PM
x*Adorable!!! Excited to watch!! NT
duckley07/29/17 08:13 AM
*Kaitlyn Bristowe's Advice For New Bachelorette Canada
Dreamer455 0   03/26/16 02:40 AM
*Kaitlyn Bristowe's 'Bachelorette' Advice
Dreamer399 0   03/09/16 01:45 PM
*Canada's Crush Revealed For 'The Bachelorette Canada'
Dreamer721 0   03/08/16 03:27 AM
*Brad Smith is the host of Chopped Canada teen NT
duckley357 0   11/08/15 06:47 PM
*Brad and Bianka are back together! And looks like they're engaged again too. Check out their instagrams. No announcement but have been quietly
alexlee332200 4   05/27/15 02:33 PM
x*well it is great news but this after she turned into a 'man' sort of. really weird the way her body looks now. NT
Obaasima07/30/17 02:31 PM
x*Oh wow that is so great! They were so in love and seriously one of my favorite Bachelor love stories. I was so sad when they broke up. Brad is my fave
Jassie05/30/15 07:23 AM
x*she had to go into body building to appear all muscles for him to come back to her. its weird. Bianca now looks like, I mean her body looks like NT
Obaasima07/30/17 02:33 PM
x*Wonderful news! NT
duckley05/27/15 08:09 PM
*Very sad to read this. They seemed very happy together. NT
summerfungirl545 0   03/08/15 10:43 PM
*Surprised and sad to read that April and Tim called it off. They really seemed so well-suited. Guess you never know til you live together NT
NSGirl2086 5   03/04/15 11:11 AM
x*i'm not at all surprised... Tim seemed better suited to the runner up. I was surprised with his choice, not that they've broken up NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan06/01/15 02:49 PM
x*link to announcement
onlymom03/10/15 02:52 PM
x*Too bad, but I am not really surprized. NT
duckley03/07/15 10:39 PM
x*Agree, it is sad, but nothing out of the ordinary in these shows! It was more surprising from Bianca and previews Tim. NT
Susanna03/25/15 06:21 AM
x*Sad but I never saw it between them so not really surprised. Was more surprised she said was into him. Wish them both well. NT
ne14cookies03/07/15 06:48 PM
*Are you kidding me? Kaitlynn???
duckley1760 2   12/20/14 06:31 AM
x*What's wrong with me, yes there is a Kaitlynn but I don't recognize her...??? NT
ne14cookies12/20/14 01:09 PM
x*How many ballet dancers with that name do they have in Vancouver? You are right, picture shows a different woman. NT
duckley12/20/14 10:17 PM
*I want to share this video of the happy couple with you all.
Susanna1818 4   11/28/14 09:42 PM
x*I've seen more affection between my cousins... I wish them well tho' NT
ne14cookies11/30/14 05:03 AM
x*Better pay attention to those cousins of yours! LOL. NT
Susanna12/04/14 10:58 PM
x*ROFL.... I was waiting for that from someone :) NT
ne14cookies12/05/14 11:22 PM
x*Nice- thanks so much! NT
duckley11/29/14 04:38 PM
*Congrats to the happy couple. NT
duckley433 0   11/19/14 08:52 PM
*I'm watching and wondering who he picks! NT
Ivory_mist3749 8   11/18/14 05:09 PM
x*Now that we all know I can say...It was who I thought it was, at the beginning of the season I found in Aprils facebook page a photo of TIM and
Susanna11/20/14 08:57 PM
x*I had the same thoughts and I don't understand why they can't show her being let down before getting all dressed up and letting us see joy for F1 NT
ne14cookies11/21/14 02:13 AM
x*I guess the people who write this show are not so soft, emotional, sensitive and compassionate people like US! LOL! NT
Susanna11/21/14 10:02 AM
x*ROFL.... that must be it :) NT
ne14cookies11/21/14 02:54 PM
x*OMG he was so cute on the AFTER show. His lip was trembling and he was almost (or did) cry, when talking about April. Seemed so genuine. NT
NSGirl11/19/14 07:28 AM
x*Just finished watching, I will comment tomorrow. Don't want to risk on spoiling it for anyone. NT
Susanna11/18/14 09:05 PM
x*And Tim chooses: *Spoiler*
Myksgirlie11/18/14 07:40 PM
ne14cookies11/19/14 11:57 AM
*Well tomorrow we will find out...
duckley4054 13   11/16/14 07:23 AM
x*Can Tim really pick a beauty queen? NT
duckley11/18/14 01:48 PM
x*I don't think so.... NT
ne14cookies11/18/14 02:54 PM
x*I just remembered to watch last week's show - so I only have to wait until tonight to find out. I think Trish is a great fit, but regardless of her
NSGirl11/18/14 10:35 AM
x*I think he's all about April. I don't find her immature, I find her realistic. NT
bean9911/16/14 04:44 PM
x*Agree... she is being realistically SCARED of a relationship that has gone too quickly! NT
Susanna11/18/14 06:19 PM
x*I get the realistic, but think way she is handling herself, how she was with his parents leaned towards not being ready for this relationship. NT
ne14cookies11/16/14 05:47 PM
x*She does seem to be still traumatized by her parents and her childhood. BUT.. who would not be? Poor girl! NT
Susanna11/18/14 06:25 PM
x*I just watched this for the first time a couple of days ago and noticed how edited it was. I'm sure she had more to say with his parents.
bean9911/16/14 06:57 PM
x*All true but still even his mother referenced her being immature, didn't she? NT
ne14cookies11/17/14 01:24 PM
x*Me I think he will pick Trish. He kind of told her he was in love with her at her hometown date. NT
Godman11/16/14 12:44 PM
x*I don't see him with either one, but then I didn't like this group of girls as a whole since beginning. April immature, Trish not "real" NT
ne14cookies11/16/14 03:15 PM
x*U make a good point... kind of the best of the lot scenario in a way. I thought Brad and Bianca were a more believable couple but that busted ... NT
duckley11/16/14 03:39 PM
x*I did too... but they both seemed to be very different away from the show. NT
ne14cookies11/16/14 05:48 PM
*Oh, oh..... NT
duckley1393 3   11/11/14 09:00 PM
x*yes!... oh oh!.... Not expected and poor Tim. I believe she was the girl since early in the show, so now it most be hard for him not to have her...
Susanna11/11/14 09:23 PM
x*Next week is the finale...isn't it? NT
Ivory_mist11/12/14 12:08 PM
x*Will be interesting to see the end. NT
duckley11/11/14 10:16 PM
*This group of girls were quite sweet and nice tonight! I thought they were going to trash Lisa much more than what they did, she deserved it! NT
Susanna1455 4   11/04/14 06:45 PM
x*Part of me kind of liked Lisa... but she clearly isn't the one for Tim. NT
duckley11/08/14 09:14 AM
x*Originally I also liked her because of her personality BUT… I noticed she was truly a two face. Talking about the girls behind their backs and then...
Susanna11/08/14 10:14 AM
x*There was a smug look on her face from the beginning...she just reconfirmed my first impression. She did not disappoint. NT
ne14cookies11/09/14 03:08 AM
x*She did disappointed me! I liked her at the beginning and thought they were just editing to make her look like a villain, when if fact she was. NT
Susanna11/09/14 03:30 PM
*I am liking Tim more and more each week. He just seems normal and down-to-earth. He has a good sense of humour, and he certainly has his own mind..
NSGirl5024 10   10/29/14 07:12 AM
x*Agree, I think he is also showing some heart. And I don't see him misleading the ladies as others have done before. And by sending Lisa ...
Susanna10/29/14 08:10 AM
x*Agree. I was actually shocked he sent Sachelle home. But seeing the clips on the website of him and Trish, I get it. I really like Trish, but ...
NSGirl10/30/14 11:01 AM
x*…. Pay attention to this moment and you'll get your answer….
Susanna10/30/14 04:21 PM
x*I don't see anything. He glances over at April when they raise their that what you mean? NT
NSGirl11/06/14 07:35 AM
x*My golly olly, quite the sleuther....took me 4 times over and over to see the look in his eye...Good Job!!! NT
ne14cookies10/31/14 07:22 AM
x*I wonder if any of the girls captured him…I personally would have walked out SAME NIGHT! The way he looked at her after saying "to love"...
Susanna10/31/14 03:11 PM
x*Susanna, you crack me up.... Yes not into women either, and tho't the same... I notice those things too LOL. Not sure I really see that connection
ne14cookies10/31/14 04:24 PM
x*It's true, I think we all hope he will get a nice group of REAL women, and not so much of the usual PRETTY...empty ones. I think Chris is so likable..
Susanna11/01/14 01:57 PM
x*Not sure I am seeing what you are seeing. Why do the weirdish ones come from Calgary this season and last? lol NT
duckley11/01/14 07:00 PM
x*It's the way he looks at April after he says "to love". BUT... I could be wrong. Just one week to finally know for sure. NT
Susanna11/04/14 06:42 PM
*Bachelorette Canada... would love to see her.... NT
duckley928 2   10/28/14 08:57 PM
x*Sachelle that is... for Bachelorette Canada NT
duckley11/08/14 09:15 AM
x*I don't think I would enjoy watching her. Sweet, but there was something underneath that bothered me. Can't put my finger on it tho' NT
ne14cookies11/09/14 03:11 AM
*So what does a Beauty Queen actually do? NT
duckley1195 3   10/28/14 08:37 PM
x*I was wondering the same thing. She must have another job, but I guess being a "Beauty Queen" is more dramatic. I was shocked he sent Sach home. NT
NSGirl10/29/14 07:07 AM
x*I think that is what she does! Some kind of career. To be a beauty queen! I guess she is for now just a beauty pageant contestant, I don't think she
Susanna10/28/14 09:16 PM
x*I wonder if it pays well and if therecare any openings LOL NT
duckley10/28/14 10:04 PM
*Oh my. I have no words LOL NT
duckley2786 7   10/21/14 09:24 PM
x*I agree with you about why he kept Lisa...
duckley10/22/14 05:45 PM
x*...Yes, your lack of words most be about last night's episode. Yes, I was about to post about the way this show is becoming the MOST different I"ve
Susanna10/22/14 06:39 AM
x*Summary: Can't see him with any of them even yet. Lisa I think was kept because he knew he didn't want to string our ballerina along and
ne14cookies10/22/14 01:42 PM
x*Yes, I think he wanted to send the crying ballerina home. She was too much into him and anyone could feel how much she was suffering and for
Susanna10/22/14 03:22 PM
x*I think I follow you, but don't want to know for sure. But wha? Did you say there was a Bachelor France? I have missed one? OMG is it in English ? NT
ne14cookies10/22/14 04:54 PM
x*Yes, there is a Bachelor France. Called Le gentleman celibataire. Here a link.
Susanna10/22/14 05:49 PM
x*Thanks! Appreciate the info.... and link :D NT
ne14cookies10/22/14 08:09 PM
*Why is it that every time the girls have to see another one making up with the bachelor, SHE is being unrespectful but NEVER him! Are they all
Susanna1751 4   10/15/14 03:57 PM
x*LOL, I was yelling at my TV the very same thing. I seriously don't really like any of these girls as candidates for his wife. I am starting to like
ne14cookies10/18/14 09:42 PM
x*Monday's reveal? You mean from Blake and Loise? Maybe he's proposing! I feel sorry for her... he in my opinion is not ...
Susanna10/19/14 04:23 PM
x*Yes, what you said Susanna :D NT
ne14cookies10/20/14 01:38 PM
x*Totally agree. He was just as appropriate or inappropriate as KayLynn. Yeesh! NT
duckley10/15/14 04:35 PM
*Hey girls, what do you think about all the saliva sharing that is going on with this bachelor and the 6 girls. Imagine if one of them has a cold...
Susanna1983 5   10/11/14 09:58 AM
x*I don't believe this show is real at all. It is so badly acted, the camera zoom closeups, obvious overheard gossip, crying with no tears. Bad NT
onlymom10/15/14 10:48 AM
x*Ewwww... I don't like any of the girls & this guy is yucko. NT
shortcake10/14/14 02:45 PM
x*In general, gag! After Bach AU amazing group of quality women, I am not impressed by these ladies very much anyway...sad that I don't really care. NT
ne14cookies10/12/14 05:32 AM
x*True, these group of girls are no impressing me either. I liked Lisa BUT… can not believe all they show is edited . She has 2 faces, and doesn't
Susanna10/15/14 03:45 PM
x*It is a bit..... indeed NT
duckley10/11/14 07:33 PM
*Apparently starting next week it airs on Tuesdays--hope it goes to 2 hours! ;) NT
VintageViolet938 2   10/10/14 06:30 PM
x*Thank you for the information! I would have missed it! I didn't hear about it. Yes and hopefully they will 2 a two hour show. NT
Susanna10/11/14 10:00 AM
x*Thanks for your post... will watch Tuesday NT
duckley10/10/14 07:44 PM
*Tim is 28?
duckley1512 3   10/04/14 07:58 AM
x*He is .... differentish....LOL NT
duckley10/07/14 06:03 PM
x*Something weird with his eyes... NT
Susanna10/07/14 10:12 PM
x*I'm "trying" to watch this however this guy gives me the creeps. The way he stares sometimes and his eyes get that creepy look ughhh. My best friend
sandysas10/07/14 08:28 AM
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