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This is a response to: I am a Bryan fan. I did worry he was too good to be true. But I guess Rachel has gotten to know him even better in the 3 months since the show ended
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I understand your analysis. But, :) Peter's issue had been out there for
08/08/17 02:26 PM

some time (they admitted it last night) and she knew what his reservation was with a "proposal" itself, it was not that he didn't want to commit to her ... he wanted more time. So ok, that isn't what she wanted.

Can't we just respect his desire to want to know for sure, to only be engaged once. He saw the engagement as the prelude to the wedding, the period in which you plan the wedding itself, not a "get to know you phase". That was his value system. They differed. But frankly, considering the success rate of marriages from this franchise is so low, why do we blame him?

And why think Peter just there for his career? Sorry, I never ever saw a sign of that. All I saw was a man who humbled himself, apologized for wrong doings and admitted with so much time between dates he got way to into his head and he learned a valuable lesson from that.

Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Bryan at all. I was all positive about either choice honestly... but something clicked for me last night and left me scratching my head.

And now with her saying on talk show this a.m. it was always Bryan.... then why the drama at any point over Peter ... a simple, like what's been done before, break it off because she knew the F1 wasn't him before the last day.

May we humbly agree to disagree, if we really do
Thanks buddy.... been fun sailing with you this trip!!!
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* Just watched GMA (link inside) and Rachel says Peter WAS ready to propose but she knew he wasn't the one for her? I interpreted their last time
08/08/17 11:20 AM
xx * Bryan didn't have nice words for Peter. NT
08/08/17 08:57 PM
xx * I know the Peter type too well. Intelligent, can't commit, stubborn, self-centered, argues a lot, very mental. Trust me, Rachel dodged a bullet! NT
08/08/17 02:49 PM
xx * He told her he would propose for HER but that he didn't really want to. Who wants a forced proposal???? He was too afraid to commit. NT
08/08/17 01:56 PM
xx * Not wanting to commit after this show is a smart move. It's DUMB that one gets engaged so quickly. She wanted the ring more than the man. *SMH* NT
08/11/17 03:58 AM
xx * Of course, there's a ton of backlash, she is back peddling big time. With her attitude last night, won't believe her now if my life depended on it. NT
08/08/17 12:54 PM
xx * And, And, now getting upset again. IF Bryan all along, why the H E Hockey Sticks did she put Peter through all that ... B word comes to mind. NT
08/08/17 12:56 PM
xx * But her life not mine. Here is to wishing them well and much happiness. My opinions really don't count in this matter LOL NT
08/08/17 01:11 PM
xx * Lol cookies, there seems to be a deep reaction But Susie made a good point below...but I don't think you should make moves based on fear
08/08/17 01:08 PM
xx * My issue being if Bryan her one... and she says she wanted to not keep #2 there on final day and send him home, why didn't she just say that? There
08/08/17 02:07 PM
xx * I am a Bryan fan. I did worry he was too good to be true. But I guess Rachel has gotten to know him even better in the 3 months since the show ended
08/08/17 01:55 PM
xx * I'm a total Bryan fan, as well as a Peter fan. Bryan, however, was the best man for her, I do believe. They had something undeniable right out of
08/08/17 03:10 PM
xx * I understand your analysis. But, :) Peter's issue had been out there for
08/08/17 02:26 PM
xx * I always love your analysis Susie. I hope they've found happiness too NT
08/08/17 02:00 PM
xx * Peter was a hottie. I would have given that a chance regardless. NT
08/08/17 12:03 PM
xx * Me too. So sincere and open. NT
08/08/17 12:29 PM
xx * do you think she was really into him or Bryan was always the one? NT
08/08/17 12:51 PM
xx * I always thought it as Peter, got spoiled and knew Bryan... still thought it was Peter. Don't see it at all. NT
08/08/17 12:55 PM
xx * Like she said -- she did love the last 3. But she wasn't "in love" with anyone but Bryan. NT
08/08/17 02:02 PM
xx * and he said they'll both regret it if they walk away from each other? hmmmmm NT
08/08/17 01:05 PM
xx * I don't think it won any points when he said she'd regret it and she'd have a mediocre life if she didn't choose him because he'd give her the BEST.
08/08/17 02:00 PM
xx * There is a type of guy who says stuff like that--out of touch with emotions, has to be right all the time. Not good relationship material! NT
08/08/17 02:54 PM

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