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This is a response to: do you think she was really into him or Bryan was always the one? NT
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I always thought it as Peter, got spoiled and knew Bryan... still thought it was Peter. Don't see it at all. NT
08/08/17 12:55 PM

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* Just watched GMA (link inside) and Rachel says Peter WAS ready to propose but she knew he wasn't the one for her? I interpreted their last time
08/08/17 11:20 AM
xx * Bryan didn't have nice words for Peter. NT
08/08/17 08:57 PM
xx * I know the Peter type too well. Intelligent, can't commit, stubborn, self-centered, argues a lot, very mental. Trust me, Rachel dodged a bullet! NT
08/08/17 02:49 PM
xx * He told her he would propose for HER but that he didn't really want to. Who wants a forced proposal???? He was too afraid to commit. NT
08/08/17 01:56 PM
xx * Not wanting to commit after this show is a smart move. It's DUMB that one gets engaged so quickly. She wanted the ring more than the man. *SMH* NT
08/11/17 03:58 AM
xx * Of course, there's a ton of backlash, she is back peddling big time. With her attitude last night, won't believe her now if my life depended on it. NT
08/08/17 12:54 PM
xx * And, And, now getting upset again. IF Bryan all along, why the H E Hockey Sticks did she put Peter through all that ... B word comes to mind. NT
08/08/17 12:56 PM
xx * But her life not mine. Here is to wishing them well and much happiness. My opinions really don't count in this matter LOL NT
08/08/17 01:11 PM
xx * Lol cookies, there seems to be a deep reaction But Susie made a good point below...but I don't think you should make moves based on fear
08/08/17 01:08 PM
xx * My issue being if Bryan her one... and she says she wanted to not keep #2 there on final day and send him home, why didn't she just say that? There
08/08/17 02:07 PM
xx * I am a Bryan fan. I did worry he was too good to be true. But I guess Rachel has gotten to know him even better in the 3 months since the show ended
08/08/17 01:55 PM
xx * I'm a total Bryan fan, as well as a Peter fan. Bryan, however, was the best man for her, I do believe. They had something undeniable right out of
08/08/17 03:10 PM
xx * I understand your analysis. But, :) Peter's issue had been out there for
08/08/17 02:26 PM
xx * I always love your analysis Susie. I hope they've found happiness too NT
08/08/17 02:00 PM
xx * Peter was a hottie. I would have given that a chance regardless. NT
08/08/17 12:03 PM
xx * Me too. So sincere and open. NT
08/08/17 12:29 PM
xx * do you think she was really into him or Bryan was always the one? NT
08/08/17 12:51 PM
xx * I always thought it as Peter, got spoiled and knew Bryan... still thought it was Peter. Don't see it at all. NT
08/08/17 12:55 PM
xx * Like she said -- she did love the last 3. But she wasn't "in love" with anyone but Bryan. NT
08/08/17 02:02 PM
xx * and he said they'll both regret it if they walk away from each other? hmmmmm NT
08/08/17 01:05 PM
xx * I don't think it won any points when he said she'd regret it and she'd have a mediocre life if she didn't choose him because he'd give her the BEST.
08/08/17 02:00 PM
xx * There is a type of guy who says stuff like that--out of touch with emotions, has to be right all the time. Not good relationship material! NT
08/08/17 02:54 PM

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