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TY, was starting to second guess myself. NT
08/07/17 07:21 PM

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* She just lost me...He was apologizing, for something he didn't remember saying until he saw it played back, she did the brush off with the hand and
08/07/17 07:10 PM
xx * I actually disagree.
08/07/17 09:01 PM
xx * Most of time with Peter was spent crying. NT
08/08/17 06:56 AM
xx * I totally agree. Been on the phone w/Mom, and she said so much for a "love" story. I feel sorry for Bryan and family. She obviously wanted Peter,
08/07/17 08:16 PM
xx * I totally agree. How insecure can you be that it was IMPORTANT to get engaged after being on this show. NT
08/08/17 02:45 AM
xx * I am so glad you are pi$$ed... me too. Not alone, people over on Twitter are questioning things too. NT
08/07/17 08:27 PM
xx * Peter is so mature and realistic. He is not ready to be pushed into engagement even if he loved her. She was wrong to DEMAND an engagement. NT
08/07/17 08:27 PM
xx * That is exactly what I thought. Of course he felt attacked after that! So very rude and spoiled. NT
08/07/17 07:54 PM
xx * How she just acted was not called for and was very rude. Peter was being so genuine and she did that whole badass girl is fine thing. RUDE RACHEL NT
08/07/17 07:38 PM
xx * I felt that, too. NT
08/07/17 07:20 PM
xx * TY, was starting to second guess myself. NT
08/07/17 07:21 PM

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