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I like Sarah but i think people are mistaken by thinking Sarah planned everything that eventually happened with the advantage and Cerie...
05/18/17 11:14 PM

based on what was shown on the show and what Troyzan posted on twitter
I believe Sarah forgot that the advantage was non transferable and was giving it to Cerie to use if she got voted out.
Sarah was so sure that Tai was loyal and Aubry was lying that she was willing to give Cerie the advantage if she was wrong.
Sarah read the advantage when she first found it and prob had not read what it said since then.
When Cerie tried to use it there was prob a discussion about it until Troyzan pointed out to read what it said.
If Sarah remembered it was non transferable and was testing Cerie, Troyzan would not need to get involved to point that out.

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* I like Sarah but i think people are mistaken by thinking Sarah planned everything that eventually happened with the advantage and Cerie...
05/18/17 11:14 PM
xx * Sarah knew. She wanted to make Cirie more loyal, while also trusting her. Cirie failed the test. Sarah knew to give her the non-transferable
05/20/17 10:27 AM
xx * The thing that makes me wonder about that though is that how loyal would Cirie be if she hadn't tried to play the advantage, then she
05/20/17 01:51 PM
xx * Good point. NT
05/20/17 06:06 PM
xx * Something's wrong here. First of all, Troyzan putting it out publicly that it was he that figured out the non-transferable fine print, wanting the
05/19/17 08:54 AM
xx * Sounds like Troyzan wants credit for something, he's done diddly squat this season, I forget he's there! NT
05/19/17 08:55 AM
xx * Sarah said she wanted Cirie to "hold" the advantage as a way to show Cirie that she was loyal to her... She said that. "If" Sarah was voted out
05/19/17 04:28 AM
xx * That doesn't mean Sarah didn't have a plan. There's no way she could have been 100% positive that it would work so having a backup plan was smart. NT
05/19/17 11:12 AM
xx * And what if Cirie was the one voted out instead, with paper in hand? Would that have meant Sarah loses the advantage? That's another thing that
05/19/17 05:59 AM
xx * So according to Troyzan not only did Sarah forget the rules but Jeff didn't know them either. I'm not buying that for a second. Sarah set Cirie
05/19/17 12:37 AM
xx * Sarah got lucky. That's all. NT
05/19/17 04:29 AM
xx * I can believe that Sarah may have forgot, but not Jeff too.. That would have included everyone in production. NT
05/19/17 02:55 AM

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