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This is a response to: OK I'm calling it now. Brad wins. Anyone care to make it interesting? NT
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I would love that. If it is Cirie Brad and Sarah who win? NT
05/18/17 04:27 PM

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* OK I'm calling it now. Brad wins. Anyone care to make it interesting? NT
05/18/17 03:38 PM
xx * I don't like Brad but at this point I'd welcome his win. Tired of having Sarah Levasseur shoved down my throat every wk. We get it, guys. She's
05/20/17 02:46 AM
xx * What about Miss Perfect Cirie? She should go sit on a couch somewhere! NT
05/20/17 02:34 PM
xx * I would love that. If it is Cirie Brad and Sarah who win? NT
05/18/17 04:27 PM
xx * Sarah, then Brad, then Cirie. NT
05/19/17 04:30 AM
xx * If Cirie makes it to the end I think she'll win because she's so respected. That's why the others won't let her get to F3. NT
05/18/17 06:36 PM
xx * NO WAY! That would be like Victoria winning over Derek BBUS!! :) NT
05/18/17 06:40 PM
xx * Victoria deserved to win. She did the dirty work for Derrick that production wouldn't. NT
05/18/17 06:53 PM
xx * so Victoria should have one for being conned? Your views on things are something else :) NT
05/19/17 07:25 PM
xx * Who sat on the block damn near every week so Derrick wouldn't have to? Who set people up so Derrick could get info? Victoria is vastly underrated. NT
05/19/17 07:59 PM
xx * Oh my. okay whatever you say. NT
05/19/17 08:04 PM
xx * Brad...But w/Sarah it will be a close call. NT
05/18/17 05:28 PM
xx * Yeah but I think Sarah burned too many bridges and Brad didn't, except for maybe with Michaela. NT
05/18/17 05:36 PM
xx * This is a returnee season and returnees vote personal. The cop with a kid is not losing to a former NFL player turned attorney. NT
05/18/17 06:08 PM
xx * Brad has a lot of friends in there NT
05/18/17 06:30 PM
xx * I'd say Brad or Sarah. Nobody seems to respect Cirie's game enough to even consider voting her out. NT
05/18/17 05:25 PM
xx * Cirie's a huge shield. That's why she isn't being voted out but I imagine she will be soon as she could easily win at the end. NT
05/18/17 06:24 PM
xx * I think Brad and Sarah are definitely in the finals. I don't know who the 3rd would be. Maybe Tai. As a goat. NT
05/18/17 04:06 PM
xx * Troyzan is the goat. No one has even mentioned targeting him and he's done nothing. On Andrea's show last night Eliza said he's being dragged to F3
05/18/17 06:34 PM
xx * I think you may be right. NT
05/20/17 06:07 PM

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