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I'm guessing you don't like Brad... Don't hold back now. Speak your mind!!! NT
05/18/17 11:13 AM

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* The more I think about it, the more I want Brad to win. If it's not going to be Cirie or Aubry, I really want Culpepper to take it. NT
05/18/17 04:40 AM
xx * No thank you NT
05/18/17 07:01 AM
xx * Not me I can't stand the prick NT
05/18/17 06:58 AM
xx * I'm guessing you don't like Brad... Don't hold back now. Speak your mind!!! NT
05/18/17 11:13 AM
xx * I Agree NT
05/18/17 06:35 AM
xx * To me, he hasn't done that much. Sarah has played harder imo, but will most likely lose due to a bitter jury. NT
05/18/17 05:12 AM
xx * IMO brad has played a great game i'm rooting for of course he'll be the next to go NT
05/18/17 07:57 AM
xx * How did Survivor manage to last 30+ seasons with you watching, Belle? NT
05/18/17 08:01 AM
xx * LOLOLOL The Survivor gods must not know about her, thankfully. NT
05/18/17 08:26 AM
xx * you are bad bad children NT
05/18/17 09:58 AM
xx * The thing is Sarah does have one advantage she could use in the final. She is a mother whose kid would have been turning 2 just after filming.
05/18/17 06:35 AM
xx * Brad was the main factor behind most of the alpha men being voted out and he with Sierra controlled the early game. It only became Sarah in the second
05/18/17 05:23 AM
xx * Most jurors will base their vote on the post merge game. They may not have even seen what he did early. Is winning II enough to win gamechangers? NT
05/18/17 07:05 AM

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