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This is a response to: That's called thinking outside the box. Sarah is genius. Instead of just using her huge advantage to make a big move, she uses the fine print to
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Well Played By Sarah. I Also Wont Forget That Move! Epic! NT
05/18/17 10:10 AM

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* That's called thinking outside the box. Sarah is genius. Instead of just using her huge advantage to make a big move, she uses the fine print to
05/18/17 09:55 AM
xx * While Sarah has had a good season i think she's given too much credit here.
05/18/17 03:35 PM
xx * No, seems to me you're going out of your way not to give Sarah deserved credit. Wasn't the plan that if Cirie could prove that Sarah was wrong about
05/18/17 05:11 PM
xx * I'm not going out of my way to take credit from Sarah, i gave her credit for having a good season so far and said i was impressed by other things
05/18/17 05:24 PM
xx * No, Cirie decided to use the advantage later, after she had talked to Sarah. I don't recall Sarah ever telling her to use it. NT
05/18/17 05:21 PM
xx * No way could Sarah predict that Cirie didn't know what "non-transferable" means. NT
05/18/17 03:39 PM
xx * There are so many possibilities as to what happened with all that that it's just guesswork until we hear more. I have a hard time buying that
05/18/17 03:48 PM
xx * It seems like Sarah went over the note with Cirie, not mentioning the non-transferable part and then maybe did hand it over at the last minute.
05/18/17 04:01 PM
xx * If Sarah gave it to her moments before Tribal not giving her a chance to read it that does present certain possibilities.
05/18/17 03:59 PM
xx * Yep. It's a shame this happened on what was effectively a half hour episode. They needed to show us a LOT more. I certainly believe that
05/18/17 04:28 PM
xx * That announcement moment i felt like Sarah reacted being surprised Cirie even used the advantage and confused what she was doing and perhaps
05/18/17 04:46 PM
xx * That was just editing to get the viewer in the mindset that Sarah is being betrayed. They led us to that point with all of the Cirie strategic
05/18/17 05:20 PM
xx * On rewatching the scene, I think Sarah was surprised but not upset. Rather she was amused. NT
05/18/17 05:38 PM
xx * Well, if that was the case it's why i dislike having to rely on editing. I'm not entertained by being tricked i want to see what actually happens.
05/18/17 05:29 PM
xx * Sarah may have done a confessional that didn't air just to keep the audience in suspense. NT
05/18/17 04:03 PM
xx * I have a feeling that was not Sarah's plan at all...I believe Sarah at the time she gave the advantage to Cerie forgot it was non transferable. NT
05/18/17 03:15 PM
xx * Sarah was questioning why Cirie was believing in Aubry. Sarah gave Cirie the advantage as a way to prove her loyalty to Cirie. NT
05/18/17 11:08 AM
xx * I was baffled at first why Sarah would even give it to Cirie in the first place. I was like "No!! What are you doing?!?". I had forgotten
05/18/17 10:57 AM
xx * I think it's obvious why the editing didn't show Sarah revealing the fine print part. It wouldn't have made for as good of TV if most of us weren't
05/18/17 11:15 AM
xx * I actually think it would have made for better TV to know whether Sarah was actually testing Cirie, or truly didn't know it was non-transferable
05/18/17 04:33 PM
xx * Yes I think you're right NT
05/18/17 03:43 PM
xx * In the episode where Sarah found the advantage she read it all out. We knew weeks ago it could not be stolen and that it was nontransferable. NT
05/18/17 01:15 PM
xx * Yes, I realized it was exposed. And ifyou remembered it, and thought it could play this big of part in the game and knew that Sarah was going to take
05/18/17 01:27 PM
xx * Sarah reading out the full rules seemed important to me but I never expected to see what happened last night. That was beyond crazy. NT
05/18/17 02:14 PM
xx * Sarah has been showing emotion, like when she told Sierra "I love you, like on a real level" right before she stabbed her in the back. NT
05/18/17 12:11 PM
xx * She even told Sierra that she was her "It" girl. No way Sierra cannot vote for her after that. NT
05/18/17 01:17 PM
xx * IMO she burned another bridge there. People don't take kindly to have their emotions played like that NT
05/18/17 03:44 PM
xx * So far everyone but Debbie has mentioned what a great game Sarah is playing when they arrive at Ponderosa. No one has been mad at her which can't be
05/18/17 06:28 PM
xx * But last night IIRC Cirie Aubrey and Michaela realized that Sarah was faking being shocked @ Sierra being voted out. I wonder if Mich will let Sierra
05/18/17 06:33 PM
xx * She didn't let her know in her Ponderosa clip but she could if they start talking game and Sierra tells her about the LA. Didn't Sierra tell someone
05/18/17 06:39 PM
xx * Well Played By Sarah. I Also Wont Forget That Move! Epic! NT
05/18/17 10:10 AM

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