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This is a response to: There was one for women and one for men NT
Poo Bah
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Good catch...I didn't catch that. NT
03/16/17 08:05 AM

My dentist told me I need a crown. I was like: I KNOW !, Right?

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* Jeff P had 2 trays of buffs and he would hold up one tray for some and the other tray for the rest. Did anyone notice that? NT
03/15/17 11:47 PM
xx * There was one for women and one for men NT
03/16/17 06:35 AM
xx * Good catch...I didn't catch that. NT
03/16/17 08:05 AM
xx * Okay. Now I'm wondering if that logic was based on having a tribe of all men vs women would be too unbalanced strenght-wise. NT
03/16/17 07:01 AM
xx * Almost surely. They've been dong it this way for a while now. NT
03/16/17 08:45 PM
xx * I didn't notice that. I'll have to go back and watch that scene again. NT
03/15/17 11:55 PM

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