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This is a response to: THIS is why I intensely dislike having a convo w/you. You want links, then you decide you don't like the links. I'm done ~ tired of wasting time. NT
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im sorry but im not crazy about that blog as a source either... :/ NT
01/12/17 01:13 AM

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* How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime
01/09/17 01:25 PM
xx * *applauds* NT
01/11/17 05:28 PM
xx * 33,599!!!!? NT
01/09/17 02:12 PM
xx * I didn't do further research but that is what it says according to Wiki NT
01/09/17 02:19 PM
xx * Doesn't anyone else think 33,599 is a tad outrageous? What will it take to convince Americans that doing more of the same isn't the solution? NT
01/09/17 06:07 PM
xx * i thought it would be a lot more. Think of all of the gun related deaths that are later or never discovered NT
01/11/17 05:27 PM
xx * Really, more than 33,600 in a year? I knew it was horrific, but I never would have guessed that high. What the hell is wrong with America? NT
01/11/17 05:43 PM
xx * You should check out Mexico & Brazil. NT
01/11/17 06:20 PM
xx * And you should check out Australia, Belarus, Hong Kong, Hungary, Kuwait, Netherlands, Poland, ... in fact, most other countries.
01/11/17 08:58 PM
xx * And you should check out: The Mistake of Only Comparing US Murder Rates to "Developed" Countries
01/11/17 11:26 PM
xx * Debs there is no way you'd compare our beloved Patriots to the Browns. When you are a top team, you look to other top teams in a well implemented
01/12/17 05:50 AM
xx * That article is largely nonsense. Who should the US be compared to, if not other developed countries? And as for “cherry picked” countries,
01/12/17 12:17 AM
xx * THIS is why I intensely dislike having a convo w/you. You want links, then you decide you don't like the links. I'm done ~ tired of wasting time. NT
01/12/17 12:22 AM
xx * I did ask for a link, but for a link to your assertion that most of the guns were coming from Honduras and Mexico. Still don't have that one,
01/12/17 09:48 AM
xx * im sorry but im not crazy about that blog as a source either... :/ NT
01/12/17 01:13 AM
xx * I agree. It was largely an opinion piece with cherry picked data to match his point of view. NT
01/12/17 05:09 AM
xx * Well ... I'm sure you'll agree we need to do something about this:
01/11/17 08:32 PM
xx * Where do you think a large majority of the guns are coming from???? Honduras & Mexico. Yes, we're working on fixing that. I'm not getting
01/11/17 08:42 PM
xx * We might have different ideas on how to solve the
01/11/17 09:37 PM
xx * Don't you have to agree that there's a problem before you can disagree on the solution? NT
01/11/17 09:46 PM
xx * The large majority of guns are coming from Honduras & Mexico? I'd really like to see a source on that little factoid. NT
01/11/17 08:48 PM
xx * There's this thing called Google...give it a try. Adios, Beard. NT
01/11/17 08:50 PM
xx * Since you made the assertion, it is really your responsibility to provide the foundation. Those are kind of the rules around here. However,
01/11/17 09:08 PM
xx * Damn, those pesky facts. Au Revior NT
01/11/17 09:50 PM
xx * TTFN NT
01/11/17 10:12 PM
xx * Have you checked out the numbers? You might be surprised. NT
01/11/17 08:11 PM
xx * And right on cue, there she is. Yes, I checked them...shocking! Adios. NT
01/11/17 08:14 PM
xx * I'm sorry have you missed me? NT
01/11/17 08:17 PM
xx * Lol, Deb. Forever, hold your piece. NT
01/11/17 07:09 PM
xx * you've become a MG LL, I like!! NT
01/11/17 07:39 PM
xx * LOL :) NT
01/11/17 07:38 PM
xx * Why should I do that, do conditions there somehow speak to the problem in the US? NT
01/11/17 06:43 PM
xx * Ooooops, I forgot...check out Honduras. Oy vey. NT
01/11/17 07:49 PM
xx * I live here not Honduras. NT
01/11/17 08:12 PM
xx * Oh, so that's the point: as long as there is somewhere else that is worse, then everything is fine at home.
01/11/17 08:04 PM
xx * We'll catch up NT
01/11/17 07:59 PM
xx * Don't think so. NT
01/11/17 08:03 PM
xx * The 1% NT
01/11/17 06:01 PM
xx * Nothing. NRA is more powerful than reason. NT
01/10/17 04:16 AM

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